Kalleq Awarded “Best High Performance Paddle” by PaddleTV

Gearlab Outdoors Awarded “Best High Performance Paddles of 2021”

PaddleTV, Best in Class Award, hosting by Ken Whiting, former kayaking world champion

Gearlab Outdoor’s flagship Greenland paddle honoured by top kayaking YouTube channel who praise it as “amazing” and “a piece of art”.

TAIPEI CITY, TAIWAN, October 25, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Gearlab Outdoors, the world’s premier purveyor of high-end, precision-engineered kayaking and outdoors equipment, is excited to announce the Kalleq, its premium, carbon fiber paddle, has been recognised as “Best in Class” by PaddleTV, one of the most popular and influential paddle-focused YouTube channels in the world.

PaddleTV offers a wealth of educational content including training videos and unbiased advice to paddlers worldwide. The PaddleTV Buyer’s Guide aims to help consumers make informed purchasing decisions when it comes to kayaking gear.

Host Ken Whiting (former world champion, instructor, author and one of the most recognised names in the paddlesport industry), was seriously impressed by the Kalleq’s ergonomics and handling, describing the paddle as "smooth, light and lively".

“Why did I choose the Kalleq paddle as best in class? Well, to be honest, the first reason is I’ve never had a paddle that made me feel like such a ninja. This thing feels amazing in your hand. It really is a piece of art. But it is also highly functional.”
He also drew attention to the innovative replaceable tips, pointing out users don't need to worry about "digging up your paddle" before going on to discuss the benefits of using a Greenland paddle, especially for long distance touring and rolling, explaining how the style helps reduce the load on shoulders during long trips.

“We are thrilled to be recognized by PaddleTV after years of design and manufacturing refinements for the paddling community. I am honored and proud of our team at Gearlab.” said co-founder Chung-Shih. He added “It is definitely a first for Greenland paddling and its communities worldwide.”

The Kalleq was launched in 2018 and together with the rest of the Gearlab lineup, including the popular Akiak, has played a leading role in changing the way Greenland paddles are perceived worldwide. While respecting the traditional craftsmanship of wooden paddles, Gearlab Outdoors brought the Greenland paddle into the 21st century by utilising the strength and lightness of modern materials and the convenience of a two-piece ferrule system. Constructed from 750g of seamless carbon fiber woven with Gearlab’s exclusive “RipStop Weave”, the Kalleq aspires to be the pinnacle of aquadynamic engineering and is widely loved around the world for its smooth, effortless action and the connection it gives the paddler to the water.

Gearlab Outdoors grew from a small, passionate start-up in sub-tropical Taiwan to become a world-renowned outdoors brand specialising in high quality sea-kayaking equipment. Its paddles can be seen in the hands of paddlers around the world. The company is also dedicated to environmental protection, education and furthering the sport of kayaking and Greenland paddles globally. Gearlab hopes to build on this success and its team of talented designers, engineers and artists are currently expanding its product range into other areas of the outdoors industry.

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Source: EIN Presswire