Protect Life Announces They are Still Ahead of the Curve for Hospital-Grade N95 Masks & First Aid Kits

In a year for the record books, one company based in Wyoming says they continue to be America’s resource for the fight against COVID-19.

We were happy to enlarge our US stock to increase the availability of what we have always believed is the best face mask on the market.”

— David Alexandru, Co-owner & Executive Vice President

JACKSON, WYOMING, USA, December 31, 2020 / — Founded by a team who shares the same vision, Protect Life announces the increased availability of their best-selling product. The N95 Face Mask has taken centerstage in 2020 as one of the best ways to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. Now through their website, Protect Life has increased the availability of the N95 Respirators. Once predominately offered to hospitals nationwide, the health care product is currently a must-have in every area of the world. Thus, the company reaches out to consumers who wish to have tighter-fitting masks that limit exposure to respiratory droplets and large particles.

David Alexandru, the Co-owner & Executive Vice President of Protect Life, said, “We sold the N95 Mask before the pandemic started because people needed high-quality masks for personal protection while doing work that involves dust like construction work, woodworking, and many others. We have always rushed to meet supply with demand. Now especially, our phone rings nonstop and our team is working extra hours every week to fill orders. In light of that, we were happy to enlarge our US stock to increase the availability of what we have always believed is the best face mask on the market.”

Since the pandemic started, the company provided N95 Masks to medical facilities, frontline workers, first responders, elderly people, and parents of children with compromised immune systems. The company donated masks to hospitals such as California’s Redlands Community Hospital and healthcare workers in need.

Protect Life also offers First Aid Kits perfected by a team of CPR & First Aid Instructors. Their First Aid Kits are manufactured in a modern FDA registered facility. It provides a wide range of essential products for lifeguard agencies, fire departments, hospitals, governmental agencies, schools, CPR instructors, businesses, and families. The company also offers two-day US free shipping.

For more information, visit

About Protect Life:
Owned by Blue Golf LLC, Protect Life is based in Jackson, Wyoming. The company provides the marketplace with various first aid and preventative health resources.

Social Media:

David Alexandru
Protect Life
+1 347-269-3125
email us here
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LaConda Davies

LaConda Davies in her Studio

Petty Kat “I know” Perfume Body oil

LaConda's New Single Evokes Sensual Love-Electric Energy.

LaConda's vocal energy reminds me of working with Cheryl "Pepsii" Riley and Patti LaBelle. Her work ethic reminds me of working with Nicky Minaj. Her erotic energy reminds me of working with Rihanna”

— Paul Anthony The Legendary, Full Force

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, December 31, 2020 / — Dallas, Texas –Multi-talented recording artist/actress LaConda Davies is a producer, singer-songwriter, sound engineer and 'True-Life Engager'. LaConda has a undying passion and 'instruction' to support and align with females in the entertainment industry. She is confident that her work will inspire and pave the way for other women to thrive and find their place in the industry and in life. Her combined vocal and production prowess, filled with elegance, passion, youthful flexibility and sensual freedom immediately arrested the ears of Paul Anthony of the legendary production songwriting group Full Force, globally respected for their work with female artists such as Lisa Lisa, Cheryl Pepsii Riley, Faith Evans, Rihanna, Nicky Minaj, Patti Labelle, Fergie, Samantha Fox, Becky G, Shanice, Britney Spears, Melisa' Morgan, Lil' Kim, Naturi Naughton, Adrienne Bailon, Allure and many more.

"When I heard and felt a consistency of cradled high intensity mixed with surgical vocal conviction, I was quite impressed. She reminded me of my all time favorite singer, my girl 'Soda'(what P.A. affectionately calls Cheryl Pepsii Riley) and working with Patti(Labelle). Then I learned of her relentless 24/7 work ethic in the studio. It reminded me of the early days with Nicky (Minaj) when we'd literally live in the studio, writing, recording, rapping and singing till daylight. Then I saw her gift of making others comfortable, pulling them in and feeling better about themselves. Lisa (Lisa) was like that 24/7. LaConda's vocal energy reminds me of working with RiRi(Rihanna). It has a natural sensuality and liberating sexual freedom that says to women: It's ok to be me. it's ok to be free." "I soon realized that she had 'star quality' already, all I have to do is make space and clear debris out of the way for her to just do…"

Paul Anthony and Full Force are still getting busy, having a number of projects coming in 2021, including: "BROOKLYN LEGENDS: Full Force Brothers Story" and "The House Party 31st Year Anniversary Concert". P.A. is currently featured on a single: "What Come Over Me" with Mel Holder and Chris Curry.

LaConda Davies' new single titled “I Know (Baby)” is the first release from her forthcoming album: LaConda Davies as Petty Kat “I Know Baby" will be released through Sony and will be distributed in 243 countries and over 700 platforms. LaConda produced, wrote, and mastered the new single in her personal studio, Mustaquim Studios. The song will be released on her label, Mustaquim Records LLC/TripleMan ENT. The song is very sexy and sensual in nature. Following the new single is an eye-opening video that connects the listener to the song in a deeper way. LaConda is a champion for freedom of expression. Through her music, LaConda holds nothing back; bringing the listener on an emotional and sensual journey. In addition to promoting freedom of expression, she puts high value on the free expression of love. This new single is a culmination of her feelings on this topic, drawing the listener in through expressive phrases and soul-stirring sounds. LaConda desires to give her audience release and start them on a personal journey where they learn to love freely. Soon to come will be LaConda's 'Petty Kat' Frangrances, Shower Gel and Luxury Lotion, powered by

Everyone will soon be able to get that personal touch from LaConda as she will be on CAMEO and looking forward to singing a personal message, or having 'Petty Kat' purr something sexy-sweet.

A driven individual, LaConda has blazed a bold path. In 2016, she became the youngest and only female member of the previously all-male group “Gap Band.” LaConda has continued to set herself apart, sharing the stage with many well-known artists. With the release of her new project, 'Your Girl Conda' is setting herself up to be a 'lioness force to engage with' in the entertainment industry in 2021.

Name: LaConda Davies
Company: Mustaquim Records LLC/TripleMan ENT
Management: Paul Anthony The Legendary

Sherry Lee
GTK PR Talent Agency, LLC [us]
+1 323-400-7409
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Laconda Davies- I know (Baby)

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St. Louis publisher Really Big Coloring Books® expands manufacturing into new book markets including adult topics

Coloring Books Adult for mature audiences 18+

Really Big Coloring Books manufactures books for all audiences.

With popularity on sites like Amazon®, Walmart®, Target®, others the company expanded manufacturing into adult genre for publishers, artists, writers and authors.

Similar to Amazons adult 18+ spicy coloring books the company created a receptacle for offbeat, risque, adult humor, sexy fun irreverant coloring books for a specific market segment.”

— Wayne Bell Publisher

SAINT LOUIS, MISSOURI, USA, December 31, 2020 / — The fun and spicy side of Adult Coloring for adults, we continue to add new titles and products weekly. Mature themed topics designed for adults with topics that are chosen by our customers, our company, consumers, our writers, authors and artists. Not necessarily XXX sexual explicit adult content but fun topics, a few serious topics and mostly the silly side of coloring. Coloring Books for mature audiences welcomes consumers, artists, designers, publishers, professionals, new artists, students (18+) to sell your books here, the spicy side of Adult Coloring. The company can also design, write, edit, draw and manufacture any coloring book product for you, your company or organization.

The products ranging in price from $1.99 to $10.87 are available everywhere online and in many retail shops. Manufacturing is located in St. Louis, MO and many of their products are made of 100% hemp paper. Including calendars, greeting cards, coloring utensils, place-mats, letterhead, business cards and many other paper related products. Coloring Books Adult has a music section in which they produce and sell albums and CD covers, posters, merchandise and other products for the music industry.

"Similar to Amazons adult 18+ section of spicy coloring books the company created a receptacle for offbeat, risque, adult humor, sexy and "corrupt" coloring books for a specific market segment. During the last 15 plus years our company received an abundance of specific requests for adult, sexy or adult humor coloring books and for requests to manufacture adult 18+ themed books. So we honored the marketplace", stated Wayne Bell, Publisher. "We have been in the coloring book marketplace for over 30 years, before the internet even existed, and the demand for these spicy, offbeat, humorous books continues to only grow," continued Bell.

ColoringBooks Adult is owned by Really Big Coloring Books®, Inc., headquartered in St. Louis, MO. A multi-national company providing books, coloring books, musical products and other paper products. The company holds membership in industry organizations including The Missouri Press Association, System for Award Management for the U.S. Govt. (SAM), promotional products groups, SAGE, ASI, and PPAI, The International Book Publishers Assoc. (IBPA) and other publishing industry leading groups. A Member of the Library of Congress Copyright Office in book and music publishing.1-314-695-5757 for more information. The company owns more than 1600 web domains across the globe, all relating to books and music.

To sell your book, manufacture a new book or list your products please email: info@coloringbooks adult today. Located in St. Louis, MO and all paper or coloring book products are manufactured in St. Louis, MO. Call 314-695-5757

N. Wayne Bell
Really Big Coloring Books, Inc.
+1 314-725-1452
email us here

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R4G Rewarding Just 10 Wine Shoes Chocolate Gift for Her to Help Fund Kids Program

The Perfect Gift for 2021...Wine Shoes Chocolate #wineshoeschocolate

The Perfect Gift for 2021…Wine Shoes Chocolate #wineshoeschocolate

Recruiting for Good is sponsoring  The Sweetest Gig for kids to eat chocolate, love to work, and play. #kidsgetpaidtoeat #lasfinestchocolate #thesweetestgig

Recruiting for Good is sponsoring The Sweetest Gig for kids to eat chocolate, love to work, and play. #kidsgetpaidtoeat #lasfinestchocolate #thesweetestgig

Kids participate in the sweetest gigs surrender to love and grow within #isurrendertolove #growwithin #thesweetestgigs

Kids participate in the sweetest gigs surrender to love and grow within #isurrendertolove #growwithin #thesweetestgigs

Recruiting for Good is on a fun mission to fund gigs for kids to love work; and is rewarding referrals to companies hiring with 10 exclusive reward for her.

With your help, we do more GOOD, and have more FUN! Thru 'The Sweetest Weekend Gig;' we teach kids…surrender to love and grow within.”

— Carlos Cymerman, Fun Advocate+Founder, Recruiting for Good

SANTA MONICA, CA, UNITED STATES, December 31, 2020 / — Recruiting for Good (R4G) is a staffing agency helping companies find talented professionals and generating proceeds to fund fun love work program 'Kids Get Paid to Eat (Chocolate + Love Work + Play).'

Recruiting for Good created the purpose driven referral program and exclusive Beauty Foodie reward 'Wine Shoes Chocolate' to inspire community participation; and help fund more fun gigs for kids.

According to Recruiting for Good, Founder, Carlos Cymerman, "Thru 'The Sweetest Weekend Gig;' we teach kids…surrender to love and grow within."

Participate to Do More Good Enjoy Exclusive Reward

1. Simply introduce a company hiring professional staff to Recruiting for Good.
2. Recruiting for Good helps the company find a talented professional and earns a finder's fee (that is shared).
3. R4G funds fun weekend gigs for kids (love work program) and rewards 'Wine Shoes Chocolate.'

Carlos Cymerman adds, "With your help, we Do More Good, and have more FUN, I am grateful to reward Wine Shoes Chocolate (Bottle of Cristal Rose 2012, $500 shoe shopping gift card, and L.A.’s Finest Chocolate Delivered Home for One Year."


Since 1998, Recruiting for Good has been a purpose driven staffing company. Companies retain our recruiting agency to find talented and value driven professionals who love to use their talent for good in Accounting/Finance, Engineering, Information Technology, Marketing, Operations, and Sales. R4G is on a fun mission; creating 'The Sweetest Weekend Gig' for kids to love work.

Before launching staffing agency, Recruiting for Good, Founder, Carlos Cymerman worked as a teacher for 10 years during and after college. And Recruiting for Good has been sponsoring creative writing contests for the last 10 years. In 2014, he created and sponsored a creative writing program at Olympic High School in Santa Monica.

Recruiting for Good creates the sweetest gigs for kids to use their creative writing talent for good; Fun Fulfilling Foodie reviews written by Awesome Kids about LA's Finest Chocolate.

The Goodie Foodie Club purpose is to reward people who successfully participate in Recruiting for Good's referral program; with your help, we fund more fun gigs for kids to love work. Participate today to enjoy exclusive rewards (12 Months of Sushi, For 'Her' Wine Shoes Chocolate, LA's Finest Chocolate Experiences).

Carlos Cymerman
Recruiting for Good
+1 310-720-8324
email us here
Visit us on social media:

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Vocational Evaluation Experts for Personal Injury Lawyers

Vocational Evaluation for Personal Injury Cases

OAS, Inc.

NORTHERN NEW JERSEY, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, December 31, 2020 / — When an accident or serious injury happens, the effects can be devastating and long-lasting. OAS assists in objectively documenting the economic damages in a personal injury case.

OAS Specializes in evaluating seriously injured individuals in Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice, Product Liability, Motor Vehicle Accident, and Slip and Fall cases. A vocational evaluation is necessary in personal injury cases where an individual’s injury has affected the persons’ ability to go back and perform the same type of work, or to perform work activity that requires less physical demands.

A loss of earning capacity and household services assessment is also provided in Wrongful Death cases. A Life Care Plan is necessary to document damages in cases where the client has sustained Catastrophic Injuries.

An Occupational Assessment Services (OAS) Vocational Evaluation or Life Care Plan enables the personal injury attorney to present the damages to the jury in a clear, concise, and demonstrative manner.

Contact OAS at 1-800-292-1919 and hire us as your vocational evaluation and life care plan expert. Occupational Assessment Services has been performing forensic evaluations in matrimonial cases for over 44 years. Our work has led to greater documentation of the earnings of underemployed, unemployed, and disabled spouses in the New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Florida areas.

“Know the Value of Your Case!™”


Edmond Provder
Occupational Assessment Services
+1 800-292-1919
Visit us on social media:

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SBR Platform Set to Transform the Crypto and Banking Industries with Blockchain

USA, December 31, 2020 / — Since the creation of the first digital currency (Bitcoin) by the enigmatic Satoshi Nakamoto, we've witnessed several industries adopting blockchain tech in a bid to improve business workflows and transform their operations.

Bitcoin overcame many challenges plaguing the financial services industry. In the process of changing a stagnant and problematic economic structure worldwide, Bitcoin had its fair share of drawbacks.

Numerous blockchain-based projects were created to solve these inherent problems, but they've either had half-success or failed to make any mark.

SBR Blockchain, a new project with a double-pronged token system, aims to solve the many problems plaguing the blockchain and crypto space as a whole.

Some of these key problems include:

● Mining profitability: We can all agree that cryptocurrency mining operations deserve a better reward mechanism. Cryptocurrency mining is no longer as profitable as it was. A drop in the price of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin (which uses a PoW mining algorithm) will hugely affect miners earnings.

Constant competition prompts miners to upgrade their mining hardware even without significant increase in their earnings.

● Energy consumption: Inefficient power usage has always been a long-standing issue with cryptocurrency mining. The carbon footprint created by mining farms and datacenters is a cause for concern.

Surely, there's an urgent need for a solution to this major energy problem plaguing the cryptocurrency mining sector?

● Centralized mining: The problem with mining (proof-of-work) is the possibility that a blockchain network can be hijacked by a coalition of miners. In what is known as a 51% attack, a group of miners making up more than half of the total mining nodes can seize control of the network.

● Volatility: Price volatility is a problem for virtual currencies. Fiat money is more stable, and if crypto wants to be taken more seriously as a store of value, the problem of huge price volatility needs to be addressed.

● Security: Blockchain is secure, however, cryptocurrencies in wallet or exchanges are at risk of loss or theft. The unregulated nature of crypto makes it even more prone to attacks from malicious actors. SBR platform hopes to solve the inadequate crypto security problems.

How SBR Seeks to Solve These Problems

SBR is not your everyday cryptocurrency project. While this might sound cliché, the project is poised to revolutionize the cryptocurrency and finance industry combined.

Some even say SBR is what regulators, banks and even the government have been waiting for to finally propel the cryptocurrency industry into mainstream acceptance.

Now, you might wonder, what are the features of this blockchain platform and why is it being touted as the next big thing in the cryptocurrency industry. Here's exactly why.

Highly Secure and Efficient

SBR Blockchain sets a limit on the hash speed cap to help minimize the power needed to mine coins. This also reduces the need to purchase better mining equipment and increases the profit miners can make. The hash speed is determined before miners launch a new operation.

By capping the hash speed, SBR Blockchain will help prevent 51% attacks, thereby maintaining the integrity of the network.

Innovative Tokenomics

The most innovative feature of the SBR Blockchain platform is the two-coin strategy for reducing price volatility.

We already know stable and profitable mining activities help to reduce cryptocurrency price volatility. However, SBR goes one step further to make the dream of many cryptocurrency lovers a reality.

SBR Blockchain has introduced an innovative two-coin system: a regular coin with a limited supply (like Bitcoin) that will be mined, and a token that's backed by 200% reserves aimed to attract banks and governments.

The SBR coin will catch the eye of the wider crypto community while the token is designed to appeal to financial institutions and government agencies.


The objectives of the SBR blockchain platform are divided into 5 main parts: improved security, mainstream adoption for cryptocurrencies, reduced price volatility, and better incentives for miners.

With the features listed above, the platform has all it takes to make a name for itself in the cryptocurrency community when it finally launches in 2021.

About us

Veterans’ Health and Welfare for World Prosperity (VHWWP) understands that the world, as it exists right now, should be made better. After generations of globally outsourcing the negative impact of steamrolling economic progress to the environment and the developing countries, it is time we all stop. Our next steps must be careful and intentional. VHWWP intends to contribute with technologically advanced but ethically sound action plans and policy proposals in the following key areas:

● Resource management, environmental security, and peacebuilding;
● Reduction of prevalence and severity of violent conflict;
● Sustainable economic restructure and stimulus;
● Healthcare management;
● Provision of jobs and social benefits;
● Life-long learning and continuous development for professionals;
● Early adoption and testing of advanced technologies;
● Provision of innovative and unique programs for governments and
The SBR (Silver Bitcoin Reserve) program and projects
● Policy lobbying for trade and pharmaceuticals.

Veterans Health and Welfare for World Prosperity
1267 Willis St, STE 200
Redding, CA 96001
International Office:
Maglajska 1
71000 Sarajevo
Bosnia & Herzegovina

Media Relations
Veterans Health and Welfare for World Prosperity
email us here

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Kevin Fejer Talks About Being A Professional Trader

USA, December 31, 2020 / — Kevin Fejer, 22, is a professional trader who has achieve huge success in the financial market. The young professional has a private telegram trading group where he trades in Polkadot and Monero, which are both digital currencies.

Like many professional traders, Kevin Fejer became interested in the financial market while at school. After being introduced by a school friend to the excitement of the BitCoin which was invented by Satoshi Nakamoto, Kevin decided to rustle together $280 USD. That first success led Kevin on a successful career as a professional financial trader.

Now, with his knowledge and experience, Kevin Fejer calculates and creates investment plans for the perfect crypto capital with a guideline in the ICO's where people can invest right now.
According to Kevin, the rewards in Polkadot are 12% for a year, which is a better return that keeping money in the bank.

We sat down with Kevin Fejer to learn more about him and his career as a professional Trader.

Kevin, you are a professional trader, what does that mean?
It means, that I trade substantially, regularly, frequently and continuously. For a professional trader it is also very important to take care of deposit/negative balance protection, to use the right exchanges, have the right trading plan such as back testing and use trading journals.

You trade in Polkadot, what is that?
Polkadot is the next generation blockchain protocol, with the intention to connect multiple specialized chains to one universal network.

There are lots of different cryptocurrencies, why have you decided to trade in Polkadot?
I use Polkadot because of the team focus on security, scalability and the innovation. The whole Polkadot (DOT) ecosystem is a "parachain", not like the main chain in other ecosystems the "Relay Chain".

Why are there so many different cryptocurrencies on the market?
There are so many cryptocurrencies, because of the huge success from Bitcoins and other altcoins. The Innovation and the ICOs boom could have caused the cryptocurrencies that are now in the market.

You have said that you also like to trade in Monero, what is the difference between Polkadot and Monero?
There are so many differences between Polkadot and Monero, but one big difference is the privacy. Monero focus on private and censorship-resistant transaction, it uses cryptography to shield sending and receiving addresses. Polkadot is using a parachain, the transitions will be just secured by the Polkadot Relay Chain validator.

How long have you been a professional trader?
My first trade I’ve done where on bittrex in the year 2018 since then I get more interested in trading cryptocurrencies. I have searched for various crypto trading master courses in the clearnet and took very important indicators from it. These trading master courses, helped me so much. Every trader, has its own profitable strategy, but since the last years I have a strategy Win

For people who don’t understand cryptocurrency, can you explain what it is?
A cryptocurrency is an asset of exchange which is digital, encrypted and decentralized. Unlike the Dollar or the Euro, in most cryptocurrencies there is no central authority that manages and maintains the value of it.

When cryptocurrency first came out people thought it wouldn’t take off, but now you can buy houses and cars with digital currency, why has it become so successful?
That's because of the financial markets, no human involvement, it will be accepted as payment more and more, depending on the cryptocurrency you have private and fast transactions.

You can increase your profits with cryptocurrency trading, but you can also lose money, what is the secret to your success?
Like I told you before, learn and study and make master courses for example Udemy – Technical Analysis – Master Course. Risk management is also one of the most important things, if you want to trade.

If someone wanted to start trading to see how it works, how much investment would you suggest?
You should only invest, what you can afford to lose.

What is the best way to learn how to trade on the financial market?
The best way to learn it is to read books, make an online master course or go to where you have a beginner guide to FX trading.

Is financial trading a full-time job or can someone do it in their spare time?
So, you can do it in spare time too, but everytime keep an eye on the prices/market capitalization. One another very important thing is to watch news, I mean crypto news.

What does it take to become a successful financial trader?
To be a successful financial trader, first become acquainted with crypto, gain knowledge, read books, motivate yourself and start small.

During your years trading in the financial market, what mistakes have you made, and have you learnt from them?
I made a lot of mistakes, but you have to make mistakes to learn from them. One of my biggest mistakes in the beginning, where that I never set a Stop-Loss.

You can get in contact with Kevin, by visiting his social media profiles
telegram: da_Kevkev
snapdchat: da_kevkev

Media Relations
Kevin Fejer
email us here

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SUNLINE Supply #Me and PPE campaign provides PPE tips for the workplace

PPE Company SUNLINE Supply Shares Essential Tips for Employers as Temperatures Drop

BRIDGEPORT, PA, U.S., December 31, 2020 / — Dedicated PPE company SUNLINE Supply shares critical resources and products to better equip employers to help protect their employees as COVID-19 infections reach their highest levels yet. With the onset of winter, the company shares essential considerations for companies and organizations to keep employees safe and healthy.

“Even with the vaccine being distributed, it is so crucial that people remain vigilant and follow the CDC recommendations this winter,” says SUNLINE Supply president Jay Berkowitz. “We hope this reminder—that we are all in this together, but it starts with ‘me’—can help get us through the winter with less loss of life and tragedy.”

• Prepare for winter challenges. Employees who work outdoors may suffer from a wet or frozen mask. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicates that, once they get wet, masks become less effective and can be hard to breathe through. Provide or encourage your employees to carry two to three back-ups and switch out accordingly while they’re on the job.

• Serve as a source for inclusivity in the workspace. Consider your team’s unique needs and work to find the right safety solution for each employee. For instance, the CDC advises that if an employee has a disability, is deaf or hard of hearing, works with young children, or needs to read facial expressions, that it may be helpful to wear clear masks that show the wearer’s mouth.

• Foster a safe environment for employees. Feeling safe is critical, not only for the sustainability of business, but for employees’ mindsets. According to a recent Qualtrics study (PDF), employees are more likely to feel comfortable going back to work if their employer mandates that masks be worn by everyone.

• Communicate all steps that are being taken at the workplace to mitigate COVID-19 spread. Let employees know the procedures you are following, such as those recommended by the CDC to clean and sanitize.

• Provide work site testing. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) (PDF) states that employers may provide work site testing to reduce risks to the safety and health of workers.

SUNLINE Supply, a division of Arnold’s Office Furniture, was launched in response to COVID-19 and was founded to provide customers nationwide with quality PPE products including masks, rapid response antigen test kits, rapid antibody test kits, disinfectant wipes and more. To prepare and provide for your employees shop now at

Join the conversation – SUNLINE Supply invites their community to join their #MEandPPE social media campaign to help keep communities safe from COVID-19. Post photos of you (or your family/ staff/ etc. with their permission) wearing a mask, tag #MEandPPE and follow @MEandPPE across Instagram and Facebook.

About SUNLINE Supply:
SUNLINE Supply, a division of Arnold’s Office Furniture, is a Bridgeport, PA-based provider of personal protective equipment (PPE) serving the general public as well as the healthcare, commercial, educational, and industrial sectors. Each of the company’s products are FDA Certified and are produced by fully vetted partner manufacturers to meet CDC recommendations. The company’s dedicated team of more than 50 employees works around the clock to deliver high-quality PPE and testing kits at affordable prices while ensuring a great customer service experience. Visit

Connie Correia
email us here
Visit us on social media:

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On-Line Course Provides Map for Making New Year’s Resolutions Stick

The Targets and Goals on-line course, available from provides tools to help people make their 2021 New Year’s Resolutions stick. Photo by Macau Photo Agency, courtesy of

Central to any goal is the purpose of why you want to achieve that goal in the first place. It is possible to take that purpose and, step by step, achieve your goals.”

— Glendy Goodsell, Exec Dir, Scientology Volunteer Ministers Florida

CLEARWATER, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, December 31, 2020 / — A December 2020 survey by found that more than half of all adults in America make New Year’s resolutions, but per a study by Forbes Magazine, on average, only 8% will see their resolutions through. The pandemic has thrown a wrench into the plans of even the most die-hard resolution keepers.

“2020 was a challenging year for everyone,” said Glendy Goodsell, the Executive Director of the Church of Scientology Volunteer Ministers of Florida. “We were looking at 2020 being the start of a fresh new decade and as it unfolded, it became harder and harder to predict where we would be.”

It is in light of these challenges that Ms. Goodsell encourages those who want to see their resolutions to take advantage of the Targets and Goals course, which is available for free on line at

The course utilizes discoveries in the field of strategic planning, developed by Scientology Founder and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard.

“Central to any goal is the purpose of why you want to achieve that goal in the first place,” said Ms. Goodsell. “It is possible to take that purpose and, step by step, achieve your goals.”

“The goal I set myself as one of my practicals is something I have been thinking about doing for months, yet had made no effort to get going and do something about it,” said one student. “Now, not only do I have a strategy to complete this project, but very detailed targets to use in order to realize my idea. I now look to the future waiting for challenges to arise with the knowledge that these will not be negative things but opportunities to use good strategy and planning in order to achieve success!”

“Targets and Goals” is just one of the nineteen subjects covered in the Scientology Handbook, the basic textbook for the Volunteer Ministers training program. Other subjects include: The Cause of Supression, The Basics of Organization and The Technology of Study. Free on-line training in these subjects is also available via the group’s website at

About the Church of Scientology:

The Scientology religion was founded by humanitarian and philosopher, L. Ron Hubbard. The first Church of Scientology was formed in the United States in 1954 and has expanded to more than 11,000 churches, missions and affiliated groups, with millions of members in 167 nations. The Church of Scientology regularly engages in many humanitarian programs, such as anti-drug campaigns, human rights campaigns and global education programs. To learn more, visit

Lisa Mansell
Church of Scientology Flag Service Organization
+1 727-467-6860

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Artisia Promises NY2021 Art Project and Leverages the Use of Blockchain for the Preservation of Humanities Treasures

ArtisiaToken art collecting.

ZUG, SWITZERLAND, December 31, 2020 / — The art industry has been an arena for the rich and famous with sales reaching over 64 billion dollars annually. The art industry without a doubt represents the passion of many but a solid and noble investment for just a few.

Considering that art does not respond to mood swings of the financial market or to economic or political crisis; many wealthy investors, including worldwide top brands and the largest corporations, began art collections investing large sums of money in acquisitions. It is all great; except, when each piece of art was created by the artist, it was certainly made with the intention to pass on a message. It was meant to tell a piece of history, to share a feeling, or to raise a social debate or protest. Artists were allowing admirers of such artworks to connect with the masterpiece, allowing the art to generate an emotion or to form an opinion in each individual. However, the spark and connection have been eliminated little by little, and today there are hundreds of investors buying pieces of art without actually having a personal viewing. No love, no passion, just mathematical and common-sense calculations “cost vs worth” to a point where many buyers, not all, just care about the value and stability represented by the new asset. They look forward to their R.O.I. Emotions or artistic expressions have passed to a second place in what has become a very expensive game at a higher-table.


For the average passionate and caring art lover, unless they hit the jackpot, to acquire or be part of an important art collection it’s nearly impossible. Fortunately, with the arrival of Blockchain Technology, huge industries and monopolies are being dismantled; empowering the general public with more options to be included in great projects and movements. Now art lovers can acquire the right of ownership as part of a decentralized group of owners. For the artist, Blockchain is providing new opportunities to sell and secure their rights and authenticity of the artwork. Together, as a community, they are building what is the foundation of the new art-collecting that connects the future disruption of art and the way one can invest.


The good news is that Blockchain counts today with several art projects that offer good opportunities for participation. One of the projects in 2021 to look-out for is ArtisaToken.

Artisia is offering solutions such as:

– Rescuing art from dusty places with the mission of putting them back on display for the general public’s enjoyment.

– Granting access to any art lover to support a project that gives the rights to co-own, (as part of the largest decentralized group of art owners), a very exclusive art collection.

– Implementing a very strong C.S.R. program that enables one to support other projects in need of funding as long as they are artistic, ecological, or charitable.


Artisia is a project that was born in 2019. People implicated in the company are businessmen who share their passion for art and philanthropy, trying to make the world a better place. They have created a caring community that carries their own payment token called “ARTZ.” Artisia is considered “The Beautiful Caterpillar of the Blockchain World”.

Additionally, ArtisiaToken is creating a virtual and interactive museum where over 5000 pieces of art will be placed for exhibition opening in March 2021. The digital platform also has in the making an upcoming marketplace for exhibition and sale. It will include a digital members-only auction house as an alternative to big houses such as Christie’s, Sotheby’s, and others.

Everyone looking to invest and support the international art community is now provided with the opportunity to do so with ease. Every art lover and financial disruptor can be part of the innovating future of art collecting.

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Source: EIN Presswire