In The Spirit of Jordan Peele's "Get Out" Comes New Suspense / Thriller Film – "Black Friday Subliminal"

There are also several powerful underlying messages in this movie. No matter how different we are, we are all united in the common desire to live healthy and otherwise productive lives…”

— Chauncey D. Henry, Esq.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, November 30, 2020 / — A film that will force you to question the very nature of our reality….and if it's all just an illusion, posited against a universal societal stigma. Presented by Robin Troja Films (, "Black Friday Subliminal" (2020) is an action-packed suspense thriller from the subconscious of Chauncey D. Henry, Esq. in his directorial debut.

"Black Friday Subliminal" Website & Trailer

When African-American NYPD officer Daniel Hart Jr. (Adrian Sterling) adopts a fallacious disregard of the conspicuous, he becomes consumed by more than meets the eye.

Following the passing of his mother, NYPD cop Daniel "Junior" Hart, Jr. (Adrian Sterling) and his father Mr. Hart, Sr. (Jeffrey T. Williams) are brought together for Thanksgiving dinner for the first time since his mothers passing by his wife Carole (Heidi Danae Crane).

Attempts by family to alter Junior's otherwise obstinate viewpoint of the affliction he has lived with (and ignored), are followed by a chain of escalating revelations brewing beneath the surface grounded in both science and reality. Faced with the brutal truth of unbeatable odds against him, Junior must embark upon an internal journey with the assistance of elements he least expected, in hopes to triumph over the deadly and debilitating condition he has lived with in an effort to survive Black Friday.

After the discovery of Junior's condition, Dark Forces suddenly are intent on taking his life…..Are these enemies real, projection or perception from that within?

"This is a film that will take you several places. There are also several powerful underlying messages in this movie. No matter how different we are, we are all united in the common [subconscious] desire to live healthy and otherwise productive lives…" said Chauncey D. Henry, Esq. (a litigation attorney by day)  who is making his directorial debut. "This inspirational film provokes thought of the conscious and subconscious mind; few will see the ending coming, but all will appreciate its deeper purpose…" 

About Black Friday SubliminalBlack Friday Subliminal is written and directed by Chauncey D. Henry, Esq.(practicing attorney), in his directorial debut, and produced by Robin Troja Films and Executive Producer Paul Campbell. The film also stars Adrian Sterling (prior NFL), Heidi Crane (Broadway), Jeff Williams, Shon Jacobs, Richard Ruskin, Catherine Valentine, Rachel Lewis, Grace Bozza, Isaac E. Gay (Luke Cage), Alex Armesto, Christopher Spurrier, Miles Lobo and Fenton Li, and more. (See Official IMDb). Official release date and distribution details:

New Suspense / Thriller "Black Friday Subliminal" portrays an unprecedented perspective of the Subconscious [Societal Stigma] unparalleled since Jordan Peele's Academy Award winning breakout film "Get Out"

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New Comedy Improv Web Series now available on The Sophisticated Psychos Youtube Channel – COUPLES THERAPY

USA, November 30, 2020 / — The Sophisticated Psychos created an eight-episode original web series on Youtube titled Couples Therapy. The web series follows creative and partners Katie Chonacas and Nicky Scorpio as they navigate the dating world during­ COVID 19 with the assistance of their therapist, played by Alessandra Levy. The web series is produced and directed by Katie Chonacas. Nicky Scorpio is the editor and produced the music.

Katie Chonacas, Nicky Scorpio, and Alessandra Levy will be sticking around for an upcoming season two of Couples Therapy, in addition, will be adding additional guest therapists and healers to ensure this relationship is as healthy as possible.

DESCRIPTION: Couples Therapy is a family-friendly improv comedy web series. The series looks into the journey of what it’s like for a couple living and working together in an NYC condo during the COVID 19 lockdown. The set up for the show is via Zoom calls, the two Scorpio artists are in a long-term romantic and business relationship who have decided to get a therapist for a healthier perspective. Although their therapist means well, her advice is often confusing and outright wacky.

Read what fans are saying about the new improv web series Couples Therapy:

“Once again The Sophisticated Psychos strike comedic gold with their Couple’s Therapy Show. For anyone who has actually been to couples therapy get ready to relate and laugh! The subtle looks and punchy dialogue are hilarious. Can’t wait for Couple’s Therapy the Movie!!! Nicky and Katie keep ‘em coming!’ — Niels Schuurmans CMO and CCO at 101 Studios and Sports Illustrated Studios

“Hilarious! Love the offbeat humor coupled with the modern age spiritually. Katie Chonacas, Nicky Scorpio, and Alessandra Levy all have unique voices and know how to use them!” — Randy Thomas the first woman in history to announce the Academy Awards, Emmy’s, and Tony Awards. A 20-year broadcaster and professional voiceover artist

Subscribe and watch now on The Sophisticated Psychos Youtube Channel IG: thesophisticatedpsychos


Katie Chonacas and Nicky Scorpio
The Sophisticated Psychos
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Emil Malak Pens an Op-ed: New antibody resistant coronavirus mutation N493K; Focus should be on testing

Emil Malak, CEO Voip-Pal, well versed in global politics, culture and health


VOIP-PAL Corporate Logo

CEOCFO Magazine logo

There is an urgent need for continuous testing every three days as well as making COVID-19 testing more widely available through innovative means such as testing vending machines.”

— Emil Malak

WASHINGTON, DC, US, November 30, 2020 / — CEOCFO Magazine, an independent investment publication that highlights important technologies and companies, today announced it has published an op-ed ( by Voip-Pal CEO Emil Malak. Inc., Voip-Pal (OTCQB: VPLM), a Bellevue, Washington based company is an inventor and pioneer of the switching technology now being used by many of the world's largest telecommunication and social networking companies, without which they could not connect Landline phone calls to Internet phone calls. Mr. Malak has other business ventures and is well versed in global politics and culture.

In February of this year (2020), just as the world was waking up to the news that people were fleeing Wuhan China, headed to worldwide destinations with the deadly coronavirus, Mr. Malak wrote his very first Op-ed on the subject. In the title of his article, “A Global Pandemic Has Already Started” Mr. Malak declared the novel coronavirus to be a worldwide pandemic one month before the World Health Organization did. Since then we have seen several of Mr. Malek’s predictions on the virus come true.

In his most recent op-ed, Mr. Malak discussed the new antibody resistant coronavirus mutation N493K. “The neutralizing antibodies that patients develop after being infected with a virus or following vaccination are not proving to be effective against this new mutant. The N439K mutation so-far is proving to be resistant to antibodies.

He continued, “N439K has already been identified in twelve countries and is increasing infection rates in the United States and Europe. As a result, within the next four weeks we could potentially see death rates increase. Authors of a recent study on the new coronavirus mutant conclude their findings could have consequences, not only on the efficacy of emerging vaccines but also the efficacy of antibody therapeutics.”

With studies such as the one by The University of Vermont Medical Center yet to be done, Mr. Malak who is very pro-vaccine and believes they save lives cautioned, “I have the utmost respect for politicians on both sides of the aisle that have dedicated their efforts into eradicating the coronavirus. One of the challenges is there are still too many unknowns before we can roll out a safe vaccine solution. Do neutralizing antibodies indeed vanish within a few months? Will antibody dependent enhancement (ADE) put those vaccinated in danger? Could a vaccinated person, thinking they are immune to COVID-19 become an asymptomatic carrier and spread the virus? How many doses of the vaccine will people need per year? Some suggest three of four doses per year to be safe. What about side effects? Will spike protein mutations complicate matters?”

Malak has repeatedly warned in his op-eds over the past nine months about the need to gather adequate data of at least two years before allowing a vaccine to go to the market. Recalling the mistakes of the 1960’s Thalidomide tragedy that led to tens of thousands of children born with birth defects, Malak wrote, “We need to learn from these tragedies and never repeat the same mistakes. Rushing into any drug or vaccine could lead to catastrophic consequences.”

Pointing to a study by Danish researches, Mr. Malak discusses another concern in the possibility that today’s vaccine may not work tomorrow because of virus mutation, “Researchers have documented at least two mutations of the coronavirus. In one instance the genetic sequence within the spike protein changed the position of the “614 G” aspartic acid (contains an amino acid and a carboxylic acid) to an “amino acid glycine.” That single change within the spike protein created a new COVID-19-2.0, far more contagious and deadly than the original. The second mutation was recently discovered in the mink farms of Denmark; two amino acid mutations within the spike protein. It is valid to question whether a vaccine would be effective after a mutation takes place in the spike protein. We do not know when, nor how frequently a mutation will take place, rendering the vaccine ineffective each time. Another important question that needs to be answered is how effective any COVID-19 vaccine will be on a mutated strain of the virus; a COVID-2.0.”

Mr. Malak continues, “As a result of this new virus all of Denmark’s 17 million farmed minks in their 400 mink farms are being destroyed and 240 or more mink farm workers are currently infected. This latest development provides even more reason why the focus should be on developing more effective therapeutics,” said Mr. Malak.

Mr. calls for what he calls, “The hammer and the dance” – for a new non-political task force. “It is necessary to form a national scientific advisory committee that is free from all political influence. The committee would provide two televised updates per week to advise the public of the facts regarding the coronavirus, its spread and what actions need to be taken by each state.”

Below is Mr. Malak’s proposal:
The Hammer – Europe is headed back to total lockdown, referred to as the “hammer” because of the resurgence of coronavirus cases. The virus is back in Europe vigorously, leading government officials to once again shutdown their economies. This radical action will be devastating to businesses and to the overall mental and physical health of Europeans and will hopefully be limited to a very short period.

The Dance – During the hammer period certain actions must be taken to get people back to work:
1. There is an urgent need for continuous testing every three days as well as making COVID-19 testing more widely available through innovative means such as testing vending machines that provide rapid results in one minute. Those that test negative are free to go to work, restaurants and live their lives normally. Those who test positive will seek medical attention and self-quarantine. More simple, rapid self-testing kits are needed.
2. Reconfigure workplaces providing the means for social distancing, disinfectants and mask wearing indoors.
3. Limit the size of indoor gatherings.
4. Indoor locations like restaurants, bars, and conference centers etc. could be retrofitted with air conditioning systems that burn out the virus during circulation cycles.
5. Close down tattoo parlors, massage parlors and prostitution businesses. Those with addictions should be treated in proper medical facilities.

People that do not adjust to the new norms necessary to deal with the virus will be leaving themselves vulnerable to potential infection and risks associated with the virus which includes death.

Malak, who has many years of experience dealing with the U.S. patent system hinted he may be writing a future article on the current state of patents in the United States saying, “Unfortunately, owning a U.S. patent today can be meaningless. It is no longer an asset but a liability.”

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Karen V. Davison Scholarship Program Continues to Accept Applications

The Karen V. Davison Scholarship Program will offer one scholarship of $1,000 and two additional scholarships of $500 each

PLANO, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, November 30, 2020 / — After launching in mid-September, the Karen V. Davison Scholarship Program is continuing to accept applications. The scholarship program is open to college and university students in the U.S. and Canada who are currently enrolled in a Culinary program, Arts program, or Social Sciences program such as History, Anthropology, Sociology, or Political Science.

As a professional chef and culinary blogger, Karen V. Davison has a wealth of experience working in kitchens and restaurants across America. Throughout her career, she has worked as a saucier, a sous chef, an associate chef, and a head chef in various restaurants.

Through the scholarship program, Davison aims to help students reach their full academic potential through financial support. The program is dedicated to students who find creative ways to solve problems at work, school, or in everyday life.

In addition to submitting adequate proof of enrollment, applicants must also write a 500-word essay and list their program of choice, explain what they hope to achieve in their career in the future, and answer the question, “How do you find ways to stay creative amidst the challenges and restrictions posed by the COVID-19 pandemic?”

Applications will be accepted up until the deadline date of December 31, 2020.

For more information and to apply for this opportunity, please visit

About Karen V. Davison

Karen V. Davison is a professional chef and culinary blogger from Dallas, Texas. She holds a degree from the Culinary School of Fort Worth. She built up her career by working at various fast food restaurants. Ms. Davison worked as an associate chef and sous chef before obtaining a coveted head chef position at a fine dining restaurant in Dallas. She is now a highly sought-after head chef, lending her expertise and experience to many restaurants in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

To learn more about Karen V. Davison, visit her website,

Karen V. Davison
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Stardust World Productions Shines a Spotlight on Women in the Music Industry

Stardust World Productions

Shannon Rugani – CEO and Founder of Stardust World Productions

Shannon Rugani – CEO and Founder of Stardust World Productions

Stardust World Productions supports females in the music industry.

My goal is to build a team of producers and resources to successfully launch an artist and bring in other talented female artists to help develop their trajectory for success in the music industry.””

— — Founder and CEO, Shannon Rugani

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, November 30, 2020 / — Today, Founder and CEO, Shannon Rugani, is thrilled to introduce Stardust World Productions – a recording label dedicated to providing female artists with the support they need to thrive within the entertainment industry.

“I created Stardust World Productions as a women-supporting-women record label. My goal is to build a team of producers and resources to successfully launch an artist and bring in other talented female artists to help develop their trajectory for success in the music industry… and beyond,” Rugani shared.

While Stardust World Productions is a female-focused label, it is inclusive of all genders. The label’s vision is to develop a roster filled with the best women and men in the entertainment industry — those who will lift women up and open doors, helping them reach their greatest potential.

A meta-analysis of 700 songs performed by the USC Annenberg Inclusion Initiative drew attention to surprising disproportionality regarding gender acknowledgment within the music industry. When USC Annenberg’s Inclusion Initiative team focused on songs between the years 2013 and 2019, it found that only 10.4% of GRAMMY nominees were women. Stardust World Productions is on a mission to balance the scale.

“Our team includes incredible women and men, and as we grow, we’ll continue to seek out people who share the collaborative mindset that makes what we do so vital to our artists, the industry, and the world we live in,” Rugani said.

To learn more about Stardust World Productions, or to seek representation, contact Shannon Rugani at or visit

About Stardust World Productions

Stardust World Productions is a record label for women, by women. The company was established by musical artist and CEO, EMPRESS, as a foundation for talent that allows each artist to retain control over their creativity and career trajectory. The female-centric label proves that women have what it takes to make the world dance — especially when it’s sprinkled with stardust. Get inspired at
Shannon Rugani
Stardust World Productions

Shannon Rugani
Stardust World Productions LLC
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Allagash partners with Portland-Based Therapy Group to offer Expanded Access to Mental Health Care Services

WellSpace Maine Logo

Allagash contracts directly with WellSpace@Work and thus enables its workers to gain fast, confidential access to our staff who are nearby, available and a good match for a given employee’s issue.”

— Lindy Graham, LCSW and founder of WellSpace Maine

PORTLAND, MAINE, UNITED STATES, November 30, 2020 / — Allagash Brewing Company, which ranks among the best companies to work for in Maine, has recently launched a pilot program designed to make mental health counseling services more accessible to its workforce.

The program was announced jointly by Allagash and WellSpace@Work, a newly formed division of WellSpace Maine, a Portland-based mental health counseling practice.

In a statement, Celine Frueh, Allagash’s Human Resources Directory, said, “We are collectively experiencing the most stressful experience of our lives during the COVID pandemic at Allagash and throughout the world,” Our team is our number one priority, and essential to our surviving the pandemic. We wanted to put additional support in place for this fall/winter, ensuring that if anyone on the Allagash team wanted support for stress-related issues, they would be able to access it readily. With respect to mental health counseling, there are two general obstacles: finding a therapist, and affording the cost. By partnering with WellSpace@Work, and Allagash paying 100% of the cost, we were able to remove both of those barriers. What we hope to be a lasting effect of this partnership and increased education about mental health is totally normalizing the need for support on this front and removing stigmas about treating mental health challenges as they arise.”

Lindy Graham, a licensed clinical social worker who has been practicing in Portland since 2007 and who began growing WellSpace Maine in 2010, stated, “Through this program, Allagash contracts directly with WellSpace@Work and thus enables its workers to gain fast, and very importantly, confidential access to our staff who are nearby, available, and, a good match for a given employee’s particular issue due to careful upfront assessment. Our therapists know the Maine culture well—something we have found to be important to the employers currently considering Allagash-type programs with us”.

She explained that WellSpace@Work is paid on a fee-for-service basis for a variable, but finite, number of sessions which are carried out at this time via secure telehealth appointments but, post pandemic, will be offered on an in-person basis.

For Allagash, WellSpace@Work has set up a dedicated client-service unit and phone line to smooth the administrative process. It is also providing virtual mental health educational support through “lunch and learn” programs. Thus far, it has conducted a webinar on seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and managing the demands of work and children’s remote learning needs. Other webinars on substance use, parenting babies and toddlers in the pandemic, mindfulness, and healthy eating are in the offing.


About WellSpace Maine:

WellSpace Maine, which has offices in Portland and Yarmouth, provides counseling services for children, adolescents, families and couples. It also offers custom-designed counseling programs for employers through WellSpace@Work, as well as a professional training program for clinicians interested in deepening their practice. For more information about WellSpace Maine, please visit

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Bruneau & Co. will bid farewell to autumn with a nearly 400-lot online Fall Antiques & Fine Art auction, December 10th

Extremely fine horse hair bridle group of the kind made in prison in the Southwestern U.S. in the 20th century, in exceptional condition (est. $2,000-$3,000).

Crayon on paper illustration by Lois Mailou Jones (Mass./Haiti, 1905-1998), 8 ¾ inches by 6 ½ inches (sight), of two women doing chores and gossiping over a fence (est. $2,000-$3,000).

19th century European Gothic Revival figural hall bench featuring an ornately carved crest over acanthus leaf band over military official portrait cartouches (est. $1,500-$2,500).

19th century walnut and cherrywood New York Victorian Aesthetic carved crane pedestal having an oval-shaped top over an ornate column with exquisitely carved cranes (est. $1,500-$2,500).

Impressionist oil on board depiction of a covered bridge surrounded by vibrant fall foliage by Charles Gordon Harris (R.I., 1891-1961), 16 inches by 20 inches (sight) (est. $500-$800).

The auction features paintings, decorative arts, furniture, jewelry, silver, Asian arts, collectibles and more, from estates and collections across New England.

This will be a nice general sale to round out the end of the year. It has something for everybody. Plus it’s a good mix for finding that last minute holiday present. ”

— Kevin Bruneau

CRANSTON, RI, UNITED STATES, November 30, 2020 / — Bruneau & Co. Auctioneers will bid farewell to autumn with an online-only Fall Antiques & Fine Art auction on Thursday, December 10th, starting at 6 pm Eastern time. The auction will feature nearly 400 lots of paintings, decorative arts, furniture, jewelry, silver, Asian arts, collectibles and more, pulled from prominent estates and collections across New England.

Highlights include a crayon on paper illustration drawing by Lois Mailou Jones (Mass./Haiti, 1905-1998), a Vermont landscape painting by Charles Gordon Harris (R.I., 1893-1963), a large selection of jade jewelry, 14kt gold watches, rings, bracelets, pearl necklaces and accessories. Online bidding will be available on multiple platforms. Phone and absentee bids are accepted.

“This will be a nice general sale to round out the end of the year,” said Bruneau & Co. president Kevin Bruneau. “It has something for everybody. Plus it’s a good mix for finding that last minute holiday present.” Items will be shipped in plenty of time to arrive by any holiday in the season.

Travis Landry, a Bruneau & Co. auctioneer and the firm’s Director of Pop Culture, added, “It’s not too often I get excited about furniture, but I look forward to seeing what the carved crane pedestal achieves. It is of a very fine quality. The gothic bench is better than average as well.”

The pedestal and bench each carry reasonable estimates of $1,500-$2,500. The 19th century European Gothic Revival figural hall bench features an ornately carved crest over acanthus leaf band over military official portrait cartouches with gargoyles, lions, griffins and mythical beasts throughout, supported by scrolled feet. The hardwood bench is 52 inches tall by 65 inches wide.

The 19th century walnut and cherrywood New York Victorian Aesthetic carved crane pedestal has an oval-shaped top over an ornate column with exquisitely carved cranes with flared wings supported by four finely carved scroll feet. The underside has a “1500” stamp. The pedestal has some minor condition issues but is in overall good shape. It’s 36 ½ inches tall by 22 inches wide.

With a pre-sale estimate of $2,000-$3,000 the crayon on paper illustration signed by Lois Mailou Jones is a candidate for top lot of the auction. The 8 ¾ inch by 6 ½ inch work (sight, less frame) depicts two women doing chores, gossiping over a fence. Jones studied painting at the Academie Julian and was the only female African American painter of the 30s/40s to achieve fame abroad.

Also carrying a $2,000-$3,000 estimate is a fine antique Kerman pictorial floral wool Persian carpet, hand-woven in the first quarter of the 20th century. The rug has an ornately detailed floral pattern with branches and birds over an ivory open field surrounded by intricate floral borders. Measuring 9 feet 9 inches by 18 feet, the carpet came from the collection of a Newport, R.I. lady.

An extremely fine horse hair bridle group of the kind made in prison in the Southwestern U.S. in the 20th century is expected to hit $2,000-$3,000. The bridle group includes a horse hair bridle with red, yellow, blue and black dyed hair with a tendril carved metal bit, two black and red geometric patterned decorative horse hair tassels and a dyed sisal whip, all in excellent condition.

A pair of New England landscape paintings by Daniel Santry (Mass./N.H./France, 1858-1915), including a plein air painting of a tree-filled field in Franconia Notch State Park in New Hampshire, and an impressionist view of a small house surrounded by blossoming trees, will be offered together as one lot (est. $1,000-$2,000). Both oil on board paintings are artist signed.

Leading the fine jewelry category will be an 18kt gold carved citrine pendant, made in the 20th century by David Webb (N.Y.), boasting a large carved citrine with an Asiatic inspired design inset with six diamonds encased in 18kt gold with a leaf textured frame (est. $1,500-$2,000). The pendant, weighing 65.1 grams, is 2 ½ inches by 1 ½ inches and is marked “Webb 18K” on verso.

A Masenza Roma 18kt gold coral brooch made by Franco Cannilla (Italian, 1911-1985), should change hands for $1,000-$1,500. The coral figural tree brooch with selected light green emerald leaves and a figural person toward the base, mounted on an 18kt gold frame, weighs 39.7 grams. The 3 inch by 2 ¼ inch brooch is marked “Masenza Roma” and is signed “Cannilla” on verso.

A lovely oil on board impressionist depiction of a covered bridge surrounded by vibrant fall foliage by Rhode Island artist Charles Gordon Harris (1891-1961) is estimated to reach $500-$800. The work, signed in the lower right-hand corner, is 16 inches by 20 inches (sight, less frame) and is titled and signed on verso, “Covered Bridge, Charlotte, VT C. Gordon Harris.”

Due to state COVID-19 regulations, in-house previews will be held by appointment only; call 401-533-9980 or send an email to info@bruneauandcom. The gallery is at 63 Fourth Avenue in Cranston, R.I. Internet bidding is via,,, and the mobile app “Bruneau & Co.” on iTunes or GooglePlay.

Bruneau & Co. Auctioneers will hold a major Comic, Toy & Pop Culture auction on Saturday, January 9th, 2021, at 10 am Eastern time, online and possibly live in the Cranston gallery (if COVID-19 has abated). Masks, social distancing and other COVID-19 protocols will be in place.

Bruneau & Co. Auctioneers is always accepting quality consignments for future auctions, with commissions as low as zero percent. Now would be a perfect time to clean out your attic. To contact Bruneau & Co. Auctioneers about consigning a single piece or an entire collection, you may send an e-mail to Or, you can phone them at 401-533-9980.

To learn more about Bruneau & Co. Auctioneers and the online-only Fall Fine Art & Antiques Auction planned for December 10th, visit Updates are posted often.

# # # #

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New Podcast Accepting Short Story Submissions from Indie Authors

The logo of the Hopefully Prompt podcast

The Hopefully Prompt Podcast is looking for emerging and indie authors for their new show.

Show to feature diverse voices and promote new artists to a wider podcast audience.

ROSWELL, NEW MEXICO, UNITED STATES, November 30, 2020 / — A new podcast is seeking short story submissions from independent and emerging authors to be featured on their first season.

The podcast, called Hopefully Prompt, will showcase authors from all genres and backgrounds. The stories will all be based on the same 5 word writing prompt, inviting authors to use their imaginations to create short form stories from that prompt.

Producer and host, Kyle Bullock, says they are looking for authors from all over the world and will be focusing on bringing diverse perspectives to the show.

"We want the underlying theme of these stories to be about hope," says Bullock. "We want that message of hope to come from artists of all different ethnicities, genders, faiths, nations, and ideas. Everyone is welcome to the podcast."

Stories that are chosen will be professionally narrated and produced complete with sound effects, music beds, and world building elements to give listeners an immersive feel.

According to the podcast's website, one of the goals of the show is to feature new and emerging artists, giving them a platform that will expose them to new fans and listeners. Artists can plug their latest work or encourage fans of the podcast to support their art.

"We really mean it when we say every genre is welcome," Bullock continued. "It excites me to see how someone who writes romance might approach the prompt versus how someone who writes horror approaches the prompt, or how a poet might do it. We're offering the listener a chance to hear something they might not hear otherwise, and perhaps fall in love with something that really expands their worldview."

The producers are accepting submissions for season 1 until January 15, 2021. Artists whose stories are chosen for the series will be notified in advance. Updates about the release of podcast can be found by visiting or follow the show's Facebook page.

For more information on the show or to submit your own work, visit

Kyle Bullock

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Local Black Lives Matter Chapters Demand Transparency and Accountability From Global Network

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter – BLM 10

Black Lives Matter (BLM), a group of 10 local chapters is renewing demands for transparency and accountability from BLMGN, demands that first began in 2016.

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, UNITED STATES, November 30, 2020 / — WASHINGTON, D.C. – Frequently faced with public scrutiny about finances and leadership of Black Lives Matter (BLM), a group of 10 local chapters is renewing demands for transparency and accountability from the global network, demands that first began in 2016.

Following a summer of increased organizing for social justice and massive donations to BLM’s fight for liberation, the local chapters released a public statement on Monday that outlines deficits in leadership, organization, and financial accounting. Specifically, the group asserts:

Patrisse Cullors, as the sole board member of Black Lives Matter Global Network (BLMGN), became Executive Director of the global group against the will of most chapters and without their knowledge.

BLMGN created new organizations, BLM Grassroots and the Black Lives Matter Political Action Committee without consultation with the vast majority of chapters.

Chapter organizers have been consistently prevented from establishing financial transparency, collective decision-making, and collaboration on political analysis and vision with BLMGN.

While millions of dollars have been donated to BLMGN, most chapters have received little to no financial support since the launch in 2013. It was only in the last few months that selected chapters appear to have been invited to apply for a $500,000 grant created with resources generated because of the organizing labor of chapters.

“We remain committed to collectively building an organization of BLM chapters that is democratic, accountable, and functions in a way that is aligned with our ideological values and commitment to liberation,” the statement reads.

Participating chapters demand that decision-makers of BLMGN, Grassroots, and the BLM PAC stop representing themselves as leaders or representatives of all of Black Lives Matter and provide full financial transparency and accountability to all chapters. This includes a full financial report from the past and current fiscal sponsors, a report of all contracts and staff and removal of any obstacles for interviews with them, and a public commitment to democratizing the use and distribution of finances. In addressing these issues, organizers will restore confidence in chapters around the world that was lost in negative critiques of the global network, which has not been involved in local chapters’ frontline work.

Local chapters that have signed the statement include Philadelphia, Pa.; Washington, D.C.; Chicago, Ill.; Hudson Valley, NY; Oklahoma City, Okla.; Indianapolis, Ind.; Denver, Colo.; Vancouver, Washington; San Diego, Calif.; and New Jersey.

As the group works to determine the next steps, organizers encourage supporters to organize with and donate directly to their local chapters, which represent the frontline of the movement. They also invite former chapters to reconnect and join the push for greater transparency and accountability needed to support the ongoing fight for liberation.

Read the full statement here.

Kelly Davidson
KellyMaven Media
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Dr. Paul Elliott, Neurologist, Celebrates 19 Years of Distinguished Service with the Epilepsy Foundation of Florida

Dr. Paul Elliott, Neurologist, Celebrates 19 Years of Distinguished Service with the Epilepsy Foundation of Florida

Dr. Paul Elliott, Neurologist, Celebrates 19 Years of Distinguished Service with the Epilepsy Foundation of Florida

Neurologist, Dr. Paul Elliott is pleased to announce that he has devoted nearly two very productive decades of work at the Epilepsy Foundation of Florida

STUART, FL, UNITED STATES, November 30, 2020 / — Neurologist, Dr. Paul Elliott is pleased to announce that he has devoted nearly two very productive decades of work to aid the collective efforts of the medical and scientific professionals at the Epilepsy Foundation of Florida.

The Epilepsy Foundation of Florida is just one chapter in a national network of charitable organizations that provide services and programs for those who are dealing with epilepsy across the nation. These services include education on the science of epilepsy, its treatment, and ways an epileptic can better cope with this condition.

These services include a 24/7 help line, community forums, a children’s activity program, seizure education, the “My Seizure Diary” free self management tool advocacy, support for sudden unexpected death in epilepsy (SUDEP) support, a wellness institute, and research.
As a board certified Occupational and Neurological Medicine. Dr. Paul Elliott has been a valuable asset to the foundation in the areas of research, education, and advocacy.

Dr. Paul Elliott has worked closely with the experts at the Epilepsy Foundation of Florida to curate a robust research library and network that encompass the spectrum of discovery from concept to development. Dr. Paul Elliott has helped the Foundation to foster the development of new research professionals to support fresh avenues of discovery which will lead to better quality care and treatments.

In the area of advocacy, Dr. Paul Elliott has been invaluable with his in depth knowledge of neurobiology and occupational medicine. Because he has published and presented scientific studies in Neurological Medicine, occupational medicine, and Osteopathy, his advocacy has come with a depth and breadth of knowledge and authority which make his efforts eminently valuable.

Likewise, in the foundation’s educational efforts, Dr. Paul Elliott has been a great resource. While scientific knowledge of the brain is far from complete, Dr. Paul Elliott’s expertise and dedication to the cause have brought valuable insights to many people struggling with epilepsy, the friends and families of those living with epilepsy, those who directly care for someone living with the condition, and for many professionals who provide care and treatment for the condition.

Dr. Paul Elliott’s contributions in time and donations to the foundation have also been instrumental in the progress of the foundation’s Wellness Institute. This organization is dedicated to the prospect that those who live with epilepsy are entitled to the fullest and most productive life possible.

Today, Dr. Paul Elliott continues to provide Adult Neurological Consultation and Diagnostic Testing for patients dealing with a host of conditions and has been praised highly by both his peers and patients.

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