Cartoon Art, a Feature at The Way to Happiness Center in Downtown Clearwater on Father’s Day

On June 15th, The Way to Happiness Center will support fathers and their children on Father’s Day and brings a smile to many children’s faces with cartoon art.

The Way to Happiness has on its route the loving and the helping of children from babyhood to the brink of adult life.”

— L. Ron Hubbard

CLEARWATER, FLORIDA, US, June 6, 2019 / — On Saturday June 15th, starting at 4:00 pm, The Way to Happiness (TWTH) Association Tampa Bay will be holding a Father’s Day Celebration at their downtown Clearwater headquarters, and will be joined by cartoon artist, Steve Gill. Steve travels to art shows across the country in a converted school bus selling humorous art and drawing for kids. At The Way to Happiness Father’s Day Celebration, Steve will be drawing their chosen pieces of cartoon art for the children with each child taking home their personal custom piece.

“To love and help children is a major part of all our activities conducted at The Way to Happiness”, said Tanja Cranton, Executive Director of the Way to Happiness Association of Tampa Bay. “We want to provide an atmosphere where families can flourish and prosper.”

The Way to Happiness Association of Tampa Bay not only organizes events for families but conducts seminars in which all members of the family can learn from the principles in The Way to Happiness, the book by L. Ron Hubbard on which the association bases its activities.

At the Father’s Day event, families will be introduced to The Way to Happiness book, in which L. Ron Hubbard wrote: “The Way to Happiness has on its route the loving and the helping of children from babyhood to the brink of adult life.”

The Way to Happiness and its center is one of nine humanitarian outreach programs sponsored by the Church of Scientology. It is open daily from 10am – 10pm. If you would like to tour or attend complimentary workshops, please call (727) 467-6961.

The Way to Happiness:

The Way to Happiness booklet, written by L. Ron Hubbard, is available in 115 languages, with some 115 million copies distributed in 186 nations. The campaign to distribute the book has been embraced by more than 257,000 groups and individuals. The booklet holds the Guinness World Record as the single most-translated nonreligious book and fills the moral vacuum in an increasingly materialistic society.

Tanja Cranton
The Way to Happiness Association Tampa Bay
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Griffin Living Projects Receive Numerous NAHB Awards

Griffin Living

CALABASAS, CALIFORNIA, USA, June 6, 2019 / — Griffin Living, which develops and operates senior living communities across the country, has recently earned multiple awards from the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) for a variety of projects.

Griffin Living’s VivaBella Simi Valley, an assisted living and memory care community currently under construction in Simi Valley, California, earned the NAHB’s Best 55+ Assisted Living or Special Needs Community on the Boards Gold/Innovation award. VivaBella Simi Valley marks a breakthrough in senior living design, as it is a senior living community located within a shopping center. This gives seniors walking access to a brand new grocery store, a pharmacy, restaurants, a variety of shops, as well as shaded grassy common areas lined with fountains and benches. Paul Griffin III, President and CEO of Griffin Living, explains, “The convenience of the shopping area for residents and their visitors is what’s drawing more people to want this option for their aging loved ones.”

The Georgian Lakeside in Roswell, Georgia, developed by Griffin Living, earned a spot on the NAHB Best of 55+ Housing Awards, earning a silver medal in design. The Georgian Lakeside, located just north of Atlanta, is a senior living community offering assisted living and memory care. Situated on a 3 acre site and consisting of 95 units of assisted living and memory care, the project is now owned by Harrison Street Real Estate Advisors and managed by Thrive Senior Living.

Cambria at Riverwalk in Riverside, California is another NAHB award winner developed by Griffin Living. A 55+ active living community, Cambria at Riverwalk is another example of Griffin Living’s excellence.

The award-winning track record of Griffin Living is a result of the family-run company’s hard work and creativity. The firm, formerly known as Griffin Fine Living, is led by president and CEO Paul Griffin III, a fifth-generation homebuilder with over 40 years of experience. Paul is an award winner himself, earning the NAHB Home Builder of the Year award in 1997 and the Habitat for Humanity Builder of the Year award in 2000. Under Paul’s leadership, Griffin looks ahead to many more award-winning projects across the country.

Griffin Living is headquartered in Calabasas, California and has offices in Atlanta, Georgia. It currently has projects in various stages of development and operation in California, Connecticut, Florida, and Georgia and is actively exploring opportunities in new regional markets.

Caroline Hunter
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Gabriel Btesh sheds light on Panama's ever-growing construction sector

PANAMA CITY, PANAMA, PANAMA, June 6, 2019 / — Entrepreneur and construction firm owner Gabriel Btesh offers a closer look at his work, his beliefs, and Panama's burgeoning building and property development sectors.

According to Gabriel Btesh, the construction industry in the Central and South American Republic of Panama has never been more prosperous, nor have the benefits afforded by the flourishing building and property development sectors been more evident or far-reaching. Here, the enterprising businessman and construction industry professional provides a more detailed look at his work and professional beliefs.

"There's no doubt in my mind that an entrepreneurial spirit is unquestionably central to success in business," suggests Btesh, a proud family man, entrepreneur, and patriotic Panamanian, "whether an individual is in the construction sector or another industry entirely."

"I've taken both great pleasure and great pride," he continues, "in growing my business, supporting my wonderful family and team of staff, and, at the same time, helping not only to bolster the economy here in Panama, but also promoting much-improved standards of living and well-being."

For Gabriel, he says it's been a joy to watch his home country thrive in the years since taking over the successful construction firm—which he now fully oversees—from his father, Jack Btesh. "Among my utmost sources of satisfaction stems from creating a pioneering atmosphere of growth and development all throughout Panama," he adds.

As stated by Btesh, he has long pledged to conquer new standards of economic prosperity and improved standards of living and well-being in the Central and South American nation, wholly promising himself as much, even extremely early on in his career, which first began several decades ago.

"The construction sector in Panama has enjoyed an incredible boom in recent years," explains Gabriel Btesh, "and it's been incredible to be a part of it."

Notable projects completed by Gabriel Btesh and his company include Mall Los Pueblos—Panama City's most prominent and best-known mall—and the city's Santa Maria Golf & Country Club, plus a series of wellness-focused and luxurious, yet affordable, residential apartment buildings tailored toward young families both in Panama City and across the country.

"Within many of these apartment complexes, gym facilities, social areas, and further creative spaces were all added at my insistence," adds the construction firm boss and proud countryman, wrapping up, "intended to bolster quality of life and feelings of well-being to the maximum among those who ultimately would go on to live there."

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Dr. Gene Lingerfelt provides a closer look at his work as a Pastor

Dr. Gene Lingerfelt

Co-founder of Faith Christian Center in Arlington, Texas, senior pastor and author Dr. Gene Lingerfelt offers a closer look at his work.

ARLINGTON, TEXAS, USA, June 6, 2019 / — A published author, international missionary, and co-founder and senior pastor of Faith Christian Center in Arlington, Texas, throughout the past three decades or more, Dr. Gene Lingerfelt has traveled the globe, succeeded as a pastor to men in the community, and has completed a wide range of books, workbooks and courses of study. Here, he offers a closer look at a selection of his most widely regarded books and workbooks on the topics of religion, faith, marriage, finances, spirituality, and more.

“During my career, I've written a wide array of workbooks, courses of study, and more,” reveals Dr. Lingerfelt, “including Discipleship, Mighty Men of God, and Spiritual Authority.”

The author and Faith Christian Center co-founder has also written a number of highly successful, readily available books including The God Touch: The Power of Partnership in Faith, Family and Finances, A Book of Prayer, and 80-10-10: Everyman's Road to Riches, plus You, Me and God: The Threefold Cord is Not Easily Broken, co-authored by Dr. Gene and his wife of more than 40 years, Sue Lingerfelt.

Other published works include 10 Words That Can Change Your Life, Money: A Spiritual Force, Prayer and Confession, and When We Were Poor, among many others.

“Mighty Men of God, in particular, has grown to become an acclaimed, widely utilized study course for men both in the United States and overseas," Dr. Gene Lingerfelt reveals.

The pastor also touches more closely on Spiritual Authority. “To succeed in life, whether in your work or faith, you must understand authority, how to properly submit to authority, and how to be a person who honors authority. Many people fail to pull ahead and change levels because they don’t understand authority and they are not people who value and honor authority,” according to Dr. Lingerfelt.

Another of the pastor's growing collection of workbooks and courses of study includes the newly-released Discipleship which will help believers mature and grow in living the Christian life. Currently, Dr. Lingerfelt is finishing his newest workbook Bridges of Faith.

Having pioneered Faith Christian Center in Arlington, Texas, over three decades ago with Sue, his wife of more than 40 years, Dr. Gene Lingerfelt has earned himself a place as a successful, well-respected pastor and author. Prior to pioneering Faith Christian Center, Dr. Lingerfelt also briefly served as a missionary and instructor at the East Africa School of Theology in Nairobi, Kenya. In the years that have followed, Dr. Lingerfelt and the faithful members of Faith Christian Center have established 68 churches in 9 different countries worldwide.

If you live in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, visit Faith Christian Center on any Sunday morning at 9 am or 11 am or on any Wednesday night at 7 pm. Books can be purchased online at Amazon or in the bookstore cafe at Faith Christian Center before or after any service or during the week. Workbooks can be purchased at the bookstore cafe at Faith Christian Center and also by calling 817-561-3400.

Today, Dr. Lingerfelt continues to serve as the Senior Pastor of Faith Christian Center in Arlington, Texas. Dr. Gene and Sue have earned a reputation for their practical and relevant teaching. They are the proud parents of two grown up children and they have many grandchildren. Pastors Gene and Sue Lingerfelt happily reside in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

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VegaWallet Joins Forces With Wyre For An Easier Way To Purchase Bitcoin

VegaWallet and Wyre make buying Bitcoin easier

VegaWallet and Wyre make buying Bitcoin easier

Version 3 of VegaWallet Releases This Week

The integration of Wyre’s regulated payment infrastructure now allows VegaWallet users to easily purchase Bitcoin and Ethereum.

VegaWallet (Crypto:VGW)

We are proud to collaborate with Wyre and provide a seemless way of purchasing Bitcoin and Ethereum to our users. Simplicity is key in the chase for the mass adoption of cryptocurrency.”

— Tarek Hajri

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, USA, June 6, 2019 / — Wyre, the leading blockchain money transfer company operating a regulated global payment infrastructure, has announced a partnership with VegaWallet, the complete cryptocurrency platform, to extend fiat onramp services into the world of cryptocurrency for users of their wallet and upcoming exchange.

VegaWallet has been working to extend their ecosystem with improved ways for users to purchase Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other digital assets with traditional debit cards. One of the largest difficulties when incorporating these services can be banking issues and guidelines. With the introduction of Wyre’s regulated payment infrastructure, VegaWallet can now provide trusted fiat onramps. These new options will open for VegaWallet users with the launch of their version 3 update, scheduled for release this week.

Tarek Hajri, CEO of VegaWallet, said: “Integrating Wyre will further increase the presence of cryptocurrency onramps for our users in the United States. We feel the partnership will open new avenues for greater transaction liquidity and help with everyone’s common goal of mass adoption.”

Services will originally be available for 43 states in the United States: and will require a short Know-Your-Customer process to verify all customer credentials to meet Anti-Money Laundering guidelines. Wyre’s services make this process simple and secure for VegaWallet’s dedicated users and are expected to increase the overall usability of their wallet application. Users will also see the integration of these services further into their desktop application, currently in beta, and the soon to launch advanced digital asset exchange. VegaWallet is available for download on The App Store and Google Play.

Jack Jia, Director of Partnership at Wyre, said, “Wyre is on a mission to help lower the barriers to entry for crypto-native projects by offering compliant ports into a regulated fiat world. As part of this ongoing effort, we’re thrilled to offer Vegawallet users an easy and secure way to purchase crypto with debit cards in under 2 minutes.”

Wyre is a regulated payment institution that connects fiat rails to blockchain ecosystems. Founded in 2013 as one of the original infrastructure crypto companies, Wyre has traded $3.5 billion in cryptocurrency assets in-house and have completed more than $1 billion in blockchain-powered commercial FX payments. Operating an intricate global payment infrastructure that includes relationships with regulated counterparties, Wyre has procured not only same-day settlements but deep liquidity and the best pricing & execution. Wyre is also one of the few licensed money transmitters in the crypto space and is proactively compliant with regulations. For more information, please visit

About VegaWallet:
VegaWallet aims to be a global leader in providing real-world applications for blockchain based payment protocols. They pride themselves in offering a complete cryptocurrency platform for their user base and have specific strategies in place for massive improvements to current products available on the market. Their development team is tirelessly working on the next generation of cryptocurrency payments system and an advanced exchange revolving around the multi-signature implementation provided by BitGo Inc. Users can download their secure wallet application on the App Store, Google Play, or for Desktop on their website. Learn more at

Jacob Ballou
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Experience Thailand on a true Clipper Sailing Ship

Royal Clipper

Royal Clipper

James Bond rock

James Bond Rock

Ko Rok Nok

Ko Rok Nok

Sixteen sails billowing in the wind let all who come aboard know that they are about to embark on an adventure that is far from ordinary.

This is our 3rd Star Clipper sailing, and we're looking forward to many more! Simply Amazing!”

— George Aballi

REDLANDS, CA., UNITED STATES, June 6, 2019 / — As the saying goes, “been there, done that”, today’s sophisticated travelers are seeking unique experiences, memorable trips of a lifetime and not typical cookie-cutter vacations. Marlys and George Aballi, owners of Connection to Cruise, get these types of requests often and as seasoned travel professionals, they work hard to stay fresh and up to date and work closely with travel industry suppliers to remain constantly in-the-know.

Topping their list of incredible experiences is Star Clippers, authentic sailing on a tall ship. Not a cruise, but an intimate, casual and relaxing private yacht-like experience aboard the Royal Clipper, the first five-mast, fully rigged sailing ship to be built since 1902, inspired by the historic “Preussen”. The turquoise waters of the Caribbean were an ideal backdrop for an exhilarating 7-night journey throughout the Grenadine Islands that captivated Marlys and George in mind, body and soul. This was the ultimate sea-going experience, balancing the splendor, adventure, and tradition of sailing with superb service, amenities and accommodations, up close and personal without lines or crowds. Idyllic in every way.

Guests aboard Star Clippers tend to be well-traveled individuals who enjoy casual lifestyles. The unstructured nature of life aboard these vessels has strong appeal for them. Approximately 50% of Star Clippers guests are from around the world, with the balance made up of North Americans, adding a true continental flavor onboard.

Completely enamored with this casual and relaxing, highly experiential sailing adventure, Connection to Cruise (George, Marlys & friends) would like to invite you to join them as they explore the culture, beaches, and waters of Thailand aboard Star Clipper. With only 85 cabins 170 guests, Star Clipper boasts four masts and 36,000 square feet of sails. Sailing November 2 – 9, 2019 roundtrip from Phuket (Patong Bay), Thailand, this gorgeous itinerary includes stops in Thailand’s marine national park waters including Ko Surin, the Similan Islands, Hin Daeng and Ko Rok Nok, Ko Kradan, Phang Nga Bay and Ko Hung, as well as exploring the beautiful, tranquil island of Langkawi, Malaysia.

Book with Connection to Cruise and receive exclusive amenities including a $200 Onboard Credit per Cabin/$100 for solo travelers and a complimentary one-category upgrade for standard ocean view and inside cabin purchases. Sail rates from $1,440 per person which includes your accommodations, all meals, onboard activities and entertainment, as well as complimentary watersports including snorkeling, kayaking, paddle-boarding, windsurfing, water-skiing and sail boating. With only 85 cabins, 170 guests aboard Star Clipper, make your $400 deposit per person today to lock in your cabin choice and secure these value-added amenities.

The clear blue waters around Thailand represent a magical corner of the globe that adventurous travelers treasure for its pristine beaches and natural beauty.

Sailing in this tropical paradise allows for plenty of beach time, but also offers opportunities to explore local villages, wild jungles, and vibrant cities alike. Not to mention the scuba diving and snorkeling in this region, which is known to be some of the best in the world.

Highlights include famous Patong Bay with its sheer limestone crags and crystal-clear blue water, visiting iconic “James Bond Island” in Phang Nga Bay and exploring Langkawi in Malaysia, an area known for its abundantly populated wildlife, rainforests, and a chance encounter with mischievous monkeys.

Free time adventures onboard include climbing the mast (with safety harness and instruction provided) to one of the guest look-out “crows nests”, 65 feet over the water level, thoughtfully furnished with a comfortable settee, where you will find the grandest view of all. Don’t forget your camera! Or relax in the bowsprit net suspended above the ocean or be on the lookout for dolphins.

There are few adventures more thrilling than sailing aboard a tall ship on the open sea. Anyone who has experienced it can tell you – there is this moment when you feel the wind catching the sails just so and suddenly, you are flying. The powerful sensation of being one with nature takes over and leaves you exhilarated, humbled and awed all at once.

For more information about this amazing authentic sailing adventure aboard Star Clipper in Thailand, November 2 – 9, 2019, Contact Marlys Aballi at or 888-798-9133 EXT: 300

George Aballi
Connection To Cruise
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Star Clipper Northern Thailand Cruise

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First Whales Of The Season Arrive in Victoria – Call For Citizen Scientists To Watch For Injured Calf

Two visiting humpback whales in Port Phillip Bay. Dolphin Research Institute.

The Two Bays Whale Project is calling Victorian citizen scientists to contribute whale sightings through ‘PodWatch’ App.

MELBOURNE, VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA, June 6, 2019 / — It was the first day of winter and the whale hotline started to buzz with sightings. Right on cue, humpback whales appeared in Port Phillip and along the coast of Phillip Island. Even more exciting was a sighting of a pod of killer whales at Port Phillip Heads on the same day!

Victorian whale watchers have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of these amazing marine mammals as they move from the wild Southern Ocean into warmer waters along Australia’s coastlines. For many years, Victoria mostly missed out on seeing these whales, however over the last decade, whale numbers have grown and we are now seeing the migration of humpback whales spilling into the coastal waters of Victoria’s Two Bays region (central Vic).

The Dolphin Research Institute is keenly interested in monitoring whale movements and with sightings becoming more regular, established the Two Bays Whale Project, a citizen science initiative specifically designed to capture information on visiting humpback, southern right and killer whales. This is a partnership with Wildlife Coast Cruises.
“The project has been an amazing step forward for the monitoring and management of large whales in our coastal waters.” said Project Coordinator David Donnelly. “In fact, just last season our citizen science community were instrumental in tracking a humpback whale entangled in cray pots.” This information was shared with wildlife managers to assist with the emergency response.

This year whale spotters are asked to keep watch for a young whale with a massive wound on its tail. Last year this little whale was photographed off Wilsons Promontory. Through the citizen science network it was matched to photos of a calf with a fresh gaping wound, taken 47 days earlier in Hervey Bay, Queensland. We suspect the calf had been attacked by sharks. In a remarkable feat, the mother whale was able to rescue her calf and travel over 2,000 kilometres to Victoria in 47 days. She would have also fed it about 100 litres of milk every day! We suspect they would have travelled to the sub Antarctic waters to feed over summer, so are very keen to see if it survived.

The Two Bays Whale Project is calling for citizen scientists to contribute sightings through ‘PodWatch’ its recently launched application. “It’s really quite simple, go to and click on the sightings link”. For convenience, the system can be saved to your smart phone’s home screen and used like any other app, provided you have network coverage.

The community is asked to support the Institute’s GiveNow appeal:

The Dolphin Research Institute respects the privacy of individuals and will not pass on personal details of people submitting sightings to a third party without permission. Details of sightings will be shared with the Victorian Biodiversity Atlas to contribute to the understanding and conservation of cetacea in our region.
MEDIA CONTACTS: for interviews or inquiries.

David Donnelly will be available for interviews
• David Donnelly (Two Bays founder and curator): 0401 011 022
• Jeff Weir (DRI Executive Director): 0419 356 388
• Email:

RESOURCES: Images and vision of whales in the Two Bays region are available on request.  


Hunted to the edge of extinction during the industrial whaling era, humpback whales have made an impressive comeback, with eastern Australian numbers expected to reach around 35,000 individuals this year. This is quite remarkable when you consider the post whaling population estimate to be only 200 – 400 individuals. Unfortunately, the news is not so good for the southern right whale, with their southeast Australian numbers estimated to be between just 250 and 300 individuals with little noticeable increase in population size.

The best land-based locations to see whales in the Two Bays region [June to September] are:
• Barwon Bluff
• Port Phillip Heads
• Cape Schanck
• The Nobbies,
• Pyramid Rock,
• Cape Woolamai on Phillip Island and
• the Bass Coast.

Report sightings to the Two Bays Whale Project at:

Whale Watching Regulations: Substantial penalties apply to people deliberately approaching a whale closer than:
• 200m for vessels
• 300m for jetskis
• 500m height for aircraft (including drones)

Jeff Weir OAM
+61 419 356 388
email us here

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Hearing Health Foundation's Operation Regrow Cure Campaign Returns June 17

Hearing is a vital sense and precious gift that so many, due to their genetics, noise exposure, ototoxic medication, age, or injury, have lost. Operation Regrow aims to change this.

It’s hearing—not the chicken, not the egg—that came first, and continues to come first for Hearing Health Foundation.

You can be part of the change. Make a donation to the second annual Operation Regrow campaign beginning Tuesday, June 17, at 9:00 AM EDT.

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, June 6, 2019 / — Which came first—the chicken or the egg? It’s an age-old question, but luckily it does have a scientific answer: the egg.

At Hearing Health Foundation (HHF), the nation's largest nonprofit funder of hearing and balance research, experts are working tirelessly to solve a different, unanswered scientific question: How do we cure human hearing loss?

Hearing is a vital sense and precious gift that so many, due to their genetics, noise exposure, ototoxic medication, age, or injury, have lost. Hearing loss impacts 50 million Americans and more than 460 million people worldwide.

At HHF, it’s not about the chicken or the egg. It’s about hearing. That’s what comes first in our lives and in our work. Hearing enables communication with loved ones and enjoyment of life.

Currently, the most common treatments available are hearing aids and cochlear implants. While miraculous in their impact, they do not recreate typical hearing. They do not undo the damage to the inner ear, or the cochlea, or regrow the sensory cells, or hair cells, which make hearing possible. This is why hair cell regeneration therapy is so urgently needed.

Hearing regeneration is already possible in frogs, fish, and yes, chickens. With your help, the members of HHF’s Hearing Restoration Project (HRP) can accelerate their studies to identify permanent cures and better the lives of millions.

You can be part of the change. Make a donation to the second annual Operation Regrow campaign beginning Tuesday, June 17, at 9:00 AM EDT. Gifts will be accepted online and by mail until June 27.

Your generosity and commitment in this life-changing effort is invaluable to HHF and the scientists in the HRP. Thank you for inspiring us every day to work harder for you and your loved ones living with hearing loss.

Hearing Health Foundation (HHF) improves the lives of people with hearing loss and related conditions by funding research, connecting researchers, publicizing new findings, and promoting hearing health. Complex and interconnected, hearing loss and its variants impact speech processing, brain function, cognition, interpersonal relationships, psychological well-being, and quality of life. For more information, see

Lauren McGrath
Hearing Health Foundation
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Corporate Video Focuses on Transforming Cancer Therapies

Drug developer Tosk, Inc.,

Innovative drug developer Tosk creates video on promising battle against cancer

The video focuses on four drugs that the company is developing, including one that successfully completed a recent human trial on 25 head and neck cancer patients.”

— Brian Frenzel, CEO, Tosk, Inc.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIFORNIA, USA, June 6, 2019 / — Tosk, Inc. announced today the release of a new video describing the company’s work and proprietary technology intended to transform the treatment of cancer and other diseases,
The video focuses on four drugs that the company is developing, including one that successfully completed a recent human trial on 25 head and neck cancer patients. This drug, known as TK-90, prevented mucositis, a painful, debilitating and potentially life-threatening side effect of several front-line cancer drugs and radiation therapy. The video can be viewed at:
The 2 minute, 28 second video illustrates how Tosk’s scientists developed proprietary technologies that harness the common fruit fly (Drosophila melanogaster) in their discovery efforts. “The fruit fly has played a long and important role in scientific research,” according to Tosk’s CEO Brian Frenzel, a well-known biopharmaceutical entrepreneur. Frenzel points out that six Nobel prizes in medicine or physiology have been awarded to 10 scientists based on their research using the fruit fly, half of them since 2004, the latest in 2017. Tosk, like the Nobel prize winners, uses the fruit fly because it has surprising similarities to humans at the genetic and molecular levels. Nearly 70 percent of human disease-related genes have analogs in Drosophila. And because the life cycle of the fruit fly is short, only 50 days from birth to death and only two weeks from birth to adulthood, drug discovery in flies can be done quickly and cost effectively.
“TK-90 is the first drug discovered in a fly to successfully complete a human clinical study,” Frenzel says. “It is, in the parlance of the US Food and Drug Administration, a ‘new chemical entity’, something that has never been tried as a drug treatment.” Tosk’s scientists selected the drug using tests involving tens of thousands of candidate compounds. Each compound given to the flies was paired with a chemotherapeutic that would otherwise prevent eggs from hatching and developing. Compounds that increased survival of the flies' eggs and resulted in larva or mature fruit flies were considered "hits." The hits were then tested in cell culture models using human cancer cells to select "leads" that did not block the cancer killing efficacy of the chemotherapy. Tosk’s researchers then used traditional rodent models to confirm safety, adverse effect prevention, and non-interference with the therapeutic effects of the cancer drug. With adverse effects eliminated, drugs fighting the cancer can be administered at higher doses and over a longer timeframe, offering patients an improved chance of a cure.
TK-90 is furthest along, but other breakthrough small molecule, relatively inexpensive drugs are not far behind, Frenzel emphasizes. Tosk’s second drug, TK-39, which prevents the dose-limiting, permanent, and potentially fatal damage to the heart caused by doxorubicin and other widely used, frontline cancer therapies, is being prepped to enter human trials. Another side effect preventing drug is TK-88, which prevents permanent kidney damage and hearing loss caused by widely used platinum-based drugs, such as carboplatin and cisplatin.
Tosk has a second revolutionary drug discovery platform that may be even more significant, Frenzel says. This drug screening method uses fruit flies with human cancer genes imbedded into their genome. The company is using this fly model to discover drugs to block the activity of human cancer genes. This program is sponsored by a $2 million National Cancer Institute grant and addresses genes which drive over 30 percent of all cancers.
Each of the Tosk initiatives is covered in the new video.

Tosk, Inc. is a privately held biopharmaceutical company that discovers and develops new drugs to improve outcomes for cancer patients by preventing the adverse side effects of existing, widely-used cancer therapies and by blocking the activity of cancer genes. For further information on the company, see

Brian Frenzel
Tosk, Inc.
+1 408-245-6838
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Fireball Approves Appoints Steven Paulsen as Chief Financial Officer

Steven Paulsen CFO Fireball Approves

Steven Paulsen CFO Fireball Approves

Fireball Approves

Steven Paulsen incorporates years as licensed real-estate broker into managing the finances necessary to prevent rental scams as Fireball Approves' new CFO.

Onboarding Steven Paulsen as CFO of Fireball Approves is one of the best decisions the company has ever made.”

— Tammy Sorrento, CEO Fireball Approves

JACKSONVILLE, FL, UNITED STATES, June 6, 2019 / — Fireball Approves, provider of rental verification and scam prevention services, is pleased to announce Steven Paulsen as CFO. With almost 20 years of experience in licensed real estate brokerage, and executive roles, Steven Paulsen is the right professional to be appointed CFO of Fireball Approves.

“Onboarding Steven Paulsen as CFO of Fireball Approves is one of the best decisions the company has ever made,” says Tammy Sorrento, CEO of Fireball Approves. “Mr. Paulsen brings to our executive team years of finance and transactional experience. With an extensive background in financial planning, operations, and executive management, Mr. Paulsen is well positioned to enact proper risk management policy. There is no better person to help Fireball Approves accelerate revenue growth and enact our core company vision of becoming the world leader in rental verification services and scam prevention.”

Mr. Paulsen's career experience in the real-estate industry will be beneficial in managing Fireball Approves' finances, as well as provide expert consultation of housing processes, procedures and verbiage.

“I am honored to join the fight against rental scammers. I believe that joining Fireball Approves is a once in a lifetime opportunity to build a company culture that is not solely focused on the bottom-line, but focused on protecting people,” says Steven Paulsen.

To learn more about Fireball Approves, for rental verification services or to become a partner visit:

About Fireball Approves

Fireball Approves LLC is an identity verification service for scam prevention. Owner Tammy Sorrento from Jacksonville, FL, is the CEO of Fireball Approves Investigation. Her field of specialty is rental scam prevention. Her goal is to shield people from scams. Her drive emanates from the desire to prevent people from getting burned by fraudulent rental listings.

Tammy Sorrento
Fireball Approves
+1 904-580-6740
email us here
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