OxiWear: A Revolution In Oxygen-Sensing

ARLINGTON, VA, USA, August 13, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — OxiWear, an Arlington-based startup, is committed to reducing patient vulnerability to injuries associated with low-oxygen levels. OxiWear has developed an ear-wearable device that will constantly monitor the wearer’s oxygen levels, warn them when levels drop below designated “safe” threshold, and allow them to activate their emergency plan to receive help in time, which includes dialing 911 and sending a text alert to their emergency contacts at those times of need.

OxiWear’s chargeable, wearable device will also transmit data to a mobile dashboard, which will be accessible to the wearer’s healthcare provider. OxiWear will also facilitate patient-provider dialogue as wearers will be able to upload journal entries detailing their health concerns to the dashboard.

Pulse oximetry is traditionally used to monitor patient oxygen levels in the blood at home and in hospitals. However, existing commercial pulse oximeters are often difficult to carry or use. Some are bulky and can fall out while transporting a patient or during daily movements. Unlike traditional pulse oximeters, which are often attached to the finger, OxiWear’s ear device will not be dislodged during the wearer’s natural movements. Additionally, OxiWear’s device continuously monitors and displays individual oxygen saturation on a wrist display, unlike commercial pulse oximeters which are used to measure oxygen levels discontinuously. In contrast to existing products on the market, OxiWear presents a fashionable, dependable and proactive oxygen sensor to help empower patients with pulmonary hypertension to live healthier lives.

OxiWear’s technology will be a boon to patient communities afflicted with “silent hypoxia”, a condition in which blood oxygen saturation drops below the normal range of 95-100% without the patient experiencing any symptoms traditionally associated with respiratory distress like breathlessness. A subset of COVID-19 patients exhibit “silent hypoxia”, making OxiWear’s tech all the more important. Furthermore, for patients with pulmonary hypertension, dangerous drops in oxygen content increase risks of life-threatening acute heart failure and strokes. With OxiWear, wearer’s will have peace of mind knowing that their oxygen is constantly being tracked and that emergency plans will automatically connect them with healthcare providers and loved ones if necessary.

OxiWear is currently launching an ambitious crowdsourcing campaign to raise funds for the manufacturing of the device. By ordering a device through the campaign, you will be eligible for a 40% discount! You can also participate in the OxiCare program and donate funds for 50% of a device, which will be matched by OxiWear to provide the wearable to someone in need of continuous oxygen monitoring. Together, we can help create a freer and healthier future for patients with continuous, oxygen-sensing.

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Source: EIN Presswire