Organic Packaged Food Market 2019- Global Industry Analysis, By Key Players, Segmentation, Trends and Forecast By 2024

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Global Organic Packaged Food Market
Nowadays, consumers are getting highly dependent on organic packaged food and beverage products. The factors, such as rising awareness among the urban population regarding the health and fitness-related advantages of organic packaged food and a rising number of supportive dieticians’ and health experts' recommendations at the global level, is anticipated to have a favourable influence on the organic packaged food market growth. With the growing rate of women workforce entering the corporate world, the urban lifestyle has undergone a 360-degree modification. This factor is further expected to drive the demand for high-quality organic packaged food products.
The busy modern work life of people consumes a significant part of the day, and thus leaves very less or no time for household tasks, thereby enhancing the reliance on organic packaged food. A typical habit of consuming packaged food among working-class professionals is further anticipated to strengthen the demand for organic packaged food. A large base of urban population has been inclining towards organic packaged food products owing to the incredible flavour and health benefits associated with such food. Also, a wider urban population base has been promptly shifting from conventional unhealthy junk food and beverages to organic packaged product options.
Several research studies have impacted on the opinion of the customers by exposing the adverse health outcomes related to the consumption of unhealthy packaged food products that are processed using chemical fertilizer. Also, these research studies have specified several health, fitness, and beauty-related advantages of organic packaged food. All these factors have encouraged consumers to shift their preferences towards the healthy organic packaged food, thereby driving the industry growth. Also, the millennial consumer base is ready to pay high and premium cost for organic packaged products in demand for healthy food. Furthermore, a particular portion of urban society at the global level, which aims at retaining an eco-friendly lifestyle by reducing their carbon footprints, has addressed that they prefer organic packaged food products over the conventional packaged food.

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Key Players of Global Organic Packaged Food Market =>
Amy’s Kitchen, Nature’s Path Food, The Hain Celestial Group, AMCON Distributing, Albert’s organic General Mills Organic Farm Foods EVOL, Foods Kellogg Organic Valley Newman’s Own Organic Valley of Farmers WhiteWave, Foods Bgreen, Food Campbell

Market Segmentation
The global organic packaged food market can be segmented on the basis of product types, applications, regional markets, and prominent industry participants. Based on product types, the organic packaged food market can be segmented into-
• Grain
• Edible oil
• Vegetables
• Fruits
• Dried fruits
• Livestock products

Based on applications, the global organic packaged food market can be segmented into-
• Daily Diet
• Nutrition
Considering the product outlook, organic packaged foods can be classified into Bakery & Confectionery Products, R.T.E Cereals, Dairy Products, Snacks & Nutrition Bars, Sauces, and Dressings & Condiments. Organic packaged foods are easily available at general stores, supermarkets, and hypermarkets. Some well-established market players have started retailing their organic packaged food products over the online selling channel.

Regional Overview
Based on geography, the global organic packaged food market can be segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Southeast Asia. North America, particularly the United States is the prominent consumer and producer of organic packaged food products. High consumer awareness regarding the health, fitness, and beauty-related benefits associated with the consumption of organic packaged foods, along with increased spending on nutritional food products have encouraged several food and beverage businesses to utilize farm-grown natural ingredients. This factor is expected to drive the demand for organic packaged food in the North American region. The food and beverage companies operating in the United States and Canada are expected to have a robust influence on North American organic packaged food market growth.

Industry News
Organic India, an Indian food manufacturing & retailing brand has launched an exotic range of organic packaged food products. Organic India claims to offer the highest quality nutritional food products. Organic India's organic packaged food items are grown and supplied by certified organic farmers. ORGANIC INDIA is committed to establishing high standards of product quality. The brand uses attractive and eco-friendly glass bottle packaging techniques, which helps to maintain optimum-level product quality and purity.

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