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Person centered interoperability enables healthcare professionals to provide better care

Skilled Nursing Facilities require the best support. and CareServ are partnering to revolutionize communication and care coordination in senior care. helps facilities to make timely care decisions. Care teams spend more time providing care instead of chasing contacts & communicating 1 on 1 with each care member for each specific patient. ”

— CareServ CEO Jeremy Spradlin

CHICAGO, IL, USA, April 6, 2021 / — One year into the global pandemic, Skilled Nursing Facilities are still on the front lines and require the best support possible to keep their residents safe and healthy. Toward that goal, and CareServ are partnering to revolutionize communication and care coordination in senior care. CareServ aims to bridge the gap between the senior care industry and efficient technology. Technology within this segment is often out of date or low quality which results in expensive maintenance or gaps in service which in turn jeopardizes an organization's financial strength, the residents’ health, and PHI (Protected Health Information. CareServ is committed to improve the senior care industry challenges by revolutionizing how technology serves them with round the clock support.

By being the experts in senior living technology solutions, CareServ helps healthcare organizations by providing best practices and custom technology solutions that let staff focus time and energy on providing better quality care to residents. CaseServ and together deliver improved, SECURE, and easy patient-centered messaging technology, training, and consulting services to ease the burden of compliance and internal operations for senior living owners and operators.

CareServ CEO Jeremy Spradlin said, “ helps these facilities by providing a platform to make timely care decisions. The care team spends more time providing care instead of chasing contacts & communicating one on one with each care member for each specific patient. “

With a telehealth enabling technology like in place, hospitalizations and ER visits are vastly reduced. Care teams are all in the loop on patients’ wellbeing in real-time – all remotely via app irrespective of the patients’ locations. Through reduced hospitalizations, healthcare organizations can maintain patient family satisfaction driving improved census for senior living operators.

CareServ’s skilled nursing and post-acute customers will also be able to generate more revenues, improve existing referral relationships and build new ones with They can increase occupancy rates by improving patient-centered care through timely communication across internal/external healthcare teams and referral partners. The app brings true collaboration to the patient which helps the skilled nursing and senior living customer become a top choice for those seeking long term care for their loved ones.

Finally, CareServ clientele can address operational challenges and centralize all communication (1 to 1, many to many, and patient-centered) taking place within There will no longer be any need to fax, email, text or phone when there is being utilized within the facility. The HIPAA compliant, text messaging telehealth app is the choice of communication and is free to Skilled Nursing Facilities.

“ and CareServ are both strongly committed to providing technology that makes healthcare providers’ jobs easier while improving the residents’ lives. Together, we are bringing a new system of telehealth enabled technology to customers that is less expensive, very easy to use and launches in minutes across the entire organization.,” said CEO Asif Khan.

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