Music is the Universal Cure Announces Powerful New Winners

1st Prize Winner Yamilet De La Jaraw, Photo credit; Rodrigo Diaz

2nd Prize Winner: Dilini Ranaweera, Photo credit; Dana Workman

3rd Prize Winner: Milla; Photo credit; Gilii De Villiers

Music is the Universal Cure, an exciting new music competition created by Dream Team Directors’ Bayou Bennett and Daniel Lir,
announce here the new winners.

We are inspired to use music to bring hope back to our world and to compellingly show how the artist overcomes adversity, empowers others, and changes the world.”

— Daniel Lir and Bayou Bennett; “Dream Team Directors”

MALIBU, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 30, 2020 / — “Music is the Universal Cure,” an inspiring original song competition, is pleased to report that they have just announced their winners, honorable mentions, and awarded their top prizes. Created by the Dream Team Directors’ Bayou Bennett and Daniel Lir, (hit filmmakers for Coldplay, Mark Ruffalo, Lindsey Stirling, etc.) and Multi-Platinum Producer Andrew Lane (Sony, Interscope, Disney), the contest has the purpose of spreading hope and positivity during the time of Covid-19. It received extraordinary submissions from around the world.

The Dream Team Directors are proud to have created and produced the contest which follows their mandate of using filmmaking and music to uplift society. Since 2007, Dream Team Directors have collaborated with great celebrities including Golden Globe nominee Anthony Mackie, Oscar nominee Mark Ruffalo, viral sensation Lindsey Stirling, and British superstars Coldplay; all to champion human rights and create meaningful change through films, documentaries and music videos.

Music Is the Universal Cure: The Winners

1st Prize goes to Yamilet De La Jaraw who wrote and sang the original song, "Live Like This" which brought tears and inspiration to the Judge's. Yamilet is also the former winner of "La Voz Peru" (The Voice of Peru). Music Is the Universal Cure states that “Her song is overflowing with musical talent and is a realistic portrayal and reaction to the harsh reality of life in her city of Lima, Peru during the lockdown.” They continue and state, “This truly talented angel on Earth has a voice with incredible range and emotion and is beautiful inside and out as she passionately dedicates herself to bringing music and food to her local orphanage to help change lives.”

2nd Prize is awarded to Dilini Ranaweera. Music Is the Universal Cure states, "While not writing songs, Dilini works at Cedars-Sinai Hospital with brand new moms, and has had to be their closest family member as even fathers were not allowed into the hospital during birth in the time of Covid-19. Out of all this anxiety, uncertainty, and challenge, Dilini has written and produced a truly powerful, uplifting song, “See You Again” which is an anthem of this time period.”

3rd Prize Winner goes to 13-year-old performer Milla. Music Is the Universal Cure states that Milla “wrote and sang "Safety Net" with such depth, maturity and meaning, we were in awe,” adding “Milla definitely has a bright future ahead of her.”

Music Is the Universal Cure states that “Honorable mentions from hit creators from Norway include; Berklee Glass, as well as Synne Vo and Lily Williams, who have incredible voices!" Also they add, "The cool Kayla Nichols, and rising-star rapper Justin El Fontaine, and included is "The Most Adorable Submission" mention by Alexandre Valembois and his mom on background vocals."

“Through the eyes of the musicians, we have experienced the emotional challenges of the lockdown, and how it has threatened their dreams and livelihood, but also experienced their tremendous creativity and songs that capture our generation, warm our hearts and remind us of the beauty that human beings are capable of.” –Music Is the Universal Cure

The contest was judged by: Multi-Platinum Producer Andrew Lane (Disney, Sony, Daytime Emmy's, Interscope, Grammy voter), Producer Chris Garcia (Lana Del Rey, Adele, Celine Dion), Songwriter/DJ/ Sony ATV hit songwriter Autumn Rowe (cuts with Dua Lipa, Ava Max, Grace Vanderwall, Pitbull, Becky G, Little Mix), Megan Holiday (Radio personality at KROQ), and Producer/Songwriter Shane Stevens (Selena Gomez, Carrie Underwood, Lady Antebellum).

"My personal experience has opened my eyes even more to know that the power of a song can move mountains, continents and oceans. Music should be considered the 10th wonder of the world." –Multi-Platinum Producer, Andrew Lane

"We are inspired to use music to bring hope back to our world and to compellingly show how the artist overcomes adversity, empowers others, and changes the world.” –Daniel Lir and Bayou Bennett; “Dream Team Directors” 20x Award-winning Filmmakers (Coldplay, Lindsey Stirling, Mark Ruffalo)

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Music Is the Universal Cure: Winners Here Announced

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