The Silver Health Institute’s Studies Shown that Structured Alkaline Silver is Proven to Destroy All Viruses

Dr. Gordon Pedersen In The Lab

The Silver Miracle Book Written By Dr. Gordon Pedersen

The Silver Health Institute states Alkaline Structured Silver has been proven to destroy all forms of viruses and harmful bacteria including the SARS virus.

I have not only seen the Alkaline Structured Silver be effective in the laboratory, I have seen it improve the quality of life for patients in the field”

— Dr. Gordon Pedersen, Medical Director of The Silver Health Institute

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH, USA, February 27, 2020 / — Dr. Gordon Pedersen, Medical Director of The Silver Health Institute states that Alkaline Structured Silver has been proven to destroy all forms of viruses and harmful bacteria including the SARS virus.
The coronavirus is a classification of virus that includes the SARS virus and the common cold virus.  It is a kind of virus that attacks the noses, sinuses, throat, and respiratory tract.  The virus causes an infection in these areas of the body and can produce a potentially fatal pneumonia.  The virus originated in animals and spread to humans through body secretions.  It has now been confirmed by the CDC that the virus can be transferred through body secretions and is most often infecting people through hand contact and the transfer of body secretions that come from coughs, sneezes, tears, urine and feces. 
According to Dr. Pedersen “ I have not only seen the Alkaline Structured Silver be effective in the laboratory, I have seen it improve the quality of life for patients in the field”. When I went to Ghana we helped over 50 people that where suffering with Malaria and 100 percent were well in an average of 5 days. In Singapore we treated people suffering with the SARS virus and every one that was treated recovered fully. However we have not had the opportunity to treat this new CoVID-19 coronavirus, yet I believe that Alkaline Structured Silver would help them recover more quickly based on all the science.
Silver destroys bacteria, viruses and yeast, all at the same time.  There are no man made drugs that can do this.  Silver liquid and gel are powerful for protection from viruses but the silver must stay in contact with the virus for about 5 minutes to destroy it. For this reason silver gel can be used on the hands giving 5 hours of protection. The silver liquid can be swallowed for internal protection and a silver lozenge can be sucked on delivering 25 minutes of liquid silver release providing important defense against the airborne and hand viruses.
Recently it was announced that there was going to be a clinical trial utilizing  the new drug remdesivir. The trial would treat 50% of the patients with the drug and the other 50% with a placebo. It has been proven that the Alkaline Structured Silver can enhance the performance of antibiotics and drugs. The Silver Health Institute is considering a clinical trial as well, as Silver has already been proven to be of benefit with SARS.
Along with The Silver Health Institute’s recommendation of Silver, the CDC offers the following suggestions:
Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.
Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.
Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
Stay home when you are sick.
Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue in the trash.
According to Dr. Pedersen “ Because the Coronavirus is a virus and it has been proven that Alkaline Structured Silver will destroy viruses, that not only will it help protect from the Coronavirus, but will help people recover more quickly who are suffering from it.  This structured alkaline silver can benefit other viruses like influenza and bacterial secondary infections as well as a potential for the coronaviruses.
Dr Pedersen is considered to be one of the world leading authorities on Silver. Dr. Pedersen holds four doctor’s degrees. He has a Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine. He has a Ph.D. from the Toxicology program at Utah State University, where he also has Ph.D. degrees in Immunology and Biology. He is Board Certified in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine and also holds a Master’s degree in Cardiac Rehabilitation and Wellness. He performed an internship with Jonas Salk, the American medical researcher noted for the discovery and development of the polio vaccine. He has formulated over 1500 products, was a Bronze medalist in the 2003 Utah Winter Games, and is a Best Selling Author. Dr. Gordon Pedersen has been published in numerous international peer reviewed scientific journals including the Indian Practitioner where he published a study that destroyed the Malaria parasite using silver.
The Silver Health Institute has determined all silvers are beneficial, however a study comparing silver technologies occurred in the lab at Brigham Young University in May of 2014, and was published in the Townsend Letters.  This study compared five silvers of vastly different concentrations and their ability to kill MRSA, a drug-resistant form of Staphylococcus. Two silvers were a 10 ppm concentration, two were 30 ppm, and one was 200 ppm. This ‘apples vs oranges’ study showed that structured alkaline silver performed at a kill rate of 99%.
Importantly, results from this study were estimated. Quoting from the article: “Counts were so high, that the number of CFU (colony forming units of bacteria) had to be estimated on the 1:10,000 dilution of the reaction mixture. Thus, the log reduction and percent kill values are also estimates.”
That stated, here are the test results (kill rate of MRSA after 2 minutes):
1. “Solution C” (200 ppm) – 99.999955%
2. “Solution A” (30 ppm) – 99.82% (structured alkaline silver)
3. “Solution D” (10-30 ppm) – 58.3%
4. “Solution B” (10-30 ppm) – 47.1%
5. “Solution E” (10-30 ppm) – 39.7%
Thus, two solutions (C and A) killed nearly all of the bacteria within two minutes while three solutions (D, B and E) killed approximately half of the bacteria. The identity of the lower-concentration solutions are as follows:
Solution A: The structured alkaline silver technology developed in 2011 by Dr Pedersen.
Solutions D, B, and E: Leading colloidal silver and silver aquasol brands.
This is why structured alkaline silver is far better than just a single, ionic silver, colloidal or even the hydrosols of the past. “This is new and improved silver.“
Dr. Pedersen has worked with several National and International governmental organizations on the topic of silver.

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video of coronavirus by Dr. Gordon Pedersen

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Illustrative List of Best Project Management Software 2020 by ITFirms

IT Firms - A Leading Research Provider

Business Growth

Project management is the pulse of any business organization. Here is a list of best project management software by ITFirms!

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, February 27, 2020 / — The Project Management Institute estimates that approximately 83% of the executive leaders understand the value of project management and nearly 10% of the project budget gets wasted due to poor management. The foremost reason that is accountable for this failure is the lack of proper planning, absence of clearly defined or achievable objectives which eventually makes it difficult to track the progress.

Choosing the right management solution can be a good thing to start with. Further, this research shows that the organizations that prioritize maturing their delivery capabilities enjoy more successful outcomes.

Major takeaways and potential solutions to address some major concerns faced by organizations on day to day basis:

• Making use of multiple tools to resolve routine project management tasks.
• Managing routine tasks – adding, assigning, deleting, commenting, tracking, closing are the major functions
performed. E.g.: Trello
• Managing project management tools within the minimum budget with project managers not willing to allocate additional
funds remain a problem. Businesses require one tool that optimizes the workflow and saves the budget. E.g.: Basecamp

People and organizations that work together to seek Win/Win solutions must get involved in a four-step process to identify and resolve a problem:

• First, they check the problem from various points of view. Seek to understand and give expression to the needs and concerns of the other party as well as or better than they can themselves.
• Second, identify the key issues and concerns (not positions) involved.
• Third, determine what results would constitute a fully acceptable solution.
• Fourth, identify possible new options to achieve those results.

Here, people and organizations are responsible for accomplishing specified results within clear guidelines and available resources. It makes them accountable to perform and evaluate the results and provide consequences as a natural result of performance. This eventually supports and reinforces agreements.

Here is a list of best project management software to effectively manage your business and create a Win/Win solution that is congruent with answers:

1. Confluence (Paid)
2. Trello
3. Wrike (Paid)
4. Bitrix24 (Paid)
5. Freshdesk (Paid)
6. Teamwork Projects (Paid)
7. (Paid)
8. Accelo (Paid)
9. Samepage (Paid)
10. Basecamp (Paid)
11. TimeCamp (Paid)
12. Targetprocess (Paid)
13. Microsoft PPM (Paid)

The project management tools available in the market are saturated with options. But the business organizations can find solutions if the top executives can align their systems to create teams of highly productive people working together to compete against external standards of performance. No two projects are created on the same lines and pose similar problems. It can be difficult to strike a balance between the problem that is presented and the project management software on a roll. In this case, software developers need to work to meet the emerging needs of project managers and business leaders. With enough research, there is no decent reason why the companies find it difficult to find solutions that fit their tentative and long-term needs.

About ITFirms researches about organizations of all sizes across various business domains and lists the top rankers on its website occasionally. They follow stringent criteria to select the winners. Their lists act as a guideline for potential business seekers and business providers.

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"Beyond the Razor" Mens Cosmetics Exploding in Asia

Mens concealers, bb creme, concealer sticks and bronzers

Mens Concealers

“Beyond the Razor” Mens Cosmetics

"Beyond the Razor" launching in Asia

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND, February 27, 2020 / — “Beyond the Razor” Mens Cosmetics is set to be launching their new range of mens cosmetics and skincare throughout Asia over the coming months, following strong sales in South Korea and Japan.

Tony, creator of the new brand is excited with the ever increasing acceptance of men to wear cosmetics, preferring not to call it makeup, but cosmetics.

Our volumes through Asia are certainly the tip of the ice berg when it comes to opportunities and the Asian male’s influence in this relatively new space.

Our range of cosmetics and skincare ticks all the boxes when it comes to marketing a premium product, paraben free, hypo-allergenic, non-comedogenic, fragrance free and not tested on animals. Our discerning customers appreciate the quality.
The Western world tends to lag behind a little when it comes to new ideas and thinking, which is why we have chosen Asia to concentrate our efforts. Australia, Europe and America are all on the to-do list once fully established through Asia.
2020 is definitely going to be an exciting year for the “Beyond the Razor” team, with the male grooming sector expected to hit $166 billion in 2022, according to Allied Market Research.

Nearly 40% of adults aged 18-22 have shown interest in gender-neutral beauty products, according to NPD’s iGen Beauty Consumer report and male-targeted skin-care product sales have jumped 7% in the past year.

Men's Makeup and Cosmetics
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Illinois moving to Sanchez Decision: Life Care Planning Tenants in Peril

The decision in People v Sanchez is being felt “big time” in California civil litigation because testimony cannot rely on types of data collection as evidence.

Illinois is taking the next step toward Sanchez as it is placing life care planner’s testimony based on databases in peril…”

— Dr. Greg Vigna

SANTA BARBARA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, February 26, 2020 / — The decision in People v Sanchez, the California Supreme Court limits an expert’s ability to rely on hearsay to provide case-specific facts for which a witness has no personal knowledge, as there is no exception to the hearsay exception rule. Although Sanchez was a criminal case, the effect is being felt “big time” in California civil litigation because testimony from life care planners cannot rely on the tenants of life care planning that provides for a systematic means of data collection to be offered as evidence regarding the cost of goods and services for future care, as that evidence is now considered hearsay. The result of Sanchez is that testimony that relies on evidence from pricing databases and calls to vendors for the cost of medical goods and services is being struck by Defendant and Plaintiff attorneys in California as hearsay.

In Verci v. High, et al, an Illinois case, a ruling from the Court of Appeals rejected a life care planner’s testimony that was based on data obtained from the FAIR Health database because the Court found that it is derived from “an unknown number of insurance companies and is used to set reimbursement rates, not to determine the reasonableness of medical charges.”

Dr. Greg Vigna, MD, JD, practicing physician in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Certified Life Care Planner, and national pharmaceutical injury attorney, explains that “Illinois is taking the next step toward Sanchez as it is placing life care planner’s testimony based on databases in peril as this data is essentially hearsay and the reliability of a databases widely used by life care planners cannot be relied upon as these databases are hearsay. Although the decision appears to bless the practice of life care planners to obtain costing data obtained from calls to vendors of medical goods and services in the community where the injured person resides, that practice too is hearsay without an exception if challenged."

California Evidence Code requires that an expert base their opinion on their ‘knowledge, skill, experience, education, and training.’ In addition, California Evidence Code allow an expert to ‘state on direct examination the reasons for his opinion, unless precluded by law from using such reasons.’

Dr. Greg Vigna is the owner of Academic Physician Life Care Planning, LLC and is a practicing physician. He provides testimony of cost of goods and services based on his independent skill, knowledge, experience, and training using the traditional tenants of life care planning as it relates to data collection as confirmatory. Dr. Vigna adds, “Sanchez is a huge problem for Defense and Plaintiff Attorneys. Dr. Vigna has reduced this burden in time and expense to zero.”
For more information, visit

1155 Coast Village Rd Suite C,
Santa Barbara, CA 93108

Greg Vigna
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Transvaginal Mesh Ruling Improves Path to Justice

The Honorable Lee Yeakel has ruled that a safer alternative procedure and a proposed safer alternative design are each acceptable for the claim to proceed.

The scientific literature has caught up to the lies and the fraudulent conduct of Bard, American Medical Systems, Ethicon, Coloplast, and Boston Scientific. The defense experts are being discredited.”

— Dr. Greg Vigna

SANTA BARBARA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, February 26, 2020 / — Many jurisdictions across the United States require evidence of a safer alternative design for a medical device known at the time of use for a successful claim in a product liability lawsuit against a manufacturer. In these jurisdictions there may be a Motion for Summary Judgment filed by the manufacturer to have the product liability claim dismissed. Courts have been split whether evidence of a “safer alternative procedure” or untested “safer alternative design” would be accepted by the Court to overcome the Motion for Summary Judgment, thereby allowing a case to go forward.

In Case 1:19-cv-01240-LY-SH the Honorable Lee Yeakel, Austin, Texas, has ruled on this specific issue and ruled that a safer alternative procedure and an untested proposed safer alternative design are each acceptable in allowing the design defect product claim to proceed forward.

In the Austin, Texas case, involving a woman with pudendal neuralgia caused by a Bard Align transobturator sling, Bard argued that there was no evidence offered by the Plaintiff that a safer alternative design existed at the time of implantation that would have prevented or significantly reduced the risk of injury.

Dr. Rosenzweig, an expert for the Plaintiff, testified that there were four safer alternative designs including the following: 1) Burch Procedures, 2) Autologous fascia slings, 3) biological slings, and 4) A sling with less polypropylene such as Ultrapro. Bard argued that Dr. Rosenzweig’s evidence was not sufficient as it offered alternative procedures (not designs) and that Dr. Rosenzweig’s proposed designs have not been demonstrated to be “safer.” Judge Yeakel ruled otherwise.

Greg Vigna, MD, JD, practicing physician, national pharmaceutical injury attorney, and Certified Life Care Planner states, “The scientific literature has caught up to the lies and the fraudulent conduct of Bard, American Medical Systems, Ethicon, Coloplast, and Boston Scientific. The defense experts are being discredited. Catastrophically injured women with pudendal neuralgia, obturator neuralgia, ilioinguinal neuralgia, and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, through my law firm, have a clearer path to the courthouse after this decision as cases involving newly injured women are being filed directly in Courts across the country—while others are finally being remanded out of the MDL after failing to achieve settlements with defendant manufacturers. In addition, we represent women who have had their MDL claims dismissed without prejudice. We are refiling their cases all across the country.” Dr. Vigna adds, “This safer, alternative design issue is welcoming news."

Greg Vigna, MD, JD, operates a California and Washington DC law firm and has teamed up with Martin Baughman, a national pharmaceutical injury trial law firm from Dallas, Texas, and together they represent women with catastrophic pain syndromes that are proceeding down the path to justice.

For articles, video resources, and information, visit the Pudendal Neuralgia Educational Portal ( or Click here for information regarding sling related complications:

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Siudy Flamenco Dance Theater and Flamenco Festival Present the New York Premiere of “Bailaora Within Me, Within You”

Siudy Garrido is one of the most impressive exponents in the current dance and flamenco scene. Globally recognized as an avant-garde artist with a swirl of traditional and contemporary techniques that creates a flamenco style entirely her own,.

Siudy Garrido is one of the most impressive exponents in the current dance and flamenco scene.

Featuring 12 artists on stage, including 5 musicians, 6 bailaoras and Siudy Garrido, BAILAORA takes the viewer through an intimate journey of most pure flamenco

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, February 27, 2020 / — Celebrated choreographer and flamenco dancer Siudy Garrido comes to New York with her newest work, BAILAORA WITHIN ME, WITHIN YOU as part of the 20th Flamenco Festival. This bold, cutting-edge production sees flamenco in a multidimensional way, with choreography that integrates different disciplines alongside original music by renowned Spanish flutist Juan Parrilla. A combination of cante (singing) and flamenco guitar, accompanied by the modern sounds of electric guitar and contemporary textures to make this proposal a dynamic and current flamenco work. The performances will be at the Ailey Citigroup Theater (405 W. 55th Street, corner of 9th Ave.) on Saturday, March 21, 8pm and Sunday, March 22, 6pm.

The latest project by this Miami based company is the perfect example of Flamenco Festival’s slogan in its 20th anniversary: “Breaking walls, uniting worlds”; a slogan that promises the audience an intimate and emotional journey. BAILAORA WITHIN ME, WITHIN YOU embodies the personal vision of its director about the evolution of flamenco within her geographical reality in America, cultural influences and training in other dance disciplines. ‘Bailaora’ is the Spanish word for "flamenco dancer", however, its meaning is deeper, implying virtue, excellence and courage and those who know flamenco do not use it lightly. “What defines a Bailaora is not the place of her precedence. A Bailaora is what I have always been and will always be. It's where my everything is born and what I've always fought for.”, says Siudy.

Featuring 12 artists on stage that include 5 musicians, 6 bailaoras and Siudy Garrido, BAILAORA WITHIN ME, WITHIN YOU, will take the viewer through dance and music, along a very personal emotional route that connects directly with the most visceral feelings and thoughts of the human being. The original music is by the innovative composer Juan Parrilla, who changed flamenco with his audacious proposals in the era of Joaquín Cortés, and counts on the collaboration of flamenco guitar virtuoso, Spaniard, José Luis de la Paz, the electric guitar of Manuel Fernández who also participated in the composition of the music, the cante (singing) of Ismael Fernández and the percussion of Gilbert Mansour.

This year Flamenco Festival celebrates 20 years in New York with the greatest flamenco offering ever presented outside of Spain, displaying an amazing program between March 12 and April 5, in 20 different venues throughout New York City, with more than 50 shows carried out by 29 companies.

Siudy Garrido was born in Venezuela and now lives in Miami, Florida. Although under flamenco standards she could be considered a foreigner in the land of this demanding art, she is well respected by other flamenco artists in Spain— hers is the first Latin American company to be invited to the prestigious Flamenco Festival in New York.

Siudy Garrido is one of the most impressive exponents in the current dance and flamenco scene. Globally recognized as an avant-garde artist with a swirl of traditional and contemporary techniques that creates a flamenco style entirely her own, Siudy continues to explore the limits of the art form while honoring tradition. This dancer and choreographer is known for her amazing virtuosity and the bold and innovative approach in her choreographies. She has been considered one of the most genuine artists and praised for being "a brilliant soloist with a vibrant company" (Los Angeles Times). In Bailaora, she has been described as "an expression of the most provocative transculturization" (The New Herald).

Her first steps in flamenco began at 5 years of age at her mother's school. She founded her company in 2000 and went on to create 7 shows of her own authorship. In 2015, she moved Siudy Flamenco Company to the U.S. where she was commissioned by the Los Angeles Philharmonic, under the baton of maestro Gustavo Dudamel, to create her own version of the renowned work by Juan Manuel de Falla, “Amor Brujo”. An encore was presented in 2019 at the Hollywood Bowl with an audience of more than 10,000 people and an excellent review on the front page of the LA Times. She and her company also participated in the acclaimed World of Dance, a show produced by Jennifer López on NBC and with her work “Flamenco Intimo” she carried out one of the most successful tours of recent years both in the US and in Central America.

Flamenco Festival returns to New York from March 12 to April 5 to celebrate 20 years of music and dance in 20 places with a historical offer of 29 companies and 53 shows. This year's event, which bears the theme "Breaking walls, uniting worlds", is the largest flamenco festival ever presented outside of Spain, and will exhibit classical works by acclaimed artists, as well as new works by the next generation of flamenco artists.

WHEN: Saturday, March 21, 8pm | Sunday, March 22, 6pm
WHERE: Ailey Citigroup Theater (405 W. 55th Street, corner of 9th Ave.)

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Krown Kouture Announces its Launch in India’s Fashion Game

Krown Kouture Logo

Krown Kouture 2

Krown Kouture 1

Krown Kouture, the luxury haute couture brand, specializing in custom clothing, custom jewelry, handcrafted heels, etc., now has started its services in India

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, February 26, 2020 / — Over the last few years, the fashion scene in India has gone through a major shift. Unlike a few years back, India has become a major hub of fashion in Asia with more and more international brands entering this market. Clearly, there’s a growing demand for both high-end and fast-fashion.

While, there’s a demand for luxury, there’s also a demand for fashion pieces that can not only stand the test of time, but also pay tribute to the colorful and gorgeous culture of this country. Most fashion houses have items that are more generic with little to no cultural influence.

In this regard, Krown Kouture, stepped into the Indian market as it identified the growing client demand for luxury pieces that also blend in cultural elements from the east and the west. Additionally, being a country where weddings are such a huge cultural affair, there’s a continuous demand for wedding outfits that need to be made from scratch. Krown Kouture, with its sartorial services, stepped into this market to give its clients a perfect platform to have their dream outfit stitched and delivered in just 21 days.

By offering clients apparel made from high quality fabrics with gorgeous embellishments, ornate pieces of handcrafted solid gold and diamond jewelry, and luxe footwear, Krown Kouture is sure to make a place for itself in the wedding season.

However, it’s not just the wedding season that Krown Kouture is looking forward to in this market. It also knows that being that largest democracy in the world and with a huge corporate working population, it also needs to cater to the office-goers. It has a versatile ready-to-wear collection for both men and women that embodies the same principle of Krown Kouture of blending in different elements from cultures around the world. Along with this, its seasoned tailors are also highly experienced to bring all its clients designs to life – be it traditional or modern.

For more information on their services, collection, client testimonials, and more, please visit their official website, OR Reserve Your Fitting Session Today!

Krown Kouture
Krown Kouture
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Krown Kouture Infomercial

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Highly Decorated Green Beret, Special Ops Commander Jason Van Camp’s New Book Deliberate Discomfort Now Available

Deliberate Discomfort

Jason Van Camp, author of Deliberate Discomfort #1 bestseller shows how embracing discomfort enables winning on the battlefield, in the boardroom, and in life~

This book provides leadership and life lessons that will stay with me for the rest of my career and life. Every leader should read it.”

— Washington Redskins head coach Ron Rivera

WASHINGTON DC, UNITED STATES, February 26, 2020 / — What are the real lessons of war? And can those lessons be applied away from the battlefield? Jason Van Camp and his team of Special Forces combat veterans not only answer it, but relay lessons learned under fire to show you how in his new book “Deliberate Discomfort-How U.S. Special Operations Forces Overcome Fear and Dare to Win by Getting Comfortable Being Uncomfortable.”

Readers can follow Jason’s inspiring journey as a new Special Forces leader searching for leadership lessons from some of the most decorated combat veterans in the United States military. Hear from Medal of Honor recipient Florent Groberg about how his training prepared him to tackle a suicide bomber, and how fellow Medal of Honor recipient Leroy Petry’s never-surrender mentality gave him the strength to grab an enemy grenade and throw it, losing his hand but saving his teammates’ lives. Together, these and other incredible true stories in Deliberate Discomfort paint a picture of how extreme circumstances and life or death situations can guide us all in our business and personal lives.

Virginia native Jason Van Camp attended and played football at West Point before earning his U.S. Army Ranger and Special Forces tabs. Major Van Camp then served as a Detachment Commander with 10th Special Forces Group, deploying multiple times to war zones in the Middle East and Africa, receiving three Bronze Stars, one with Valor. He now lives in Utah with his wife and children and is the Executive Director of, which empowers U.S. military veterans and their immediate family members by providing them opportunities to create sustainable businesses, perpetuate the hiring of fellow American veterans, and earn their future.

Jason’s media book tour appearances include Fox News Channel, the Adam Carolla Show podcast, Dove TV, KMOX St. Louis, Newsmax TV, The Joe Pags Show and dozens more television and radio appearances and an editorial in the Washington Times.

Deliberate Discomfort: How U.S. Special Operations Forces Overcome Fear and Dare to Win by Getting Comfortable Being Uncomfortable is now available at, Barnes and Noble and wherever books are sold from publisher Ballast Books.

Praise for Deliberate Discomfort has been pouring in from all corners:

Former Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs and longtime Proctor and Gamble head Robert A. McDonald says, “Deliberate Discomfort provides an intensely practical and enlightened path which challenges us to break out of our comfort zones. It will undoubtedly be lauded by both military and non-military readers alike as a powerful catalyst for individual change.”

Television and film actor and retired Marine Lt. Colonel Rob Riggle calls Deliberate Discomfort “Straight up authentic. For anyone that has ever wanted to overcome fear and do more in their life, Jason Van Camp doesn't just tell you to do it, he shows you how to do it. I have a renewed appreciation for the power of the human mind to dare to win.”

Frank W. Abagnale Jr, portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio in the film version of his best-selling book “Catch Me If You Can” calls Deliberate Discomfort “Gripping. Authentic. Engaging. Prodigiously researched, carefully argued, and gracefully written… a masterpiece.”

Washington Redskins head coach Ron Rivera says, “This book provides leadership and life lessons that will stay with me for the rest of my career and life. Every leader should read it.”

For more information on Deliberate Discomfort, visit:

Burke Allen Adkins
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“Sibling Rivalry” Receives Festival Recognition in Colorado and New York

Poster for "Sibling Rivalry," a film about brother and sister competing in a small town election.

Sibling Rivalry is a film about brother and sister competing in a small town election.

Colacino Productions LLC Logo

Comedic short film turns on brother-sister competition as small town political opponents.

DENVER, COLORADO, USA, February 26, 2020 / — Colacino Productions LLC announces that its comedic short film, “Sibling Rivalry,” has been named “official selection” of the 2020 Colorado Short Circuit Festival (, and the 2020 Albany Film Festival (

In “Sibling Rivalry” a small town election becomes a battle of ideals for a brother and sister who run against each other for village trustee. “It’s ‘House of Cards’ meets ‘Parks-and-Rec’” says writer and producer, Don Colacino, who also directed the film. “The script has a tortured history, evolving from a really twisted family tree story to the quirky political satire that made it to the screen. I feel really lucky to have had such a great cast and crew who worked well together and made the set a lot of fun. Maya Jairam and Richard Ortner, my two lead actors, are just so perfect in their roles! During filming I almost ruined a couple of takes by laughing as I watched the monitor.” While the cast was comprised of both professional actors like Jairam and Ortner, the crew were entirely students at the time. Most have now graduated to professional careers in the film industry in Hollywood, Albuquerque, and other film-friendly locales, as well as in Colorado which is home to a robust and growing filmmaker community.

“Sibling Rivalry” was released to festivals in December 2019 and will make its screen debut on Saturday, February 29, 2020 at the Ivywild School Events Center in Colorado Springs. Then on Friday, March 27, 2020 it will screen at the University of Albany in the capital city of the filmmaker’s home state of New York.

Colacino Productions LLC (, a Business-to-Business (B2B) film production company focused on documentary, commercial, and industrial films, created the film in association with Colorado Film School.

For more information please contact

Colacino Productions LLC
+1 303-665-0948
email us here
Don Colacino
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Clearwater Community Volunteers Prepares For an "Eggs-tra" Special Easter Day

Over 8,000 families and children reveled in the 27th annual Easter Egg Hunt last year. As the Clearwater Community Volunteers make their initial plans for this year, they invite everyone to join in on the fun on April 12th at 12:30 pm, sharp!.

The Clearwater Community Volunteers begin gearing up for a Easter egg "egg-stravaganza" with the 28th Annual Easter Egg Hunt in Clearwater's own Coachman Park.

CLEARWATER, FL, UNITED STATES, February 26, 2020 / — As February comes to an end, the Clearwater Community Volunteers (CCV) started their preparations for the 28th Annual Easter Egg Hunt to be held on April 12th at 12:30PM sharp. The event invites all area children and families to find over 25,000 candy filled eggs in Coachman Park, located in downtown Clearwater.

"There is a lot of preparation that goes into this event," said Pam Ryan Anderson, Executive Director of the Clearwater Community Volunteers. "We spend weeks gathering candies, assisting the Easter Bunny, and all the eggs are gone within three minutes. I always tell attendees to make sure to come early!"

But the candy filled plastic eggs are not the only surprise; inside some of the eggs are golden eggs, which can be exchanged for a stuffed bunny. In addition to the main event, there will be pony rides, a petting zoo, face painting, train rides on the "Bunny Express", a gyroscope, giant slide, a large bouncy house and a bouncy house for the little ones too. There is a small fee for some of these attractions.

The event is free and everyone is welcome, but be sure to bring your Easter basket! Free parking is also available in the parking lot to the South of Coachman Park.

For the families that would want to enjoy a snack in the park, there will be food available to purchase at a nominal fee, including burgers and hot dogs.

For more information please contact the Clearwater Community Volunteers Center at (727) 316-5309 or visit the website at

About the Clearwater Community Volunteers:

The Clearwater Community Volunteers (CCV) have over 27 years of community service under their belt with over 200,000 families and children helped since their founding in 1992. Sponsored by the Church of Scientology Flag Service Organization, they stay true to their reputation of helping others with their center located on the corner of Fort Harrison Avenue and Drew Street in downtown Clearwater. Based on fundamentals developed by Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard, the CCV Center works with area non-profits to help these groups better attain their goals.

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Clearwater Community Volunteers Center
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Source: EIN Presswire