AMCD Supports the State Department’s Efforts to Counter Iranian Disinformation

Encounter magazine

Encounter magazine received covert funding from the CIA

WASHINGTON, DC, UNITED STATES, September 29, 2020 / — During the Cold War, the United States carried on a robust counter-propaganda campaign against the Soviet Union involving Radio Free Europe, Encounter magazine and numerous efforts set out in speeches by every President since Eisenhower. Senators and Congressmen from both parties and numberless op-ed writers published strong attacks on the Soviets in newspapers and magazines across the country and abroad. At that time our country was unafraid to engage in the war of ideas with the communist bloc. Today, the American Mideast Coalition for Democracy supports the State Department in its efforts to counter Islamist propaganda emanating from Iran through the Iran Disinformation Project.

“Because President Obama turned US foreign policy on its head and sought to partner with Islamists from the Sunni Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt to the Shi’a mullahs of Iran, he split American policymakers and confused the public,” said AMCD co-chair Tom Harb. “There are several media outlets that still cleave to the pro-Islamist line, notably Mother Jones.”

“The amount of money going from Iran to pro-Iranian regime journalists and organizations is staggering, especially after the Iran deal which netted Iran $150 billion from the US,” added AMCD vice-chair, Hossein Khorram. “It’s only logical that a big chunk of that money would be used to further Iran’s interests among policymakers in the US.”

“Another big issue is that under the Obama-Biden administration, Voice of America for Iran was taken over by pro-Iran regime personnel,” continued AMCD co-chair John Hajjar. “In reversing the Obama-Biden policies, the Trump administration has been resisted both inside and outside the Administration. Pro-Iran regime people still occupy key roles in the State Department and they partner with pro-Iran regime organizations such as the National Iranian American Council (NIAC). This is still going on today.”

AMCD fully supports the State Department’s efforts to counter Iranian propaganda. AMCD receives no grants or funds of any kind from the State Department or any government agency; we are entirely funded by our members. We support the Trump Administration because it has set forth the right policies in order to realize peace in the long-suffering Middle East.

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The GLOBAL DAY OF PRAYER with Pastor Chris

Join 5 Billion People In Prayers

Join 5 Billion People In Prayers

Join the largest ever global prayer event, The GLOBAL DAY OF PRAYER with Pastor Chris!

IKEJA, LAGOS, NIGERIA, September 29, 2020 / — The ‘Global Day of Prayer’ with the man of God, Reverend (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome is a unique quarterly prayer program that's broadcasted LIVE on all LoveWorld Networks, several terrestrial TV stations, radio stations, and internet platforms.

LoveWorld President, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, has continued to emphasize the need for Christians all around the world to bond together in prayers for the Church and the nations of the world in these last days. The 'Global Day of Prayer' provides the perfect opportunity for the saints to fulfill their intercessory ministry.

Many around the world who participate in these programs have experienced remarkable testimonies from the past editions of the revolutionary program.

Rhapsody of Realities
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Global Day of Prayer with Pastor Chris

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Sex Is Not That Simple, the documentary series that will make you smile

This new mini series about sexuality shows with humour and simplicity that sex is not always as magical as we pretend.

They share funny stories, anecdotes and doubts, and all come to the same conclusion: Sex is not as easy or intuitive as we pretend.”

— Stonewall Pictures

LOS ANGELES, UNITED STATES, September 28, 2020 / — “No one’s ever looked at my vagina before. I was like: ‘Oh my God, is it normal? Does it look ok?'” Sara says. In “Sex Is Not That Simple”, a new documentary series, 9 people talk about their sexual experiences. They share funny stories, anecdotes and doubts, and all come to the same conclusion: Sex is not as easy or intuitive as we pretend.

“[We were in bed and] this girl wanted me to choke her with her necklace until she was really red. I pretended that I was into this stuff but inside I was like: “Oh my God! What am I doing?!'” Zaza tells in episode 3.

This series, composed of 6 episodes, deals with 18 different subjects. Among them: insecurities about genitals, oral sex and even ego. “When the person I am having sex with likes what I did, I feel like I am applauded!” says Ada.

The documentary series also gets into more sensitive topics such as consent and slut shaming. Ceyda confesses: “Men can blame you for having too much libido. They call you a nymphomaniac, they ask you: ‘Don’t you have anything better to do?’, stuff like this…”. However, the viewer acknowledges that women and men are actually not so different. As good as sex might be (or not), it is a source of uncertainty for almost everyone.

“People talk a lot about sex but they rarely get into the real topic. Sex can be really challenging sometimes, for all of us. The message of this documentary is: ‘You can chill, you are not alone in this mess'” Romain Anthony Zlatanovic, the director of the series, says. “Sexuality is not necessarily intuitive. We have to learn how to act, how to handle someone else’s body… And sometimes it gets weird! There can be unexpected reactions, unexpected noises… Watching this documentary, everyone will feel a bit more comfortable. And will also have a good time.”

What about fetishism? Orgasms? Why is the clitoris not explicitly mentioned in such a series? “In this first season, we focused on doubts and awkwardness. All those topics will be covered in the two next seasons called “Identities” and “Pleasure”, the director assures.

You can watch Sex Is Not That Simple on Vimeo (worldwide), Amazon Prime (United States and UK), Youtube Movies and TV (USA, UK, Canada, Australia and France) and Google Play (US, UK, Canada, Australia and France).

About Stonewall Pictures
“Life is a beautiful riddle”. Stonewall Pictures is a transnational independent film studio. It tackles societal related topics, with the aim of breaking down barriers and stereotypes rather than labelling people.

Trailer and more info:

Sex Is Not That Simple
Stonewall Pictures
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Sex Is Not That Simple™ – The Documentary Series | Trailer (Long version)

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Sam Cover Spokane Washington Prepares Favorite Recipes From Vegetarian Cuisine

Award-winning chef, Sam Cover Spokane Washington cooks up a storm from his growing roster of favorite vegetarian dishes.

SPOKANE, WA, UNITED STATES, September 28, 2020 / — A multi-award-winning chef and restaurateur, Sam Cover Spokane Washington is best known for his seafood dishes. An outspoken proponent of locally sourced produce, the Pacific Northwest native is also becoming increasingly well known for his vegetarian and vegan recipes.

"Here in the Pacific Northwest, not only do we have access to some of the world's finest seafood, but there's also an abundance of local produce on our doorstep for much of the year," explains Sam Cover Spokane , speaking from his home on the easternmost edge of the Evergreen State.

In addition to being an advocate for the increasingly popular farm-to-table movement, Sam Cover Spokane Washington is also extremely knowledgeable on locally forageable ingredients. "Much of what's farmed locally, and what can be foraged here in the Pacific Northwest, lends itself perfectly to vegetarian and vegan cuisine," says Cover.

It's with this in mind that Sam Cover Spokane Valley is keen to whip up three of his favorite vegetarian dishes. "It's the best way to showcase the most delicious cuisine," suggests the chef, "whether vegetarian, vegan or otherwise."

In this instance, Sam Cover has three vegetarian dishes in mind. "Mac 'n' cheese, mushroom stroganoff, and huckleberry pie," says the multi-award-winning chef and restaurateur. "Morel mushrooms are particularly abundant for a large part of the year locally," he explains, "and lend themselves perfectly to a delicious stroganoff."

Similarly, huckleberries are another locally forageable ingredient and work well in a sweet dessert pie, according to Sam Cover Spokane WA. Huckleberries are, Cover says, among his favorite forageable ingredients alongside wild raspberries, thimbleberries, balsamroot, maple blossom, and wild rose hips.

Sam Cover Spokane's third pick—mac 'n' cheese—is somewhat less of a forageable dish, but does rely on local produce and the chef's beloved farm-to-table ethos. "The Pacific Northwest is celebrated for its regional cheeses," says Sam. "A specialty Oregon cheddar works perfectly in a delicious mac 'n' cheese," reveals the expert, "washed down with, for example, one of Portland's famous craft beers."

Sam Cover of Washington has recently spoken at length on a wealth of food-related topics, including exploring the latest home cooking trends and discussing his campaign for healthier food in local schools.

In June, Sam Cover Spokane Washington also announced plans for a food-focused podcast. "I've been dreaming about hosting a podcast for several years," said Cover at the time, "and I'm extremely excited to now be able to announce that I'll soon be hosting my own food and drink-focused show from right here in Spokane, Washington."

Born and raised in easternmost Washington, renowned chef Sam Cover has been making a name for himself on the Pacific Northwest's restaurant scene for more than two decades. Multi-award-winning, Cover has worked in kitchens across Washington and elsewhere in the U.S., including in some of the nation's most highly regarded dining venues.

A keen sportsman, the fitness-focused chef relishes in gastronomy, routinely embracing the very latest culinary trends. Outside of his work, award-winning chef Sam Cover Spokane Washington is also passionate about professional football, travel, photography, music, and gardening.

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HP Alums Launch Investment Campaign In The Speaker Industry

Invest in Audios. The future of Loudspeakers.

Invest in the Future of Loudspeakers. Audios.

Black founder sets sights on raising $500k through industry leaders and crowdfunding. Audios has created the first cableless loudspeaker.

ATLANTA, GA, UNITED STATES, September 28, 2020 / — Audios, a start-up in the world of audio technology, sets out for its first wave of crowdfunding via a campaign on Audios has created the first truly cableless loudspeaker utilizing their own patented technologies.

Founded by HP Alum Erik Young, Audios was created from the ground up as a revolutionary way to turn the speaker industry on its head. “We’re building the first fully wireless loudspeakers for venues and event spaces. With Audios all you have to do is place the speakers where you want them and press the power button. The speakers automatically build their own wireless network, connect to each other and start streaming. That means you have zero cables and that equals zero cable replacements. For a 300-person event space that would take about an hour to set up, it only takes 10 minutes“ states Young.

The need for a speaker solution like this has serious implications today. In a Covid-19 world, where social distancing is the norm, Audios takes center stage. Their speakers are cableless and battery powered, allowing you to place up to 16 speakers at a distance of 100 feet each. Now you can arrange the speakers where you need them to be – anytime, anywhere, indoor or outdoor.

Audios is seeing early adoption of their speaker technology in the DJ community. "Audios has been a game changer for us. It is completely cableless and I'm not talking Bluetooth, I mean cableless. I’ve been wanting someone to come out with something like this forever. We've been DJing for over 10 years now and this is the very first product that we've come across that has been able to maximize not only our time, but the sound quality is great as well." – DJ El Cumacho of Moor Productions.

Audios has an impressive advisory board that includes Guitar Hero founder Charles Huang. Guitar Hero is one of the top selling video game franchises of all time, having grossed over $4 billion dollars. Huang believes, "innovations that improve the way people consume music are frequently billion dollar opportunities."

Audios has just launched their initial round of VC funding through, an equity crowdfunding platform that connects promising startups to retail investors across all income brackets, enabling them to share in the potential upside of venture investments. The goal of the current campaign is to raise a $500k for additional product development and distribution.

To learn more about Audios and to contribute to their crowdfunding campaign, please visit their campaign page on

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Billy Gilman is Coming Home to Country

Two-time Grammy nominated artist Billy Gilman

The two-time Grammy nominated artist returns to Nashville for a special live streaming concert on October 9th, 2020

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE, USA, September 28, 2020 / — Billy Gilman is coming home to his country music roots with new songs and a new show, live streaming from Nashville, Tennessee on October 9th, 2020 at 9:00 p.m. EST or 6:00 p.m. PST.

Gilman burst onto the world stage in 2000 with his hit single, “One Voice.” His debut album went double platinum, and he was recognized for being the youngest singer to ever reach #1 on the Billboard Top Country Album charts. Gilman has sold five million albums worldwide and garnered awards from the Academy of Country Music, the Country Music Association, Billboard Magazine, and the American Music Association. He was also nominated for two Grammy awards.

The celebrated artist earned even more accolades with his performances on “The Voice.” Billy won first runner up and fans of the show gave him an incredible 31 million views on his YouTube channel in just four short months.

Now, Gilman is ready to make a notable return to country music, marking this monumental moment with a livestreamed performance on Friday, October 9th, 2020. Gilman’s enthusiasm is clear, “Coming back to my country music roots is very exciting for me and my fans, and I am really happy to partner with mySongbird on this show!”

Gilman will be performing live with the band Sixwire.

Tickets go on sale Thursday, October 1 for $19.95 at, where Gilman fans can also opt in to purchase premium merchandise and a VIP virtual meet after the show with Billy. Until then, fans can also sign up with mySongbird for show information updates.

Billy Gilman is a two-time Grammy Nominee, American Music Award winner, four-time Billboard Award- Winning Singer and finalist on NBC’s, “The Voice.”

Follow along with Billy on Instagram @billygilmanofficial, Facebook @billygilman, Twitter @billygilman and YouTube @BillyGilman.

Kellie McCrory
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100 Black Men Las Vegas

100 Black Men Las Vegas

The nonprofit’s commitment to engaging and educating the youth focuses heavily on driving voter registration for the 2020 General Election on November 3rd

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, USA, September 28, 2020 / —

The nonprofit’s commitment to engaging and educating the youth focuses heavily on driving voter registration for the 2020 General Election on November 3rd

LAS VEGAS, NV (October 3rd, 2020)— The 100 Black Men of Las Vegas is thrilled to announce their “Lock in The Vote” Voter Registration Drive. The press and public are invited to attend this event Saturday, October 3rd, 2020 from 11 AM to 3 PM PST at Nevada Partners on 690 W. Lake Mead Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89030.

With the historic 2020 General Election right around the corner, the nonprofit created the event, “Lock in The Vote”, aimed to target Generation Z to take what’s important to them to the polls. Many young people across the country have sparked waves leading massive protests due to the social injustices and police brutality in America during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Voting is the key element to the start of change in America. Every eligible citizen should exercise their right to be heard at the polls. This election is vital to our future as new lines will be drawn for redistricting, in which could mean more or less representation in the House for your neighborhood. We are here to encourage millennials to get active and involved. Take your protest to the polls, that’s where the true difference is made,” stated Mel Tillar, 100 Black Men Las Vegas, Community Advocacy Committee Chairman.

The 100 Black Men of Las Vegas will have speakers, special guests, and performances in efforts to express the true essence of voting and completing the U.S. Census.

“It’s time to make the choice to invest in your own future. If you decide your vote doesn’t count you will have made the decision against your own self-interest and interest of the communities you came from. Vote as if your life depends on it, because it does”, said Monica Ford, President of Nevada Partners

Partnered with the 100 Black Men on this amazing venture is Nevada Partners, Squad Goals to the Polls, Tulips, The Center, Faith Organizing Alliance, and The City of Las Vegas. KCEP-FM Teen Talk will be broadcasting live from the event also featuring a special performance by local artist Larry Dub. We are encouraging young adults from ages 18 to 25 to attend. For more information, contact Rhonda Nolen at (702) 908-9577.

Rhonda Nolen
(702) 908-9577

100 Black Men of Las Vegas
P.O. Box 271296
Las Vegas, NV 89127

The 100 Black Men of America was formed in 1963 by a group of prominent leaders, including David Dinkins, Andrew Hatcher and Jackie Robinson, to improve quality of life and enhance the educational opportunities of African Americans in a unified, collaborative, pragmatic effort. There are over 103 chapters with over 10,000 combined members in several countries. The organization achieved a 501 © (3) designation as a non-profit organization and donations can be used as a tax deduction. Since its inception in 1999, the Las Vegas Chapter has taken great strides in the community through mentorship, scholarship and advocacy. The 100 Black Men of Las Vegas believe in brotherhood as a staple of the organization.

Rhonda D Nolen
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Reuben Russell Donates Time And Talent To Huntsville Inner City Church Of Christ

Giving back is at the core of Reuben Russell’s business for the Huntsville Inner City Church Of Christ through mentoring and ongoing involvement.

HUNTSVILLE, AL, UNITED STATES, September 28, 2020 / — Reuben Russell is an expert at using his time and resources wisely for his business, Russell Management Group. He prioritizes his personal resources of time and expertise by giving back to the community in mentoring and ongoing involvement with the Huntsville Inner City Church Of Christ. Of particular note is the Annual Giveback Day coordinated by Reuben Russell and the mentorship role he plays for young men in the community.

As the founder and President/CEO of Russell Management Group, Reuben Russell is a notable figure in Huntsville, Alabama. He’s been an active leader in the business community for many years and was recognized as by the U.S. Small Business Administration for the 2015 Emerging Leaders Initiative. Reuben Russell’s enterprise clients include the NASA Space Launch System Project Office, where the RMG firm provides ongoing program support.

Even though Reuben Russell works with larger organizations through his thriving business, he also prioritizes serving the community and those in need. His long-standing relationship with the Huntsville Inner Church Of Christ is one example of his community service.

Each year Reuben Russell and the Russell Management Group sponsors an Annual Give Back Day for this church community. This event is hosted by the Huntsville Inner City Church Of Christ and serves to fulfill the immediate needs of the community by offering free food, free household items, and free clothes. Giving these resources for free demonstrates Reuben Russell’s commitment to helping others in the community, no obligations or strings attached.

Reuben Russell also shares his business and leadership expertise with young men in the community of Huntsville Inner City Church of Christ through ongoing mentorship. Teaching and guiding youth in the community helps to shape the leaders of tomorrow. The value and benefits are proven to create a significant change for your men. Reuben Russell’s professional experience and successful entrepreneurship offer an example of what is possible with hard work and determination.

Reuben Russell is CEO and founder of Russell Management Group (RMG). He brings almost 20 years of strategic planning and program management to this consulting firm specializing in custom web application development for municipalities and project management solutions on the enterprise level. RMG serves the financial, healthcare, and manufacturing industries in addition to working with government institutions.

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Expressive Arts Therapist Salley-Ann Ross to be Featured on Close Up Radio

NORTH VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, September 28, 2020 / — People have always used the arts to express themselves, but music goes deeper than our conscious state. Music touches us in a way that allows us to both express ourselves and heal. Our emotions react to music. Our bodies react to music. And sometimes a song can express our deepest feelings in ways words never could.

Music has always been Salley-Ann Ross’s best friend. Now music is her co-therapist.

As clinical counsellor, Salley-Ann works with individuals of all ages and circumstances, but she says her training as a music and expressive arts therapist has allowed her to reach people faster and deeper than traditional talk therapy.

“Music is provocative and evocative,” says Salley-Ann. “We use music to access the unconscious: our memories, our pain, grief, trauma, even happiness. Let's pull it out.”

Music therapists are highly specialized. It requires extensive training.

With a Masters in Counselling Psychology, Music Therapy, Expressive Arts Therapy and 20 years as a Royal Conservatory Pianist, Salley-Ann’s unique combination of training has enabled her to provide clients with extensive resources to meet their unique needs.

Salley-Ann specializes in families in high conflict, working directly with children to explore different ways of expressing themselves.

“Music offers a safe platform to actually explore vulnerability. There's a quality to music that feels safe to surface the unconscious thoughts we carry with us,” says Salley-Ann. “In the therapeutic context, music is a great way to get the conversation started, to open up dialogue and open up their heart.”

Close Up Radio will feature Salley-Ann Ross in an interview with Jim Masters on September 29th at 5pm EST

Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio

If you have any questions for our guest, please call (347) 996-3389

For more information about out guest, please visit her page on LinkedIn

Lou Ceparano
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Shane Richard Roybal presents Scandinavian-style modern home for presale in Sloan's Lake

Scandinavian-style modern home

Scandinavian-style modern home

Scandinavian-style  home

Scandinavian-style home

Denver-based 54th Place Investments CEO Shane Richard Roybal showcases the firm's latest Sloan's Lake neighborhood project.

WHEAT RIDGE, CO, UNITED STATES, September 28, 2020 / — After achieving a record $2 million sale price for a custom new-build home in the neighborhood, Shane Richard Roybal and 54th Place Investments have returned to Denver's Sloan's Lake to undertake a stunning Scandinavian-style project that's now available for presale.

Scandinavian-style design is celebrated for its minimalism – blending textures and soft, stylish hues to create a sleek and modern look that's both cool and contemporary, as well as inviting. "Scandinavian-style design emphasizes clean lines," explains 54th Place Investments CEO Shane Richard Roybal, "combined with simple but luxurious fixtures, fittings, and furnishings which are incredibly stylish, beautiful, and, at the same time, highly functional."

Shane Richard Roybal's latest stunning Scandinavian-style project, it's reported, will also borrow from the popular hygge ethos – a predominantly Danish and Norwegian concept which promises a sense of coziness and comfortable conviviality combined with feelings of wellness and contentment.

"At 54th Place Investments, we sell a style; a modern vision," says Shane Richard Roybal, "be that Scandinavian or otherwise."

Established by Shane Richard Roybal just a few miles from downtown Denver, Colorado, in 2014, 54th Place Investments is now considered among the Front Range region's premier new home developers. The firm is widely praised for its unique designs and exceptional levels of quality.

Shane Richard Roybal's Scandinavian-style modern home in Sloan's Lake isn't the 54th Place Investments CEO's first project in the neighborhood. Shane Richard Roybal and 54th Place Investments recently succeeded in securing $2 million for their Sloan's Lake neighborhood property at 2500 Xavier Street. Boasting five bedrooms and seven bathrooms spread across more than 4,200 square feet of luxury living space, the custom new-build home was snapped up by a delighted buyer at the end of July, Shane Richard Roybal reports.

Shane Richard Roybal's latest property spans 5,485 square feet of luxury living and entertainment space boasting modern, clean lines and natural, organic details.

The Scandinavian-style home promises a wealth of custom details, entertainment and media options, designer upgrades, and luxury appliances, plus a variety of security and automation features.

According to Shane Richard Roybal, custom details include a natural white stone fireplace, European-style frameless cabinets throughout, an outdoor kitchen and fire pit, and a butler's pantry. Luxury appliances, meanwhile, he says, are set to include a Thermador package with panel-ready freezer and fridge columns, panel-ready dishwasher, built-in coffee maker, and a 48-inch dual oven range.

"Technology from industry leaders Total Control Automation will also allow the proud new owners to control everything from their media and audio devices to the property's lighting and alarm systems," adds the 54th Place Investments CEO.

With excellent transport links to the bustling heart of the city of Denver and beyond, much of the neighborhood of Sloan's Lake boasts both mountain and downtown views. The neighborhood has undergone rapid gentrification in recent years and now enjoys a variety of housing stock ranging from attractive 1920s brick bungalows to ultra-modern homes, as designed by Shane Richard Roybal and his team.

Further details of Shane Richard Roybal's all-new Scandinavian-style modern home for presale in Sloan's Lake are available on the real estate website Zillow.

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