Olympic Judo Medallist to Chef Stage in Michelin Restaurants

 Nicola Fairbrother Chef Stage at El Monastrell

Nicola Fairbrother Chef Stage at El Monastrell

Judo Olympic Silver Medallist, Nicola Fairbrother (7th Dan, MBE) is aiming to 100-day Chef Stage in different Michelin Starred restaurants in Spain.

ALICANTE, SPAIN, October 13, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Find out more: www.nicolafairbrother.com
Instagram: @nicolafairbrother

Judo Olympic Silver Medallist, Nicola Fairbrother (7th Dan, MBE) is embarking on a challenge to complete a 100-day Chef Stage in different Michelin Starred restaurants in Spain.

What's an Olympian doing in a kitchen?

Working in a highly pressurised environment like a professional kitchen is not everyone's idea of fun, but Fairbrother says she enjoys the challenge and the adrenaline.

"There are many parallels between sports life and chef life," says the 1992 Barcelona Olympic silver medallist.

"I've been searching for some years to find something to replace the buzz of being an Olympic judo athlete. Who would have thought that I would find it by working in a kitchen?”

"It's hard to get used to every-day life after you retire from being a top sportswoman. You miss the tension of the arena, the daily drive, and motivation, the buzz when you win, the frustration when you lose."

"Well, it turns out that adrenaline tastes and feels the same. No matter if you are plating up for service, delivering a soufflé to order, or preparing for an Olympic final, the adrenaline rushing through your veins feels very much the same."

The judo world champion, now 49 years old, recently qualified as a professional chef at Leiths School of Food and Wine in London.

Fairbrother has already worked with an impressive array of Michelin star chefs in restaurants in Spain: Andoni Aduriz (Mugaritz), Maria Jose San Roman (El Monastrell), Susi Diaz (La Finca), Aixpea Oihadener (Xarma) and with Masterchef celebrity, Scott Davies at the Three Chimneys in Scotland.

"Every kitchen and every head chef is different, and I am learning something new from everywhere I go. Sometimes it can be slow. You can be stood peeling almonds for an hour. Other times you are learning to work with liquid nitrogen or learning how to open a sea urchin.”

100 Day Chef Stage Blog

Fairbrother has recently launched a blog, revealing what it takes to work in a kitchen as a stagiaire.

You can read more:

Spanish Recipes

Fairbrother is developing recipes using tips and tricks from some of the best chefs in the world.

"Living in Alicante, I am surrounded by incredible Mediterranean produce. I'm interested primarily in healthy, Spanish food."

"This summer, I went Gazpacho mad. I created a dozen new recipes, using ideas and pairings from Michelin starred chefs, like Maria Jose San Roman and Susi Diaz. "

These recipes include a cherry gazpacho topped with goat's cheese, an ajo blanco (almond gazpacho) paired with beetroot juice and a tomato salmorejo.

What's next?

"The plan is to continue to stage at various restaurants in Spain, and then to travel to other countries and cities. London is definitely on the bucket list, and I'd love to stage at Clare Smyth's Core."

Contact Nicola Fairbrother by email: kokakidsphotos@gmail.com

Nicola Fairbrother MBE
BBC Judo Commentator
Olympic Silver 1992
World Judo Champion 1993
3 x European Champion

Nicola Fairbrother
+34 965 26 27 37
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MVB RECORDS Pop/R&B Music Artist Jewels Releases 2nd Single "Move For Me"

Jewels - Move For Me

Jewels – Move For Me

MVB RECORDS Pop and R&B Music Artist Jewels

MVB RECORDS Pop and R&B Music Artist Jewels

MVB RECORDS 2006 Trademark

Original MVB RECORDS trademark

Pop music artist Jewels signed a record deal in early September, and it is now October and she's already on her second single via MVB RECORDS.

The 'Amerie esque' beat on "Move For Me" is already a winner, but tie in Jewels lyrical wordplay and this follow up single to "Fallin" will sure raise eye brows”

— David Kessler

BRONX, NY, UNITED STATES, October 13, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — It has not been more than three weeks since newly signed Pop artist Jewels dropped her first single "Fallin", and she has just released her second single "Move For Me" on iTunes pre-order. The Puerto Rican Brooklynite; originally from Bronx, NY, is writing and creating music so fast that her record label (MVB RECORDS) has her in the recording studio every week; sometimes for eight hour recording sessions. "Move For Me" by Jewels is a very catchy single that is sure to keep this new Pop artist in the playlists of her fans and new listeners.

The new single showcases Jewels polished vocals and strong song writing skills, with lines that are sure to hook its listeners like "Feeling on my body, got you really feeling naughty, If you often think about me better show me right now". The 'Amerie esque' beat on "Move For Me" is already a winner, but tie in Jewels lyrical wordplay and this follow up single to "Fallin" will sure raise eye brows and peak listeners interest in MVB RECORDS' first female Pop and R&B artist.

"Move For Me" has an official release date of October 28th. Jewels long time YouTube supporters and fans will get the chance to pre-order the song on iTunes on Sunday, October 13th. If Apple Music jumps ahead of the crowd and makes the song available as a pre-release (like her first single) then her eager fans who subscribe to Apple Music will get a special treat right before Halloween.

If Jewels first two singles are any indication of what is to come from this new Pop artist, then she is without a doubt someone to keep an eye and ear on. Fans and listeners can find her on social media by using the handle @TalentedJewels.

David Kessler
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Quick One Minute Introduction to Pop and R&B Artist Jewels

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Ontario Court says it's unconstitutional to exclude any candidates from election debates on public property

Greg Vezina Independent Candidate

Greg Vezina Independent Candidate

Superior Court warns City of Mississauga in ruling at 7:10 pm Friday, October 11, 2019 it will issue injunction against debates excluding any candidates.

To be sure, if the City were to organize candidates' debates… and decide to invite certain candidates to participate, while excluding others… I would not hesitate in granting… injunctive relief.”

— Ontario Superior Court Justice James Stribopoulos

MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO, CANADA, October 13, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Ontario Superior Court Justice James Stribopolous says it is unconstitutional to keep smaller party and Independent candidates out of debates on public property, he would grant an injunction against it, and candidates left off such debates would be entitled to sue for damages.

The Court advised the City of Mississauga it would grant an injunction to stop any candidate debates held on City property happening in Mississauga in the remainder of the 2019 federal election.

The ruling Friday, October 11, 2019 at 7:10 in the evening came four hours after the hearing for a two-part injunction application brought by self-represented Mississauga Centre riding Independent candidate Greg Vezina against the City of Mississauga regarding candidate debates and the removal of his campaign signs.

Neither of the Injunctions sought were granted after the City's solicitor assured the Court the City would not allow any debates on public property for the remainder of the Federal Election and not enforce its election sign bylaw in ways that violated Vezina's constitutional rights. The Court strongly cautioned the City it would face legal consequences for doing so including damages. The Court decided "in the circumstances, given the public interests at stake" not to award costs.

Link to decision Vezina v. City of Mississauga, 2019, ONSC 5925

The City of Mississauga and its May 22, 2018 Ontario Provincial Election debate moderator Mayor Bonnie Crombie now face legal proceedings from the 11 smaller party or independent candidates for all six Mississauga ridings excluded from the City's Mississauga Matters Debate at City Hall Council Chambers.

Mississauga had tried to do the same thing again in the 2019 Federal Election but the September 23, 2019 Mississauga Matters Federal election debate was cancelled after the 24 candidates from the four major parties in the six Mississauga electoral districts that were invited declined to take part. None of the 12 other officially nominated new and smaller party or Independent candidates were invited.

Elections Canada, the Chief Electoral Officer and the Commissioner of Canada Elections had refused to clarify an unnecessary 2015 policy change used by debate organizers and the major political parties, their leaders and candidates, and partisans at other levels of government, as in this case, to suppress legitimate candidates and deny the public the right to an informed vote.

After corporate, union and third party donations were prohibited in 2004, the 2008 Elections Canada's official policy was that debate expenses did not have to be considered as a contribution of a good or service and campaign expense, as does all advertising that promotes or opposes a party, leader or candidate, so long as "all candidates" were invited. In 2015 they changed the official policy to as long as "two or more candidates" were invited.

The Chief Electoral Officer and Elections Canada replied to complaints and the threat of a legal proceeding about this change being interpreted as allowing the exclusion of candidates saying to multiple complaints during the current election with "As previously stated, debates between candidates or political party leaders are not regulated by the Canada Elections Act (either at the national or electoral district level)".

On September 25, 2015 they replied to a final demand for clarification with "We note that nothing in this interpretation note authorizes or forbids the exclusion of candidates or party leaders from public debates. Rather, the interpretation note clarifies how the Act’s provisions on reporting expenses and non-monetary contributions apply to debates involving at least two candidates".

As a result of this historic decision Vezina says "He and several other Independent candidates are launching an immediate Charter challenge against this change which is used to circumvent the prohibition against corporate, union and third party contributions of debates and their expenses with a value of many thousands of dollars, well above the $1,600 maximum for personal donations".

A ruling that parties and candidates accepted illegal contributions or had expenses exceeding the spending limits that have an impact on the election in any riding could result in elected MPs losing their seats in Parliament.

The Province of Ontario's NOTA Party has challenged the same change in Ontario where the exception for debate expenses was written into their election law and Ontario"s Chief Electoral Officer likewise refused to clarify it only applied to the accounting section of their Elections Act. In that Judicial review during the 2018 election the Court refused to intervene and referred the matter to trial.

Vezina founded the None of the Above Direct Democracy Party of Ontario in the 2014 election with eight candidates in 107 ridings or 7.5 percent. Four years later in the 2018 election they increased the number to 42 in 124 ridings or 30 percent of ridings, growing faster than the Greens or Libertarians. In both 2014 and 2018 they nominated candidates in five of the six Mississauga area ridings.

The NOTA party campaigns on the 3Rs of Direct Democracy – Referendum, Recall and Real electoral and legislative Reforms that give voters control of politicians and parties. Candidates are accountable to their constituents and there are no central party policies or controls of elected MPs beyond the binding Direct Democracy principles. The joint Ontario and Federal NOTA Party website is https://nota.ca

The NOTA Party registered with Elections Canada on September 11, 2-019 the day the election called but it was too late for the party name to be on the ballot, unlike in Ontario where registration is allowed until the close of nominations. The Party had five candidates nominated as Independents including Vezina.

Greg Vezina
Independent Candidate – Mississauga Centre
+1 905-501-0010
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The Benefits of Pranic Breathing

LAGUNA HILLS, CALIFORNIA, USA, October 13, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Most people breathe in a manner that increases the risk of stress and various other ailments in the body.

In his practical discourse What is Pranic Breathing?, Louix Dor Dempriey teaches us how to engage in the powerful—yet simple—practice of pranic breathing and how just a few minutes per day can help relieve stress, anger, headaches, shortness of breath, low energy, and much more.

To learn more about Louix Dor Dempriey and his non-profit educational foundation, as well as his teachings and events, please visit: www.Louix.org.

About the Louix Dor Dempriey Foundation

The Louix Dor Dempriey Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization dedicated to sharing the teachings and humanitarian works of Louix Dor Dempriey. Its mission is to help people remember and restore their inherent divinity, and to walk in this world as unconditional love.

Louix Dor Dempriey is a spiritual Master who has dedicated his life to helping other people attain self-mastery in all areas of their lives, so that they, too, can experience true joy and inner peace, regardless of worldly circumstances. Louix's darshan, as well as his illuminating discourses, meditations, and ceremonies, have invoked profound transformation in thousands of people worldwide. With grace and humor, Louix imparts timeless wisdom in contemporary, practical teachings—that transcend all faiths, paths, religions, and cultures. He resides at Prema Drala Ashram in Laguna Hills, California.

For more information, please visit: http://www.Louix.org.

Samantha Farber
Louix Dor Dempriey Foundation
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Ispirato Printables Logo. Stationery Design

Ispirato Printables Logo. Stationery Design

Happy Holidays Card by Ispirato Printables

Happy Holidays Card by Ispirato Printables

Merry - Holiday Card by Ispirato Printables

Merry – Holiday Card by Ispirato Printables

Inspired by some of the top design trends for 2019, the Very Merry Collection is a series of ten modern and trendy holiday cards personalized for your family

These cards make perfect greetings for families, new babies, newlyweds, and even wedding anniversaries for those who had a significant life event during the holiday season that the want to share.”

— Daniella Chirico

TORONTO, ON, CANADA, October 12, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Daniella Chirico is spreading Holiday Cheer with Trendy Christmas Cards as she releases her new Very Merry Collection of Digital and printed Holiday Cards.

Designer Daniella Chirico is pleased to announce the release of her brand new Very Merry Collection of Holiday Cards in digital and printed formats. Inspired by some of the top design trends for 2019, the Very Merry Collection is a series of ten modern and trendy holiday cards personalized to you and your family.

This collection of trend inspired stationery was created with graphic design programs in the designers Home Studio. Each piece was personally designed by the artist herself. The Very Merry Collection is released on October 11, 2019.

Daniella Chirico is known for designing marketing for multi million dollar companies and has been sharing her passion for design since 2005. In this new collection, Daniella has created an entire line of stationery that embodies the concept of spreading the love and good cheer of the holidays with family and friends.

This collection will be exclusively sold on the designers online storefront www.ispiratoprintables.com (Etsy) where the limited edition products are scheduled to sell out by late November.

The designs in this series features a designer palette of the top trending holiday colours. From watercolour florals, to hand stamped animals and classic typography, this collection hits the mark.

The Cards are all printed on high quality Premium Matte 115lb cardstock paper that gives a solid feel to the cards and come with free white envelopes and free shipping.

The holiday cards in the Very Merry Collection are available in ten personalized designs, each with multiple colour variations, as well as vertical and horizontal orientations. In total there are 37 options for cards.

The entire collection is available digitally or printed in quantities of 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 75, 100, and 125 Cards. Each card is 5”x7” Flat, with full colour double sided printing and designs.

These cards make perfect holiday greetings for families, new babies, newly engaged couples, newlyweds, and even wedding anniversaries for those who had a significant life event during the holiday season that the want to share.

The designs in the Very Merry Collection are available as digital PDF or JPG files for those who appreciate the option of printing their cards at home or through a local print shop. The digital cards also allow for an unlimited number of cards to be printed from them. These files are an excellent option for those who like to DIY and save money, and for those on a time crunch, as shipping is unnecessary for digital files.

The holiday cards in the Very Merry Collection have each been named to celebrate the theme of experiencing a very merry holiday filled with love and cheer. Some of the themed items in the collection are:

Peace – Faux gold leaf edges
Berry Christmas – Watercolor Florals
Happy Holidays – Watercolor with faux gold splatter
Merry Christmas – Hand Stamped animals
Joy, Peace, Love – Color blocking with 3 photos
Merry – Dictionary Definition Typography
Grateful, Thankful, Blessed – Plaid
Christmas Love – Faux Gold Typography
So Very Merry – Full Photo and Typography
A Merry Little Christmas – Holiday Wreath around newborn photo

The items in the Very Merry Collection range in price from $14 – $153 US. Daniella is so excited to share this new and long-awaited collection with her fans.

For more information about the Very Merry Collection or for an interview with the designer, Daniella Chirico, please write to ispiratoprintables@gmail.com. Media high-resolution photos are available upon request.

About the Designer

Daniella Chirico started designing in university while taking her Visual Arts Degree. She then pursued more design specific training at the acclaimed Sheridan College, known for its award winning students. She earned a post-graduate certificate in Interactive Multimedia. She then went on to work for a National multi million dollar company as a Senior Designer. She moved from training to marketing and has created designs seen by an audience of over 3 million on a weekly basis. She has an outstanding reputation for high quality and effective designs.

Daniella started Ispirato Printables at the end of 2016 while on maternity leave with her first daughter, as a passion. She ran the business while working full time as a Senior Designer. She is currently on her second maternity leave while launching the Very Merry Collection. Daniella is pleased to expand her reach by directing her unique design skills into the stationery industry.

Social Media

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ispiratoprintables

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ispiratoprintables

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/ispiratoprints

Daniella Chirico
Ispirato Printables

Daniella E Chirico
Ispirato Printables
+1 416-659-5345
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Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty, Inc. Conducted the 2019 RAVING FANS CLUB Luncheon

Rudy Lira Kusuma Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty, Inc. Raving Fans Club


PASADENA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 12, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty, Inc., the leader in the real estate industry, recently conducted the 2019 RAVING FANS CLUB Luncheon on Saturday, October 5th, 2019. It was held at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse in Pasadena, California.

Headed by their founder and CEO, Rudy Lira Kusuma, the company defines a Raving Fan as someone who has referred the team, whether a past/forever client, a strong friend supporter, a contractor, vendor, parent, or spouse. They are the people who are very happy with the level of service and the team, and would most likely refer the company to anyone they know. Those who rave about the company or an agent/team member of the Your Home Sold Guaranteed, Inc can also be considered as Raving Fans.

Rudy Lira Kusuma also gave a presentation about the company's mission and their worthy cause to take a portion of their income to donate to a few non-profit organizations that they support, such as Children Hospital's of Los Angeles and the World Harvest. This year, the real estate company is on a mission to raise at least $100,000 to donate to both organizations. Dr. Daniel Hanafi, the founder of the World Harvest, was also present at the event and gave a presentation about their recent mission camp in Tanzania, Nepal, and other countries to help build medical camp and education for the impoverished children and families in those countries.

The said event was also a way of the company to show their gratitude for the continuous support and trust that they receive from their clients and team. They are empowered to enhance their good relationships with their clients and to the community. With the success that they experience, the team of the real estate company is more inspired to develop the best solutions to make the best of their services.

Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty, Inc. is composed of a dedicated team that only wants the best for their clients. They treat their clients like family, so they always serve with great responsibility to bring positive results for their clients.

About Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty, Inc.

Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty, Inc. is a leader in the real estate industry that serves aspiring homebuyers, sellers, brokers, and real estate agents. They implement the best approach to deliver the best service for their clients.

With their successful years in the business, they already know the needs of their clients. They value their good name in the industry, so they work with the best level of professionalism and respect with their clients. The quality of their service already made more happy customers. They also have a hardworking team that works with the best approach to reach the satisfaction of their clients.


For more details about Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty, Inc. and their services, contact them at 626-789-0159 or email them at rudy@teamnuvision.net.

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Marty Brounstein, Acclaimed Author, Wins Best of Los Angeles Award- “Best Holocaust Book – 2019”

Marty Brounstein, Acclaimed Author

“We're honored to include Marty Brounstein into our BoLAA family.” ~Aurora DeRose

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, October 12, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Marty Brounstein, acclaimed author and keynote speaker, wins Best of Los Angeles Award- “Best Holocaust Book – 2019”, according to Aurora DeRose, award coordinator for the Best of Los Angeles Award community. His powerful book, “Two Among the Righteous Few: A Story of Courage in the Holocaust” features the remarkable story of Frans Wijnakker and his wife Mien, two Catholics, who saved the lives of two dozen Jews in Southern Holland during the Holocaust. His speaking tour with the book is now into its 9th year with over 700 events so far.

The “Best of Los Angeles Award” community was formed four years ago and consists of over 5,600 professional members living and working in Southern California. It celebrates the best people, places and things in Los Angeles with a slogan “No Ads. No B.S. Only the Best.”

“The mission of the community is to celebrate the best of Los Angeles, and allow its community members to connect with other members who share the highest standards of quality and integrity,” expresses DeRose. "We're honored to include Marty Brounstein into our BoLAA family."

“Two Among the Righteous Few” has not always been Marty's main work. For 25 years, he led the consulting firm The Practical Solutions Group, serving a wide variety of clients on issues of leadership and organizational effectiveness. Through this work, he wrote eight books related to business management, from contributing author to sole author, including “Communicating Effectively For Dummies,” “Coaching and Mentoring For Dummies” and “Managing Teams for Dummies.”

However, his 9th book is quite different and special. It has put Marty in the interfaith business, and takes him back to his early career as an educator, when he was teaching history including the Holocaust. This true and remarkable story has a meaningful personal connection as well, which Marty reveals in his engaging storytelling presentations.

Marty has been on an unexpected journey of delivering storytelling presentations to a wide variety of audiences and facilitating book discussions in school classrooms. He started his 9th year of this journey, 710 events with more coming. The events have occurred throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, his home base, and 15 other cities, with New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Seattle, and Boston among them. The engagements have been in such places as religious institutions, service organizations, personal homes, bookstores, many schools, universities, libraries, and history and Holocaust museums. Furthermore, on this journey Marty continues to study and tell stories about others in the Holocaust involved in resistance and rescue, Jewish and non-Jewish alike. He does so in presentations titled Heroes of the Holocaust.

Marty's keynote presentation and workshop titled “The Courage and Compassion to Do the Right Thing: A Lesson in Making a Positive Difference” continues to grow and has also been well-received at professional conferences and workplaces.

One highlight of Marty’s journey was presenting at the invitation of the Dutch Consulate General of San Francisco in March 2014. He has also been a keynote speaker for Holocaust Remembrance Day events in Chicago, Phoenix, Seattle, and New York and coming up in Reno, NV in April 2020.

Finally, Marty was recently recognized with The Jefferson Award presented by the organization Multiplying Good. They recognize individuals who perform acts of public service and good for America. This honor came about through the nomination by a great supporter of Marty on his journey, Jodie Russi. Jodie was the first teacher to bring Marty into a classroom for a book discussion with her students on this special story.

Aurora DeRose
Michael Levine Media
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ConnectHER Media's Gen Z Social Summit Hits So-Cal at the Great Wolf Lodge

ConnectHER Media and ZStar Agency’s Gen Z Girls X Gen Z Guys Influencer Team

The Gen Z Social Summit will host more than 1,200 teen creators and influencers with a collective audience reach of more than 15 million.

The Gen Z Social Summit brings together teen creators and influencers across different platforms for a 3 Day event that enables them to collaborate and gain valuable industry access and education.”

— Laura Filipowicz CEO ConnectHER Media creator of the Gen Z Social Summit

BURBANK, CA, UNITED STATES, October 12, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — ConnectHER Media's Gen Z Social Summit arrives in So-Cal for the second year in a row October 18-20, 2019 at the Great Wolf Lodge 12681 Harbor Blvd, Garden Grove, CA 92840. The Gen Z Social Summit will host more than 1,200 teen creators and influencers with a collective audience reach of more than 15 million. The brainchild of Laura Filipowicz CEO of ConnectHER Media the Gen Z Social Summit brings together innovative Gen Z influencers and connects them with brands and leading organizations from across the nation. The Summit is primarily an invitation-only, interactive, and educational convention for Generation Z Influencers, their families, and Social Media Moms.

The 2019 SoCal Summit is poised as the Gen Z event of the year kicking off Friday evening with a one-of-a-kind unparalleled VIP red carpet experience, Fashion Show, and Private Water Park Party. The event opens with “Sweet Night,” A Gen Z Welcoming Reception & Mixer sponsored by the Great Wolf Lodge, photo experiences sponsored by Samsung Mobile USA, red carpet arrivals in partnership with LRM Publicity, Celebrity Fashion Show Featuring The Gen Z Girls & Gen Z Guys for eTruism & KEZZ Skate, Mixed Up Clothing, and the launch of Gen Z Designer/ Actor Jax Malcolm’s Trident Line featuring celebrity models from Marvel, Brat, ABC, NBC, Disney Channel, FOX and more, with music from DJ Tuug. The evening is capped with the Gen Z Social Summit X Great Wolf Lodge Waterpark After Dark Private Party.

Highlights from Saturday’s exclusive event include: educational workshops for teens and parents in the areas of social media, content creation, technology, mental health, and entertainment, Mega Influencer panel including TikTok, YouTube and Instagram creators, “The Amazing Great Wolf Race!” An interactive social media experience taking place throughout the Great Wolf Lodge, catered lunch sponsored by the Great Wolf Lodge, expert and peer lead round-table discussions and training, and the “Teens in Entertainment Panel,” moderated by The Young Artist Academy (YAA).

Saturday night brings a private VIP red carpet launch party for ConnectHER Media and ZStar Agency’s Gen Z Girls X Gen Z Guys Influencer Team. The luxury event opens with "Primp & Prep with Petite n' Pretty," to ready party goers, the evening will also include a Glow in the Dark experience provided by the Holiday Hostess and Illuminate Event Services, Ultimate VSCO Brand activation, exclusive swag, along with several surprise performances, music by DJ Tuug and Disney Channel’s Raven’s Home star Jordyn Curet will perform her original single, “Lift Me Up.”

The Gen Z Social Summit concludes Sunday October 20, 2019 with educational workshops, meet and greets, and panel discussions. Sunday also hosts the launch of ConnectHer Media’s Gen Alpha Summit with activations sponsored by the Great Wolf Lodge. The Gen Alpha Summit recognizes the power of creators, and influencers ages 5-12 who are already shaping the social landscape with their combined youthful power.

Confirmed celebrity and influential speakers include: Gabby Murray (TikTok), Makenna Kelly (ASMR Youtube/ Instagram sensation Life With Mak), JT Casey (TikTok), Madi Filipowicz (Gen Z Instagram Influencer), Gracie Kate (ASMR Youtuber/ Instagram Influencer), Ashley Wicka (Youtuber) , Priscilla Mae (TikTok), Jax Malcolm (The CW/ Designer), Austin Felt (TikTok), Aydon Holley (Tiktok), Josh Krumich (TikTok), Connor Dean (Meme King Butch the Bully from Cool Cat), Nick Bencivengo (Dancer/ TikTok), Dom Brack (TikTok), Ryan Paynter(Instagram Nano Influencer),.Audrey Hope (Youtuber), Jordyn Curet (CBS, Disney Channel), Jonathan Gio (TikTok) , Emma Faith (Instagram Nano Influencer), Elisabeth Anisimow (Artist), and Eden Skory (Youtube The Skory’s).

Participating brands and sponsors of ConnectHER Media’s Gen Z Social Summit include: The Great Wolf Lodge, Samsung USA, LRM Publicity, Petite n’ Pretty, School of Rock, Curly Chic / Curly Kids, Young Artist Academy, PaperMart, Ultimate VSCO Brand, Holiday Hostess, Xcaret, Blastz, eTruism, Justin and Taylor, Far Out Toys, Stars Above Balloons, Party Pretty Sweet, Famileague, Kia Motors, Fab Fit Fun, The Chuck Jones Center for Creativity, CT & Co., DJ Tuug, and Illuminate Event Services.

ConnectHER Media recognizes the importance of both Generation Z and Generation Alpha in family purchasing and decision making. These digital natives comprise the most diverse, tech savvy, and entrepreneurial generations we’ve ever had. With the Gen Z Social Summit and Gen Alpha Summit ConnectHER Media is leading the way in educational workshops in conjunction with industry professionals and young influencers who have already made their mark in social media, the entertainment industry, and business. ConnectHER Media’s CEO Laura Filipowicz’s newest endeavor ZStar Digital Agency is the natural progression of her previous work starting with the Gen Z Girls X Gen Z Guys Influencer Team and the #CrushIt2020 Tour; ConnectHER Media is taking the digital world by storm.

Lisa Malcolm
LRM Publicity
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The Gen Z Social Summit

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Brady Bunte – ProBaller

Brady Bunte

Brady Bunte

Brady Bunte -ProBaller Ultra Premium Energy Drink

If you know Brady Bunte you know he is a perfectionist.”

— Brady Bunte

LAGUNA BEACH, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 11, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Brady BunteProBaller

Brady Bunte is a true entrepreneur and he has created several different successful
brands to prove it.

ProBaller Ultra-Premium Energy Drinks- Brady Bunte is a true entrepreneur and he has created several different successful brands to prove it. If you know Brady Bunte you know he is a perfectionist. To name a few, Bunte is the founder of “Cabo Chips”, a gourmet tortilla chip that is well known for its unique high-quality ingredients and flavors. Cabo Chips are distributed nationally throughout the US and Mexico in locations such as Costco, Whole Foods, & Kroeger. He then tried his entrepreneurial skills with Tequila. “Tres Sietes” Tequila” has earned its mark and is well known as one of the finest Ultra-Premium Tequila’s on the market. Tres Sietes Tequila Anjeo scores a “94” with many Tequila Enthusiasts. In comparison, respectfully Patron Anejo scores out at “87” and Don Julio Anejo “89”! Bunte expects the new Anejo Extra which has been aged for 6 years Anejo to push a rating of “100”.

Bunte then decided to jump into the competitive world of energy drinks. But Brady Bunte had a different idea, something that no one has done before. “When I first ran the idea by many of friends they thought it was a good idea but when I started talking to distributors I immediately realized how competitive the energy drink sector is, said Bunte. All you see in markets today are rows and rows of sports energy drinks. Sports Energy Drinks still lead the market today with a customer base of extreme sport athletes, racing enthusiast and wild and crazy thrill seekers. “There is no energy drink that really speaks to a “Professional Baller”. ProBaller’s first energy drink has the same energy output as a Red Bull, Rockstar Monster but only uses the best and highest-quality ultra-premium ingredients and a proprietary blend to enhance your focus and skills. ProBaller is also healthier than other energy drinks and it has lower calories, sugar, carbohydrates with added vitamins and natural ingredients & flavors. So in each can, you’ll receive a sustained platform of energy that doesn’t spike up or dip down. It’s a high-end ultra-premium energy drink designed for the more experienced professional athletes, legends and sophisticated business individuals, AKA: “ProBaller’s”.

ProBaller has also been specially crafted to work perfectly as a cocktail and a mixer with iced tea. Try a 12oz can of ProBaller with 1.5 oz of Tequila and it’s like a Red Bull Vodka on steroids! Try it with iced tea and you have the first Arnold Palmer Energy Drink! Whether you are about to play the game or watch it! ProBaller is that sweet spot between refreshing and energizing and speaks to the ProBaller in all of us.

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$8,000 Reward Announced for Jimi Hendrix Sicks Stadium 7/26/70 Concert Poster by Psychedelic Art Exchange

An $8000 Reward Is Offered For This Jimi Hendrix Sicks Stadium 7/26/1970 Concert Poster

An $8000 Reward Is Offered For This Jimi Hendrix Sicks Stadium 7/26/1970 Concert Poster

An $8000 Reward Is Offered For This Jimi Hendrix 8/17/68 Atlanta Municipal Auditorium

An $8000 Reward Is Offered For This Jimi Hendrix 8/17/68 Atlanta Municipal Auditorium

A $4000 Reward Is Offered For This Jimi Hendrix Washington Hilton 3/10/68 concert poster

A $4000 Reward Is Offered For This Jimi Hendrix Washington Hilton 3/10/68 concert poster

Nationwide search for vintage Jimi Hendrix concert posters offer record prices.

The market for vintage concert posters is starting to heat up, so we decided to launch a nationwide search for vintage Jimi Hendrix concert posters”

— Glen Trosch, President of Psychedelic Art Exchange

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND, UNITED STATES, October 11, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — An $8,000 reward has just been announced by Psychedelic Art Exchange for anyone that has an authentic Jimi Hendrix Sicks Stadium concert poster. The poster was created to advertise a single performance by Jimi Hendrix on July 26, 1970. This was Hendrix’s second to last concert ever held in North America. Less than two months after the concert, Hendrix died on September 18, 1970.

“The market for vintage concert posters is starting to heat up, so we decided to launch a nationwide search for vintage Jimi Hendrix concert posters,” explains Glen Trosch, President of Psychedelic Art Exchange. “We’re hoping our record breaking $8,000 reward for this popular Hendrix poster pulls one or two out of the woodwork. Any condition and any quantity will be accepted.”

If you have a Jimi Hendrix Sicks Stadium 7/26/70 poster, or any other vintage Hendrix concert poster you wish to sell, you can claim the record prices being offered in this nationwide search.

For example, Psychedelic Art Exchange is offering a $8,000 reward for any Jimi Hendrix 8/17/68 Atlanta Municipal Auditorium concert poster, and a $4,000 reward for any Jimi Hendrix Washington Hilton 3/10/68 concert poster. To get top dollar for your vintage Jimi Hendrix concert poster, call Scott Tilson at 435-659-1660 or email Scott@ConcertPosterGallery.com.

Psychedelic Art Exchange is the leading auction house-website to buy, sell, and learn about vintage concert posters. PAE maintains offices in Maryland, California, and Utah. A free Collectors Guide to Vintage Concert Posters, and searchable archive of past auction records with prices realized, descriptions, and enlargeable photos is available at ConcertPosterGallery.com.

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