Local Cigar Lounge, The Smoke Ring of Webster, TX, Offers Annual Memberships

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Serving the Greater Webster, TX Area

A peek inside the front area of the  cigar lounge at The Smoke Ring in Webster Texas

Take your time with your selection.

This is a look inside the back area cigar lounge at The Smoke Ring in Webster.

Plenty of room to enjoy safely.

The Smoke Ring, a non-membership cigar lounge, now offers memberships for those who want an onsite locker. Membership not required to enjoy the lounge.

This local cigar lounge is a great place for people in the Webster, TX area to unwind.”

— SmokeRingCigars.com

WEBSTER, TEXAS, USA, March 31, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Local cigar lounge in Webster, Texas, The Smoke Ring, is pleased to offer annual memberships for patrons who wish to become extended members of their family. Although membership is not required to enjoy the lounge, there are a few privileges to having one.

Memberships include:
• A climate-controlled locker (either small or large)
• 5% off all purchases
• 15% off all non-limited edition box purchases
• 20% off locker member Cigar of the Month selection
• FREE birthday selection
• Exclusive brand promotions

Some restrictions include:
• All members and guests must be 21 or older.
• No products that violate federal or state law may be placed in the locker.
• Management reserves the right to open any locker for maintenance or inspection.
• Management has the right to revoke memberships for policy violations.

Since 1995, The Smoke Ring has sought to provide exceptional service to its customers. Cigar novices, enthusiasts, and/or gift-shoppers are all encouraged to browse and ask questions.

The friendly and knowledgeable staff makes it easy to make the right selection. Within the well-stocked humidor are the traditional mainstays found in every established cigar shop, as well as many exciting boutique brands. They also provide a range of accessories to enhance the experience.

This local cigar lounge is a great place for people in the Webster, Texas area to unwind. It is equipped with comfortable plush lounge chairs and four TV screens. The staff keeps it casual as they create a pressure-free environment. Patrons can purchase their selections and leave, or they are welcome to stay for a while and enjoy themselves.

New additions to the humidor and special events are regularly posted on their social media accounts. Following them is strongly encouraged. Just recently they had a Cut and Light event featuring AJ Fernandez brands, hosted by Hector Becerra himself.

One more reason to visit The Smoke Ring cigar lounge is the Active Military and First Responders discount. These patrons can enjoy 10% off of every purchase as well as 15% off of box purchases.

Customers can enjoy the comfort of their local cigar lounge safely. Socially distant outdoor seating is available.

For a personal experience, visit The Smoke Ring at 17066 Highway 3, Park Plaza One, Webster, TX 77598. For more information, go to the website at SmokeRingCigars.com. For updates, follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @thesmokeringCL.

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Live Your Purpose to overcome the effects of Covid-19

5X your Covid-19 recovery through living your purpose

DRAPER, UTAH, U.S.A., March 31, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Live with Purpose: Steps to Help Overcome COVID-19 PTSD

Coming out of the pandemic, mental health and company morale is a number one issue for people and companies. In 2020, we spent $201 billion annually on depression related illness in the US (National Health Expenditure Accounts). We have 10 Million people still unemployed and company job satisfaction levels are also at an all-time low. Now is the time to live and work with more purpose.

A 2020 McKinsey quarterly reported that employees recover from a crisis 5X faster as a result of living with purpose

My name is Rick Heyland, and I help people and organizations find and live their purpose to help them achieve outstanding life satisfaction and company performance.

My book, “Live Your Purpose: A step by step guide to living your best life,” explores themes of finding purpose, incorporating better habits, developing actionable goals and developing skills to overcome setbacks on your path to your best life.

Steps to take to Live with Purpose:
Clarity: Define and or Clarify your purpose: I have developed the “Triple 7 process” for purpose development. 7 questions, 7 hours over 7 days and you will have crystal clear clarity about your purpose and direction for life.
Actionable Goals: Develop actionable and simple goals that will accomplish your purpose. Make weekly and daily plans to accomplish your goals.
Identifying Better Habits: Develop the habits of gratitude, mindfulness and acceptance to overcome setbacks along the path to increased fulfillment and success.

My CI4life website has a series of tools and training to help companies and people live and lead with purpose.

Rick Heyland
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Matthew Bussard Explains Current Medicare Coverage for Long-Term Care

Medicare expert Matthew Bussard explains what long-term care is and what Medicare covers for long-term care.

WARWICK, RHODE ISLAND, UNITED STATES, March 31, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — More and more people retire every year. According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2017 National Population Projections, by 2030, all baby boomers will be older than 65. This means that every 5th American citizen will be reaching their retirement age. The subjects of Medicare, senior care, and long-term care are now becoming more critical than ever.

Matthew Bussard, a financial services broker for Medicare users across Rhode Island, suggests that now is an excellent time for future retirees and their families to learn what is covered and not covered by Medicare.

Matthew graduated from Colby-Sawyer College and assists his clients with initial Medicare enrollment, billing, upgrading to better healthcare plans, finding a new service center, and any other service needed in between. As a financial broker, Bussard focuses on establishing trusting relationships and serving clients long-term.

Bussard says that according to the official United States government site for Medicare, Medicare.gov, long-term care, also referred to as custodial care, is a span of services and support for individual care needs. The majority of long-term care is not classified as medical care. If someone needed assistance with daily activities such as bathing, dressing, using the restroom, eating, moving around, getting up from or into a bed or chair, or other related actions, they would need long-term care. Most nursing home care, assisted living facilities’ care, and assistance in people’s homes are considered long-term or custodial care.

“It is important for everyone eligible for Medicare to understand what personal care needs are covered. That is why I take the time to answer healthcare benefits questions, help clients enroll in Medicare, and alleviate unnecessary medical expenses. Unfortunately, Medicare does not cover long-term care if that is the only personal care an individual needs,” said Matthew Bussard.

Due to long-term care not being considered medical care, Medicare does not cover any cost for living at long-term care facilities or expenses for an in-home assistant. An exception to Medicare coverage for long-term care may be when an individual goes through a Medicare-approved agency to get home health services.

When it comes to paying for long-term care, there are options. Most people pay for costs from their pocket or utilize assets like investments or property. If those resources are ever to run dry, at that point, Medicaid could be an option. Other individuals or families look into getting long-term care insurance to help cover costs. What is covered under long-term insurance depends on the policies’ terms. Those who have served in the military can receive long-term care benefits from the United States Department of Veterans Affairs.

For more information about Matthew Bussard, additional support revolving around Medicare, or to schedule a consultation, visit his website at https://www.matthewbussard.com/.

About Matthew Bussard
Matthew Bussard is a financial services broker offering support to Medicare users in Rhode Island. He is passionate about creating a difference in his clients’ lives by helping them enroll in Medicare with professionalism and care. Mr. Bussard volunteers with Medicare recipients at Oak Street Health Clinics, providing efficient, continual guidance to clients every step of the way. Matthew also participates in various charitable activities, including The Hunger Project, the MDRT Foundation, local clean-ups, and little league coaching. He donates to local charities and makes a difference in his community in every way possible.

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Senior's Choice RI Medicare
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Honest Images of Family Life – Virtual Photography Exhibition from Documentary Family Photographers Worldwide

The organization, named Documentary Family Photographers, elevates authentic imagery by providing a supportive and inclusive community for photographers.

DUBLIN, IRELAND, March 31, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — The organization Documentary Family Photographers Worldwide is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of its highly anticipated inaugural exhibit, which showcases documentary family photographers from around the world.

Documentary Family Photographers (DFP) is a global community, directory, and photography resource and education platform committed to empowering and connecting families and photographers from all walks of life. The organization aims to transform perspectives and to create an impact on lives through documentary photography and community. DFP continuously strives to grow its space in order to amplify, support, and celebrate the diverse range of photographers in the Documentary Family Photography community and the important work they are doing.

In the organization’s most recent news, DFP is hosting a virtual photography exhibition, entitled Transforming Perspectives, showcasing images from documentary family photographers from around the world on April 5th, 2021. The imagery highlighted in Transforming Perspectives is of true family stories, diverse backgrounds, and celebrates everyday family life – the good, the bad, the funny, and more.

“DFP aims to champion a more inclusive definition of family by showing honest imagery with a wide variety of family compositions and experiences. From over 650 submissions, 50 photographs by 44 photographers from 11 different countries were selected by esteemed juror Tiffanie Graham, a New York Times Photo Editor,” says founder of DFP, Ashleigh Raddatz. “We will be acknowledging a variety of exemplary photographs with three unique awards to recognize the incredible talent of our artists. These photographs, and all of the others, will be featured in an exhibition catalogue and 3D Virtual Gallery, which will be released during the opening reception.”

Transforming Perspectives will be available to viewers online from April 5th – April 30th, 2021.

For more information about DFP, or to view the exhibit starting April 5th, please visit www.dfp-gallery.com.

About Documentary Family Photographers

Documentary Family Photographers believes in providing people with the ultimate gift of corroboration by connecting audiences with documentary photographers in their area, as well as by encouraging documentary photographers to elevate their imagery and business through guidance and access to insightful education.


Ashleigh Raddatz
Documentary Family Photographers
+49 1777844766

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Fresh New Spoken Word Competition “LIFT EVERY VOICE” Call For Entries by Black Hollywood Education & Resource Center

Lift Every Voice

Lift Every Voice

Lift Every Voice 2021

Lift Every Voice 2021

Lead by the vibrant younger BHERC members, this new “Signature” program elevates the voices of extraordinary writers and spoken word artists around the globe.

Spoken word artists, poets, and creative writers bring words to life with poetic agility, visual acuity, and agitated vocal percussion; The voice of the people. We are looking for those voices.”

— Sandra J. Evers-Manly, President & Founder BHERC

HOLLYWOOD, CA, USA, March 31, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Black Hollywood Education and Resource Center (BHERC) along with the capable hands of its NextGen members, with pride and great excitement, announces a Call For Entries for the inaugural BHERC “Lift Every Voice” (LEV) program. This fresh and new Written and Spoken Word Competition introduces a modern pathway for expressions of the “Spoken Word” artistic medium to increase its visibility on the world stage. Beginning April 2, 2021, thru April 23, 2021, 11 PM PDT, anyone who is age 16 and above is eligible to submit. Spoken word artists, poets, creative writers, and all who desires to share their ability to tell stories; to analyze the world or situations decisively and creatively with their words; those who want to offer that knowledge in a way that is available to large and diverse audiences are encouraged to apply at www.BHERC.TV.

About the Competition
An original creation of BHERC, “Lift Every Voice” (LEV) is managed by member Robert McCune and is an important opportunity to create recognition for poets and spoken word artists, especially the younger generation. With the intent to tap into the power of words and ideas, and to engage and nurture a younger generation, LEV intends to create a bridge to understanding the issues — both legacy and contemporary — that many people face today. “‘Lift Every Voice’ is an opportunity for writers and performers to speak for themselves, their families, and the world they live in. Considering the impact of the current climate of the world, and how it has proven to be debilitating, frustrating, resulting in tragedy for so many, this show provides a platform highlighting an area of artistry that is often overlooked.” stated Robert McCune, LEV Program Director. This program also allows BHERC LEV to call out across the globe in search of talented spoken word artists who are ready to let their words be heard. BHERC wants them to be seen and heard and all forms of prose are accepted. However, what makes this program “fresh” and “next level” is the addition of the online, character-driven, multi-episode competition.

What is Different About This Competition
• Character-driven, this multi-episode competition
• (10) Finalist selected to compete for cash prizes
• Finalists/creative writers meet several challenges each week
• Finalists are asked to provide new original works with each challenge.
• They must perform original works for all challenges.
• Eliminations will take place weekly

• Contestants must be age 16 and up, (minors will need parental permission)
• 3 original or newly written works, (different subject and style)

Judging Criteria
• Contestants will be judged for the following: Originality, Creativity, Performance, Presence and

• April 23rd application deadline for 1st phase (100 contestants will be chosen)
• April 30th phase 2 contestants Announced (submit a 60-second video performing a submitted work)
• May 14th Final (10) contestants announced

About the Program Director
Robert McCune is a Spoken Word Artist who believes that having such a gift is equivalent to having a “superpower”. He is a passionate believer that your voice, your thoughts, and your ideas can and do help people. Most of all, he believes that writers are needed to create narratives for the world in ways where love always wins. Born and raised in Pittsburg California, Robert now resides in Oakland, California. He attended Holy Names University, where I received a degree in behavioral psychology. He is a proud husband, father, writer, critical thinker, and basketball coach.

The competition will span ten weeks, in which finalists will compete in different writing and performance challenges each week. Eliminations will take place weekly, where only the top-scoring will move on towards the cash prizes.

During the competition, contestants will be judged on their written works, the performance of those works, and how well their works encompassed their challenges for that week. “‘Lift Every Voice’ puts the voicings of many stories of joy and sadness, survival, healing, and triumph across the globe front and center. No one can tell these stories with more poetic agility, visual acuity, and agitated vocal percussion than spoken word artists, poets, and creative writers. They are the voice of the people. The voice of humanity!” elated Sandra J. Evers-Manly, President and Founder of BHERC. Each week Judges will mentor the contestants and go through their creative process, share a bit about the finalists and how they are handling the competition. Contestants will be expected to give testimonials, embrace competition contrary to their fellow writers, and try to gain as much exposure as possible.

BHERC believes in the promise and power of youth and young people and has invested in their power to bring about change thru the support of programs that include the Youth Diversity Film Festival, Fight Back with Film, the Artistry in Motion animation program, and mentoring workshops and panels with entertainment industry executives. BHERC also provides scholarships and grants assistance to college students and emerging artists. “Lift Every Voice” is a natural and evolutionary addition to the family of programs that serve to empower the youth of today.

The BHERC “Lift Every Voice” Call For Entries, opens Friday, April 2, thru Friday, April 23rd, 2021 11 PM (PDT) at www.BHERC.TV. Apply today! For additional information about all BHERC programs log on to www.BHERC.org or call 310 284-3170


Lura Ball
Black Hollywood Education and Resource Center
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5 Questions Accountant Konstantin Lichtenwald Wants You To Answer Before Investing

First-time investors ‘bull-ied’ into the stock market like never before

VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA, March 31, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — These beginners dumped a considerable amount of time and money while stuck at home during the pandemic.The stimulus package deposited extra cash in pockets with little to spend it on. Others were just bored, with nothing to do and extra time to kill.The result was a perfect storm. Charles Schwab, an industry leader, reported that new accounts are completing more total trades than any other.And, many more are still eager to jump in.

Before beginning, accountant Konstantin Lichtenwald, based in Vancouver, encourages any first-time investor to ask themselves these five questions.

What type of investor are you?
It sounds like an existential crisis, but it all starts with self-reflection.

Who are you?
You may want to dive right in. You’re hands-on and want to manage every step of the process. Or, researching stocks and prices may feel like a chore. It’s okay to be less active in process.

This will help determine the entire approach.

Luckily, you can still invest no matter how you answer. All that changes is the “how.”

How do you want to allocate resources?
Regardless of your appetite, there’s a flavor for you.

Choosing stocks and funds on your own gives freedom and control over every aspect. Popular online brokerage apps, like Robinhood, have seen spikes from novices after the government released stimulus checks.

If DIY is a little too much, robo-advisors may be an ideal choice. Supported by most major firms, this service promotes expert help for a low-cost fee.

Consulting with a broker is always a good place to start. Konstantin Lichtenwald and other professionals offer assistance and direction where needed.

Can a professional, like Konstantin Lichtenwald, really help?
Simply put, yes.

You have the vision. They provide the game plan.

Accountants and brokers have the experience to create a personalized strategy that works for you. Konstantin Lichtenwald and other CPAs balance short-term interests with long-term goals.

How much should I invest?
Your goals are set.

Now, you need to set a budget.

Individual stock prices vary greatly, ranging from a few dollars to thousands. Selecting the right one can be tricky. As a general rule, these should be a small portion of your allocation.

Choose an exchange-traded fund (ETF) if your budget is limited. Like stocks, these trade for share prices but at fraction of the cost of traditional mutual funds.

Factor in any fees or service charges linked to whatever account you’ve created.

What should I invest in?
It’s time to build your portfolio.

Your goals drive your decisions.

If you’re padding a retirement nest egg, consider an individual retirement account (IRA). These offer tax breaks on your savings.

Konstantin Lichtenwald advises his clients to diversify and reduce risk. Don’t overextend yourself and never invest in a business you don’t understand.

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Evan Hiesberger Lawrence KS: Investing in the Best

Evan Hiesberger Lawrence KS: Investing in the Best

Evan Hiesberger Lawrence KS: Investing in the Best

Evan Hiesberger Lawrence KS on Investing in the Best

LAWRENCE, KS, UNITED STATES, March 31, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Evan Hiesberger Lawrence KS is an example of someone who is investing in many eco-friendly things in order to make a difference in this world. Investing in Gamestop, electric vehicles, and green energy is one way to accomplish this purpose, and that is what Evan Hiesberger Lawrence KS has done.

In order to invest in Gamestop, one should go to a stockbroker or bank to get started and get the details ironed out. Any financial institution that provides people with brokerage services will do for anyone who wants to make this kind of investment, as Evan Hiesberger Lawrence KS did and continues to do. Gaming stocks are not necessarily related to anything having to do with making the world healthier and greener, but it is a great way to make money for anyone who does invests in them properly. With this money, people who invest in Gamestop successfully will be able to go on and spend the money they acquire here on more noble purposes, such as green energy and electric vehicles, which do have a direct positive impact on the environment. What Evan Hiesberger Lawrence KS has done has shown that this is possible for anyone who is interested in this sort of endeavor.

Evan Hiesberger Lawrence KS has also made a name for himself by investing in green energy and electric vehicles. Some people may be somewhat confused as to what exactly green energy is. Some people may think that the terms "green energy" and "renewable energy" are interchangeable with one another, but the truth is that there is a distinction between them. Green energy includes many different types of power, including the power that is created by wind, solar, low-impact hydroelectric, biogas, geothermal, and certain other eligible biomass sources. These are renewable energy sources that play a role in the power grid and will give you the same type of energy as will any conventional energy source. Renewable energy includes the same sources as does green energy, but it is a broader category and also includes products and technologies that can have a major impact on the environment. Whatever energy you use will be a mixture of conventional, green, and renewable energy because all of the energy is mixed together in the power grid, and it is not possible to separate out types of energy so that you are only using one to power your home or devices.

Though it is up for debate whether or not electric cars are actually greener than those powered by fossil fuels, they are more efficient and do not pollute the air with CO2 while being driven (electric cars release energy electrochemically, without burning any fuel). As such, it makes sense that individuals like Evan Hiesberger Lawrence KS would see these as a worthy investment that could also help to make the earth greener and healthier.

Caroline Hunter
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Australia’s Most Comprehensive Medicinal Cannabis Report: H1 2021

Intense medicinal cannabis product competition keeps downward pressure on prices as patient numbers grow by a factor of 15x over the past 2 years

SYDNEY, NSW, AUSTRALIA, March 31, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — FreshLeaf Analytics is excited to once again release Australia’s most comprehensive medicinal cannabis Patient, Product and Pricing Analysis.

The last 6 months were defined by intense medicinal cannabis product competition, keeping a downward pressure on prices – which is good news for patients.

This report will be the sixth major publication from FreshLeaf, which is the leading source of information, data and analysis on the sector.

– Medicinal cannabis revenue expected to exceed expectations in 2021, hitting A$200m+
– Patient numbers have grown by a factor of 15x over the past two years
– Significant increase in “Authorised Prescribers” after long period of stagnation
– Intense product competition continues as new products flood the market, keeping downward pressure on price
– Average daily dose and average monthly spend stabilise
– Slow-down in delivery format innovation with only 1 new format introduced in last 6 months
– Sizeable patient cohort expected to migrate to the pharmacy channel once low-dose CBD products become available over the counter in pharmacies
– 2021 will bring evolution in the regulatory landscape, a greater emphasis on product quality, growing investment in R&D, and further industry consolidation

Cassandra Hunt, Managing Director of FreshLeaf commented: “The Australian medicinal cannabis market continues its strong growth trajectory with revenue expected to more than double in 2021 from around $100m last year. There’s good news for patients too, with the price of medicine continuing to fall.”

Tim Drury, CEO of Southern Cannabis Holdings: “While we’re excited by the continued growth in the industry, the fact that the illegal market is still more than 10 times larger than the legal market means that we still have a long way to go before we can consider that Australia has the right ecosystem for helping patients”.

The report has also been welcomed by the sector, with key players commenting:

Dr Mark Hardy, Addiction Specialist and CA Clinics Medical Director commented: “When you consider that there were only about 3,000 active patients just two years ago, and that FreshLeaf projects that active patient numbers may climb to 75,000 by the end of 2021, clearly more people have been able to gain access to legal medicinal cannabis. It is of the utmost importance that patients have treatment options, and these figures suggest that cannabinoid medicine is increasingly being accepted as a viable option by the mainstream.”

Clare Barker, GM of Entoura said: "The proliferation of medicinal cannabis products to a total of 190 now available for Australian physicians to prescribe seems like a positive for patient choice on the surface, but it also makes it harder for doctors to differentiate between them. This means that product and delivery format innovation is more important than ever. We brought the only new format in the last 6 months to market in the form of chewable tablets, which are proving to be convenient for active patients and may be more palatable for those who dislike the taste of oils or for children”.

And Peter Crock, MCIA Chairman added: "The report shows that the industry is maturing and local product is coming on stream. This will improve with regulatory reforms currently being worked through. The increase in patients also demonstrates the valuable role for medicinal cannabis and reinforces how important it is that the evidence base catches up, and we can bring products through the registration pathway”.

A full copy of the report can be downloaded for free from the FreshLeaf website.

Available for interview:
– Cassandra Hunt, MD FreshLeaf Analytics
– Dr Mark Hardy, Medical Director CA Clinics

For Media Enquiries: AJD Media on contact@ajdmedia.com.au or call 0422238809

About FreshLeaf Analytics:
FreshLeaf Analytics, part of the Southern Cannabis Holdings group, is Australia’s leading source of data and information about the medicinal cannabis industry.

FreshLeaf provides strategic consulting services to industry and government clients. For more information:
info@freshleaf.com or info@freshleafanalytics.com.au (+61) 2 8203 8741 @FreshLeafA

About Southern Cannabis Holdings:
SCH specializes in building and operating cannabis businesses in markets where cannabis is regulated as a pharmaceutical product. SCH
companies include CA Clinics, Applied Cannabis Research and FreshLeafAnalytics. To find out more about SCH, please visit www.southerncannabisholdings.com.au info@southerncannabisholdings.com.au

Nisha Sreenivasan
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COVID-19 Has Families Talking About Their Wishes for Their Estate

Female Founders  of Trustate

Tara Faquir, COO & Leah Del Percio, CEO

blue logo for Trustate

Image of Trustate

Now is the time for families to sit down and share their wishes for their estates once they have passed on.

We help executors navigate the complex and stressful process of settling the estate of a loved one, regardless of circumstance.”

— Trustate

UNITED STATES, March 31, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — In the last 12 months, more and more families have made time to clean closets, covert old video tapes to digital format and organize “their papers.”

“We have seen families disagree and experience frustration around what they believe their loved one wanted for their estate and having everything in order ahead of time, allows families to grieve without the stress of not having clear direction,” said Trustate Co-founder & COO Tara Faquir. “The key is to be prepared and have systems in place to make the process more efficient.”

Here are three things you can do to help your family avoid frustrations:
1. Call a meeting – Individuals can avoid frustration by speaking up and sharing their wishes and details outlined in their Will, particularly with beneficiaries and those making health decisions on their behalf. It is helpful for your beneficiaries to hear from you directly as you structure your estate, and if it is a more complicated estate, then having your lawyer participate is a good idea.
2. Communicate clearly – Let your friends and family know ahead of time how you want your estate structured. If you have made decisions about how to treat your family and friends, letting them while you are still with them, provides an opportunity for them to process the information. Note that this could open the door for them to try to convince you to make changes, resulting in an uncomfortable situation or worse, lasting family feuds. That is why communicating clearly is key to the family understanding your wishes.
3. Leave a note, letter, or a video – If you are not able to speak directly with your beneficiaries, family members and friends, then leaving a letter or video intended for the beneficiaries and family members to explain why you designed the estate plan a certain way is very helpful. The topic of your passing can be unpleasant for everyone and some family members would prefer to avoid it all together, but it is easier to accept when they read or see you sharing your wishes. At Trustate we strongly urge you to consult with an attorney before preparing something like that, as such writings, videos, and voice recordings are admissible as evidence (including any rough drafts, or deleted outtakes).

“If you believe your estate plan can cause drama among family members, we recommend you consult with an experienced estate attorney to coordinate an ‘all hands-on deck’ family meeting, with witnesses and that attorney present, to discuss your estate plan and set expectations. This way, everyone could hear the same information, at the same time, in front of objective observers. By choosing to share your estate plan now, you can get those discussions out of the way and keep everyone on the same page, whether they like it or not,” said Leah Del Percio, Founder and CEO of Trustate

Communicating ahead of time can bring relief and clarity to a family as they work through a very emotional process after a loved one has passed. Trustate is a unique estate administration concierges service that helps families deal with a loved one’s estate once they have passed on and allows the family to grief without the stress of the day-to-day administrative tasks of closing an estate. Trustate is where human empathy and technology meet. They are not a traditional technology firm, as their technology enables their estate concierges to complete estate-focused tasks less expensively if they were done manually.

Both Leah Del Percio and Tara Faquir are available for interviews on the topic of general estate supports and full estate administration services, once a loved one has passed.

Veronica V. Sopher
+1 512-694-6853
Visibility Strategist

Save Time with Trustate

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Connecticut Law Firm Launches Bi-weekly Webinar Series Designed to help listeners focus on rarely-discussed legal topics

Connecticut Law Firm Launches Bi-weekly Webinar Series
Designed to help listeners focus on rarely-discussed legal topics

VERNON, CT, USA, March 31, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Gayle Klim

Connecticut Law Firm Launches Bi-weekly Webinar Series
Designed to help listeners focus on rarely-discussed legal topics

Law firm Kahan Kerensky Capossela, LLP, also known as KKC Law, as a part of their ongoing mission to provide a top-notch client experience, is launching a bi-weekly webinar series starting this April. The goal of the new series is to help their clients and community learn about certain legal topics and conversations that may not come into discussion a lot, but can still be very important. The first four webinars have already been scheduled and will cover the following topics:

April 7th: With National Pet Day coming soon (April 11th), KKC Law attorney Allison Poirier will be hosting a webinar covering Pet Trusts. This is an important topic that many pet owners may neglect in their estate planning. Points to be discussed include:

● How to choose a caregiver for your pets when you are gone
● How to leave money behind for pet care, as well as how much money you should leave and what instructions you need to provide
● How to make the decision whether or not you need to establish a trust or can leave the money directly with the chosen caregiver

A short Q&A will be held after the webinar’s conclusion.

April 21st: KKC Law attorney Michael Kopsick will host a webinar on Cybersecurity Insurance Coverage. With the world becoming more digital than ever, many business owners still don’t have the necessary coverage to protect their company assets in the event of a computer crime or cybersecurity breach. The webinar will cover:

● The types of coverage available for cybersecurity insurance
● The steps that business owners need to take if they need to file a claim

May 5: KKC Law Attorney William Dakin will discuss when to think about long-term care planning.
Many people wait too long before considering planning. Others wait too long before beginning to explore government assistance options and related application. Learn what you need to consider and when.

May 17: KKC Law Attorney Stephen Sutton will discuss Elder Law

To register for any of these webinars, visit the link: https://www.kkc-law.com/webinar-series.

While topics haven’t been confirmed for future webinars yet, KKC Law has confirmed that this webinar series is planned to go on through the month of June.

About Kahan Kerensky Capossela, LLP, (KKC Law): KKC Law is a Connecticut-based legal practice that has been serving individuals and organizations for over 55 years. They support a wide variety of legal needs, from elder law to wills and probate to personal injury cases to residential/commercial real estate law, and many more.

Gayle Klim
Kahan Kerensky Capossela, LLP
+1 860.646.1974
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