Bravo Screens are pleased to introduce Bravo Patio Retractable Screens line

Patio Retractable Screens

Patio Retractable Screens

Retractable Patio motorized  Screens

Retractable Patio motorized Screens

Porch Retractable screens motorized

Porch Retractable screens motorized

The move marks the first time in years that a new Patio Retractable Screen brand has been introduced to the region, and it brings with it an entirely new style

VICTORIA, BC, CANADA, October 24, 2021 / — Bravo Screens is pleased to introduce the Bravo Patio Retractable Screens line. The move marks the first time in years that a new Patio Retractable Screen brand has been introduced to the region, and,it brings with it an entirely new opening style – something that many homeowners have been craving for years.

With the click of a button, your screens conveniently roll down to provide comfort and protection. Bravo Patio Retractable Screens can fit single openings as large as 30 feet wide and 24 feet tall. “For the past decade, I have dreamed of bringing Bravo Patio Retractable Screens to the North American market not only to expand customer’s options, but also to give them the best of both worlds – superior quality screens and attention to architectural detail ,” said Mr. Singh, President and CEO.

“This is an exciting new chapter in retractable screen technology: Bravo Patio Motorized Retractable Screens glide smoothly and smartly. The screens provide breezy cross-ventilation and expand your space, the retractable screen blocks the sun’s rays, as well as insects and dirt,” he added.

All of our motorized roll-up screen systems operate using a waterproof remote control, which is easy, convenient, and sure to satisfy your gadget fix! With a simple click of your remote, you can change from an open-air environment to screened-in in a matter of seconds.

Bravo Screens feature an aluminum retractable screen design that is engineered for a variety of weather and climate. Bravo Patio Screens are guaranteed to be low maintenance and provide years of enjoyment to your home. Using the same housing and superior track system, industrial strength vinyl can be used instead of screen, creating a weather proof area that extends the use of the space into all seasons and weather conditions.

Bravo retractable patio screens will turn any outdoor patio into a comfortable, usable space regardless of wet weather or strong winds. This is quickly becoming a “must have” for homeowners everywhere so they can be comfortable all year long. Bravo retractable patio screens are easily integrated into any home, hidden from view. They are also able to block 55-95% of sun and wind.

Bravo Screens offer a unique motor operation with Smart Home Integration, Integrated smart phone and Smart Home capability. Bravo Screens are pleased to offer a variety of powder coated colours to choose from – standard – black, white and brown. Bravo Screens stand by our patio retractable screens with an industry leading warranty, 10 years on all components. Bravo Screens manufacture a unique superior RF welded seam with a heavy coiled zipper to securely hold the mesh in the tracks. Ease of Operation: a single remote control gives the homeowner the ease and convenience to control the retractable screen anywhere within the home.

Bravo Screens are pleased to introduce these new innovations to all of our customers: fastest turnaround time in the industry, custom manufactured to ordered specifications, solar, insect and privacy screens are available. Bravo Screens are built to last and available in spans that fit your space. But the most important benefit is not so tangible: The freedom to decide the manner in which you choose to be comfortable and when at your own home; and how to make your outdoors work for you.

Customized to each building project, our Motorized Patio Retractable Screens merge perfectly with the décor of your home to maintain the integrity of your designs. These retractable screens can be recessed from view, or mounted on existing structures. Our Motorized Retractable Screens also can be integrated into every type of architectural style including wood, brick, stucco, natural stone, and concrete.

Bravo Screens has developed considerable expertise in the manufacturing and installation of these products to ensure maximum performance. Bravo Screens understand how critical the operation of motorized screens can be to a business, which is why we continuously develop and refine our components for reliable performance.
About Bravo Screens: We are a global leader in the world of home furnishings. Window Treatments for your home or business – Our portfolio of industry-leading and distinctive products includes Venetian Blinds, Window Blinds, Roman Shades, Wood Blinds, Wood Shutters, Plantation Shutters, French Door Cellular Shades, Vertical Blinds and Mini Blinds for any type of shape and sizes!

Built on over 115 years of ingenuity and intensive consumer focus. We have sold thousands of our products over the past decade in the North America market with unparalleled customer satisfaction. Now, we are expanding our new retractable patio screen product line to customers across the country and we intend to continue our commitment to providing the best customer service in the industry!

The Bravo Patio Retractable Screens are now available for purchase, with a retail program that requires a deposit here in our North American office. For more information on availability, as well as in-depth product information and technical specifications, Call us on our toll-free direct line.

Our team is ready to schedule your Free Estimate. Our Estimators will evaluate your property and then provide you with a detailed estimate and answer any questions you have, so you can make an informed decision. Call Today! 1-800-446-1626.

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