Crown Cigars and Ales Hosts Blanco Cigars Event

Crown Cigars and Ales, a premiere cigar lounge, is proud to host David Blanco from 4-8 p.m. Friday, September 10 at 1800 Carothers Pkwy., Ste 1 in Franklin, TN.

We are so proud to have David Blanco, a premiere blender and legend in the industry, visit us for this special event”

— Austin Hough

BRENTWOOD, TENNESSEE, USA, August 31, 2021 / — Crown Cigars and Ales, Tennessee’s premiere cigar shop and lounge, is proud to host David Blanco from 4-8 p.m. Friday, September 10 at 1800 Carothers Pkwy., Ste 1 in Franklin, TN.

Blanco Cigars is one of the premier cigar manufacturers in the industry and we’re so proud to host their event here,” Austin Hough said. “There’s going to be great sales, plenty of giveaways and David Blanco, how can you beat that?”

Blanco Cigars began in the United States 1998, but the family’s history extends far beyond to the western-most province of Pinar de Rio in Cuba. The Blancos work with their cousins from Cuba, the Plascencia family.
The Plasencias’ run all farming and manufacturing operations in both Danlí, Honduras and Estelí, Nicaragua.
The event will feature David Blanco, premium cigar blender for more than 20 years. David blended not only all of the cigars under the Blanco name and other family owned brands but a dozen other companies from around the world.

“We are so proud to have David Blanco, a premiere blender and legend in the industry, visit us for this special event,” Hough said.

In addition to Blanco, there will be special deals and events going on throughout the day.

Crown Cigar and Ale is that area’s leading cigar shop and lounge. It has a wide variety of cigar brands for sale and the perfect drink to pair with them.

If you want more information about the event or would like to set up an interview, please contact Austin Hough at (615) 377-7727 or

About Crown Cigars and Ales:
Crown Cigars and Ales is Tennessee’s premier cigar shop and lounge featuring the best brands at the best prices. The lounge features events throughout the year as well as special sale events.

Austin Hough
Crown Cigars and Ales
+1 (615) 377-7727
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Now on DVD and Streaming: Pacific Northwest filmmakers explore the mysterious phenomena of Mount Adams in new movie.

Mount Adams Movie

Mount Adams Movie

Mount Adams Movie Poster

Mount Adams Poster

Phillip & Tim Wade - Mount Adams

Phillip & Tim Wade – BTS

The Wade brothers just released their sci-fi action/adventure movie MOUNT ADAMS, inspired by paranormal phenomena reported on Washington State’s Mount Adams.

We were inspired to make this film after investigating reports of paranormal activity around Mount Adams, Washington. We are grateful for the opportunity
to finally present our movie to the world.”

— Phillip Wade, Director

EUGENE, OREGON, USA, August 31, 2021 / — Ambition Pictures is thrilled to announce that MOUNT ADAMS, an exhilarating sci-fi action/adventure film directed by Phillip Wade in his feature directorial debut, is now available for streaming and on DVD. This captivating adventure is based on the paranormal phenomena of one of Washington State’s largest active volcanoes, Mount Adams.

Mount Adams is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video, DirecTV, and VUDU by SP Releasing. Mount Adams has also been released on DVD by Echo Bridge Home Entertainment and is now available nationwide at Walmart stores. International distribution deals are being handled by Glass House Distribution.

There will be red carpet showings of Mount Adams at select theaters in Oregon and Washington. The filmmakers and certain actors will be in attendance at each showing. For dates and tickets, go to https://Ambition.Pictures.

Since its release, Mount Adams has already drawn significant attention online. The film immediately appeared in the top 5,000 of the IMDb MOVIEmeter’s Most Popular Movies chart and has stayed there for two consecutive weeks. It peaked at 3,240 on the list, while the Mount Adams trailers have amassed over 60,000 views on YouTube in less than two weeks. Both milestones are noteworthy feats for an independent production.

Glen (Tim Wade) and Lily (Emily Sweet, Netflix’s Hostage House) are content creators who investigate unexplainable activity. Their next expedition is to Mount Adams, where locals claim to see weird red lights and strange demon-looking creatures terrorizing the mountain once a year. When Glen, Lily, and their team go camping during the fateful night, they come to discover the terrifying truth about what happens on Mount Adams.

“We were inspired to make this film after investigating eyewitness accounts of paranormal activity around Mount Adams, Washington,” stated Director Phillip Wade. “To add some behind-the-scenes perspective, our post-production was mostly done by my brother and business partner Tim. The visual effects, editing, sound design, and even the music were created in our basement. Producing Mount Adams has been our trial-by-fire, as it took us over five years to complete. We are grateful for the opportunity to finally present it to the world.”

Produced and directed by Phillip Wade and co-produced and written by his brother, Tim Wade, Mount Adams is an enjoyable sci-fi adventure movie. The creative team includes contributing writer Just B. Jordan and co-producer Danny Weiss. Mount Adams was filmed on location at Mount Adams, Washington and in Lyons, Oregon. The Wade Brothers are natives of the Pacific Northwest, having been raised on a small farm near Stayton, Oregon. Mount Adams is also loosely based on the first short film that Phillip and Tim Wade made as children (aged 9 and 12) titled “Adventure in the Mysterious Forest.”

*** Screening links are available for review purposes. ***

*** Director Phillip Wade and cast members – Tim Wade, Matthew O’Donnell, Alysse Fozmark, and others are available for interviews. ***

MOUNT ADAMS (USA, approximately 94 minutes, English). Starring Emily Sweet, Tim Wade, Allesondra Helwig, Phillip Wade, Greg James, and Matthew O’Donnell. Sound by Tim Wade. Makeup by Kameron Gates. Production design by Phillip Wade, Tim Wade, and Danny Weiss. Casting by Phillip Wade. Edited by Tim Wade. Cinematographer by Phillip Wade and Jordyn Roach (co-cinematographer). Music composed by Tim Wade. Produced by Phillip Wade, Tim Wade, and Danny Weiss (co-producer). Written by Tim Wade (screenplay), Phillip Wade (story), and Just B. Jordan (contributing writer). Directed by Phillip Wade.

About Ambition Pictures
Ambition Pictures was started by Phillip Wade and Tim Wade in 2012. Since then Ambition Pictures has produced films that have been featured at nearly a dozen film festivals around the world, including the Portland International Film Festival, Västerås Film Festival, and the WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival. In 2014 they produced a science fiction drama titled, Manifest: the Chryzinium Era, which premiered at the Beverly Hills Film Festival. Their 2016 short film, Dude in the Headlights, was rated by the Northwest Film Center in the top 8 short films of the year and received a nod in The Oregonian. Ambition Pictures is now in development on their second feature film, based on an award-winning sci-fi short story. For more information visit

About Glass House Distribution
Glass House Distribution is an international distribution company specializing in feature films and television. Glass House Distribution is a member of IFTA, the International Film and Television Alliance. For more information visit

SP Releasing
SP Media Group makes up independent film studio SP Entertainment, international sales agency Crystal Sky, distribution arm SP Releasing, & home entertainment distributor Echo Bridge. Currently developing the Atlas Comics library with Paramount Pictures. For more information, visit:

Phillip Wade
Ambition Pictures
+1 9712739155
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Mount Adams Trailer

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Acclaimed Actress/Writer, Wendy Wilkins, Examines Her Career and How Happy She is to be a Working Actress

Wendy Wilkins

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, August 31, 2021 / — I am an LA based working actress, originally from Australia via London, but have been here for over 15 years and am proud to be a US citizen. I studied theater at the prestigious Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London working on classical technique and Shakespeare. I guest starred on Australia's longest running and most beloved series, "Neighbors", where Margot Robbie was a series regular. After arriving in the United States, my career took off as I studied with the highly respected Ivana Chubbuck, and Katt Shea appearing in numerous films winning awards in festivals from Ojai to Sundance. I currently am the author of a successful memoir, "Sex, Love & Cops", and am represented by Aqua Talent Agency and 3G Management

I am a SAG/AFTRA working actor/actress. Through all of that though, I feel like only now I can finally call myself a working actress. After 15 years working on the craft, many audition, and rejections. It really is true what many industry people/mentors have told me to just keep doing the work and eventually you will get noticed for it. My work is a combination of referrals and standard auditioning with having a great team around me. I also just completed directing and playing the role of the wife of a wonderful actor, Kevin McCorkle, who is very involved with the Sag/Aftra foundation and teaches film at USC School of Dramatic Arts. We belong to a writing / reading group where we cast people from the group to have our work read. It’s pretty cool.

I’m also off to support my fabulous actress friend who is the lead in a film Premiering at the Pasadena film festival. It will be nice to see it on the big screen and I have a little role in it. We met in Ivana Chubbuck's acting class many years ago (Ivana has coached countless successful actors such as Charlize Theron and Halle Berry for their respective Oscar winning roles in Monster and Monster's Ball).

By booking more and more work, I finally feel like I can call myself a working actress. During COVID, obviously things have been quieter but thankfully it is starting to pick up. I was doing several Casting Director workshops online and keeping up working on the craft to "stay fit". The industry obviously has changed and adapted to the current situation and many bookings are purely off self-tapes these days, I booked my last two this way. I am noticing more requests for local hire in Los Angeles which is great and the reason I moved and based myself in Los Angeles as it is supposed to be the center of film making. I notice so many films get made overseas because of cheaper production value, it's a little disappointing to move your whole life here and then find a production set in America but is filmed in Australia, Canada, Malta, Bulgaria. I get it, if it is supposed to be "Europe" but it would be great if we were able to make more local films /productions here and support our local industry.

Currently, millions and millions of people have seen my face every day as I play a teacher in Olivia Rodrigo’s latest music video. It is just a small role but one of many roles that you need to be prepared for on a large set opposite a hugely popular young singer of the moment. You need to be prepared and do your job and get out. Olivia is very talented obviously and also FYI super sweet, she took the time to introduce herself and say hi to all the "students" on set which I thought was lovely.

I just got asked back for the second time to do an acting role in Wisconsin and that really feels like validation when you get called back by the same production company. I also just completed filming a role in a movie, playing Sally the FBI agent, in "Justice for Lizzie" with a great cast and crew and the director is from a Hollywood film royalty family. Bruce Schwartz relatives' created Baywatch, Gilligan’s Island and the Brady Bunch just to name a few classic TV shows.

It takes a while to navigate and settle in and feel like home in LA. Hopefully, more and more productions will be filmed locally here, after all it's the reason I moved here to follow my career as it is where all the studios are based, the main talent agencies, producers, film makers, and where the Oscars are held. At least I finally cracked the code and am a happy working actress.

Wendy Wilkins

Aurora DeRose
Boundless Media Inc.
+1 951-870-0099
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GCSEN Held Its First-Ever “MVP Demo Day”

We are moving the world to a better place through Social Entrepreneurship!


MVP Presenters & Social Entrepreneur Amy Wu

Program graduates, alumni, and GCSEN consultants had the opportunity to present their business ideas and do a demonstration of their products and services.

KINGSTON, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, August 31, 2021 / — GCSEN Held Its First-Ever “MVP Demo Day”!

On July 14, 2021, The GCSEN Foundation held its first-ever Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Demo Day where program graduates, alumni, and GCSEN consultants had the opportunity to present their business ideas and do a demonstration of their products and services.

During the GCSEN MVP Demo day, the primary benefit was a real world experience for peer-to-peer market feedback with practice in pitching, showing, telling, and selling. This was also an opportunity to create the gift of new friendships, business support, customer connections, real-world advice and next level input in a highly supportive environment. This keeps with the requests of GCSEN Students and alumni when they say, “Inspire me! Teach me! Support me!”

Each presenter first had 10 minutes for a traditional angels pitch deck format overview, followed by a 3-minute group Q&A session and then an active 25 minutes demonstration of their MVP offer. Each presenter created a “Lesson Plan” for their MVP including a practical demo where they had: an audience participate in a “do now” activity to experience the MVP service and/or product. At the end of their demonstration, the audience of GCSEN Faculty, Students, Interns and Alumni, Fellow Business Coaches, Mentors and VIP Observers provided constructive feedback. Finally, each presenter received up to (3) GCSEN Club THEOS alumni business contacts to help each other succeed!

MVP Demo Day Presenters:

Winslow Robinson – “Achilles Heal”, W ‘20
Suicide Prevention program using modern therapy, drama and theatre techniques

Ervin Williams – “Psi7 ”, W‘24
Engaging Board community games based on fostering greater understanding of historical events and cultures across the world

Ariel Ferreira – “South Coast Building Initiative”, W ‘24 A(B) Corporation dedicated to providing marginalized groups with construction industry carpentry skills

Shanai Williams – “Be Heard”, W ‘23
An education organization dedicated to giving a voice to children through afterschool programs and meals

Flor Najera – “Najera Studios” – Marketing and Public Relations Services, Marist MA ‘21, SUNY New Paltz BA ‘19

Heather Rotman – “Kindness Collective”,
W ‘17, An kindness promotion and anti-bullying middle school education program

Zara Salmon – “CRAVE Infused”, W’18
Homemade and plant-based skin care products and body butter creams

Kyle McNicoll – “Puppy Love Breeders”,W’16, Golden Lab breeding
And Adoption Dog Center

David Cagan – “Common Sense Consulting
Business”, Cornell ‘83, Performance skills through mindfulness techniques

Farough Saw- St. Peter’s University Guarani Business School, ‘21, “Agro-Forward”- a micro-farm and local economy initiative for North Africa

Guest Presenters:

Amy Wu, an Award-winning journalist, Director of the documentary film From Farms to Incubators, and Communications Director for the Hudson Valley’s Novo Foundation's Farm Hub

Chris Hewitt – “Hudson Valley CurrentLocal Currency, Tilda’s Kitchen-Farm to Community Cafe and The Livelihood Magazine”, GCSEN ‘15

GCSEN developed this new program offering as a next step for its Club THEOS Alumni Community "to go to market" especially for graduates of our national pilot college campus program partner Wheaton College (MA) – Social Entrepreneur Launch Program. Building on the momentum gained from GCSEN’s 4P SE Social Venture BootCamp for Wheaton students, this MVP Day builds on the impact of GCSEN’s programs and support services thru the Wheaton Social Entrepreneurship Launch Program for the Spring Semester, and the students Social Venture Statement of Intent Capstone.

Our goal is to accelerate more GCSEN 4P Social Ventures into the market and begin the positive cycle of value creation, cash flow and voluntary exchange while getting practical customer feedback.

The design intent is to be supportive in a practical, practitioner-focused, affordable and actionable way to help our GCSEN program graduates "Get to WOW!" with their GCSEN 4P Social Ventures for the benefit of People, Profit, Planet, and Place.

For more information on GCSEN go to

Press Contact- Mike Caslin, GCSEN Founder/CEO,, cell- 001-212-444-2071 or GCSEN Media Relations Coordinator Junior Consultant Flor Najera (W’18),


Michael Caslin
GCSEN Foundation
+1 212-444-2071
Visit us on social media:

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Writer Explains The Best Flowers To Use For Summer Weddings

Soulmates And Twin Flames Comes To Us

Finding Your Soulmate Takes Time

Sunflowers Are Not Commonly Used At Weddings

Sunflowers Add Uniqueness To The Wedding

Lovely Pink Chrysanthemum For The Bride And Groom At Wedding

Chrysanthemum For Wedding Days

Brides and Grooms Can Have A Good Idea Of What Flowers To Use For A Summer Wedding

Flowers For A Wedding Are What You Want Them To Be”

— "There Is No Wrong Flower For A Wedding"

JACKSONVILLE, FL, USA, August 31, 2021 / — Author Twin Flame Writer from has written an article about the best kinds of flowers to use for summer weddings. This will help brides and grooms to understand what kind of flowers are used during a wedding. The article talks about the reasons why these kinds of flowers are best used as well.

The author lists many different types of flowers to use for weddings: Sunflowers, Gazanias, Gerbera DaisiesIf Beauty, Dahlia Whether, Black Eyed Susan, Poppy Poppies, Cosmos, TuberoseIf, Peony, Chrysanthemum and more.

This in-depth article will help the bride and groom decide on which flowers are going to be right for their wedding. It takes a lot of careful planning for a wedding says the author. A bride and groom must know exactly what they want and make it happen on their special day.

A wedding day will last forever in your mind. It is something that someone will look back at 20 years from now and remember every detail. says that most couples do not spend enough time on choosing the right flowers. They often look at cost first and then what they want second. It is important to choose the flowers that someone wants and then try to find a florist that will meet the groom and brides price needs.

Summer weddings are often planned a year in advance. The bride and groom can often find help from the venue itself. However, many florists work independently and want to help brides and grooms to learn more about flowers and how they can bring joy to their wedding.

Flowers at weddings today are often different colors. The 21st century has brought upon a new set of ideas when it comes to flower arrangements. It used to be that flowers had to be white for a wedding. It is the sign of purity. However, millennials have started the trend that the kind of flower does not matter as long as the couple likes it.

We are moving into a time period in which more people are focused on what they like instead of what is right or acceptable to main stream society.
Flowers today at weddings can come in a bouquet or a table setting. Bride and grooms are often finding that giving a flower pot to their guest as a token of their appreciation for them attending their wedding is a good gesture.

Often, a flower pot will cost anywhere from $2.50 to $10.00. This is something that the guests can remember and flowers can grow for years if taken care of properly. The guest can also look at the flowers and always think of the wedding and feeling happy that they were a part of it. is a website that helps men and women to find their soulmate. They write articles about weddings, flowers, twin flames and much more. The author Twin Flame Writer is one of the writers of the blog and likes to help people through writing.

Readers often go to to learn more about themselves and love. The owners of the website say that anyone can learn more about soulmates by reading books and articles on the topic.

Charlene Myrons
Soulmate Twin Flame
+1 888-224-1047
email us here
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Clairvoyant Psychics Are Helping Their Clients Find Love

Learn About The Helpful Psychic

The Helpful Psychic Clairvoyant Readings

Clairvoyants Help To Find Twin Flames

Love Can Be Found With The Help Of Clairvoyants

Anyone Can Believe In A Clairvoyants Ability To Find Love

Clairvoyants Hope To Make Love Happen For Someone

A Clairvoyant Can Cause A Person To Feel Like Their Love Life Has Hope

Clairvoyants Help People To Understand Love Better”

— "Clairvoyants See Soulmates"

HOUSTON, TX, USA, August 31, 2021 / — Clairvoyant readers have been around for generations says However, over the last two decades, they have been helping people find love at a faster rate. The reason for this is because the internet makes it easy for anyone to connect with a psychic through chat, phone and email.

Author Twin Flame Writer of the website says that clairvoyants have always helped people. However, they would often answer questions from men and women that were local in their hometown. In order to get a psychic reading with that clairvoyant, a person would have to travel great distances in order to see them in person. Most people were not able to do that.

In the early part of the 20th century, it was common for people to write a letter to a famous clairvoyant and have them answer a question. However, one would not know if they were going to receive a reply back. It was often hard for psychics to connect with people because of distance.

In today’s world, the world wide web makes it easy for someone to connect with a psychic. A person can even get a video chat reading. This means that a man or woman can use a web cam at home and see their psychic as if it were face to face.

According to, the dating world is a bit “messy” right now. Relationships are coming and going so fast. It is hard to find anyone that wants to stay together for 20 years or longer anymore. According to the website, this has a lot to do with a person’s morals and spirituality.

Millions of men and women today are calling upon clairvoyants in order to find out if they will ever meet their soulmate. They have often tried meeting a twin flame on their own and yet have failed. Many people today are trying to rely on clairvoyants to see if they can pick up information from the spirit world. It is a belief that clairvoyants have the power to see into the future. If they can see a soulmate for someone, it will make them feel better.

Walking through life alone is not easy says author Twin Flame Writer from It is hard to wake up everyday knowing that you do not have your soulmate or at least someone that loves you. Romance is not fair for most people today.

A lot of men and women today feel like their love life can use a lot of work. This is why clairvoyants seem to be connecting with people from all walks of life. Years ago, a lot of men and women would turn to their clergy for help. However, they will often not tell you that they see a new man or woman coming into their life. Pastors and other clergy often offer good spiritual counseling or a “feel good” message that everything will be okay. However, clairvoyants can tell a person if they will have someone in their life forever. It is almost as though clairvoyants can solve problems. says that we are living in a world that is full of hurt and pain. Romantic relationships tend to come and go. It is hard to imagine our lives being without someone to love us. However, there is hope for a lot of people when it comes to getting psychic readings. The reason for this is because a psychic reading often opens doors for hope.

Clairvoyance is a spiritual art form. These psychics often say that they have been born with a spiritual gift for enlightenment. They can tap into a spiritual world that most people cannot. These spiritual workers often say that they want to help people. Most clairvoyants do not give psychic readings for money alone. They instead feel a calling to help people.

According to author Twin Flame Writer, clients of psychics today say that their lives are being helped through readings. Some people get readings more than once a month. The millennial generation seems to like psychic readings and astrology.

Psychic websites are making it easy for people to call or chat online. These sites often have “call me” buttons that a person’s presses on the website to get connected to a psychic instantly. The clients phone number and personal details are hidden from the clairvoyant.

It makes the reading more mysterious and personal. It is a lot like confession booths. A person can dump their problems on someone anonymously and not have to worry about people gossiping about them. says that clairvoyants today want to help people learn more about their love life through a reading. It is important to find clairvoyants that are willing to assist and help to solve a problem.

Clairvoyants today are being called upon for their accuracy and ability to create change. It is believed that a clairvoyant reader can see into different dimensions in order to see what will happen in an individual’s life.

It is never easy for a clairvoyant to say all that they feel. Sometimes these types of psychics get scared of telling the truth during a reading. They often do not want to be the bearer of bad news. This means that a clairvoyant may not see anyone for their client and perhaps they do not have any better news for them.

Twin Flame Writer says that she enjoys helping people from all walks of life through her writing because it helps men and women to see themselves for who they are. Her articles help people to learn more about clairvoyance, psychics and tarot. She is the kind of writer that wants to be able to help people understand metaphysics. writes articles about clairvoyants weekly. The website covers topics such as: how to hire a clairvoyant, the best kinds of clairvoyant readings, finding the right psychic and the benefits of readings.

Denise Harshmzlk
The Helpful Psychic
+ +1 888-224-1047
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Observe & Support World Suicide Prevention Day with We Level Up Treatment Center

Suicide and Mental Health Stats

Suicide Prevention Mental Health Facts

We Level Up Treatment Center

We Level Up Treatment Center

Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Call 1-800-273-8255 or 988 to Get Help from the Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Suicide Prevention is a Global Problem

Suicide Prevention is a Global Problem

Find resources for Suicide Prevention

Find resources for Suicide Prevention

The fabric of our community can be strengthened when we all contribute to improving mental health challenges faced by so many.

The fabric of our community can be strengthened when we all contribute to improving mental health challenges faced by so many.”

— Ryan Zofay founder of the Level Up Series

WEST PALM BEACH, FL, UNITED STATES, August 31, 2021 / — An unfortunate person loses their life every 40 seconds from suicide, according to the World Health Organization. World Suicide Prevention Day aims to educate people on the signs and behavior correlated with suicide and provides information and resources to prevent it from happening. The theme this year is “Creating Hope Through Action”.

Support World Suicide Prevention Day
As part of society, we owe it to ourselves to help the needy, sick, and suffering, when and where we can. Suicide prevention day should be a day to remember those, often left behind, and with no one to confide in during the darkest moments of their lives. This is not to detract from the fact that it is harrowingly sad and tragic when this happens, but that it is always preventable. While it is certainly true that some people are given much less of a chance to succeed in life, nobody should ever "fall through the cracks" and be left without the help they need. While everyone goes through struggles in their lives that are very intense some people may suffer more and do so alone, this is what must be avoided. When people suffer without professionals to soften the blow they are more likely to think of suicide as an option.

"The fabric of our community can be strengthened when we all contribute to improving mental health challenges faced by so many. Treatment at a suicide prevention center can make a critical difference to those suffering." Stated Ryan Zofay, founder of the We Level Up Series and Centers, professional speaker, and coach.

– International Associate for Suicide Prevention
Preventing Suicide: A Global Imperative
77% of global suicides happen in low- and middle-income countries. [3] Ingestion of pesticides, hanging, and firearms are among the most typical means of suicide globally.

For people aged 15 to 29 suicide is the second most common cause of premature death, second only to car accidents. Women specifically, in this age group, are most likely to die prematurely from maternal conditions, and the second most common cause of death for them is suicide as well. Lastly, for young males aged 15 to 19 suicide is the third most common way to die prematurely, after card accidents and interpersonal conflicts. [4]

Suicide deeply impacts family and friends and often leaves them grieving for many years.

– Biggest risk factors for suicide
The correlation between suicide and mental disorders (most notably depression and alcoholism) is very large in higher-income countries. A majority of suicides happen quickly and impulsively during a crisis. When a young adult faces extreme difficulty with finances, interpersonal relationships and substance abuse they are at the greatest risk of suicide.

While sudden crisis brought on in early adulthood is a large reason for suicide, traumatic events that are undealt with are nearly just as common a reason for suicide. Some groups in America are more prone to traumatic experiences, such as refugees, migrants, indigenous peoples, lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender, intersex individuals (LGBTQI), and convicts. Previous suicide attempts also place one at high risk.

The majority of suicides (at 77%) happen in lower-income countries, these lower-income countries face food scarcity and violence, unlike most first-world counties. A staggering 703,000 people die of suicide each year, furthermore, there are more than 20 suicide attempts for each suicide. The effect of one person committing suicide is tremendous. Not only the person's family, but their whole community receives a shockwave effect.

Typical Suicide Warning Signs:
Verbalizing thoughts or feelings about wanting to end their life, or talking about feeling hopeless, or having no reason to live
Expressing feelings of loneliness, and withdrawal from others, resulting in extreme social isolation
Expressing feelings of being a burden to others, or being in unendurable pain
Unrest, violence, distress, or difficulty in interacting are also very common
A change in eating, hypersomnia (sleeping too much) or insomnia
Signs of cutting or self-harm
Arranging end-of-life personal affairs, such as writing a will; and absence of supportive family members, or other psychosocial support
Remember to consider And Assess The Risk Factors For Suicide

Other risk factors include:

Previous suicide attempts
Alcohol or drug use problems
Other mental health conditions such as psychosis or bipolar disorder
Severe emotional distress
Chronic pain or illness
Events of trauma (e.g., sexual, and interpersonal violence, war, abuse, discrimination)
A recent loss (e.g., unemployment, bereavement, relationship break-up)
Financial problems
World Suicide Prevention Day Awareness and COVID-19
The COVID-19 Pandemic has added to increased feelings of isolation and vulnerability to many individuals.

Really anything that puts undue stress and causes isolation or solitude is a risk factor. COVID 19 has forced at risk people to spend large amounts of time in isolation and increase their stress, increasing risks. This is not unprecedented, according to The National Biotechnology Center Suicides rose during the influenza pandemic (1918–19) and the SARS outbreak (2003) for elderly persons in Hong Kong (the same being true for any previous pandemic). There are numerous issues concerning how COVID isolation has impacted people, not to mention political and economic stress in the U.S. concerning issues such as contagion fear, anxiety, and chronic stress.

For some, there is even a higher risk associated with the social stigma for having contracted COVID 19.

So, if you are concerned about yourself or someone in your family or community, reach out to them and ask, “Are you okay?” Checking in and offering broad-minded care can make a difference! Get help at your local rehab recovery resource center.

Preventing Suicide
According to the International Association for Suicide Prevention [6], there are five reminders for us on how to prevent suicide:

1) ‘Creating Hope Through Action’: A reminder that our actions, no matter how small or big, may provide hope to those who are struggling.
Suicidal thoughts.

2) Also, the circumstances and causes that lead to suicide are complicated, no single approach works for everyone. We know that certain aspects and life experiences can make someone more susceptible to suicide and can lead to extreme stress, despair, and isolation.

3) You can help give someone hope by showing that you care: We may never how small actions to brighten someone's day can help. We all can reach out and help someone. You do not need to tell them what to do or have solutions, but simply making the time and space to listen and practice empathy can really save someone's life.

4) The insights and stories of people with a lived experience of suicide: It can be compelling in helping others understand suicide better and encourage people to support someone and reach out for help themselves. In this case, the person sharing their story needs to be extremely prudent as to not encourage the behavior or justify it.

5) Individuals sharing experiences of being bereaved through suicide and how they came to live their new and improved lives, can help others experiencing suicidal thoughts make sense of why it is never a decision that will end well. Sometimes, when somebody dies by suicide, their surviving family and friends may encounter shock, anger, guilt, symptoms of depression or anxiety, and may even share suicidal thoughts too.

World Suicide Prevention Day

‘This day has spurred campaigns both nationally and locally and has led to raising awareness and reducing stigma’. – IASP

What you can do to help,
Steps On How To Approach Someone Struggling With Suicidal Ideation

Allot sufficient time to talk to the person in a private space, show empathy, and establish a positive rapport

Lead into the issue gradually, measure the person’s current mental state before asking straight if they have thoughts about suicide. Asking about suicide does not motivate suicide but can lessen anxiety and helps the person feel understood.

If the person confirms that they have thought of or are thinking about suicide, ask follow-up questions to determine whether they have made firm plans.

If The Person Has Suicidal Ideations, But The Goal Is Not Concrete Or Immediate

Offer emotional support, inspire them to talk about their suicidal feelings, remind them of their strengths; encourage them to talk of how they fixed problems in the past, and explore reasons and ways to stay alive.

Give them with details of a mental health specialist if possible, and keep regular contact, initially by making another appointment; and
Activate psychosocial support by reaching out to family or friends and community resources, and give details of community services, including crisis lines.

If the person has a solid plan, including the means and the intention to die, stay with the person, remove the means of suicide. Ask a mental health
specialist and designate a family or staff member to stay with the person so that they are not alone until further specialist support is in place.

After a suicide attempt, make sure the person knows available community services to provide support and a plan for regular and well-coordinated follow-up contact.

Explain to the person and their family the advantages of staying in connection with health services.

Addiction Facts For World Suicide Prevention Day

The connection of alcohol and drugs with suicidal ideation and behavior is very real, and very common. Feeling hopeless is much more common when someone is abusing drugs and or alcohol.

Alcohol and drugs commonly lead to suicidal thoughts because of chemical imbalances. When chemical imbalances are thrown off it can be literally impossible for someone to have positive thoughts about themselves.

This becomes an even larger problem when the person gets addicted to drugs and or alcohol. Over half of all suicides have a correlation with alcohol and drug dependence, and 25% or more of alcoholics and drug addicts will commit suicide. Moreover, over 70% of adolescent suicides may have complications with drug and alcohol use and dependency. Because alcoholism and drug addiction are leading risk factors for suicidal behavior and suicide ideation, any alcoholic or drug user should be evaluated for suicide, mainly if actively using alcohol or drugs and given addiction treatment. [8]

People that are addicted to drugs and or alcohol often have underlying mental health problems that were worsened by their using. When you see just how common depression, anxiety, addiction, and financial problems go together, you can see how addiction can cause suicide. The silver lining is that people are really starting to realize how damaging addiction can be to adolescents and are taking practical countermeasures to fight addiction in young people.

World Suicide Prevention Day Is A Reminder To Ask For Help

Mental illness and mental disorders are surrounded by a lot of stigmas, this can make it even harder for people affected to ask for the help they need. Part of the reason why suicide rates are so high In the world is that the issue is so taboo, people don't even want to talk about it at all. Now that the taboo nature concerning the realities of suicide is being dismantled, those that can make the greatest difference are laying the groundwork for everyone to help. This includes walks for awareness, education on suicide, hotlines, and conventions for therapists and psychiatrists.

As World Suicide Prevention Day comes to a close, we help that we can fully break down any stigmas associated with suicide so that those affected can feel free to reach out for the help they need, and not feel afraid.

About We Level Up Treatment Centers
We Level Up is a renowned treatment center that applies evidence-based treatment modalities and holistic programs to improve client recovery outcomes—combining traditional elements of SUD treatment, including supervised medical recovery coupled with intensive behavioral rehab.

Offering cutting-edge advanced therapies, We Level Up is an accredited dual diagnosis mental health care provider. Fully integrating dual diagnosis conditions into our programs. Most importantly, our top-notch doctors, therapists, and counselors leverage the power of science to help clients succeed in rehabilitation recovery.

We provide exceptional addiction and mental health treatment across the U.S., with amenities and activities formulated to encourage the most progress possible. Each client gets lifetime alumni support post-inpatient treatment, along with family help resources. These resources maintain recovery momentum, after departing our centers. At We Level Up, our vision is to create legions of self-empowered individuals who are entirely in control of their lives and destinies, thus enabling them to get what they want out of life, and have real fun in the process.

Who Is Ryan Zofay?

In 2019 he founded the Level Up Development Series. Level Up is a unique development program that provides attendees with the tools and knowledge to eliminate limiting thoughts from their lives and to reach their full potential.

Ryan Zofay is most passionate about sharing his practical lessons that change lives. As a successful entrepreneur and motivational speaker, he teaches development strategies that improve performance, connection, and overall mindset.

Using the teachings of his successes and tribulations, Ryan has a unique ability to facilitate significant change for individuals and organizations. In addition, Ryan’s passion and enthusiasm readily spill over to his listeners.

Moreover, his life accounts, incredible comeback journies, along with the wisdom he developed, help formulate life improvement.


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Psychic Mediums Talk To the Dead And The Living According To TheHelpfulPsychic.Com

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The Helpful Psychic Clairvoyant Readings

Psychic Mediums See The Future Of The Dead And Living

Psychic Mediums Are Clairvoyant

Challenging Work For Psychic Mediums

Getting Help From Psychic Mediums

Psychic mediums can usually speak to the living and the dead.

Psychic Mediums Often Do Love Readings”

— "Mediums Often Work On The Living And The Dead"

SANTA BARBARA, CA, USA, August 31, 2021 / — It is important for psychic clients to know that psychic mediums can speak to the living and the dead. According to, people often assume that clairvoyants can only answers questions about the dead during a reading. However, this is often not the case.

Psychic mediums are usually clairvoyant and speak to the living as well says author Twin Flame Writer. Clairvoyants often have the gift of seeing into the past, present and future of people that have died and that are also alive right now. It is possible for a medium to be spiritually gifted in different ways. It is important to ask the medium if they can do both.

Having a medium that talks to the dead and the living can often save someone both time and money. Often, clients will ask a medium a question about someone that has died. However, they fail to ask the psychic a question about someone that is living.

Mediums often do not advertise that they do both. It can be somewhat misleading because it does not let clients know that you can ask a medium a question about most any topic. This of course depends on the person that is reading the energy.

For centuries, psychics have been speaking to the dead. It is okay to ask a psychic a question about the future or what may happen later on down the road for a person in love, money and career.

Psychic mediums today do psychic readings through chat, phone, email and video. It is possible for someone to get a psychic reading in person as well. It all depends on where the psychic medium is working.

For centuries, clairvoyants have helped people to find calmness after someone that they know has died. It is hard to imagine never speaking or seeing your loved one again. Author Twin Flame Writer says that mediums can make some people feel like they can still go on with their life.

Losing a loved one can be more devastating for some and not others. It is important to address a person’s needs individually. Psychic mediums often pick up on names, dates and locations. They often can tell the living person of a particular trait that the dead person had or perhaps a hobby that they had. In this way, the client can determine if they are really talking to their dead loved one.

Mediums are often surprised that they only get questions about dead people. Many psychics feel that they are not fully understood or that their job skills are not entirely understood a lot of the time.

It is important for a medium to feel that they can connect with the person that is sitting in front of them. Today, psychics around the world are finding that the internet is a great place for them to work.

In the 21st century, many psychics are feeling less ashamed of their work. It was hard being a medium in past centuries. Mediums were often bullied and called evil by the general public. Today, psychics are often being called helpers and people that soothe the hearts of the living. covers the topic of mediumship entirely. They have written numerous articles about how mediums live and what they do best. Anyone can learn a lot from this website because it educates the public about everything from soulmates to metaphysics.

Getting help from a medium today is not that hard. All that someone must do is search for a medium online and book a reading with them. It can take only a matter of minutes.

The internet today makes it easy to connect with readers because anyone can access a website and get help. It is not like the “old days” in which a person would have to travel in order to get a psychic reading.

Today, the world wide web is making it possible for anyone to get help. Author Twin Flame writer of says that she enjoys helping people to learn more about mediumship because she gets readings herself and has been studying mediums for years. has writers that carefully research information about soulmates, astrology and psychics. Anyone can learn more about spiritual workers through their website.

The authors of the website all come from a metaphysical background and are experts in their field of study.

Soulmate twin flame is a website that is open to anyone that wants to read a story and educate themselves about the topic.

Mediums around the world are helping people to learn more about the art of spiritual help. It is not every day that a person can learn more about a dead relative. It is important to get a psychic reading when the timing is right says the author.

Getting a psychic reading takes careful planning and know how. Everyone can use a little extra help when it comes to consulting with the dead. Mediums are now helping men and women with love questions as well. says that it is important to keep a journal of the reading after someone receives it. Often, a person will not remember what the psychic told them a few months after receiving advice. If someone keeps a journal of their encounter, they can always refer back to it if the psychics words come to pass. In this way, a person can know if they are dealing with a real psychic or not.

Clairvoyant is a gift that is often overlooked says author Twin Flame Writer. The idea of being able to speak to the dead is often ignored. However, the ancient world used to do a lot more mediumship type readings than we do today. At one time in history, a great majority of the world believed in talking to the dead. In today’s world, it is not as common.

We live in a world today that is complex and often misunderstood. Having a medium close to your side can assist in getting through rough times.

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A new creative year starts after Russian Creative Week


14 industries
300+ events
700+ speakers
10,000000+views online
Russian and foreign sources media coverage – 700 000 000

MOSCOW, RUSSIA, August 31, 2021 / — This year the Russian creative week was attended by:
• First Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation Sergey Kiriyenko
• Head of the Presidential Administration for Public Projects Sergey Novikov
• Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation Valeriy Falkov
• Mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin
• President of the Russian Book Union Sergey Stepashin
• Chairman of the Board of the PJSC Novatek Russian gas company, Chairman of the board of leading Russian petrochemical holding Sibur Leonid Mikhelson
• CEO of Gazprom-Media Holding Alexander Zharov
• CEO of the National Media Group Svetlana Balanova
• Director of the Information and Press Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russian Federation Maria Zakharova
• President of "Eksmo-AST" Publishing Group Oleg Novikov
• CEO of VAC Foundation Teresa Iarocchi Mavica
• Managing partner of ZVONKO GROUP, Dmitry Konnov
• Psychologist, scientific director of the Laboratory of Neurosciences and Human Behavior of Sberbank, Andrey Kurpatov,
• science fiction writer Liu Qixing and many others.

More than 700 speakers took pard in more than 300 events of the festival forum, including 40 international speakers: Liu Qixing, DJ Imanbek, Matthew Ball, Lars Doucet, Frederic Schreiber, Greg Tkachenko, Guillaume Pitron, Andrew Pettigri, Elke Schmitter, Francesco Forte and others.

The curators of each section were the leading companies in their fields.
• MY.GAMES ( Group international gaming brand) – Game Development and Computer Graphics
• Yandex – IT
• National Media Group and Gazprom-Media Holding – Cinema and Television
• Gazprom-Media Holding – New Media
• "Prosveshenie" group of companies – "Education in creative industries"
• ZVONKO GROUP Russian music companies group – "Music and sound design"
• "Exmo-AST" – "Publishing and journalism"
• Russian Design District – "Architecture and urban studies"
• Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation – "Science and Technology"

The organizers of the Russian Creative Week are: Federal State Budgetary Institution "Roskultcenter" and the Russian Book Union. With the support of the Presidential Grants Fund and the Moscow Government. The partner of the Russian Creative Week is PJSC Novatek. The general partner is Sber. The official telecommunications partner is MegaFon. The sponsor of the "Fashion" section is the "GUM Torgoviy Dom" joint-stock company

Marina Abramova, Director of the"Russian Creative Week” fest-forum and FSBI "Roskultcenter":

"The second Russian Creative Week has grown a lot in terms of the number of speakers, awareness and quality of the agenda. Federal brainstorms format turned out to be in demand. The number of visitors was limited due to COVID protection measures. More than 10 million people watched the broadcasts on various media. We are grateful to the Presidential Administration and the Moscow Government for their support and trust. Many fundamental decisions have been made at the forum — the creation of the Presidential Fund for Cultural Initiatives, the development of creative industries register and design solutions in the field of special banking products for the creative sector. Exports was also discussed, because the Russian Creative Week has become an official event of the International Creative Economy Year. And most importantly, we are happy to give thousands of people the opportunity to present their projects freely and for free, find partners, to meet each other in an incredibly warm atmosphere and jointly design our creative future."


The key event of the entire Russian Creative Week was the "Russia in the Year of the Creative Economy" plenary session. Representatives of the creative industries and the authorities spoke about what further steps the state, regions and business need to take in order for Russia to become one of the leaders of creative changes in the world.

Sergey Kiriyenko, First Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation:
"A lot has changed since the first Russian Creative Week — attitude to the industry, there is now clarity in the wording and an idea of what support measures are needed. Thanks to the creation of the Presidential Fund for Cultural Initiatives, new investments in the Institute for the Development of the Internet, the ANO "Russia — the land of opportunities", the Cinema Fund, state support for creative industries amounted to 35-40 billion rubles. Almost everything that we agreed on at the creative week last year has been implemented by this moment. It is clear that this is a process that will never stop, so now there are new tasks."

Sergey Sobyanin, Mayor of Moscow:
"What can the authorities do to attract creative and active people to the city?
We like to talk about direct support for some of the important industries. Sometimes it works. But much more often, the less help the industry gets, the better it develops. But the authorities can (and should!) create space for life and creativity in the city. And then people will not go anywhere, but will implement their ideas in Moscow. We are ready to give creative industries platforms, create public spaces. We have started a project to reorganize 400 hectares of industrial zones, which opens up a huge range of opportunities for the creative industries. Here we can develop spaces and create technoparks."

One of the key outcomes of the forum was the consideration of the list of creative industries. The working Group of the State Council together with leading industry experts recommend taking this list into account for all regions when writing regulations, concepts and targeted support:

1. Research and development, including in the field of organization of social, technological and economic systems (R&D)
2. Architecture, urban studies and public spaces development
3. Design, including graphic, industrial, and digital systems design
4. Fashion
5. Cinema production, animation and other video products
6. Music and sound design
7. Performing arts, theater and festival activities
8. Literary and publishing activities
9. Fine and visual arts (art, fine arts, folk arts and crafts, decorative and applied arts)
10. Software development, computer

Official website of the Russian Creative Week:
More photos — link.

Russian Creative Week
Russian Creative Week 2021
+7 926 115-92-19

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The Helpful Psychic Explains 10 Reasons Why People Love Astrology

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Astrology Is Ten Thousand Years Old

Astrology Teaches People Not To Judge

The New Age Wants To Learn Astrology

Getting Into Astrology Means Something New

Astrology Is Being Practiced By Millennials Today Because It Does Not Judge People

Astrology Teaches People How To Love And Accept”

— "Astrology Relies On The Planets To Predict The Future"

ORLANDO, FL, USA, August 31, 2021 / — According to, astrology is making a huge comeback in the 21st century. It has been around for over ten thousand years. However, this generation seems to like astrology. It gives people a prediction of what is going to happen in their lives based on a zodiac sign.

Author Twin Flame Writer of says that the first reason why millennials love astrology is because it gives love predictions. Relationships come and go quickly today. Astrology matches someone with another zodiac sign based on their planetary alignments.

The second reason is because an astrology charts can tell a person how their financial outlook will be over the next year. It is based on the time and day that someone is born.

Third, astrology tells someone what their career outlook will look like. Millennials like the fact that their astrology chart can give them a prediction on what kind of a career they will be involved in.

This generation often believes that their zodiac sign is already predestined to do something. Instead of blaming themselves for life failures, millennials will often look at astrology and say that its not meant to be because of the stars not wanting something for a person’s life. says that a fourth reason why millennials love astrology is because they can involve themselves in spirituality without feeling judged. Astrology has no set of rules that someone must live by. Modern day religion often dictates what a person must believe in.

A fifth reason is because this generation wants to feel good. They want to think like they are not sinning when they do something wrong. Instead of calling it a sin, it’s a life lesson that can be corrected.

The sixth reason is because many people today want to not feel judged. Millennials and younger generations often feel that religion says that a person has to live their life a certain way. Astrology makes it possible for someone to make their own life choices and rules.

Twin Flame writer says that the eighth reason why many people like astrology these days is because someone does not have to go to a “church.” One can pray at home or not ask God for help at all. Astrology is more of a pseudoscience that is based on study and not prayer.

The ninth reason why this generation loves astrology is because it does not force them to give money. In many modern-day churches, members are encouraged to give money or a tithe to their place of worship. Millennials often feel that their generation is being hit hard by low paying jobs and they would rather not be forced to give their hard earned money to a building. also says that the tenth reason why this generation loves astrology is because it gives them the freedom to educate themselves at their own leisure. Many modern day churches encourage Bible study groups or sacred text gatherings in which members are forced to read.

Astrology gives people the option to study in their own time. If they do not have time to read, it is encouraged to contact an astrologer for a psychic reading.
It is obvious that the world is going through a change right now in information that was once not available to the general public. The internet makes it possible to study ancient God’s, religious practices and beliefs.

Today, astrology is making a comeback for people that want to know that most things in their life are not their fault. The main reason is because a person’s astrological birth chart says that something is going to happen based on what the planets are saying. It says that it has nothing to do with something that a person did.

Astrology makes it easier for a person to love themselves. Many modern day religions teach people that they are going to go to hell or be doomed for all eternity for something that they did. Astrology teaches that everyone is a loving soul and not everything will work out the way that you want it to.

Astrology is practiced all over the world and has been for thousands of years. However, in the United States of America, it is fairly new. Astrology made a comeback in the early part of the 20th century.

Millennials also like astrology because it can be practiced in any religion. There are no rules as to what someone should believe. Many times, celebrity tabloids write daily horoscope columns. Many men and women read these daily and weekly. Astrologers write these columns in order to give their readers a mini prediction of what the outlook will be for their astrological sign. believes that the universe is living in a new age. There are old belief systems being resurfaced. The world today is evolving into more acceptance of each other. This new form of love is replacing the old way of spiritual practice of judging one another based on what a particular religious text says.

It is clear that people all over the world are seeking acceptance of who they are as a person. Astrology makes it easier to love a fellow brother or sister because someone does not have to judge another person based on what a text book says. Instead, an individual tries to learn about someone else based on who they are saying that they are.

The new age movement is in its infancy stage says It still has a long way to go before people learn to accept one another for who they are. Love is something that is easier to do with astrology. The reason for this is because it teaches people to match yourself up with someone that gets along with your particular zodiac sign.

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