Cervthabrand Plans To Bring Eco-Friendly Street Style Clothing To Women Globally

Pioneered by CEO Vivian Cervantes, Cervthabrand will soon sell trendy, environmentally friendly, street style clothing to empower women everywhere.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, November 27, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Cervthabrand is an LA-based clothing company with exciting plans to sell high-quality garments that empower women through a unique street style. In addition to boasting superior craftsmanship, Cervathabrand clothing is environmentally friendly, meaning consumers can soon shop the brand with total confidence in sustainability. The clothing company plans to open up an e-commerce storefront, in which consumers can shop the brand online and have their items shipped directly to their door.

As the dangers of fast fashion come to the surface, Cervthabrand will proudly offer garments that are guaranteed to be eco-friendly and produced according to high ethical standards. When shopping Cervthabrand, consumers don’t have to be concerned about the conditions in which the fabrics and labor came to be. Buyers will be at total ease, knowing all products are sustainably sourced and will pose no additional harm to the environment.

In a world where in-person shopping has subsided due to COVID-19 health concerns, fresh new brands like Cervthabrand are taking advantage of a safe, digital space to operate their business. The company will offer a flawless online shopping experience, in which consumers can easily access exceptional women’s street style garments from the comfort of their own homes. Not to mention, Cervthabrand is thrilled to provide a variety of stylish attire at reasonable prices.

“We are striving to create a clothing brand that encourages women to feel comfortable, powerful, and beautiful at all times,” says Cervthabrand CEO Vivian Cervantes. “That’s Cervthabrand will be selling street style clothing that makes women feel good all around. I am confident that our brand will soon become a leader in environmentally friendly fashion for women, and I’m very excited to share this project with everyone.”

To keep up with Cervthabrand as it continues to grow and expand, follow the company’s Instagram page @cervthabrand.

Vivian Cervantes

Source: EIN Presswire