Alvin Parmassar Improves Golf Swing Mechanics

Avid Golfers Turn to Alvin Parmassar for Help

NEW YORK, NY, USA, November 25, 2020 / — Golf enthusiasts and professionals are improving their golf swing mechanics with the help of Alvin Parmassar, an avid golf enthusiast who grew up playing golf in New York. Effective golf swings are critical for outperforming on the course and maintaining physical well-being.

All elements of the golf swing are analyzed by Alvin Parmassar to identify strengths and opportunities. The backswing, transition, downswing, impact, and follow-through comprise the critical elements of the swing, and each element has a distinct influence on performance. Alvin Parmassar uses state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and techniques to pinpoint errors in a form that can damage a golfer’s body.

Alvin Parmassar focuses on the backswing, which is the setup for the rest of the golf swing. Proper form at the beginning of the swing leads to overall better results. This includes an emphasis on pivot points, such as the wrists, and on a golfer’s shoulders. Whether it’s tips on how to improve the swing or just a particular element such as the follow-through, golfers get the insight needed to succeed.

Alvin Parmassar spent his childhood fascinated by anything that flies in the sky. As a teenager, Alvin Parmassar and his father would often make the drive up to the Air show in Orange County, NY to watch the Blue Angels and many other planes show off their prowess. His hobby, though, was golf, which he began playing at 6 years old with his grandfather. He took many years of golf lessons, and competed in various golfing competitions. While he pursued a career as an airplane mechanic, Alvin Parmassar never forgot to play a round of golf at least once a week in his free time. Now, Alvin Parmassar has taken to teach individuals proper golfing techniques and etiquette.

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