Nathan Heddleston “Teacher” and USTFCCCA Coach of the Year Discusses the Impact of Track and Field on Troubled Youth

Nate Heddleston Teacher

Nate Heddleston

ALLIANCE, OHIO, USA, June 5, 2020 / — Nathan Heddleston “teacher” and three-time USTFCCCA Coach of the Year has a passion for track and field.

“Running has changed my life – taught me discipline and patience and endurance. It’s like therapy,” enthuses Nathan Heddleston “teacher” and coach. “And it’s not just me – this sport has an impact on everyone who joins it.”

This may be especially true of young people who suffer from misplaced aggression and other troubled youth. “Some of these kids don’t have the support they need at home, so they lash out. There’s nowhere else to put those negative feelings,” explains Nathan Heddleston “teacher” and former coach of 18 years. “But track and field can have such a positive effect. The benefits are tangible within weeks.”

Nathan Heddleston “Teacher”, Says Track and Field Improves Ability to Deal with Anxiety

Exercising releases dopamine and other stress-fighting chemicals into the body. It also creates new neuron pathways in the area of the brain that deal with anxiety. “The track is a place to leave your problems behind and just be in your body,” says Nathan Heddleston “teacher” and coach. “Having an outlet for whatever stress they’re dealing with helps them relax, communicate more easily, and really focus on just themselves for once.”

Better Decision Making As a Result of Track and Field Finds Nathan Heddleston “Teacher” and Coach

Nathan Heddleston “teacher” and former award-winning track and field coach comments,

“It’s hard enough being a teenager without family problems, bullying, or mental health issues adding to the load.” Studies have found that challenging workouts, like those in track and field, increase BDFN levels in the brain. Brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDFN) is a protein that aids decision making.
“If we can help them make better decisions, we can change their outcomes. It’s so important to consider the impact of physical health and movement when we’re dealing with at-risk youth,” urges Nathan Heddleston “teacher” and advocate for youth sports.

Nathan Heddleston Teacher and Youth Sports Advocate Sees Increased Learning Capacity

People who exercise regularly have, in general, greater volume in their prefrontal cortex–the prefrontal cortex aids thinking, memory, and other aspects that affect learning. Studies have also found that working out for 30 minutes a day, three times a week can keep your mind active longer and helps your brain function better overall.

“I can’t tell you how many teachers comment on the difference they see in their problem kids after they join track and field – or any other sport. There’s something about physical activity that helps clear the mind and focus the energy,” shares Nathan Heddleston “teacher” and running enthusiast. “It’s amazing and inspiring to watch someone change their life and improve themselves through a newfound passion.”

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Nathan Heddleston Teacher

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Dane Domic announces generous support for aspiring football stars

Dane Domic

Dane Domic

The young athlete determined to help new and up-coming football stars reach their potential

CALGARY, OFFALY, CANADA, June 5, 2020 / — Dane Domic, 21, recently announced that he’ll start working on programs to help support aspiring young athletes to advance their careers in the football industry. The Canadian football player has managed to climb the ranks over the last few years and is ready to help those who want to build a career out of the sport.

Domic isn’t new to the football scene, in the last year he’s played for the Mount Royal University (MRU) Cougars, giving him a chance to showcase his talents. The young athlete of Croatian descent has managed to establish a solid foundation throughout his career. His open-minded approach to the sport has given him the opportunity to play for various clubs, both locally and also at an international level. Domic recently shared the great news of his philanthropic views to start giving back to the community. “I have been playing football for some time now, and my journey hasn’t been without hurdles. It’s only been my first year at MRU and it’s time that I give back to those who want to make a name for them in the sporting industry,” shares Domic.
Although only 21 years old, the young sports star and university student has built a network of well-known and influential people. He doesn’t shy away from the challenges his new endeavours will bring, as he opens his heart to share his skills and knowledge with others. Domic hasn’t said when he plans to launch his programs, as he’s trying to obtain enough resources and information before setting off. Domic tells us, “the idea is to share my knowledge and skill with others, I’ve learned so much from other great coaches and players, and I’m extremely grateful for it. I want to create a platform where others, just like me, can feel welcome, learn something, and master their talents.”

It’s good to know that young athletes are trying to become more engaging with their supporters and the community. Domic has trained with Manchester City U16 and played for Dundee United in Scotland. A few years ago he managed to land a position with the Jong Sparta Rotterdam that played in the 4th Holland division. His potent football talents root from his father Davor Domic who played for West Ham and VfB Stuggart. The young man isn’t easily backing down from anything crossing his path and keeps focus on what’s important to him.

He shares assertively, “I’ve seen how much work goes into building a great network of contacts and being recognized. In the beginning, it’s difficult, and you doubt yourself, but that’s what makes it so much more thrilling. Building a network of young players will give the industry a much-needed boost. More international games, better domestic support, and an overall increase in sportsmanship between players and teams,” tells Domic.

The last few weeks have seen many industries around the world facing the hard impact of the global pandemic and as many are making a comeback, Canadian football players will hopefully soon make a return to the field. “Now is the time to think differently about the sport in terms of safety and getting people involved. I think there will be a strong focus on how young players can use the excess time to practice more efficiently. There’s an opportunity for everyone to become the best at anything they do, it’s about finding and maintaining a good balance,” Domic shares notably.

As a person who spends a lot of his time either with his family or practicing, Domic hasn’t shared many detailed specifications with others about his new kindhearted endeavors. These new ventures will surely set him aside from other industry competitors, as he’s taken the chance to not only play a sport but share it on a grander scale. As we battle onwards with the global pandemic, Domic has given light to new and innovative ways to share generosity. The Canadian Soccer Association recently outlined new regulations and guidelines as part of their Safe Sports Roster, ensuring players can soon start returning to the field.

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Reichen Kuhl Generously Donates to Causes Seeking End of Chinese Wet Markets

Reichen Kuhl

Reichen Kuhl

PLAYA DEL REY, CA, USA, June 5, 2020 / — Entrepreneur and attorney member of the State Bar of California Reichen Kuhl pledges support for efforts to end China's cruel and unsanitary live-animal meat trade amid COVID-19.

A nine-year U.S. Air Force veteran and a graduate of the Air Force Academy, Reichen Kuhl is today a lawyer and highly successful entrepreneur, a flight instructor, published author, and an attorney member of the State Bar of California. Amid the ongoing global COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, Kuhl, like millions of others around the world, is now calling for the end of so-called Chinese wet markets.

"I've already pledged my support for a number of great causes seeking to put an end to highly cruel and disease-ridden wet markets in China," reveals Kuhl.

The proud guardian of two rescue dogs—Skeeter and Chance—self-styled skiing, boating, and animal-loving ex-military pilot, vegan, author, lawyer, and CEO Reichen Kuhl is an avid supporter of PETA. Led by animal welfarist Ingrid Newkirk and based in Norfolk, Virginia, PETA—or People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals—is the world's largest animal rights organization, according to Kuhl. "PETA exposes animal suffering," he explains, "in the food industry, in laboratories, in the clothing trade, and more."

With PETA as his guide, Reichen is also now calling for an end to cruel and unsanitary wet markets. So-called wet markets are live-animal meat markets, common in China, that breed countless deadly diseases, according to Kuhl. "Prior to the outbreak of the ongoing global COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, many people remained unaware of China's wet markets or the true extent of the live-animal meat market there," suggests the entrepreneur.

Now, however, and with a Chinese wet market in the Hubei province of Wuhan understood to be the origin of COVID-19, global awareness is prompting change, Kuhl says. "Cruelly packing together stressed, injured, and sick caged animals in public areas, wet markets are perfect breeding grounds for all manner of awful diseases, including coronavirus, swine flu, avian flu, SARS, Ebola, and more," reveals Kuhl, “all while subjecting innocent animals to unspeakable fear, pain, and other forms of cruelty at the hands of humans”

All imaginable varieties of wild, farmed, and domesticated animals alike are reportedly trapped, he says, in stacked cages, soaked in excrement, blood, and pus. "While completely abhorrent, first and foremost, this, of course," adds Kuhl, "also promotes the uncontrolled spread of viruses and diseases from animal-to-animal, as well as from animals to humans."

It's with this firmly in mind that Reichen Kuhl has pledged to generously donate to causes seeking to put an end to Chinese wet markets. "Live-animal meat markets are not only putting the human population at risk," says the animal-lover, "but they're also condemning countless millions of living creatures to an utterly inhumane, miserable death, which is both unnecessary and completely uncalled for."

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Honoring LOVE via Leo Buscaglia and Music via Stephen Sondheim at 90 in 2020.

Marian Anderson in recital in the 1930’s at Lincoln Memorial.

Armed Guards at Lincoln Memorial in June 2020

Marian Anderson in recital in the 1930's at Lincoln Memorial and today with militias.

NEWARK, NJ, USA, June 5, 2020 / — A salute to Leo Buscaglia and "Love."

Last week I received an update from Leo Buscaglia's aptly named Felice Foundation. Leo turned down our initial request for support for SACCO&VANZETTI. Disheartened but nor defeated, I wrote back. In a few weeks his donation arrived in the mail. Especially poignant as this year is the Centennial of the arrest of SACCO&VANZETTI (1920-2020) whom we are remembering via cyber outreach.

Stephen Sondheim also turned 90 this year. We honor him as he recognized other artists with his support. When I first asked him he turned me down. Aa second time I received his letter with a check. Over time he donated signed copies of his CD's which became raffle gifts. We began a multi-year correspondence. Thus began years of support.

"Begging for Bucks" was a memorable Arts Journal headline that I never forgot. Many times there is no response. Others give once, many have all made a difference in my life large or small. Especially these days during COVID 19. Love always makes a difference.

Forecast: Stormy Weather.


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Flower Duet's Living Art Camp Expands Outside of Los Angeles Via Online Platform for Next Gen Floral Designers

Living Art Camp by Flower Duet

Flower Duet offers new themes each week for its Living Art Camp starting June 22, 2020.

Hapazome Preparation with flowers

Students at Flower Duet’s 2019 camp prepare blooms to try out a leaf-dye project where they pounded the flower colors into paper to make patterns.

STEAM skills for florists Infographic

STEAM skills are taught in every Living Art Camp project

Twelve weeks of botanical STEAM camp themes offer something for all ages in Flower Duet’s latest online school teachings

As a full-service floral design company, we use all the STEAM skills in real life that kids are learning about in the classroom in an abstract way. This camp shows kids how to apply these skills.”

— Casey Coleman Schwartz

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 5, 2020 / — For the summer of 2020, Flower Duet wants kids (and their parents) to learn how to make fabulous floral designs, botanical crafts and gain a few entrepreneurship skills, too! Flower Duet’s online Living Art Camp weeks will enable anyone to fill the void many summer camps left behind after being cancelled due to social-distancing guidelines.

To align with many parents’ desire to keep kids occupied over the summer with activities that are fun and educational, Flower Duet designed 12 weeks of “Living Art Camp” themes ranging from American Flowers Week to coincide with annual celebration of American flower farmers, to Wizard Week for fans of Harry Potter. Flower Duet will be showcasing STEAM topics in every weekly camp theme.

STEAM & Floral Design

“As a full-service floral design company, we use all the STEAM skills in real life that kids are learning about in the classroom in an abstract way,” said Casey Coleman Schwartz, co-owner at Flower Duet. “For example, in our floral business, we use knowledge of botanical science to keep flowers alive and even grow them ourselves,” Schwartz said. “We will be teaching about the science aspect of floral design in every weekly camp as well as the other STEAM topics of technology, engineering, art and math.”

Flower Duet’s Digital Summer Camp Activities for 2020 includes the themes of Classic Art, Garden Week, Jurassic Jungle, Gamer Camp, Outer Space, Ice Princess, Beach Week and more.

Streamlined Access to Online Learning

Flower Duet’s students have already benefitted from an in-person kids Living Art Camp held at its studio space in the summer of 2019. Campers attended a week-long camp, completed three lessons each morning and took home fresh new botanic designs and crafts each day. The ages of campers were from age 7 to 15 and included an equal mix of boys and girls. Flower Duet used its decade of experience teaching the hands-on children’s floral design classes at The Huntington Library, Art Museum and Botanical Gardens in San Marino, Calif. to adapt to a daily camper curriculum that was fun, scientific and creative.

“Our online flower school offers a large variety of courses for kids and adults that are within reach of new and experienced designers alike,” says Casey. “We’ve been teaching floral design for over 20 years in-person at workshops, during live garden club demonstrations and online through YouTube, on television and through our online school.”

As with all Flower Duet’s online classes, students can go at their own pace. They can watch the step-by-step (or stem-by-stem) video lessons as many times as they wish to understand the project before trying it out on their own. There is one project for each day of the week Monday through Friday, and Flower Duet will have weekly Zoom check-ins with all the virtual campers.

Three Options for Each Week of Kids Summer Camp 2020

Campers can sign up for the Living Art Camp online. The first camp goes live the week of June 22, 2020 when most schools are officially out for summer. Flower Duet will also offer a live-stream virtual crafting meetup as part each weekly camp via Zoom video conference. Students have choices and three price points for each weekly camp. If they live in the Southern California area, they can sign up for the week of camp which includes all the supplies and flowers they pick up curbside at Flower Duet’s studio. If campers live remotely, Flower Duet will ship their themed-camp box of supplies to them and they can procure the flowers from their local farmers and floral suppliers. Students can also choose an option where they can access the online materials but get all the flowers and supplies themselves.

Flower Duet is a registered trademark in the United States.

For more information, press only:
Kit Wertz

For more information on their Living Art Camp classes:

Kit Wertz
Flower Duet
+1 310-245-4412
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New Jersey AV Business Turns to Selling Face Masks to Stay Afloat

High Quality, Certified, Antibacterial Face Masks For Adults and Children

High Quality, Certified, Antibacterial Face Masks For Adults and Children

How one family-owned business has diversified its service in the pandemic to retain their income while providing an essential product to consumers.

BERGENFIELD, NJ, USA, June 5, 2020 / — Owners of the New Jersey audio visual company, Bergen Audio Visual -David and Glory Fe Howard -have adapted to the Corona Virus pandemic by selling face masks to stay afloat.

Prior to the outbreak of COVID-19, the Howard family’s only source of income was from the rental of audio-visual equipment. But like many non-essential businesses, the social distancing measures implemented to stem the spread of the virus halted their operations. With their only source of income dried up, the couple decided to sell hand-made face masks to make ends meet. Now, two months later, they are one of the top sellers of face masks on Etsy boasting over 1,500 sales for FacemasksNJ.

Three Ply Protection
But these are not the average face masks. FacemasksNJ offers uniquely designed face masks that are sterilized using the same EO Gas technology used for medical supplies. The masks feature three-ply protection with:
• An outer later with water-resistant fabric to prevent water droplets from clinging to the masks
• a middle layer to filter the air
• an antibacterial inner layer to prevent bacteria from entering.

These antibacterial properties are maintained for up to 30 washes. The masks are sterilized using the same EO Gas technology used for medical supplies and also come in a sterilized packaging -a testament to the company’s commitment to the safety of its customers.

David Howard said: “After we lost our main source of income, we started looking at other options to generate income. Face masks seemed to be the most viable option. Bergen Audio Visual is built on Integrity and we wanted to build FaceMasksNJ on the same ethos by providing high quality face masks that provide effective protection for our customers.”

Safety and Comfort
But it’s not just about safety. The FaceMasksNJ's masks are comfortable to wear with a breathable design and a snug fit that keeps it in place until it is removed. FacemasksNJ’s masks are available in a variety of attractive and neutral colors for adults and children starting at a retail price of $7.99. The company also offers free shipping nationwide. For further details or to browse the collections of masks, visit:

Media contact: David Howard

David Howard
Bergen Audio Visual
+1 201-820-2016
email us here

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Samuel Brozina Millville NJ proud to share passion for traditional arts and crafts

Samuel Brozina

Samuel Brozina

MILLVILLE, NJ, USA, June 5, 2020 / — Landscaping company foreman and licensed pilot Samuel Brozina Millville NJ shares his love of crafting and traditional art.

A lifelong resident of Millville, New Jersey, Samuel Brozina Millville NJ has a keen interest in local history, as well as maintaining a love of crafting and traditional art. With a particular passion for wax-relief dyeing, Millville-based Samuel Brozina proudly shares a closer look at the traditional art form and explains his personal affinity for resist dyeing techniques.

"I've always enjoyed a love of arts and crafts, as far back as my early childhood," says Samuel Brozina Millville NJ, speaking from his home in Millville, New Jersey. With local history dating back as far as 300 years, then known as Shingle Landing, Millville, New Jersey, was first officially incorporated as a township in the early 1800s, according to Brozina.

Proud Millville resident Samuel Brozina Millville NJ is a keen local historian and hobby artist. One of the landscaping company foreman's favorite arts and crafts-focused hobbies include a method of wax-relief dyeing.

A form of resist dyeing, various methods are employed to prevent a variety of dyes from reaching parts of a given material, creating a pattern in the process. "The most widely used forms of resist or relief dyeing involve wax," explains Samuel Brozina Millville NJ. This is true of the relief dyeing method which he uses in his crafts, most often to decorate seasonal items, such as decorative Easter eggs for inclusion in traditional Easter baskets.

Resist dyeing techniques have been employed in Eurasia, Samuel Brozina Millville NJ goes on to point out, since ancient times. Artifacts have also subsequently been discovered, he says, in Egypt, China, Japan, and India – many dating back more than 1500 years.

Other examples have been found in Africa, particularly in Nigeria and Senegal, as well as elsewhere around the world, according to Samuel Brozina Millville NJ. "Among the most common forms of more modern wax-relief or resist dyeing seen today are batik and tie-dye," adds the landscaping company foreman and hobby artist.

Born and raised in Millville, New Jersey, as a teen, Samuel Brozina Millville NJ attended Millville Senior High School, a comprehensive community high school in Cumberland County. Following graduation, Brozina moved to nearby Cumberland County College, where he earned a degree in criminal justice.

Samuel Brozina Millville NJ's other hobbies and interests include war reenactment, local and natural history, and aviation. Brozina is, in fact, a licensed pilot and the proud owner of his very own vintage airplane. "Vintage airplanes are in big demand right now," says Samuel, who owns and regularly flies an ERCO Ercoupe, a low-wing monoplane aircraft designed and built in the United States until the early 1970s.

Briefly returning focus to his love of crafting and traditional art, Samuel Brozina Millville NJ explains his particular passion for traditional Easter egg dyeing. "Egg dyeing is an established tradition in Ukraine," he adds, wrapping up, "and the hobby of dyeing eggs, particularly at Easter, brings me closer to the roots of the Ukrainian side of my family."

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Samuel Brozina

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Axel Timme Featured in Exclusive Interview


Axel Timme Featured in Exclusive Online Interview.

In a recent one-on-one interview, Axel Timme spoke about developing life skills and finding your purpose

CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE, UNITED STATES, June 5, 2020 / — Axel Timme was recently featured in an exclusive interview with Thrive Global. He shared what he has learned through his career thus far and how his family has been a major motivation for him.

With extensive experience in the automotive industry working for several different companies, Axel Timme is a senior consultant from Chattanooga, Tennessee. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering and a Master of Science degree in Industrial Engineering from Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg.

In his interview, Axel Timme explained how he has progressed in his career and shared some of the biggest life lessons he has learned.
“Know who you are and what your purpose is,” said Axel Timme.

“Everybody should be aware of their own purpose in order to make the right decisions.”

Mr. Timme also shared how important it is to him to act as a role model for his son and family and as a leader at work.

For more information, please visit:

About Axel Timme

Since 2017, Axel Timme has been working as a senior consultant with Porsche Consulting. He has also worked with Volkswagen AG in Germany and Volkswagen of America. He has expertise with proven work history in Business Model Development, Go-to-Market Strategies, Customer Experience, Sales Transformation, Technical Change and Launch Management, IT Project Management, Operational Excellence, Factory Cost Optimization, Electrification, and New Mobility. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering and a Master of Science degree in Industrial Engineering from Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg. During his time there, he received an award from the Volkswagen Student Talent Program. Axel Timme is also a member of VDI, which is the German Engineers Association, dealing with their finances.

Axel Timme
German Engineers Association
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Single Cover Art: LION by Elle B

Single Cover Art: L I O N by Elle B

Singer Elle B, sitting leg crossed

Elle B Picture: Raul Romo

Add Elle B's pop-bop, "L I O N" to your Father's Day playlist to help celebrate around the world Dad's for the positive roles they play in our lives eveyday,

Dads might not always get the SHINE they deserve because of the examples of bad dads highlighted in media. But L I O N lets you freely celebrate your dad or father figure and feel good about it!”

— Elle B

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 5, 2020 / — (Los Angeles, CA) – Elle B Music announced today the release of " L I O N". "L I O N" is a daddy-daughter dedication written by Elle B for her late father in 2017. Since its release in 2018, L I O N has become Elle B's most-streamed song. Elle B wants to remind the world this Father's Day to give our fathers and father-figures, "Shine," for the way they've helped shape our lives.

Music Credits"
Elle B – "L I O N"
Produced by Johan Lundin & Henric Pieroff for Woodhouse Productions
Written & Recorded by Elle B
Label: Elle B Music

Song Availability:
Promotional MP3 Link
Buy / Stream Links

About Elle B:
Born and raised in South Los Angeles, Elle B is known across the globe as a soulful pop vocalist. Formerly the lead backing vocalist for Katy Perry (California Dreams Tour, Prismatic World Tour, Witness: The Tour), Elle B has built a diverse international following of 18 – 44-year-olds spanning the United States, Europe, Mexico, and Brazil with a growing fanbase in Africa. Elle B is currently based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Follow Elle B on all social media at @ellebsings.

Lauren Achinike
Elle B Music
+1 213-400-3489
email us here
Visit us on social media:

Elle B – L I O N (Official Lyric Video)

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Nitro Pinball Partners with Variety – The Children’s Charity to Provide Covid-19 Masks


Nitro Pinball Partners with The Children’s Charity to Supply COVID19 Masks

Nitro Pinball has partnered with Variety – The Children’s Charity to produce Covid-19 masks with proceeds donated to Variety’s “COVID-19 Heart of Variety Fund”.

ABBOTSFORD, BRITISH COLUMBIA , CANADA, June 5, 2020 / — Nitro Pinball is pleased to announce a new partnership with Variety – the Children’s Charity. Nitro Pinball will be making their COVID-19 masks and selling them on their website, with all proceeds being donated directly to Variety – The Children’s Charity’s fund “COVID-19 Heart of Variety Fund”.

Established in 2012, Nitro Pinball is Canada’s most diverse pinball distributor with a decorated reputation of supporting the pinball community and communities throughout Western Canada. Their number one priority at the moment is supplying customers with a safe space to view machines, while providing competitive pricing and essential after-purchase support.

Variety – The Children’s Charity is a nonprofit organization that provides direct help to children with special needs in British Columbia.

At this time, Nitro Pinball is selling their COVID-19 masks on their website and in store for pickup only.

“We are proud to do our part and help our communities stay safe and to support Variety – The Children’s Charity,” says Tommy Floyd, co-founder of Nitro Pinball.

During this time, Nitro Pinball’s outstanding showroom is open by appointment only and clients are able to schedule a visit by signing up on Nitro Pinball’s website.

For more information, to schedule a visit, or to purchase a mask, please visit

About Nitro Pinball

Tommy and Suzanne Floyd launched Nitro Pinball in 2012. With the best selection in modern era pinball machines from major manufacturers and cutting-edge boutique companies, Nitro quickly became Canada’s leading pinball distributor. Nitro Pinball expanded operations from a small storefront in Mission, British Columbia to a fully staffed office and warehouse facility in Abbotsford in early 2017. In 2018, the company launched Nitro Pinball USA to better serve their American customers.

About Variety – the Children’s Charity

For more than 50 years, Variety – the Children’s Charity has been stepping in where health care ends, providing direct help to children with special needs in BC. The organization ensures that children have the support to reach their potential and thrive. Since 2010 alone, Variety has distributed more than $33 million in funding to families and organizations in communities across the BC.

To learn more, visit

Tommy Floyd
Nitro Pinball
+1 855-366-4876
email us here

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