Samuel Brozina Millville NJ proud to share passion for traditional arts and crafts

Samuel Brozina

Samuel Brozina

MILLVILLE, NJ, USA, June 5, 2020 / — Landscaping company foreman and licensed pilot Samuel Brozina Millville NJ shares his love of crafting and traditional art.

A lifelong resident of Millville, New Jersey, Samuel Brozina Millville NJ has a keen interest in local history, as well as maintaining a love of crafting and traditional art. With a particular passion for wax-relief dyeing, Millville-based Samuel Brozina proudly shares a closer look at the traditional art form and explains his personal affinity for resist dyeing techniques.

"I've always enjoyed a love of arts and crafts, as far back as my early childhood," says Samuel Brozina Millville NJ, speaking from his home in Millville, New Jersey. With local history dating back as far as 300 years, then known as Shingle Landing, Millville, New Jersey, was first officially incorporated as a township in the early 1800s, according to Brozina.

Proud Millville resident Samuel Brozina Millville NJ is a keen local historian and hobby artist. One of the landscaping company foreman's favorite arts and crafts-focused hobbies include a method of wax-relief dyeing.

A form of resist dyeing, various methods are employed to prevent a variety of dyes from reaching parts of a given material, creating a pattern in the process. "The most widely used forms of resist or relief dyeing involve wax," explains Samuel Brozina Millville NJ. This is true of the relief dyeing method which he uses in his crafts, most often to decorate seasonal items, such as decorative Easter eggs for inclusion in traditional Easter baskets.

Resist dyeing techniques have been employed in Eurasia, Samuel Brozina Millville NJ goes on to point out, since ancient times. Artifacts have also subsequently been discovered, he says, in Egypt, China, Japan, and India – many dating back more than 1500 years.

Other examples have been found in Africa, particularly in Nigeria and Senegal, as well as elsewhere around the world, according to Samuel Brozina Millville NJ. "Among the most common forms of more modern wax-relief or resist dyeing seen today are batik and tie-dye," adds the landscaping company foreman and hobby artist.

Born and raised in Millville, New Jersey, as a teen, Samuel Brozina Millville NJ attended Millville Senior High School, a comprehensive community high school in Cumberland County. Following graduation, Brozina moved to nearby Cumberland County College, where he earned a degree in criminal justice.

Samuel Brozina Millville NJ's other hobbies and interests include war reenactment, local and natural history, and aviation. Brozina is, in fact, a licensed pilot and the proud owner of his very own vintage airplane. "Vintage airplanes are in big demand right now," says Samuel, who owns and regularly flies an ERCO Ercoupe, a low-wing monoplane aircraft designed and built in the United States until the early 1970s.

Briefly returning focus to his love of crafting and traditional art, Samuel Brozina Millville NJ explains his particular passion for traditional Easter egg dyeing. "Egg dyeing is an established tradition in Ukraine," he adds, wrapping up, "and the hobby of dyeing eggs, particularly at Easter, brings me closer to the roots of the Ukrainian side of my family."

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Samuel Brozina

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Axel Timme Featured in Exclusive Interview


Axel Timme Featured in Exclusive Online Interview.

In a recent one-on-one interview, Axel Timme spoke about developing life skills and finding your purpose

CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE, UNITED STATES, June 5, 2020 / — Axel Timme was recently featured in an exclusive interview with Thrive Global. He shared what he has learned through his career thus far and how his family has been a major motivation for him.

With extensive experience in the automotive industry working for several different companies, Axel Timme is a senior consultant from Chattanooga, Tennessee. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering and a Master of Science degree in Industrial Engineering from Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg.

In his interview, Axel Timme explained how he has progressed in his career and shared some of the biggest life lessons he has learned.
“Know who you are and what your purpose is,” said Axel Timme.

“Everybody should be aware of their own purpose in order to make the right decisions.”

Mr. Timme also shared how important it is to him to act as a role model for his son and family and as a leader at work.

For more information, please visit:

About Axel Timme

Since 2017, Axel Timme has been working as a senior consultant with Porsche Consulting. He has also worked with Volkswagen AG in Germany and Volkswagen of America. He has expertise with proven work history in Business Model Development, Go-to-Market Strategies, Customer Experience, Sales Transformation, Technical Change and Launch Management, IT Project Management, Operational Excellence, Factory Cost Optimization, Electrification, and New Mobility. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering and a Master of Science degree in Industrial Engineering from Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg. During his time there, he received an award from the Volkswagen Student Talent Program. Axel Timme is also a member of VDI, which is the German Engineers Association, dealing with their finances.

Axel Timme
German Engineers Association
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Single Cover Art: LION by Elle B

Single Cover Art: L I O N by Elle B

Singer Elle B, sitting leg crossed

Elle B Picture: Raul Romo

Add Elle B's pop-bop, "L I O N" to your Father's Day playlist to help celebrate around the world Dad's for the positive roles they play in our lives eveyday,

Dads might not always get the SHINE they deserve because of the examples of bad dads highlighted in media. But L I O N lets you freely celebrate your dad or father figure and feel good about it!”

— Elle B

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 5, 2020 / — (Los Angeles, CA) – Elle B Music announced today the release of " L I O N". "L I O N" is a daddy-daughter dedication written by Elle B for her late father in 2017. Since its release in 2018, L I O N has become Elle B's most-streamed song. Elle B wants to remind the world this Father's Day to give our fathers and father-figures, "Shine," for the way they've helped shape our lives.

Music Credits"
Elle B – "L I O N"
Produced by Johan Lundin & Henric Pieroff for Woodhouse Productions
Written & Recorded by Elle B
Label: Elle B Music

Song Availability:
Promotional MP3 Link
Buy / Stream Links

About Elle B:
Born and raised in South Los Angeles, Elle B is known across the globe as a soulful pop vocalist. Formerly the lead backing vocalist for Katy Perry (California Dreams Tour, Prismatic World Tour, Witness: The Tour), Elle B has built a diverse international following of 18 – 44-year-olds spanning the United States, Europe, Mexico, and Brazil with a growing fanbase in Africa. Elle B is currently based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Follow Elle B on all social media at @ellebsings.

Lauren Achinike
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Elle B – L I O N (Official Lyric Video)

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Nitro Pinball Partners with Variety – The Children’s Charity to Provide Covid-19 Masks


Nitro Pinball Partners with The Children’s Charity to Supply COVID19 Masks

Nitro Pinball has partnered with Variety – The Children’s Charity to produce Covid-19 masks with proceeds donated to Variety’s “COVID-19 Heart of Variety Fund”.

ABBOTSFORD, BRITISH COLUMBIA , CANADA, June 5, 2020 / — Nitro Pinball is pleased to announce a new partnership with Variety – the Children’s Charity. Nitro Pinball will be making their COVID-19 masks and selling them on their website, with all proceeds being donated directly to Variety – The Children’s Charity’s fund “COVID-19 Heart of Variety Fund”.

Established in 2012, Nitro Pinball is Canada’s most diverse pinball distributor with a decorated reputation of supporting the pinball community and communities throughout Western Canada. Their number one priority at the moment is supplying customers with a safe space to view machines, while providing competitive pricing and essential after-purchase support.

Variety – The Children’s Charity is a nonprofit organization that provides direct help to children with special needs in British Columbia.

At this time, Nitro Pinball is selling their COVID-19 masks on their website and in store for pickup only.

“We are proud to do our part and help our communities stay safe and to support Variety – The Children’s Charity,” says Tommy Floyd, co-founder of Nitro Pinball.

During this time, Nitro Pinball’s outstanding showroom is open by appointment only and clients are able to schedule a visit by signing up on Nitro Pinball’s website.

For more information, to schedule a visit, or to purchase a mask, please visit

About Nitro Pinball

Tommy and Suzanne Floyd launched Nitro Pinball in 2012. With the best selection in modern era pinball machines from major manufacturers and cutting-edge boutique companies, Nitro quickly became Canada’s leading pinball distributor. Nitro Pinball expanded operations from a small storefront in Mission, British Columbia to a fully staffed office and warehouse facility in Abbotsford in early 2017. In 2018, the company launched Nitro Pinball USA to better serve their American customers.

About Variety – the Children’s Charity

For more than 50 years, Variety – the Children’s Charity has been stepping in where health care ends, providing direct help to children with special needs in BC. The organization ensures that children have the support to reach their potential and thrive. Since 2010 alone, Variety has distributed more than $33 million in funding to families and organizations in communities across the BC.

To learn more, visit

Tommy Floyd
Nitro Pinball
+1 855-366-4876
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Joyous Montessori Speaks About the Importance of Proper Childhood Development and Socialization


Joyous Montessori featured in exclusive online interview.

In a recent interview, the founder of Joyous Montessori, Vandana Semwal, shared the vision of the school and the lengths it takes to educate students

KELLER, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, June 5, 2020 / — The founder and owner of Joyous Montessori, Vandana Semwal, recently spoke on behalf of the school in an interview with Thrive Global. She shared various insights as well as the importance of proper childhood development and socialization.

Following the Montessori philosophy, Joyous Montessori provides children with valuable early education. Each location is independently owned and operated. Locations have trained and certified staff members that are passionate about children and focus on quality care.

In the interview, Vandana Semwal shared how Joyous Montessori has supported staff members throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Employees are the most important component for any business to succeed, care for your employees and they will help you grow,” said Mrs. Semwal.

“We did not let go any employee during the COVID-19 virus situation despite the low attendance of children in the school.”

She also shared how Joyous Montessori is working to make the world a better place through education.

“Children of today will be the leaders of tomorrow and we are doing our part by giving them a good education so that they become responsible citizens of the world,” she said.

For more information, please visit

About Joyous Montessori

Joyous Montessori is a unique school that provides children with early education based on the Montessori philosophy. The school currently has locations in Keller, Lewisville, and Fort Worth, Texas. Each location is independently owned and operated and has trained and certified staff members that are passionate about children and focus on quality care. Joyous Montessori strives to motivate each child to explore his or her full potential with quality materials and curriculum as well as an extensive enrichment program that addresses the children’s emotional, physical, and social needs. The organization envisions growing and expanding to partner with like-minded families and professionals who are passionate about children and love to make a difference in their lives through wholesome education.

Vandana Semwal
Joyous Montessori
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Looking Forward to World Food Safety Day by Looking Back

Driving change through advocacy, collaboration and innovation.

World Food Safety Day

Stop Foodborne Illness Celebrates 26 Years of Food Safety Advocacy!

CHICAGO, IL, UNITED STATES, June 5, 2020 / — With the second annual World Food Safety Day on Sunday, June 7, 2020, the safety of our food will again become the nation’s focus – especially as the Coronavirus restrictions scale back and people look forward to gathering with friends and family again. For this nonprofit, however, every day is World Food Safety Day. Stop Foodborne Illness (STOP) is a national, nonprofit public health organization dedicated to the prevention of illness and death caused by foodborne pathogens. Every year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates there are 3,000 deaths and 128,000 hospitalizations caused by foodborne illness in the United States.

Foodborne illness is preventable with safe practices and precautions. According to STOP’s CEO, Mitzi Baum, “There are small, basic things every person can do—like washing their hands with soap and water before and after handling food—that can make all the difference in preventing illness from contaminated food.” For the past 26 years, Stop Foodborne Illness has promoted food safety awareness and assisted individuals and families impacted by foodborne illness.

In 1993, a deadly outbreak of E. coli drew nationwide attention to foodborne illness. Of the thousands sickened, four children died from E. coli. This is considered the “watershed” moment for food safety history. Stop Foodborne Illness (then called Safe Tables Our Priority, or S.T.O.P.) formed in 1994—consisting of the families affected by the 1993 outbreak—in an effort to increase awareness of foodborne illness. Through personal storytelling and advocacy, Stop Foodborne Illness was able to expedite legislation spearheaded with its partners in the Food Safety Coalition. Among other accomplishments over the past two decades, Stop Foodborne Illness catalyzed the passing of the Food Safety Modernization Act—rules designed to prevent contamination along the global supply chain for both human and animal food.

Today, STOP is led by Mitzi Baum, who has an extensive career advocating for food safety in the nonprofit sector. As the former Managing Director of Food Safety for the nation’s largest hunger-relief organization, Feeding America, Baum’s focus was on risk mitigation. “While awareness of food safety is growing, we know that nearly 50 million Americans get sick each year from foodborne illnesses. STOP can play a key role in influencing food safety culture among workers in the food industry and consumer habits. We’re working to reduce and prevent foodborne illnesses from occurring.” Stop Foodborne Illness is not alone in their mission; they partner with organizations such as the Center for Science in the Public Interest, Partnership for Food Safety Education, Keep Antibiotics Working, Safe Food Project, and the Safe Food Coalition.

This year, World Food Safety Day exists in the shadow of the global crisis of COVID-19, which has the media encouraging people to stock up on food necessities. Now more than ever, with tensions high and priorities scattered, Stop Foodborne Illness urges the public to use its website as a resource for food safety knowledge. The website,, provides easily accessible and useful resources, such as:

1. Guidelines for safe cooking and food storage
2. Food recall alerts
3. Information on common foodborne pathogens
4. A comprehensive reference for foodborne illness symptoms, causes, and treatments
5. Fact sheets, teaching materials, and food safety resources by state
6. And more!

This World Food Safety Day, take some time to acquaint yourself with the resources Stop Foodborne Illness provides online. If our nation practices safe food preparation and storage, stays abreast of food recall alerts, and advocates for safer food worldwide, we will have reason to celebrate every month!

Stop Foodborne Illness is a national nonprofit public health organization whose mission is to support and engage people directly impacted by foodborne illness and mobilize them to help prevent illness and death by driving change through advocacy, collaboration, and innovation. ###

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Advertising, toys and historic objects, many of them Canadian, will be in Miller & Miller's June 20 online-only auction

Kuntz tin lithographed beer tray made in Canada and featuring a St. Bernard dog graphic, highly detailed, 13 inches in diameter, with exceptional color and gloss (est. CA$6,000-$7,000).

Canadian J.M. Fortier Cigar framed lithograph from the 1890s, in a 35 ½ inch by 27 ½ inch gilt plaster frame, marked “Heffron & Phelps, Lithographers” (N.Y.) (est. CA$3,000-$5,000).

American Coca-Cola school policeman sign from the 1950s, 60 inches tall, the “fishtail” logo version, two lithographed metal panels standing on a cast metal base (est. CA$2,500-$3,500).

Restored 1930s Sturditoy “Pumper No. 7” pressed steel fire truck, made in the U.S. and modeled after a 1927 LaFrance fire truck, with functioning bell and water pump (est. CA$1,500-$2,000).

The auction features advertising and signs, toys, general store items, petroliana (gas station collectibles), automobilia, breweriana and historical ephemera.

Experienced and novice collectors alike will be pleased with this well-rounded, market-fresh offering of advertising, toys and nostalgia. Many items have been unlocked from old time collections. ”

— Ethan Miller

NEW HAMBURG, ONTARIO, CANADA, June 5, 2020 / — A Kuntz tin lithographed beer tray made in Canada and featuring a St. Bernard dog graphic, a Canadian J.M. Fortier Cigar framed lithograph from the 1890s, and an American Coca-Cola school policeman sign from the 1950s are just a few of the expected top lots in Miller & Miller Auctions, Ltd.’s online-only auction planned for June 20th.

The 687-lot Advertising, Toys & Historic Objects auction is bursting with advertising and signs, toys, general store items, petroliana (gas station collectibles), automobilia, breweriana and historical ephemera, much of it Canadian in origin. There will be no in-person event to attend, but bidders will be able to tune in to a live telecast on June 20th to watch lots close in real time.

Internet bidding will be facilitated by, and the Miller & Miller website ( Phone and absentee bids will be accepted.

“Demand is strong for items that hearken to a simpler time,” said Ethan Miller of Miller & Miller Auctions, Ltd. “Experienced and novice collectors alike will be pleased with this well-rounded, market-fresh offering of advertising, toys and nostalgia. Many of these items have been unlocked from old time collections. There’s never been a better time to surround yourself with the past.”

Mr. Miller added, “To a brewerianist, finding a Kuntz Brewery ‘St. Bernard’ tray is equivalent to finding King Tut’s tomb. This one is entirely untouched, and it will likely never surface again.”

The highly detailed, 13-inch tray, boasting exceptional color and gloss, is a candidate for top lot of the auction. It’s estimated to bring $6,000-$7,000 (all prices quoted are in Canadian dollars). Among Canada’s most highly sought beer trays, this one features an image of a St. Bernard dog behind a bottle of Kuntz’s Special Export Lager. It’s marked “Kaufmann & Strauss Co.” (N.Y.).

The J.M. Fortier Cigar framed lithograph, housed in a 35 ½ inch by 27 ½ inch gilt plaster frame with moulded tobacco leaves, is marked “Heffron & Phelps, Lithographers” (N.Y.) lower right (est. $3,000-$5,000). The Coca-Cola school policeman sign, 60 inches tall, is the “fishtail” logo version. It has two lithographed metal panels standing on a cast metal base (est. $2,500-$3,500).

Petroliana and automobilia will feature three items all carrying high estimates of $3,000. The first is a Goodyear 8-foot-by-2-foot single-sided porcelain sign, made in Canada in the 1930s and showing great color and gloss. The sign is marked “Property of Goodyear Co. General Steel Wares Product” on the lower edge. Its only flaws are some minor patches of porcelain loss.

The second is an Arno Model 31A pedestal air meter, made by Romort Mfg. Co. (Oakfield, Wisc., USA) in the 1940s and featuring a lighted case. The third is a Canadian Clearvision visible gas pump from the 1930s, 9 feet tall, with a hail screen. The base, nozzle and brass plate on the body are all stamped. The gas pump has a fresh coat of paint but is non-functioning.

The toys category is plentiful and will include the following examples:

• A fully restored Sturditoy “Pumper No. 7” pressed steel fire truck, made in the U.S. in the 1930s, modeled after a 1927 LaFrance fire truck, with a functioning bell and water pump, marked “Sturditoy Made by Pressed Metal Co.” (Pawtucket, R.I.) (est. $1,500-$2,000).
• A circa 1890s J & E Stevens (Cromwell, Conn. USA) baseball-themed Darktown Battery mechanical toy bank, cast iron, non-functioning (needs a new spring), and showing two patent marks (to the underside and coin door), has some surface loss (est. $1,200-$1,500).
• A Buddy “L” water tower fire truck toy, made in America from heavy pressed steel in the 1930s with rubber and brass components, having functioning pump action, professionally restored, with all the wheels stamped “Firestone Buddy ‘L’ Balloon (est. $1,200-$1,500).

General store items will include an 1880s Canada Paint Company paper lithograph under glass in the original marked frame, 35 ½ inches by 25 ½ inches, free of restoration (est. $2,000-$3,000); and an early 20th century Snow Drift Baking Powder clock, made for the Canadian market by W. F. Baird Co. (Plattsburgh, N.Y. USA) and with movement by Seth Thomas (est. $1,500-$2,000).

A Butler Dawes Brewery black horse statue, 18 inches tall, plaster cast in the 1930s by the famed Woodstock, Ontario artist Ross Butler (1907-1995) is expected to gallop off for $2,000-$3,000. Butler was famous for his butter sculptures at the Royal Winter Fair. For this piece, he was commissioned by the Dawes Black Horse Brewing Company. It’s incised with Butler’s name.

Also offered will be a Pepsi Marquis Cleveland neon clock (“Say Pepsi Please”) that lights and functions, made in America in the 1950s and measuring 32 inches by 36 inches (est. $1,400-$1,600); and a rare, early De Laval Cream Separator single-sided porcelain flange sign, made in the U.S. in the 1920s with text, “World’s Standard, Over 1,500,000 in Use” (est. $1,200-$1,500).

Miller & Miller Auctions, Ltd. has three major auctions planned for the fall. A Music Machines, Coin-Op & Advertising auction, featuring the Ken Vinen collection, will be held on Saturday, Sept. 19, at 9am Eastern. Online bidding begins on Aug. 21. The auction will be online and live in the New Hamburg gallery, at 59 Webster Street. The deadline for consignments is Aug. 24.

Just added is a Canadiana & Historic Objects auction, featuring the Brian Stead collection, slated for Saturday, Oct. 24, also at 9am Eastern time, online and live in the New Hamburg gallery.

Then, a Watches & Jewellery auction that was originally planned for June 6th but was deferred due to COVID-19, has been re-scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 21, at 9am, online and live in the gallery. Online bidding will begin on Monday, Nov. 2. The deadline for consignments is Oct. 23.

Miller & Miller Auctions is Canada’s trusted seller of high-value collections and is always accepting quality consignments. The firm specializes in watches and jewelry, art, antiques and high-value collectibles. Its mission is to provide collectors with a trusted place to buy and sell.

To consign a single piece, an estate or a collection, you may call them at (519) 573-3710 or (519) 716-5606; or, e-mail to To learn more about Miller & Miller Auctions and the firm’s slate of upcoming auctions, visit

# # # #

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New Book Promises to Help People Learn to Live a More Fulfilling and Inspired Life

Ignite Press announced the release of Signs of Life: God’s Invitation to a Better, Stronger & Longer Life, by spiritual leader and lifestyle expert Ken Johnson.

FRESNO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 5, 2020 / — The book is available on Amazon at

Signs of Life presents 97 specific ways to be more alive, offering a wealth of practical ways to understanding and experiencing a better, stronger and longer life.

“It’s all about how to live deeper, higher, fuller, sweeter and richer than ever before,” says Ken. “If you are willing to invest five minutes of your day to learning how to become more alive, my hope is that each five-minute investment will yield a rich return on the other 1,435 minutes of your day.”

To celebrate the launch of the book, the Kindle version of the book will be on sale for 99 cents for a limited time.

The Creator wired Ken Johnson to be an entrepreneur. Before he was ten, he was shoveling snow in the winter and selling hand-picked wild blackberries door-to-door in the summer. Ken graduated in 1972 from George Fox University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, and then experienced seven years of rich productivity as a businessman.

Surprisingly, Ken felt a divine nudge to leave the business realm where he was thriving and become a minister. He started by leading a little flock of thirty people, and years later he found himself leading thousands.

Ken served on the Foursquare Church international Board, and on the Foursquare Foundation Board for six years. The Foundation has awarded more than $52,000,000 in grants to fruitful Christian leaders and ministries throughout the world. Seeing tens of thousands of people all over the world find new life in God shot adrenaline into Ken’s soul.

In 2013, Ken, an avid outdoorsman, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. Ken handed the leadership of Westside Church (which is still thriving) to his assistant, but he didn’t retire. He ‘re-fired.’ He continued to speak various places and began to direct more and more of his energy to mentoring leaders and writing.

Ken has published three books: Life2 – The Life You Were Created to Live, When it All Comes Down it All Comes Down to This, and Signs of Life – God’s Invitation to a Better, Stronger and Longer Life. Ken is preparing to publish a trilogy called Your Wildest Dream.

Ken’s focus is helping people become more alive through his books and his blog: Much More Alive. Whether writing or speaking, Ken is a vibrant, adventurous storyteller who uses stories to open people’s minds and unbridle powerful emotions. Nothing thrills Ken more than helping people become more prolific, more purposeful, more alive!

Visit Amazon at to purchase the book and to learn more!

For booking information, visit

Contact Info:
Ken Johnson

Malia Sexton
Ignite Press
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Sam Lehrer Miami and Republican State Legislator Tommy Thompson Discuss Charity Interests in Palm Beach, FL

Sam Lehrer Miami

Sam Lehrer Miami

Philanthropist Sam Lehrer Miami and republican state legislator Tommy Thompson discuss charity interests in Palm Beach, FL.

PALM BEACH, FL, UNITED STATES, June 5, 2020 / — Philanthropy is especially important during uncertain times. Sam Lehrer Miami has been a Florida philanthropist for years. His hard work and dedication to those less privileged than him led him to speak with republican state legislator Tommy Thompson on charity interests in Palm Beach, FL. The event took place on Admirals Cove and was sponsored by Scripps.

Sam Lehrer Miami has worked with countless organizations around the globe to improve the lives of those in need. His family has volunteered at the Little Yellow School House in Isla Mujeres, Mexico, for decades, he contributes to the Navy SEAL Museum, and donates his time and resources in countless other ways. Sam Lehrer Miami has now set his focus on raising awareness for charitable organizations in Palm Beach.

"Palm Beach is already home to countless respected charitable organizations," Sam Lehrer Miami said. "Our goal is to raise awareness for these charities, so people know where they can securely donate or where they can safely reach out for help."

Sam Lehrer Miami explained that he and state legislator Tommy Thompson discussed which charities are some of the shining stars of Palm Beach. Sam Lehrer Miami noted the Speak Up for Kids of Palm Beach County, Inc., as a charity that does impressive work for foster kids throughout the area. He explained that the region's St. Catholic Charities also offer assistance to people with varying difficulties, whether they're in need of food, legal help or a variety of other needs. Charity Car Donations is another organization that Sam Lehrer Miami says people can trust, whether they're in need of help or donating.

"These organizations are all extremely professional and trustworthy," Sam Lehrer Miami said. "So many times, we want to give to charities, but we just don't know exactly where our money is going. Thankfully, Palm Beach is home to countless reputable charities that aren't just giving your donation dollars to CEOs."
Sam Lehrer Miami explained that there was no better time to meet with Republican State Legislator Tommy Thompson, as people across Palm Beach, around the country, and around the globe are in need of help during these trying pandemic times.

"From the Kids Cancer Foundation to Alzheimer's Community Care and the Big Dog Ranch Rescue, our region is full of outstanding charitable organizations," Sam Lehrer Miami said. "Whatever your interests or passions may be, there's a place for you to donate in the Palm Beach area and make a positive impact on your local community."

Caroline Hunter
Web Presence, LLC
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And the winner is… 11th Annual NYC Independent Film Awards

Logo NYC Independent Film Festival

Logo NYC Independent Film Festival

Previous award show NYCindieFF

Previous winner NYCindieFF Award

Crowd during NYCindieFF award ceremony

Attendees NYCindieFF award ceremony

Awards ceremony on Sunday June 7 at 6 PM for winners NYC Independent Film Festival in New York

And the winner is…”

— your Award Show host

NEW YORK CITY, NY, UNITED STATES, June 5, 2020 / — And the winner is…. Do you know who is going to win this year's fifteen super awards for the NYC Independent Film Festival? Check us out and come to watch the award ceremony next Sunday on

For the 11th consecutive time the NYC Independent Film Festival in New York is handing out its awards for best film, best filmmakers and actors. You can be part of it on June 7, next Sunday, at 6PM eastern time sharp. Come and watch us on the Bingewave video platform.

Unfortunately, due to the corona- or Covid-19 crisis the NYC Independent Film Festival was forced to go digital this year. No live screenings, no live Q&As, no meetings, no afterparties, no fun at all. New York went into a lockdown and we had to go with it.
But the film world wouldn't be the film world if we didn't have an extra life: we decided to go for the next best solution, we decided to go digital. During the last week dozens of films were streamed on Thanks to all those filmmakers who granted us permission to stream their film on the web and to allow our audience to see it.
Also, because the festival is known for its numerous meetings with attending filmmakers we decided to stream a lot of interviews with filmmakers, immediately after screening their film.
It was awkward not to have all those filmmakers with us in the screening room, it was weird not being able to talk one on one with the actors and producers. We had to meet them with Skype, Zoom or Facetime, we had to improvise and adjust. Some were sitting in a well lit studio, others in front of their bulging wardrobe. But it worked!

For instance the directors of the documentaries 'White Light', an Australian film on the gangs in Chicago, and 'The Right Girls', an American production on LGBT migration, gave an interview to us.
,,We are so grateful that the festival has decided to go digital and pursues in showing our work to the audience," says Australian filmmaker George Gittoes ('White Light'). He spend half a year in the suburbs of Chicago to film how gangs fight each other to death. 'White Light' is one of the nominees for best feature documentary this year.
Another nominee in that same category is "The Right Girls' by American filmmaker Timothy Wolfe. His portrait of three transgender women fleeing poverty in Central America is a distressing story of misery that is augmented by sexual discrimination. ,,The purpose of this project IS to show the human side of migration. And this screening helps furthering that message," says Wolfe.
Their enthusiasm makes you forget you are watching an online event.

So who will win next Sunday's awards? There are different categories and each filmmaker or actor can be double nominated for more categories. The awards are for Best Music Video, Best Animation Film, Best Art/Experimental Film, Best Short Sketch Comedy, Best Script, Best Short Documentary, Beste Feature Documentary, Best Musical, Best Super Short Film, Best Short Drama, Best Feature Drama, Best Cinematography, Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Director.

Last year we had the luck that our Awards Ceremony was celebrated and attended by over 200 filmmakers and film fans. This year we hopefully beat that number online. Bring your own champagne or sparkling water, your oysters and caviar, or maybe just your potato chips and popcorn and join us in our excitement for the show.
The 11th NYC Independent Film Festival Award Ceremony with fifteen awards in total and dozens of great filmmakers and actors to win them. Let's enjoy the celebration of the great films you made and the great films you enjoyed watching.

Sunday June 7 at 6 pm (NYC time) at the Bingewave video platform.

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Source: EIN Presswire