REVOLUTIONARY Improvement for Aesthetic Procedure Patients: IMPROVING and SPEEDING RECOVERY BY 50-70%

CALM Recovery formulation

APTT3X formulation

The use of CALM Recovery and APTT3X formulations will help decrease bruising, swelling, redness and discomfort in any aesthetic procedure – shortening recovery.

The use of these protocols in my aesthetics practice has completely changed my expectation for patient comfort and recovery. There is no going back !”

— Dr. Scott Gerrish

ROCKWALL, TX, USA, June 23, 2021 / — PFT Derma, LLC has launched a combination of unique topical formulations that are revolutionizing the improvement of patient recovery and patient expectations, across the aesthetics marketplace.

CALM Recovery™, a new revolutionary topical cosmetic formulation combining botanical extracts (Arnica, Calendula and Ledum) optimized to soothe skin and increase recovery. The APTT3X™ is an FDA registered, non-prescription (OTC) first aid antibiotic ointment used to prevent development of secondary infection concerns as well as imparting an anti-inflammatory component to the acute phase(first 2-3 days) of skin repair.

The CALM Recovery™ formulation will help decrease bruising, redness and swelling as well as general discomfort associated with any injectable or microneedling procedure reducing bruising and swelling “down time” by 50-70%, within the traditional MedSpa business.

Dr. Scott Gerrish (Gerrish MedEsthetics: Vienna, VA and Scottsdale, AZ) discovered the CALM Recovery™ and APTT3X™ formulation protocol dramatically impacted his aesthetics practices. Improving patient experiences to a point where he converts majority of "shoppers" of aesthetic procedures to purchasers. Happy patients and “word of mouth” are the most powerful recommendations for referrals. Dr. Gerrish discusses the impact of CALM Recovery™ and APTT3X™ formulations within his practices in this video (5 min.).

This revolutionary combination protocol has been extensively utilized with the following procedures: CO2 laser protocols, Non-Ablative Laser, Micro-needling with RF protocol, Post-injectable protocols and Thread-Lift protocols. The dramatic 50-70% reduction of "downtime" is inclusive of all these more aggressive aesthetic procedures and allows patients to get back into life faster. Images of patient outcomes.

CALM Recovery™ and APTT3X™ formulations will significantly impact the patient recovery and well- being unlike any other post procedure protocols (products) used today in aesthetics.

The growing PFT Derma portfolio utilizes the proprietary Advanced Performance Technology™(APT™) platform which empowers these topical formulations to be more effective than any other topical applications or protocols managing post-treatment recovery.

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Dr. Scott Gerrish discusses post treatment Recovery Protocol

Source: EIN Presswire