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Project management is the pulse of any business organization. Here is a list of best project management software by ITFirms!

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, February 27, 2020 / — The Project Management Institute estimates that approximately 83% of the executive leaders understand the value of project management and nearly 10% of the project budget gets wasted due to poor management. The foremost reason that is accountable for this failure is the lack of proper planning, absence of clearly defined or achievable objectives which eventually makes it difficult to track the progress.

Choosing the right management solution can be a good thing to start with. Further, this research shows that the organizations that prioritize maturing their delivery capabilities enjoy more successful outcomes.

Major takeaways and potential solutions to address some major concerns faced by organizations on day to day basis:

• Making use of multiple tools to resolve routine project management tasks.
• Managing routine tasks – adding, assigning, deleting, commenting, tracking, closing are the major functions
performed. E.g.: Trello
• Managing project management tools within the minimum budget with project managers not willing to allocate additional
funds remain a problem. Businesses require one tool that optimizes the workflow and saves the budget. E.g.: Basecamp

People and organizations that work together to seek Win/Win solutions must get involved in a four-step process to identify and resolve a problem:

• First, they check the problem from various points of view. Seek to understand and give expression to the needs and concerns of the other party as well as or better than they can themselves.
• Second, identify the key issues and concerns (not positions) involved.
• Third, determine what results would constitute a fully acceptable solution.
• Fourth, identify possible new options to achieve those results.

Here, people and organizations are responsible for accomplishing specified results within clear guidelines and available resources. It makes them accountable to perform and evaluate the results and provide consequences as a natural result of performance. This eventually supports and reinforces agreements.

Here is a list of best project management software to effectively manage your business and create a Win/Win solution that is congruent with answers:

1. Confluence (Paid)
2. Trello
3. Wrike (Paid)
4. Bitrix24 (Paid)
5. Freshdesk (Paid)
6. Teamwork Projects (Paid)
7. (Paid)
8. Accelo (Paid)
9. Samepage (Paid)
10. Basecamp (Paid)
11. TimeCamp (Paid)
12. Targetprocess (Paid)
13. Microsoft PPM (Paid)

The project management tools available in the market are saturated with options. But the business organizations can find solutions if the top executives can align their systems to create teams of highly productive people working together to compete against external standards of performance. No two projects are created on the same lines and pose similar problems. It can be difficult to strike a balance between the problem that is presented and the project management software on a roll. In this case, software developers need to work to meet the emerging needs of project managers and business leaders. With enough research, there is no decent reason why the companies find it difficult to find solutions that fit their tentative and long-term needs.

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