ArtTour International Brings the ‘Oscars of the Visual Arts’

Artists from different countries during the 2019 ATIM Top 60 Masters Award Ceremony.

A group of artists posing after receiving the award presented by ArtTour International Magazine at the Museum of Art and Design in New York during the ATIM Top 60 Masters Award Ceremony.

Founders of the ATIM Top 60 Masters Awards Alan Grimandi and Viviana Puello

ATIM Top 60 Masters founders Alan Grimandi and Viviana Puello during the 2019 Award Ceremony in the Museum of Art and Design in New York.

Viviana Puello holding the ATIM Top 60 Masters Official Award, a sculpture created by her entitled "Rising Above".

ArtTour International’s Founder and CEO, Viviana Puello, featuring her sculpture “Rising Above.” A duplicate of the statue, which is the official award for the ATIM Top 60 Masters, is presented to all 60 award recipients each year.

The most prestigious award program in the visual arts industry reunites artists from different backgrounds to bring peace awareness.

Inspiration makes you unstoppable. When you're inspired, you're in one accord with your true self, and the universe responds with synchronicities to help you in your journey. You become a manifester.”

— Viviana Puello

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, September 30, 2020 / — ArtTour International, in collaboration with Create4Peace, is proud to present the Oscars of the Visual Arts, ArtTour International Masters Award Ceremony, honoring a selection of artists from around the world whose work deserves recognition. 60 awardees will soon converge in Florence, Italy, next year in Spring.

The ArtTour International Masters Ceremony has since become an esteemed awards program in the international scene. Thousands of artists from all over the world submit their works. Every one of them is hoping to become a proud recipient of this prestigious award. The program chooses sixty of them for the prestigious award that next year will be presented to them in Florence, Italy, at the Auditorium al Duomo. Since its foundation, ArtTour International has brought the event around the world—from Miami to New York to Ferrara and Montagnac and next year, Florence.

Not only will they visit and explore the country’s culture and artworks, but it will also open endless possibilities for them. Many work hard for the prestigious award with hopes of starting a journey of breakthroughs and opportunities. As a recipient, many art entrepreneurs and connoisseurs recognize the artists, who then transform their lives and careers.

The event was created by ArtTour International’sInternational’s editor-in-chief, Viviana Puello, and her partner, Alan Grimandi, as an opportunity to celebrate and recognize deserving artists from anywhere in the world. They are both the founders of the multimedia platform ArtTour International Magazine. Viviana Puello is an internationally recognized art business expert and CEO. She has a lifelong mission of changing the way people see artists and the arts.

As an artist herself, Viviana has experienced the difficulties that come with art being your occupation. The art world has always survived in “feast or famine.” With so many artists struggling to market and thrive within their craft, Viviana knew there was more that she could do. That is where the vision and inspiration for ArtTour International was born. As the platform expanded and grew, Viviana added the ATIM Top 60 Masters Awards and special Issue Magazine to bring the recognition that these top artists deserve.

“All of my life, I have been an advocate for the arts.”, Puello shared. As her company and focus has grown, she has taken her marketing expertise to help artists turn their passion to profit. Her workshop, Debunking the Myth of Starving Artist, equips artists to become art entrepreneurs. As a successful entrepreneur herself, she shares the principles and goals on her award-winning show that is featured on NYC media. It was awarded the Public Media Awards of Excellence because of its impact in 2018 and 2019.

Today, ArtTour International is a revolutionary multimedia platform that promotes artists worldwide with an audience of over 2 million people in 205 countries. It also publishes a printed magazine that features artists who deserve the spotlight. Today, it has grown its readership to 10 million and is finally furthering its reach through the ArtTour International Show. The show airs every Thursday at 5:30 in the afternoon on Spectrum 1993. The show received the Public Media Awards of Excellence for two years in a row in 2018 and 2019.

With the ArtTour International Top 60 Masters Awards, Puello has created a foundation of success for her artists to thrive in. The ceremony reunites artists from all over the globe in one setting to recognize their careers, their activist works, and to promote global peace awareness through intercultural exchange. It highlights giving artists the space they deserve without holding themselves back.

The 2021 issue

The ArtTour International Masters Awards is an event that will mark the beginning of a global wave of artists on a journey to pursue art while staying true to their convictions and without having to compromise their message.

The search for the next Top 60 masters for 2021 to receive this award has begun. Artists are welcome to submit their works directly to their website You can also nominate your favorite artists directly on ArtTour International’sInternational’s official website. Nominations are also welcome from non-visual artists who want to support their favorite budding artists. Follow ArtTour International on Instagram and Facebook for updates and upcoming artists and art news.

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