The Ardeur Watch is the Smartwatch that Will Replace Your Smartphone

Ardeur is an ultra-stylish and powerful smartwatch

Powered by the latest technology, Ardeur allows you to stay always connected

Ardeur supports thousands of apps directly from the Google Play store

Ardeur is the ultimate smartwatch for the modern professional. Created by a team of veteran innovators, Ardeur packs the latest in wearable technology.

Ardeur’s engineers have placed the very technology that runs the most innovative Android phones into the Ardeur Watch, allowing the user to do everything they could with a smartphone.”

— Ardeur

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, USA, August 15, 2019 / — Ardeur, a leader in telecom devices and smart technology, has just announced the release of its new smartwatch, the Ardeur Watch. This stylish smartwatch features an extremely powerful processor, a large touchscreen, and access to thousands of apps, making it one of the first smartwatch that is a legitimate alternative to a smartphone. The Ardeur Watch is available now at

Ardeur is pushing the boundaries of what a smartwatch is capable of. The Ardeur Watch’s industry-topping quad-core processor and high-performance GPU allow it to run at lightning speeds on Android, displaying all the apps you love from the Google Play store in ultra-HD quality.

Most smartwatches feature low-grade technology that allows the user to perform a few actions, but they could never be considered a replacement for the power of smartphones. Ardeur’s engineers have placed the very technology that runs the most innovative Android phones into the Ardeur Watch, allowing the user to do everything they could with a smartphone, just in an easier, more versatile, and more portable way.

The Ardeur Watch’s performance is heightened by 4G LTE built-in cellular, WiFi, and Bluetooth connectivity. Online or off, users will be able to sync, call, play, listen, monitor their health, track their fitness, and much more.

The Ardeur Watch functions globally and comes equipped with a nano-SIM slot, so users can swap telecom networks and enjoy top 4G service no matter where they are. Perfect for business and pleasure, the smartwatch even comes loaded with translation tech to help navigate the world with ease.

For the health-conscious looking to upgrade from a FitBit, the Ardeur Watch contains sensitive heart and blood pressure monitors, which along with the advanced GPS system, provide precise measurements throughout the day.

These health features work alongside Ardeur’s suite of fitness settings. Custom tracking tools are available for over 9 different sports, and cutting-edge analysis tech allows users to measure progress, set goals, monitor biometrics, and much more. Active users don’t need to worry about taking the Ardeur Watch into the toughest of conditions; it’s protected by 9H Corning Gorilla Glass and is nearly indestructible.

The Ardeur Watch is easy to use and highly visible. Its round, tapered face hugs the wrist, unlike most smartwatches which bulge out. For the fashion-conscious, multiple watch faces and bands can be chosen to fit any occasion. The screen measures 1.3” and is the ideal size for texting, calling, and navigating apps yet not big enough to become a burden or draw unwanted attention.

The Ardeur Watch was designed to break the wearables industry free from the many restrictions holding it back. Thanks to custom nanotechnology and powerful computing, Ardeur has built a smartwatch that combines the versatility of a smartphone with the convenience of a wearable.

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About Ardeur

Ardeur is a leader in consumer and commercial smart devices around the globe. From its development and management bases in Asia, Europe, and North America, Ardeur’s engineers and specialists have helped develop some of the most innovative smart tech of this generation.

After decades of combined experience contributing to smart devices, Ardeur has announced the release of its own smartwatch, the Ardeur Watch. Promising to be the first watch that boasts fitness and health tracking, unprecedented app access, built-in cellular 4G and WiFi, and real-time notifications at speeds only seen in smartphones, The Ardeur Watch represents the convergence between the wearables and smartphone industries.

Ardeur is made up of tech and telecom specialists from around the world who are dedicated to moving smart technology into the next generation. The Ardeur Watch is just the first of many Ardeur devices that will change the way users socialize, exercise, and live life.

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