Competitive Fisherman Brandon Anderson Offers His Top Tips for Offshore Fishing

Competitive fisherman Brandon Anderson Sarasota offers his top tips for offshore fishing success.

SARASOTA, FL, USA, August 13, 2020 / — Heading offshore means you're going where the big fish are. Also known as deep sea fishing, offshore fishing usually means you're more than 20 miles away from the shore. The waters can be hundreds or even thousands of feet deep. Preparing for offshore fishing is different than preparing for a day of fishing on a lake, river, or from shore. Competitive fisherman Brandon Anderson Sarasota recently offered his top tips for offshore fishing success.

Brandon Anderson Sarasota suggested keeping one rod prepared at all times with your favorite lure. He explained that if you don't have a rod rigged before heading out, and you see a school of fish, you'll likely miss a major catch while rigging a line or preparing bait. Don't wait until it's too late.

"I've learned from expert fishermen before me to always keep a logbook when I go offshore fishing," Brandon Anderson Sarasota said. "It's so easy to forget important details that can be used for future fishing trips or competitions. I now keep a log of which lures I used, hook styles, locations where I caught fish, times, tides, and more."

Brandon Anderson Sarasota explained that his log books have helped him catch countless fish over the years. He knows which sea conditions were best for catching fish in certain areas, which hooks he used, and even which brand lure brought in a big one. 

"Another major piece of advise I always give is that of cleaning the leaders," Brandon Anderson Sarasota said. "Diesel soot tends to accumulate on leaders causing them to get extremely dirty in a short amount of time." 

Brandon Anderson explained that cleaning and maintaining your fishing gear is an essential part of having success offshore. The grime that builds up on leaders as well as fishing reels and other equipment can greatly damage them over time. Brandon Anderson added that maintenance is an integral part of every fishing experience, and while it may not be the most exciting, it will help you reel in more fish over time. Proper maintenance can also save you time and money by keeping requiring fewer repairs or new purchases.

"My team always pays close attention to details when fishing offshore," Brandon Anderson Sarasota said. "This means keeping a solid inventory of our most used items, always keeping containers water-tight to prevent rust, and organizing everything from hooks to lures, weights and more."

Brandon Anderson Sarasota explained that being able to locate the exact hook size or lure you need in a pinch is necessary, especially when in competition. He explained that having all of your fishing gear properly organized before you even step foot on the boat is one of the key steps to a successful day at sea. 

"Fishing offshore makes for some of the most memorable days on the water," Brandon Anderson said. "Being properly prepared will just make your day that much more enjoyable and could be the difference between a good day of fishing and a great one."

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