Patrick Ames Evolves Lyrically Potent Blues, Funk, Soul and Folk Sound on "The Virtualistics"

Cover artwork for Patrick Ames – The Virtualistics (album)

Patrick Ames as seen on his “Reawakened 2020” single cover art.

Jon Ireson, producer of “The Virtualistics” album and contributing musician.

The acclaimed songwriter's new album features 8 songs written during the pandemic. It's release is accompanied by the official music video for "Help People Up".

NAPA VALLEY, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 18, 2021 / — Composer and writer Patrick Ames continues to evolve his lyrically potent signature cocktail of junkyard blues on the new LP, "The Virtualistics”, released June 16th on music platforms. The album contains 8 songs written during the pandemic by the Napa Valley-based artist, each one hopeful and resilient in its own distinct way. The album title was inspired by the nature of the recording style; although Patrick Ames writes the music and lyrics, much of his collaborations with producer Jon Ireson and backup singers Chana Matthews and Mikaela Matthews, have been virtual.

From the pandemic-inspired post-punk of "Second Wave" and "Essential Workers" to the funked up gospel rock of "Help People Up" and "Reawakened 2020" to the spacious, philosophical "Great Bunch of Molecules" and the bluesy, fun energy of "Rubber and Glue", "Songwriter's Block" and "You Make Me Scream", Patrick Ames and The Virtualistics display a tenacious spirit throughout.

About "The Virtualistics":
The Virtualistics. The band that never met. Remote collaboration is common but we never met during a difficult pandemic year. The four of us never practiced together. We didn't sing together nor did we pre-plan the final sound. We were virtual entities, duly recording our tracks on various home devices and sending them in for assembly. Those famous photographs of The Virtualistics, studious musicians playing on stage, hard working in the studio, those tired looks of a fifth take, none of that happened. We never sang or played together.

Amazingly, it sounds like we were together, un-virtually, I guess is the word. It sounds like a 9-piece band that is funkin' up the place even though we were half-depressed and struggled with work, virus, and bad politics. Half of the songs were released as singles mostly because I didn’t want to be depressed and fed upon that new release excitement every few months.

It's been a year of virtual studio sessions that require large leaps of faith when you're contributing to a song that isn't finished yet and sounded like a sketch. It's like that group game where everyone adds one line to the preexisting story going around in a circle and by the time everyone speaks the story is unbelievably creative and interesting. Start with a few lyrics, add a riff or two, start weaving in counter melodies, add some phat beats – each song went around the Virtualistics circle a few times.

All these songs were recorded during the pandemic by The Virtualistics. – Patrick Ames

Jon Ireson, Producer, says: Patrick Ames and the Virtualistics
I mixed Patrick's last album (Liveness) at the beginning of 2020 and by May he had more new material ready to be molded. Although the lyrical themes all come from Patrick, it definitely helps that we are on the same page politically/philosophically. As the tumultuous events of 2020 unfolded, the songs he was sending me about racial and social justice, trust in science, and the hard work of affecting positive transformation in the public square were echoing my own thoughts in real time. When the world goes haywire, music is there to make sense of it.

Album opener and lead single "Help People Up" will have an official music video release on June 16. The video was created by Blue Cafe Music.

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Patrick Ames – Help People Up (Official Music Video)

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Ashish Bhandari Discusses Jet Engine Maintenance Program: Value and Benefits

Ashish Bhandari, Dubai resident, Discusses Jet Engine Maintenance Program: Value and Benefits

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, June 18, 2021 / — Without powerful jet engines, airplanes won’t be able to move forward with the great force they do. Jet engines produce a tremendous thrust and cause the plane to fly very fast. All jet engines work on the same principle – the engine sucks air in at the front with a fan, while the compressor raises the pressure of the air. The creation of substantial and efficient jet engines has brought a remarkable change in the world by allowing extremely fast travel between cities and countries. This clearly states the significance of jet engines and their competence.

Besides, jet engines are subject to wear from vibration, friction, high interior temperatures, corrosion, and physical damage from the ingestion of foreign debris. Jet engine maintenance is essential as these operations can extend the life of jet turbine blades, vanes, and other aircraft parts, not leading to the ultimate failure of parts or extensive repairs or replacements. One major reason to regularly check the jet engines for any wear and tear is to ensure that all the rotating stages in an engine are balanced, keeping vibration levels to a minimum. This is to ensure that during the flight the passengers are comfortable.

The importance and value of the maintenance of jet engines are explicitly clear. Now, this is where the jet engine maintenance programs come in. But what exactly are jet engine maintenance programs? Such a maintenance program is an annual service contract offered by the engine manufacturer. Business jet owners and operators pay for ongoing overhaul and loaner engine services based on fixed hourly fees. Maintenance is one of the major spendings of operating a business aircraft, and the biggest advantage of these contracts is a dependable budget. Apart from this, there are a bunch of benefits that a jet engine maintenance program provides –

Predictable operational costs – Guaranteed maintenance plans can take the uncertainty of any major costs out of the picture. To avoid the huge expenses associated with paying for heavy maintenance, it is always better to pay a fixed hourly fee, from both cash flow and a financial management point of view.

Enhances aircraft resale value- According to aircraft brokers, it is much easier to sell an aircraft when it is on a guaranteed maintenance program. Additionally, it might just get the aircraft a higher price as you get back the unused part of the money spent on your maintenance program in the selling price.

24/7 Support – Whether you need a loaner engine or you have had an unscheduled engine removal, with a guaranteed maintenance program any assistance is one phone call away. Nonetheless, all the repairs and advice are included in the hourly fee, saving you from any massive expenses.

Pay-as-you-go monthly payments – Jet engine maintenance programs give you a much more realistic picture of your cost of operation and profitability. It is like an insurance policy, covering all kinds of unexpected expenses such as expensive mandatory service bulletins and premature engine removals.

Improving aircraft performance – While a jet engine maintenance program can increase the ability to sell the aircraft, it also helps in improving the aircraft’s performance. The program and regular maintenance minimizes aircraft on the ground (AOG) and maximizes aircraft dispatchability.

These programs have different coverage policies, providing different coverage options to the jet owners. The programs include – scheduled and/or unscheduled maintenance, labor costs, rental engines, transportation fees, life-limited parts, refurbishment, corrosion, etc. Some of the most well-known manufacturer’s engine programs are as follows –

-GE Honda Aero Engines EMC
-Honeywell Maintenance Service Plan (MSP)
-Pratt & Whitney Eagle Service Plan (ESP)
-Rolls-Royce CorporateCare
-Textron PowerAdvantage
-Williams International Total Assurance Program (TAP)

After assessing the benefits and generic offerings of a maintenance program, the exact need of an aircraft and its operations can be accurately evaluated only by a financial expert. Before negotiating your service contract, make sure to analyze your aircraft’s utilization, budget, maintenance staff, and fleet-planning cycle. Many find these programs worth the cost, as the unscheduled maintenance cost is secured. For those of you looking for a predictable budget, these programs are for you.

Ashish Bhandari,
Private Pilot

About the Author
Ashish Bhandari, Dubai resident, is an Ex- Banker & a passionate aviator who is a pilot himself and occasionally charters Private Jets.
Ashish Bhandari currently serves as an Advisor to Aviator EMF & is a shareholder of EZ Capital Group.

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Nancy Kowalik Real Estate Group Presents the Prize to the Winner of the "Picture Yourself Down The Jersey Shore"

Nancy Kowalik presenting Ted Adams with his trip to the shore certificate

Nancy Kowalik presents Ted Adams with his trip to the shore certificate

Tune in to the live drawing on Nancy Kowalik Real Estate Group's Facebook Page June 10 at 2pm

Tune in to the live drawing on Nancy Kowalik Real Estate Group’s Facebook Page June 10 at 2pm

Congratulations to Ted Adams of West Deptford, NJ, for having the winning Beach Ball Number that has won him a trip to the Jersey Shore!

MULLICA HILL, NJ, UNITED STATES, June 18, 2021 / — Nancy Kowalik Real Estate Group had a contest on Saturday, June 5, 2021 with the theme "Picture Yourself Down The Shore." Guests stopped by at 46 N Main Street Mullica Hill between 4 and 8pm on Saturday to get their pictures taken in the outdoor photo booth and signed up for a numbered beach ball to enter to win a week at the Shore in 2022! There was no purchase necessary to enter to win.

The contest winner was announced via a live drawing on Facebook this Thursday, June 10, at 2pm, where Nancy Kowalik announced the winning beach ball number. The winner, Ted Adams, from West Deptford, NJ, collected his prize on Thursday June 17. Adams received a week in a beach block penthouse condo in Brigantine for the week of his choice during the Summer of 2022.

Nancy Kowalik Real Estate Group is an award-winning boutique real estate brokerage specializing in all facets of Southern New Jersey’s robust residential real estate market. Founded in 2016, the firm has quickly become one of the state’s leading independent brokerages, known for its home sale guarantee. Based on a pre-determined, agreed-upon price and timeframe, founder and president Nancy Kowalik guarantees the sale of her client’s home with the promise that the firm will purchase the property if it is not sold. Kowalik’s office culture focuses on teamwork and philanthropy. With 12 full-time agents working as a team, the firm promises 5-star service. Under Kowalik’s lead the group has given over $80,000 to a local non-profit since 2017 and has been an ongoing supporter of local High School and intramural sports programs. For more information go to

Annie Byers
Nancy Kowalik Real Estate Group
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Female artists Janet Scudder and Emily Mason will headline Shannon's summer online fine art auction, Thursday, June 24th

Bronze sculpture by Janet Scudder (American, 1873-1940), titled Victory, signed. Estimate: $15,000-$25,000.

Bronze sculpture by Janet Scudder (American, 1873-1940), titled Victory, signed, 31 ½ inches tall. Estimate: $15,000-$25,000.

Oil on canvas by Emily Mason (American, 1932-2019), titled Gentian Waves, signed and dated 1986-87. Estimate: $8,000-$12,000

Oil on canvas by Emily Mason (American, 1932-2019), titled Gentian Waves, signed and dated 1986-87, 44 inches by 43 ¾ inches. Estimate: $8,000-$12,000

Oil on panel by Charles James Theriat (American, 1860-1934), titled A Beauty by a River, signed and dated. Estimate: $8,000-$12,000.

Oil on panel by Charles James Theriat (American, 1860-1934), titled A Beauty by a River, signed and dated, 6 ¼ inches by 8 ½ inches. Estimate: $8,000-$12,000.

Scudder succeeded as a sculptor in a field that was dominated by men. Mason worked in the Abstract Expressionist and Color Field traditions.

Other works by women artists include drawings by Fidelia Bridges, portraits by Anna Meltzer, sculptures by Marg Moll, Doris Caesar and Brenda Putnam and prints by Kathe Kollwitz and Louise Nevelson.”

— Sandra Germain

MILFORD, CT, UNITED STATES, June 18, 2021 / — Online bidding for Shannon’s summer online auction is open now through Thursday, June 24th at 2 pm Eastern time for 212 lots of fine art from the 19th century through the present. Leading the sale are two bronzes by Janet Scudder (American, 1873-1940), titled Cupid and Tortoise Fountain and Victory, each estimated at $15,000-$25,000. Scudder succeeded during her lifetime as a sculptor in a field that was dominated by men. She was a feminist and a suffragette, often marching in parades and demonstrations to support women’s issues.

Headlining the contemporary offerings are two paintings by Emily Mason (American, 1932-2019). Mason worked in the Abstract Expressionist and Color Field traditions to develop her own “lyrical, luminous abstraction” ( A New York City native, Mason taught painting at Hunter College for over 25 years. Shannon’s will offer Gentian Waves, an oil on canvas from 1986-1987 for $8,000-$12,000, and an untitled oil on paper at $5,000-$7,000.

Other works by women artists in the sale include two botanical drawings by Connecticut artist Fidelia Bridges, portraits by Anna Meltzer, Modernist sculptures by Marg Moll, Doris Caesar and Brenda Putnam, and prints by Kathe Kollwitz and Louise Nevelson.

Other contemporary offerings include a suite of four paintings commissioned by The Lego Group from Danish artist Hans Tyrrestrup. The suite of paintings was executed in primary colors with an abstracted Lego motif. Tyrrestrup’s works have been exhibited internationally and he is widely collected in Denmark and the United States. Each of the four, 30 inch by 30 inch works are estimated at $700-$1,000.

19th century American paintings are led by a sweet scene of a young girl with her picnic basket by genre artist J.G. Brown, estimated at $12,000-$18,000. A rare Charles Theriat work titled A Beauty by a River (circa 1888) is offered at $8,000-$12,000. This diminutive 6 inch by 9 inch work is among the artist's best, featuring many hallmarks of American Impressionism. A William T. Richards of The Cornish Coast is offered at $5,000-$7,000.

Prints in the sale include 19th century works by James Whistler, Camille Corot and Joseph Pennell; Modernist prints by Georges Rouault, George Tooker and Reginald Marsh; and contemporary prints by Robert Kulicke, Louise Nevelson, Ana Maria Pacheco and Leonard Baskin.

Other works include Surrealist paintings by Polish artist Rafal Olbinski, Modernist scenes by Peppino Mangravite, a selection of works on paper by 20th century Abstract artist Gerome Kamrowski and New York City scenes by Adolf Dehn, Bruce Braithwaite and Nicolai Cikovsky.

To view the full catalog, condition reports and to bid live online, visit Previews will be held by appointment, June 18-23, weekdays from 11 am to 5 pm Eastern time. Virtual previews and additional photos are available by request. Bidding is available online through A live-stream of the auction will be broadcast on at 2 pm Eastern on Thursday, June 24th.

Consignments at Shannon’s are accepted year-round. To consign a single item or an entire collection, contact

# # # #

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Three Part Exposé on the Hidden Costs of the Wind Energy Industry Set to Release June 2021

Three Part Exposé on the Hidden Costs of the Wind Energy Industry Set to Release June 2021

La Fenêtre Magazine will be running a three-part exposé on the corruption and hidden costs embroiled in the “sustainable” wind energy industry.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 18, 2021 / — La Fenêtre– translated into “the window”- is a cutting-edge culture magazine, with the aim of bridging perspectives and boldly shining a light on social impact issues, the environment, fashion, and lifestyle in the modern world. The magazine will be running a three-part exposé on the corruption and hidden costs embroiled in the “sustainable” wind and solar energy industries.

The report details a range of issues including the true human and economic costs of these industries, and their tremendously harmful impact on the global environment. Not only are wind and solar energy simply not feasible but there is an untold negative impact in the expansion of these industries under the guise of “Green Energy.”

We had a chance to sit down with Hazel Rose, & Daniel de Castellane, the forces behind La Fenêtre, and get some insights into their goals, challenges, and hopes in putting out this piece.

Daniel de Castellane is a philanthropist, activist, and entrepreneur, committed to boldly exploring modern issues and promoting compassion within society. He founded the de Castellane Creative Group, of which La Fenêtre is a part – as a way to create purpose, bridge gaps, and make a long-lasting positive impact in the world.

Hazel Rose is the Editorial Director with La Fenêtre Magazine. She has worked for many years at the intersection of arts and social justice, having studied Peace and Conflict Studies at the U.C. Berkeley and serving as a writer and consultant for organizations like Youth Speaks, S.F. Jazz, and Arts for Justice and Healing Network, Variety Magazine, and many others.


-Tell us more about this piece.

"The report will be a three-part exposé on the ways that the wind energy industry is not truly “clean” or “sustainable” at all. It will tell the gripping story of corruption and waste, and it will indeed offer another, truly clean and sustainable energy alternative." Hazel explains.

Daniel adds: " Part I releasing June 2021, provides background information on wind energy and discusses rare earth scarcity and China’s resource dominance, as well as the unchecked toxic environmental impacts of the wind and solar supply chains. Part II will address the human and economic cost of these industries, with a spotlight on labor conditions and subsidy and debt cycles."

Hazel continues: "Yes, and with Part III we are actually able to offer a solution to the problems posed, which is such a crucial element. We will review the facts and offer a new alternative – highlighting the engineers and inventors leading the charge in truly clean and sustainable hydropower, wave and tidal energy, specifically those at Diamond Infrastructure Development, Inc."

-Why did you feel the need to write this piece?

Daniel de Castellane: "As we’ve learned more about corruption and the negative environmental impact within the “sustainable” wind industry, we feel it’s imperative to bring that story to the world. We know many people care about the future of our planet, but do not have all of the information about which energy sources are truly sustainable and clean, there is so much misinformation out there."

-What did you learn during the course of this article?

Hazel Rose: "I learned that there is so much more than what meets the eye when it comes to “Green Energy.” It’s so important to look at the entire supply chain and the cost of these technologies from start to finish. There is a massive human and economic cost that we are facing if we don’t shape up in the sustainable energy world."

-What were some challenges?

Daniel de Castellane: "We know that this is not a widely accepted narrative just yet– and that’s why we need to tell it. As a media company, it’s our responsibility to shine a light on the stories that must be told with truth, discernment, and clarity. We are at a global turning point, and if the powers that be have the right information, we could actually invest in sustainable energy sources that could aid in our current climate and humanitarian crises."

– What is next? We are seeing more and more environmental documentaries- would you make this into a documentary?

Daniel de Castellane: "We have some very exciting opportunities arising out of this, and we are thrilled to take the story as far as it will go. This is an important exposé that must be told, and we are hoping to share it with as many people as possible."


You can subscribe to La Fenêtre Magazine Here-

Hazel Rose
La Fenêtre Magazine
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Be cool: Check out Explore Authors Magazine's recommended hot new books

Anneliese by Dee Miller

Anneliese by Dee Miller

Angelina Escapes to Mackinac Island by Susan Locascio

Angelina Escapes to Mackinac Island by Susan Locascio

Nugae Venales Or "Jokes For Sale" in English: Humor, Brief Essays, and Short Poems by E.C. Walsh

Nugae Venales Or “Jokes For Sale” in English: Humor, Brief Essays, and Short Poems by E.C. Walsh

Summer's here! Time to curl up amd cool off with glass of lemonade and a new book. Check out Explore Authors Magazine's recommended hot new book releases

Summer's here, curl up with a hot new book!”

— Explore Authors Magazine

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, June 18, 2021 / — The following books are available in paperback and eBook formats at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and fine retailers everywhere. Check out our list of fiction, non-fiction, and children's books.

Dee Miller's debut novel, Anneliese, tells the story of a young woman striving to move forward after a deadly outbreak of Spanish Flu kills her fiancé during World War I. This story is a fresh and engaging take on a young woman striving to overcome love, loss, and life in the roaring 1920s. On sale now, Prairie Sage Books, ISBN: 978-1737295501

The General's Daughter (2021) by T.M Rice is the follow up to Rice's fast-paced 2020 action thriller, The Chemist: The Adventures of The Gray Rider. This one is as action packed and thrilling as the first. We see a movie in the future for this series. We highly recommend this enthralling new book! Stories from Terry's Garage: ISBN, 978-1734704914

The Redcap: A Sam McKay Novel is on sale now. This taut edge-of-your-seat crime thriller by K.M. Hardy will keep your eyes glued to every page. A brilliant follow-up up to the first book in the Sam McKay series, SCOTS HONOR. We're captivated! On sale now – Picaty Press, ISBN: 978-1736734605

Was Shakespeare an anti-Semite? This age-old question has haunted the author for centuries. Author Stephen Byk offers this critical analysis of the world's most famous playwright's work in Vindicating Shakespeare: A Theater Director’s Study of William Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice. On sale now. LS&G Publishing ISBN: 978-0578871363

Lutka wants to become an opera singer. But what does a person do when his country is invaded by another country, the government is overthrown and plagued by famine and in turmoil surrounding the Russian Revolution? Action and suspense fuels this captivating novel, The Opera Singer by Paul Larson, coming soon to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and fine retailers everywhere May 1st, 2021. ISBN: 978-1736895108

You will have a number of books to choose from by this amazing author, J.B. Millhollin, including his most recent crime thriller, the fourth in his saga, To Hide from a Northern Wind: River of Tears, bringing his breathtaking and methodical storytelling about the 140 year family feud between the Masters and the Jenkins families to a close, amid a murder trial that brings the families together for a united cause. Read the entire series, and other novels by J.B. Millhollin via the links below. Fans of legal crime dramas will love this author. Grey Place Books, ISBN: 978-1-7358745-5-5

Veer this way for a break from fiction. Nugae Venales Or "Jokes For Sale" in English: Humor, Brief Essays, and Short Poems by E.C. Walsh are the author's witty musings and clever insights on society, politics, and life in this smart, intellectual take on the past year. We love this book! On sale now, Dignam Press, ISBN: 978-0578926483

Dan Valenti's heart-pounding novel and romantic thriller , A Kiss Worth Waiting for… is on sale now! We highly recommend this decades-spanning romantic journey in the author's debut novel, and sure to be classic. BUY TODAY via fine retailers everywhere. Collar City Publishing, ISBN: 978-1-7370674-0-5

Suzanne Locascio's much awaited debut novel, Angelina Escapes to Mackinac Island is an absolute must-read. Locascio's action-packed thriller is set during the French Revolution amid royal intrigue, danger, and a daring escape to Mackinac Island from Angelina Savoy's beloved France! On sale now via Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and fine retailers everywhere B. Nelson Press, ISBN: 978-1-7370015-0-8

A Lot Going on Upstairs is J.S. Black's piercing insight into the thoughts of his teenaged character, which drives this story about divorce and mental health in this gut-wrenching story. A sharp read! Available now on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and fine retailers everywhere. Jamilian Books, ISBN: 978-0578876450

There is beauty in simplicity, and genius in subtlety. Rivers, trees, sunsets, and love. A subtle blend where nature meets life. Haimnauth Ramkirath’s fourth work, Unsung Verses is deeply personal and a pleasure to read. Poetry is not only alive, but lush and warm. A solid recommend. New Sunrise Press ISBN: 978-1736373309

Out of the Mists: A Compendium of Bizarre Short Stories Vol. 1 and Vol2 by John Knight is on sale now! Readers will enjoy Knight's intriguing and often chilling stories. Curl up with this book and enjoy! Available now via Amazon, B&N and fine retailers everywhere! IndyPub: 979-8591007393 VOL. 2, COMING SOON, JULY 2021.

Jim Morgan’s Me and Eli, coming of age story about a mysterious boy is suspenseful, and enthralling coming to a close with a shocking twist. We highly recommend this intriguing young adult novel! 978-0578866246

The Infinite Circle of the Soul: A Non-religious Look at Spirituality by Mike Hain focuses on the 'human soul and all of its attributes including love, creativity, empathy, and its journey throughout many earthly lives.' Hain's insight brings something tangible to the ethereal, a subject we've all wondered about. His approach to the incorporeal provides answers that steers his readers to their authentic selves in this motivational book. ECSM Publishing 978-1736559109

Peter Spicer's gripping book, Breaking Baptist, details why he left the evangelical fundamentalist religion. Am eye-opening and riveting perspective. We highly recommend. Spicewrite, ISBN: 978-0578801834


The Face of XYZ by art student Alexa Pouza, shares the fictional journey of self-discovery and self-love in this heartwarming children's book about a man with no face. A book that teaches children about self-love and confidence is definitely worth a read. COMING SOON, JULY 2021 Purple Brick Road Press, ISBN: 978-0-578-91933-1

The Lighthouse by Becky Enright tells a charming and educational story about what lighthouses do and why they are important. Children will enjoy the whimsical illustrations and storytelling. C&B Books, ISBN: 978-1736908709

Me and Toby by Jo Robinson is a heartwarming children’s book about hope and finding a new home when a chair at a furniture store is taken in by a new family. Adorable anthropomorphic tale! Buy today via fine retailers everywhere… Library of Twink Publishing, ISBN: 978-0578862347

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International Awards Associate Unveils the Monumental iLuxury Awards

2021 iLuxury Awards Statuette

2021 iLuxury Awards Statuette

2021 iLuxury Awards Statuette - Queen Maia, Lady of Perfection

2021 iLuxury Awards Statuette – Queen Maia, Lady of Perfection

2021 iLuxury Awards - Celebrating the Best Luxury Brands, Products & Services Worldwide

2021 iLuxury Awards – Celebrating the Best Luxury Brands, Products & Services Worldwide

iLuxury Awards is a prestigious awards program that focuses on celebrating, recognizing, and promoting the best luxury goods and services all around the globe.

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, June 18, 2021 / — The International Awards Associate (IAA) announces the iLuxury Awards (International Luxury Awards), a brand-new awards program under their belt. “Luxurious amenities have been around since the dawn of time,” Kenjo Ong, the CEO of IAA, exclaimed. “We had always been captivated by luxurious concepts. So, delving deeper into the heart of luxury only made sense.”

Luxurious products and services have historically been a vital part amongst the lives of nobility, as well as commonalty. With that in mind, IAA intends for iLuxury Awards to celebrate, honor, and recognize both established and aspiring luxurious brands, whom transcend the barriers of segregation. The competition will be accepting monthly entries, starting from June 18, 2021, with results to be announced on the 15th of every month. The first results will be published on August 17, via iLuxury Awards official website.

Similar to the other awards under the IAA umbrella, accessibility will be a core principle for iLuxury Award’s operations. With a simple online nomination process, and no entry fees, the award intends to cater to international brands of all statures, regardless of the brands having prior esteemed reputation, or not.

Luxurious brands, products, services, or relevant advocates worldwide are welcomed to nominate themselves or the brands that they would like to credit. With iLuxury’s theme being “Bring Forth Everlasting Opulence” for 2021, entrants would need to bring their best and show that their works can stand the test of time, creating brand values, heritage, and legacies along the way. Luxury awards categories available for entry include – Luxury Brands, Luxury Design, Luxury Real Estate & Property, Luxury Fashion & Products, Luxury Transportation, Luxury Travel, Luxury Accommodation, Luxury F&B, and Luxury Services.

Other than promotional pieces, winners will be eligible to receive a 2021 iLuxury statuettes, featuring four captivating designs, based on the awards’ concept. The statuettes are designed to personify a sense of enchantment that accustomed luxurious products and services imbue. They are presented in an elegant manner, with underlying nuances based on the representation of different statuettes, symbolizing class, elegance, and luxury.

IAA intends to continue its practice of honoring distinguished, and promising, brands for their products and services, via iLuxury Awards. “This award poses a completely new challenge for us, however it still wouldn’t alter our underlying principles,” Kenjo remarked. “I am elated to be a part of this journey and am looking forward to gaze upon the awe-inspiring luxurious products and services that flood the streets of modern society.”

About International Awards Associate (IAA)
IAA, established in 2015, is the organizer of MUSE Creative Awards, MUSE Design Awards, Vega Digital Awards, NYX Marcom Awards, NYX Game Awards, NYX Video Awards, TITAN Property Awards, TITAN Business Awards, LIT Talent Awards, MUSE Photography Awards, and MUSE Hotel Awards. Our mission is to honor, promote and encourage professional excellence, from industry to industry, internationally and domestically, through award platforms that are industry appropriate. IAA assembled iLuxury Awards to promote the best luxury brands, products and services all around the globe.

For competition rules and nomination forms, visit:

Hugo T.
International Awards Associate Inc
Visit us on social media:

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New Album "UPBEAT AND ABSTRACT" by John Fulford Features Members of Fishbone and Face to Face

John Fulford's signature and soaring sound hooks fans of soulful symphonic storytelling

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES , June 18, 2021 / — Notable musician John Fulford, Executive Produced "UPBEAT and ABSTRACT," an album of wide-eyed intoxication expressly written for television & film, distributed through the music library of John Fulford Music.

The long-awaited album features compositions by Fishbone virtuosic lead singer Angelo Moore and punk-funk guitarist Mark Phillips. Other treasured talents who make appearances include Face to Face's Scott Shiflett, and renowned studio drummer Josh Freese, who's held the beat for Nine Inch Nails and 311 among many others.

To preview "Hot Dog On A Stick" from UPBEAT and ABSTRACT, the new album by John Fulford Music, visit

John Fulford Music provides a library of pre-cleared and custom music with more than 5000 tracks across hip hop, dramedy, tension, and rock genres. Songs appear on IT: Chapter 2, Breaking Bad, Orange Is the New Black, Basketball Wives, True Life, Happy Death Day, Shahs of Sunset, MTV, CBS, FOX, and more. To access music, visit

Following a trend that features many "name artists" who have gravitated to radio-quality, studio soundtracks to infuse music for cinematic sensations, John Fulford Music is a highly curated, rich library of sound, available for use and centered around the creator experience.

It's not hard to think about the weight of iconic musical soundtracks. Cinema masterpieces with spectacular sing-alongs include such hits as Star Wars, 007, The Twilight Zone, and many more. Video games also include iconic identifiers that most people would recognize, including Super Mario Bros. Pac-Man and Street Fighter.

Music represents the singularity of the story and helps deliver a more compelling experience to the viewer. While the visual side of filmed entertainment is essential, what would it all be without music?

Recognized as an integral, industry awards are presented to the best score and song, over multiple categories, every year. Many talented musicians work to give life to the sound of the stories movies will tell, including John Fulford, who composes music for television, motion pictures, and video games. His instrumentals appear in both reality shows and leading scripted series.

Born in the warmth of West Palm Beach, Florida, John Fulford relocated to Los Angeles in 2006, where he began writing songs for use in TV shows, Films, Ads, and Trailers. In 2019, John relocated to rural Florida to build a recording studio set on a 10-acre farm.

Notable work and career highlights include songs that appeared on hit tv shows Glee, Breaking Bad, films IT: Chapter 2, Happy Death Day, The War with Grandpa featuring Robert DeNiro and Christopher Walken, and Central Intelligence featuring Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart.

With an upbeat and energetic tone, Fulford's songs are also mysterious, abstract, and unique. Recently, he began writing vocal melodies for chart-topping KPOP groups such as Red Velvet and NCT127.

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The three band members sat with guitars in hand in a meadow on a hill.

Alt rock-pop band, Sorry It’s Over release their debut music video, “Time Moves Slow”.

UNITED STATES , June 18, 2021 / —
Meet the hottest new Socal band, Sorry It’s Over:

California based alternative pop-rock band, Sorry It’s Over, have just released their newest single and debut music video titled; “Time Moves Slow”.

Bandmates Sam Adgate and Louis Petrella have been playing together since high school and their music expresses their Socal easy-going, good-time vibe.

Louis grew up jamming with his father and gained a fruitful education in classic rock music which he showcases in their productions. His extensive musical talents perfectly complement Sam’s captivating vocal ability and the two have gained some major attention since they first appeared on the music scene.

Time Moves Slow:

“Time Moves Slow” is the first song featuring Louis on lead vocals and he delivers a heartfelt and emotive performance. His raspy, slightly rock style vocals charm listeners and encourage them to join in with him when he sings: “time moves slow, when you don’t really want it to. Just know, I’ll be back soon as long as you stay near to me”.

This song has a happy and upbeat soundscape that inspires listeners to dance and skip around. But, the song is actually about heartbreak and how the loss of someone you love changes the world around you and makes everything, well… move slow.

The music video shows three sweet-natured, quirky young guys who could steal the heart of any young admirer. They project an image of wholesome, charming and adorable young men.

The opening scene of the video is reminiscent of The Beatles, as the boys stand with instruments in hand, nodding their heads from side to side.

Curious random images of blue skies, rollercoaster rides, Darth Vader, hula girls and gorillas flash across the backdrop. This accompanied by the bands geeky dancing is highly amusing and there is a definite tongue in cheek humour to the whole performance.

This fun music video and cheerful song will charm any music fan and if you like songs from artists such as Peach Pit and Green Day, then Sorry It’s Over will fit perfectly on your pop-rock playlist.

Listen to "Time Moves Slow" on Spotify and watch the music video below:

What’s Next for Sorry It’s Over?

The band are excited to announce they will be performing at The Viper Room, in West Hollywood on June 25th. This is their first live show since the pandemic and they hope to be coming to a town near you soon.

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SmartPower: It’s Juneteenth 2021 – Message Received

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SmartPower Observes Nation’s Newest Holiday

SmartPower is recommitting that our staff and board reflect the diversity of the communities we serve, and that we continue our groundbreaking work to bring solar to underserved communities”

— Brian F. Keane, President, SmartPower

ARLINGTON, VIRGINA, USA, June 18, 2021 / — Two years after President Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation, freeing enslaved Americans, the news finally reached Galveston, Texas – the date was June 19th, 1865.

It took two years for free black Americans to hear the news that they were free.

And now, with President Biden’s signature yesterday SmartPower is honored to join with the rest of the nation in celebrating Juneteenth, our 11th federal holiday.

From January 1, 1861, when President Lincoln signed the Emancipation Declaration to Galveston in 1865 to Washington, DC in 2021 — we have finally gotten the message.

“Indeed, SmartPower has heard the message,” remarked Brian F. Keane, President of SmartPower. “In the age of instant communication so many of us are shocked to hear that it took two years for the announcement of the Emancipation Proclamation to reach Galveston. But let’s face it, for too many of us, the true messages of Juneteenth are still very, slowly sinking in. George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Duarte Wright, the assault on voting rights, and the list goes and on and on and on. Yes, we all heard the news….but did we understand the message?”

SmartPower, the nation’s leading non-profit marketing firm dedicated to promoting clean energy and energy efficiency is today joining with millions of Americans across the nation in celebrating our country’s new federal holiday – Juneteenth. Today SmartPower is re-committing to continue our efforts to bring clean energy and energy efficiency to all Americans. At the same time, we will work to ensure that our staff and board reflect the diversity of the communities we serve, and we will continue our groundbreaking work to bring residential solar to underserved communities.

“Inclusion, diversity, and striving for a more perfect union are fundamental tenants that SmartPower embraces with the same joy and celebration that we bring to Juneteenth," concluded Keane. "We may have heard the news, and we are always open to receiving the messages.”

About SmartPower:

SmartPower is the nation's leading non-profit marketing firm dedicated to promoting clean energy and energy efficacy. SmartPower's community-based 'Solarize" Campaigns have been measured and verified to dramatically increase residential solar adoption by 1000% — even in low to moderate (LMI) communities. To learn more, visit

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