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The COVID-19 pandemic has had an enormous impact on mental health. Healthy people all over the world have developed symptoms that can impact work productivity

Coaching is a place for people to examine their thinking, gain clarity and focus on the areas of their lives where they need to improve to maintain mental health.”

— Joyce Odidison

WINNIPEG, MB, CANADA, May 11, 2021 / — The COVID-19 pandemic has had an enormous impact on mental health. Healthy people all over the world have developed symptoms of depression and anxiety, and the effect on those already diagnosed with mental illness has been devastating.

“Poor mental health has become a parallel pandemic.”
– Dr Hans Henri P. Kluge, WHO Regional Director for Europe

In the workplace, we have been forced to adopt new ways of collaboration and collegiality has slowly been eroded by months of fear, isolation, and loneliness. Organizations across the globe will be faced with an unprecedented challenge as we attempt to rebuild our workforce in the wake of this pandemic. Ensuring that wellness support is available for employees to face this transition is now a must-have measure.

More than ever before, there is a desperate need for skilled professionals who can support and empower those suffering from poor mental health.
An essential aspect in the process of effectively managing mental disease is building mental resilience and creating new habits and routines that aid in minimizing stress, overwhelm, and anxiety.

At Coach Velocity, we believe that a professionally trained certified coach can play an instrumental role in this process. While coaching is certainly not suitable for someone during a mental health crisis, it is ideal for creating new lifestyle routines and accountability partnerships.

The coaching relationship is also a place for the client to examine their thinking, gain clarity and focus on the areas of their lives where they need to improve. These wellness coaching conversations are extremely important for maintaining mental health.

“The time has come to once and for all stop treating mental health as an incurable infectious disease”
– Joyce Odidison, founder and CEO, Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc.
For this reason, we have created the world’s most comprehensive certification program for ‘Wellness Mindset Competency Coaching certification’ that features a wellness mindset and strategies to improve overall well-being. A key course in our line-up is ‘Coaching and Mental Health’. The course is designed to give coaches and leaders the tools they need to support their clients and employees in maintaining their mental health.
Students of the ‘Coaching and Mental Health’ course:
– Learn how to accurately assess for mental health episodes
– Develop confidence in referring clients to psychologists and other mental health practitioners
– Fully understand their role in supporting clients and employees to restructure their lives in response to a mental health diagnosis
– Have a clear picture of the client in the process; knowing when to stay in coaching and when not to coach.

As we move into a new era, there needs to be less fear and discomfort around the subject of mental disease. In opening minds to new ideas and fostering inclusiveness and understanding, coaching can be the vessel for this change. With the right training, coaches can empower people to feel less like patients and more like productive individuals who need support to restructure their lives and safely manage a diagnosis.

With more than two decades of experience, Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc. through its coaching branch, Coach Velocity School of Coaching provides the most comprehensive range of coaching certifications outside of a university. Our unique, holistic approach, based on the Wellness Improvement System® (WIS), is fast becoming the go-to method for fast transformational coaching. Our training allows professionals and leaders to promote mental and emotional wellness and psychological safety at work and in life.

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Source: EIN Presswire