Times Direct Reveals Why Direct Mail is a Good Way to Reach Millennials

A Los Angeles area agency highlighted why direct mail is an excellent way to reach millennial audiences.

IRWINDALE, CA, USA, February 28, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Times Direct Reveals Why Direct Mail is a Good Way to Reach Millennials

A Los Angeles area agency highlighted why direct mail is an excellent way to reach millennial audiences and how marketers are missing out on a big opportunity to engage the younger generation.

Millennials are on track to become the largest living generation in the country and bring in an annual buying power of $200 billion. Many marketers are looking for better ways to reach this target audience and have turned their efforts towards purely digital marketing tactics. Times Direct, an agency based in California, shares tips and trends in the market and noted that millennials are actually more likely to engage with marketing materials in their mailbox than their inbox. This is explained to be due in part to the bombardment of digital advertisements these millennials have seen since childhood and the fact that newer email systems automatically categorize marketing emails into a separate promotion or junk folder.

According to findings from the US Postal Service, “Over 85% of millennials pick up the mail at the first opportunity and spend over 9 minutes on average engaging with their physical mail.”

Here are the main reasons offered by Times Direct that marketers should re-evaluate digital-only campaigns with the younger generation:

1) Their Mailboxes Are Empty

According to DM News, 90% or millennials find direct mail reliable and 87% like receiving it. This is due in part to the fact that their mailboxes are largely empty. Physical mail presents an opportunity for businesses to connect with a group that views print mail as more official than digital advertisements.

2) Mail Is More Personal

The millennial generation cares about personalization. Direct mail can offer a connection by reaching a specific individual with their first name and customize mail piece based on their age, gender, offer, and target action. Times Direct offers personalization with their services because it significantly improves the outcome.

3) Direct Mail Delivers Results

Millennials tend to remember physical promotions and are more likely to be motivated by them over digital messages. Campaigns with direct mail offer a higher ROI for organizations over purely digital campaigns.

Findings shared by Times Direct proved that a smart mix of print and digital marketing will be more effective in reaching millennials than single sourcing. Any businesses interested in reaching the younger generation with their products or services can contact Times Direct to learn more about their fully integrated marketing solutions.

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