New Full Hot Yoga / Bikram Yoga Class with Maggie Grove for Summer

Hot Yoga / Bikram Yoga 60 minutes full class

Hot Yoga / Bikram Yoga 60 minutes full class

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New Full Hot Yoga / Bikram Yoga Class with Maggie Grove for Summer

We are happy to have Maggie back with another Hot Yoga class. This new video will give our viewers a routine they can do every day to reduce stress and feel more active”

— Darren Kramer

NEWPORT BEACH, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 29, 2020 / — Heart Alchemy Yoga is excited to present a new Hot Yoga/ Full 60 minute Bikram yoga class featuring Maggie Grove, the most popular Bikram teacher on YouTube.

This time, the yoga expert Maggie Grove shares with us a morning practice that will help you feel the strength and power of your body. This routine is specially dedicated to those who are looking for an intense workout to start off the day feeling detoxified, grounded, and relaxed.

Maggie’s new class includes the 26 postures that characterize classic Bikram Yoga style, which can be incorporated in your home practice. These include Standing Deep Breathing, half moon pose, awkward pose, eagle pose, standing head to knee pose, standing bow, balancing stick along with all the other postures. This type of hot yoga is practiced in a room where the temperature reaches up to 118 degrees and humidity is up to 40%. It’s designed to sweat, stretch, and detoxify the body, and also offers a lot of benefits, such as stress reduction, improved flexibility, strength, glucose tolerance, and blood flow.

"We are happy to have Maggie back with another Hot Yoga class. This new video will give our viewers a routine they can do every day to reduce stress and feel more active", says Darren Kramer, co-Founder of Heart Alchemy Yoga.

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About Maggie Grove
Maggie began her yoga journey over 15 years ago while living in New York City. She had a successful career as an actress, working alongside actresses such as Chloe Sevigny and Mischa Barton to name a few. But there was an inner longing for something more. Maggie came down with a virus that took over her body for several weeks. The virus was diagnosed as stress-induced. This led Maggie to her first yoga class. Such clarity and peace came to her that she never turned back.

Bikram Yoga Chelsea just opens 4 blocks from her 400 sq ft apartment. Maggie became a regular -she loved connecting with her body through movement and finding peace of mind. Under the guidance of studio owner John Golterman, Maggie got certified in Bikram Yoga 2005. She taught in Bikram studios throughout New York City for several years.

Her acting career brought her to Los Angeles. She continued to teach Bikram Yoga while acting in various films and commercials. She became a certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor at Yoga West during this period.

Maggie married a musician. Knowing children were on her horizon, she completed The Khalsa Way Prenatal Yoga training. Studying with Tej Khalsa and Gurmukh, this training inspired Maggie to become a birth and postpartum doula. She has guided numerous women through childbirth for over 10 years. Maggie then began teaching Prenatal Yoga, Mommy & Me Yoga, and Power Yoga at The Yoga Collective in Santa Monica & Yoga West among various other studios.

During this time Maggie yearned for more knowledge on holistic living. Naturally, this brought her to Ayurveda – the sister science of yoga. After completing her DASc in 2008 through Kerala Ayurveda, she studied in various ayurvedic clinics throughout Pune, India. Maggie currently conducts private consultations to help bring individuals back into balance physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Yoga has remained the one constant in her life. Yoga is her lighthouse…continuously bringing her back to her inner light and strength.

Maggie is honored to guide you on your yoga journey.

Maggie currently has 2 children and resides in Long Beach, CA.

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Hot Yoga / Bikram Yoga 60 minutes full class

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