Announcing the Opening of Desert Gardens Assisted Living & Memory Care in Tucson: Luxury Living at Affordable Rates

Desert Gardens Assisted Living and Memory Care

Desert Gardens Assisted Living and Memory Care

Desert Gardens Offers Luxurious Accommodations

Luxurious Accommodations

This new assisted living home, located in the beautiful Foothills area, offers the support of compassionate, experienced caregivers.

We can provide you with peace of mind in the knowledge that your loved ones are being cared for like family.”

— Charles Loschiavo

TUCSON, AZ, USA, June 30, 2019 / — Desert Gardens Assisted Living is pleased to announce the opening of its brand new luxury home in the Foothills, offering a warm and inviting environment amidst spectacular mountain views. A ten-bed facility, the home is on a mission to enrich the lives of residents and their families and provide the best possible care in Tucson.

According to founder Charles Loschiavo, Desert Gardens is far superior to the average assisted living home because of the level of support it provides.

“Our caregivers are top notch,” says Loschiavo. “Each and every Desert Gardens employee was chosen for their caring nature, experience and professionalism. And we offer one-on-one care, which is really hard to find elsewhere.”

Loschiavo adds that Desert Gardens is fortunate to have Robin Duffy as their licensee house Manager and Administrator for her extensive experience in the industry and unparalleled care for seniors. Having successfully managed large facilities in Tucson, Robin was one of the individuals (along with Desert Gardens’ PRN Nurse) responsible for bringing the Eden alternative to the first facility in Arizona.

“Robin is well regarded in the community and has an immaculate reputation,” adds Loschiavo. We are very excited to have her fully on board!”
Loschiavo notes that although Desert Gardens only opened its doors in March of this year, it is already more than half full.

“We are proud of the fact that we are an affordable higher end assisted living home. Our residents are happy and well-cared for. Not surprisingly, we’ve had a lot of interest and don’t expect our remaining beds to stay empty for long!”

Desert Gardens offers a number of advantages and features:

• An individualized service plan for each resident
• Certified caregivers onsite 24 hours a day with a ratio of 5:1 residents to caregivers
• Assistance with dressing, eating, bathing, walking and personal hygiene
• Private and semi-private rooms
• “Open door” policy for visitors
• A variety of fun activities designed to engage the mind and body
• Three delicious meals per day; nutritious snacks always available
• Constant open communication with family members
• And a lot more.

In addition, Desert Gardens is one of the few homes in the area that adheres by the Eden Alternative. This revolutionary program was designed to improve the well-being of Elders and their care partners by transforming the communities in which they live and work and eliminate loneliness, helplessness, and boredom.
“We can provide you with peace of mind in the knowledge that your loved ones are being cared for like family,” concludes Loschiavo. “Give us a call or stop by – we’d be happy to give you a tour and answer any questions you might have.”

About Desert Gardens Assisted Living and Memory Care

Located at 3700 N River Hills Drive, Tucson, AZ, this comfortable home features luxurious, spacious rooms with breathtaking mountain views and highly-personalized, boutique care. Residents are provided with continuous care throughout the day and night by dedicated, highly trained caregivers.

Desert Gardens is currently accepting new residents. For more information, visit the website at

Charles Loschiavo
Desert Gardens Assisted Living and Memory Care
+1 520-907-8833
email us here
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Yoga Kawa Offers Unique Puppy Yoga Experience to Corporate Clients

Corporate yoga class in progress

Corporate Yoga Class by Yoga Kaw

Yoga Kawa empowers businesses to succeed in building a productive & positive environment at work, &
designs classes based on individual goals of each company.

It is our mission to connect high-quality yoga teachers beyond yoga facilities and naturally integrate it into your daily and essential routine in life – workplace, sweet homes and special events.”

— Echo Wang

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, June 30, 2019 / — Ontario – If an employer is looking to create an activity that promotes collaboration amongst employees, corporate yoga service offered by Yoga Kawa is a top option. Yoga Kawa offers corporate clients a free consultation call to identify exactly what the company wants to accomplish, and then work together to design a well-integrated wellness program to achieve that goal.

Typically, corporate goals include but not limited to reducing healthcare cost, improving employee health, helping employees manage stress, as well as decreasing employee absenteeism. The corporate yoga program allows for a customizable program to suite the workplace schedule, culture, office layout, and budget. Yoga Kawa wants to provide their clients with the best possible experience, and keeps the goals of the client as the highest priority throughout their service.

Along with creating a fun class, the top goal of the corporate yoga class by Yoga Kawa is to cater to the needs of the employees, no matter the body type, gender, age, fitness or flexibility levels. The experienced teachers from Yoga Kawa focus on mobility, flexibility, relaxation, meditation, and many other unique needs that the employees may have.

Even though the company space is designed for the employees to perform work tasks, Yoga Kawa believes that yoga can be taught and practiced anywhere. Whether the session is conducted around conference tables, in the lobby, down a hallway, or even right by a group of desks, Yoga Kawa can work in any space.

In some cases, companies are looking for a unique yoga experience, and Yoga Kawa offers that in the form of puppy yoga classes. As employees focus on their practice and breathing, they get to experience the joy of watching puppies roam and play around. If certain employees do not seem interested in a traditional yoga class, puppy yoga is a definite way to get participants excited in your wellness program.

Yoga Kawa is a Canadian leader in corporate and condo yoga services. Yoga Kawa strives to empower businesses and brands to succeed in building a productive and positive environment at work and home. The team at Yoga Kawa believes that when yoga is practiced, the calm and rejuvenating energy can blossom and grow where one needs it the most. It is Yoga Kawa’s mission to connect high quality yoga teachers beyond yoga facilities, and integrate yoga into one’s daily routine.

Yoga Kawa can be contacted via phone at (647) 818-7418 or via email at For more information regarding the company or the various types of yoga services that they offer, visit their website.

Echo Wang
Yoga Kawa
+1 647-818-7418
email us here
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Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) explained in a new article by medical consultant Dr. Sohail Aman

Sohail Aman, MD, Maryland and Alabama

Sohail Aman, MD, Maryland and Alabama

Dr Sohail Aman, Medical Consultant in Maryland and Alabama

Dr Sohail Aman, Medical Consultant in Maryland and Alabama

Sohail Aman, MD, Maryland and Alabama

Sohail Aman, MD, Maryland and Alabama

Dr. Sohail Aman, Maryland and Alabama

Dr. Sohail Aman, Maryland and Alabama

Sohail Aman, MD, Maryland and Alabama

Sohail Aman, MD, Maryland and Alabama

Dr. Sohail Aman’s new article details the symptoms, causes and treatment for Alzheimer’s disease.

The complexity of the Alzheimer’s disease makes it untreatable and unpreventable. However, the medicines prescribed can be helpful in treating the individual symptoms…”

— Sohail Aman, MD, medical consultant

MOBILE, ALABAMA, UNITED STATES, June 30, 2019 / — Alzheimer’s disease, the most common cause of dementia, is a neurological disorder that occurs due to continuous degeneration of the brain cells. This incurable and irreversible disease hampers a patient’s cognitive and physical abilities. A person suffering from Alzheimer’s disease would eventually lose all memory and even cease to perform everyday tasks independently.

Medical Consultant Sohail Aman has published an article on this issue, which is available on his blog at

As a progressive disease, it worsens with time. Alzheimer’s develops slowly in the beginning but gets fatal as it enters advanced stages and various associated health concerns like dehydration, infections start playing a role.

Signs and Symptoms

Some common signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease are:

1. Memory Loss
Earlier symptoms may include forgetfulness or the inability to remember recent conversations or occurrences. The patient may also face difficulty in processing and communicating thoughts. As the memory loss worsens, the patient may keep on repeating something, forget appointments, unable to maintain his check books, and balance accounts, fail to identify people or objects, lose possessions or even get lost himself.

2. Sluggish Reasoning and Decision-Making Process
People suffering from Alzheimer’s find it particularly challenging to focus reason and multitask. With time, the patient’s decision-making skills will get poorer and the responses towards everyday issues will get slower.

3. Difficulty in Routine Activities
An Alzheimer’s patient struggles with everyday tasks. At an advanced stage, routine chores like eating, dressing and bathing may also become extremely arduous.

4. Behavioral Changes

A change in behavior is a significant symptom. The patient experiences mood swings, depression, insomnia, and aggressiveness. Social skills deteriorate and the patients feel surrounded by mistrust and delusions.


Definite causes of Alzheimer’s disease remain unknown to date. A mere 1% of patients have been observed to get the disease through genetics or their personal habits. A family history of Alzheimer’s disease increases the risk. Head traumas, unhealthy sleep patterns, and old age are also considered as possible causes in some studies. It has been found that the part of the brain responsible to retain and control memory, the hippocampus, undergoes neurological decay. A considerable amount of neurons die by the time the early signs of the disease start to manifest.
The disease spreads in different areas of the cerebral cortex. Two brain proteins are found to play a major role in causing the disease.

* Plaques
The remnants of larger proteins, Beta-amyloids, accumulate in the brain over time causing the decay of brain cells. The dead cells and bits of proteins combine to form plaque which impedes the functioning of the brain.
* Tangles
The neurological transport system is largely supported by Tau proteins. These special proteins restructure themselves as neuro-fibrillary tangles which are lethal to the cells and cause the transport system to collapse in an Alzheimer’s infected brain.


The complexity of the Alzheimer’s disease makes it untreatable and unpreventable. However, the medicines prescribed can be helpful in treating the individual symptoms and decreasing the rate of cellular degeneration. Cholinesterase inhibitors are the type of drugs prescribed in early stages of the Alzheimer’s disease. According to the studies, these medicines help preserve a chemical called acetylcholine in the brain which prevents memory loss to some degree. Unfortunately, the inhibitors lose their effectiveness as the disease grows.

About Dr. Sohail Aman

Dr. Sohail Aman is a Consultant in Internal Medicine in Mobile, Alabama. He graduated from Medical School in 1992, and has completed several post-graduate training programs in internal medicine and a year in neurology training. He also holds a LMCC (Licentiate medical Council of Canada) certification and is a Fellow American College of Physicians, participates as a preceptor in medical Students clinical training program.

Professional Profile:
Professional Profile:

Sohail Aman, MD
Sohail Aman, MD
+ +1 4432054040
email us here
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UW Medicine: The good news on Alzheimer’s disease

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Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty, Inc. is Proud to Offer their RBID Tour of Home

Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty, Inc. RBID Tour of Home

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 29, 2019 / — Traditional open houses are sometimes uncomfortable for both buyers and sellers because you've often got a hovering agent watching your every move. Most importantly, they're NOT very effective at selling homes either. In fact, according to industry statistics, less than 1% of homes are sold as a result of a traditional open house. Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty, Inc., the real estate office with the proven track records in the Greater Los Angeles area, created a solution to solve this problem by launching their RBID Tour of Home.

Headed by their CEO, Rudy Lira Kusuma, the team designed the RBID Home Selling System to create a sense of urgency, excitement, and perception of value for the prospective buyers. One of the methods used for this system is the RBID Tour of Home, where the team brings in the pre-approved and pre-qualified buyers to see the property just within 30-minutes to 1-hour time frame in which multiple offers can be created during the tour. The team has more than 45,000 pre-approved buyers in their database that are ready, motivate, and willing to make offers on the properties.

Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty, Inc. does not do the traditional method of an open house where the house is available for the public for the entire day and the listing agents only wait and hope for the potential buyers to come in. Statistics show that less than 1% of homes can be sold due to the traditional method of an open house.

Another purpose of their RBID Tour of Home is to gather all the pre-qualified and pre-approved buyers to line up in front of the properties and to create a sense of urgency for the public to view and also submit offers on the properties. This RBID Tour of Home offers a lot of benefits for the sellers where they can receive multiple offers within the short time period, their homes sold as-is, at the price acceptable to the sellers and within their time frame.

The RBID Homes also come with full disclosures of the property so that the buyers will have more confidence before submitting their offers. Mr. Kusuma of Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty, Inc. understands the needs of the clients. With that, they use the best approach for the convenience and satisfaction of their customers. They work with integrity and honesty because they want to maintain their solid reputation in the real estate industry.

About Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty, Inc.:

Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty, Inc. is among the most trusted real estate companies in the market today. They have an accommodating team of professionals that are committed to serving their customers in the best possible way. They ensure to provide a hassle-free process for their clients because the quality of their work is a source of their confidence.


For more information about Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty, Inc. and their services, visit their site at or call them at 626-789-0159. They can also be emailed at

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HAWAII VOLCANOES Painting Workshop with NPAF Artist in Residence Alice Leese

photo of artist Alice Leese

NPAF Artist in Residence Alive Leese

Image for Workshop Giveaway



Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Artist
At the EDGE OF Kīlauea Volcano, Sunday, July 10th 10:30-1:30 FREE Lunch

Re-tweet or Facebook Repost below post and we will enter you to win one of THREE (3) tickets to the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Plein-AiR Painting Workshop."POSTCARDS FROM THE EDGE PAINTING WORKSHOP with Alice Leese- Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Artist in Residence"
Share (Via Twitter or Facebook) the following post to enter:

"Hawaii Workshop Give Away. Retweet this and we will enter you in a drawing for one of three free tickets to the following:"

"Artists of all abilities will love this rare opportunity to meet and paint with the park’s resident artist for July, Alice Leese, on the edge of Kīlauea Volcano. Leese, a Texas cattle rancher whose dramatic oil paintings and other mediums capture the colorful west, will provide one workshop during her residency. Limited to 12 people, attendees will receive a postcard-sized blank canvas but must bring their own paints and a small travel easel. Cost is $75,( Unless you enter and win this drawing… then it's FREE) and includes lunch at Volcano House". Sponsored by the National Parks Arts Foundation, Friends of Hawaiʻi Volcanoes National Park and Volcano House. Park entrance fees apply."

If you would just like to purchase a ticket please go here:

If you don't use Twitter or Facebook, we trust you will still spread the word. AND THANKS!

If you like just send us an email at and we are happy to enter you into the drawing.

We look forward to seeing you there!
National Parks Arts Foundation

* Free Lunch may not be extended to NPS or other govt. employees and others as per Federal/State/County/City laws.

* Any terms herein may be changed or canceled without notice.

John Cargill
National Parks Arts Foundation
+1 505 715-6492
email us here

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Vonleshia Deshai Launches New Podcast “Mimosas And Moneybags”

With new podcasts Vonleshia DeShai Cole shows ladies how to boss up and handle their business to get results.

HOUSTON, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, June 29, 2019 / — Vonleshia DeShai Cole has launched her new podcast “Mimosas and Moneybags” to help female millennial entrepreneurs grow their businesses. The show will have insight, interviews, and inspiration women can use in their daily routines.

Vonleshia DeShai knows what it's like to work from the bottom up. Best known for her radio show, Grown Woman Talk and her annual women's conference, the Ultimate Girls' Festival, she worked hard to build what she had.

Then tragedy struck and life took its course, leaving DeShai to pick up the pieces after she was left with nothing. Willing to start again from scratch, she got back to business and is now showing women they can do the same. Now, with “Mimosas and Moneybags”, she wants to teach her fellow female entrepreneurs to never quit on their dreams and how to be successful at accomplishing their goals.

You can tune into “Mimosas and Moneybags” at New episodes drop every Sunday. So grab your mimosas and notepads and start growing your business.

If you would like to receive more information about “Mimosas and Moneybags or to schedule an interview with Vonleshia DeShai Cole, please email

Dime Diva Branding
+1 281-675-2609
email us here
Dime Diva Branding

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Jeffrey D. Hatchell, Established Author and Motivational Speaker, Gets People Engaged with Book "The Inspired Career"

Jeffrey D. Hatchell, Established Author and Motivational Speaker

Jeffrey D. Hatchell reveals in his new book what activities people can do every day to increase their value within a company.

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, June 29, 2019 / — Many people in the workplace today believe that they may be great but don't always bring that greatness to work, and consequently, they tend to stagnate while others flourish and pass them up on the corporate ladder. However, Jeffrey D. Hatchell reveals in his book “The Inspired Career” what activities people can do every day to increase their value within a company.

Jeffrey D. Hatchell is a certified executive coach, a corporate facilitator and a motivational speaker. He focuses on leadership development through executive coaching, team building workshops and motivational speaking. His company “Over the Top Coaching” won the prestigious award of Supplier of the Year by the Northern California Supplier Development Council. He has more than 20 years of experience working at Fortune 500 organizations in sales management and leadership roles, including working as Director of Sales Performance with American Express. Recently, his book “The Inspired Career” ( has been making waves in online communities wanting to improve communication in the workplace.

Executives from some of America's top corporations are praising the novel as the year's must-read book for the person who is not satisfied with their career and want more out of their vocation. “One of the best motivational career and leadership books without the fluff,” states Keith Wyche, Former CEO of Acme Markets and Best-Selling author of "Good is Not Enough," “The messages were not only timely, but speak to those ‘soft’ skills that are often overlooked or misunderstood. Should be required reading for all young and experienced professionals.”

The book provides leadership coaching to those in organizations who are not getting it and desire to gain insights that can help them become more impactful and fulfilled at work. According to the Gallup organization, 70% of people in the US hate their job. The Inspired Career book addresses this challenge by helping people to have a paradigm shift in how their perceive their current situation. It also sheds light on the essential skills to develop leadership skills beyond being competent in a current role and making goals. Although making goals is critical and the entry fee for keeping a job, Hatchell highlights the intrinsic and soft skills that can set a worker apart from the bottom and middle of the corporate pyramid.

As a motivational speaker, Jeffrey D. Hatchell inspires others to maximize their full potential. He is a sought-after speaker who has done key-notes and motivational talks to some of the following organizations: the National Black MBA Association, National Association of Hispanic MBAs, Institute for Supply Chain Management, Google, AT&T, Chevron and The Clorox Company. He has provided leadership workshops to Bayer, Applied Materials, PG&E, Kaiser, Johnson & Johnson, American Express, Wells Fargo, Safeway, Comcast, Amgen, Panasonic, Genentech and many others. His mission? "To inspire others to be their personal best by understanding their potential, leveraging their experiences and maximizing their current situation for future opportunities."

Jeffrey D. Hatchell received his Masters of Business Administration degree from Nova Southeastern University and a Bachelor of Business Administration in marketing degree from Howard University. In addition, he completed UCLA Anderson School of Management, Management Development Program for Entrepreneurs where his business improvement plan was highlighted on UCLA’s website as a best in class.

Aurora DeRose
Michael Levine Media
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The Los Angeles Online Film Critics Society 2nd Annual Midseason Awards Nominees

The nominations for the 2nd Annual LAOFCS Midseason Film Awards. The nomination list includes films such as Booksmart, Toy Story 4, Us, Rocketman, and others.

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, June 28, 2019 / — The Los Angeles Online Film Critics Society announces their 2nd Annual Midseason Awards Nominees with Booksmart, Us, and Rocketman topping the nomination list.

The Los Angeles Online Film Critics Society has announced the nominees for their Midseason Film Awards for the first half of 2019. Each June, the members of the LAOFCS vote in twelve different categories to help shine a light on what they believe are the best films of 2019 prior to entering the official award season.

Olivia Wilde’s Booksmart received the most love with seven nominations while Jordan Peele’s Us and Dexter Fletcher’s Rocketman tied for second place receiving a total of six nominations each.

The winners of the LAOFCS Midseason Awards will be revealed on Monday, July 1, 2019.

Best Movie:

Apollo 11
Avengers: Endgame
Captain Marvel
John Wick Chapter 3
Long Shot
Toy Story 4

Best Actor:

Keanu Reeves, John Wick: Chapter 3
Robert Downey Jr, Avengers: Endgame
Taron Egerton, Rocketman
Winston Duke, Us
Zachary Levi, Shazam!

Best Actress:

Beanie Feldstein, Booksmart
Elisabeth Moss, Her Smell
Emma Thompson, Late Night
Kaitlyn Dever, Booksmart
Lupita Nyong'o, Us

Best Supporting Actor:

Ben Mendelsohn, Captain Marvel
Jack Dylan Grazer, Shazam
Jamie Bell, Rocketman
Keanu Reeves, Toy Story 4
Richard Madden, Rocketman

Best Supporting Actress:

Billie Lourd, Booksmart
Elizabeth Moss, Us
Naomi Scott, Aladdin
Rene Russo, Velvet Buzzsaw
Shahadi Wright Joseph, Us

Best Adapted Screenplay:

Avengers: Endgame, Christopher Markus & Stephen McFeely
Captain Marvel, Anna Boden & Ryan Fleck & Geneva Robertson-Dworet
Gloria Bell, Alice Johnson Boher & Sebastián Lelio
Shazam!, Henry Gayden
Toy Story 4, Andrew Stanton & Stephany Folsom

Best Original Screenplay:

Booksmart, Olivia Wilde
Late Night, Mindy Kaling
Long Shot, Dan Sterling & Elizabeth Hannah
Rocketman, Lee Hall
Us, Jordan Peele

Best Male Director:

David F. Sandberg, Shazam!
Dexter Fletcher, Rocketman
Jordan Peele, Us
Josh Cooley, Toy Story 4
The Russo Brothers, Avengers: Endgame

Best Female Director:

Joanna Hogg, The Souvenir
Laure de Clermont-Tonnerre, The Mustang
Nahnatchka Khan, Always Be My Maybe
Nisha Ganatra, Late Night
Olivia Wilde, Booksmart

Best Indie Film:

Her Smell
Late Night
The Souvenir
Wild Rose

Best Streaming Movie or TV Series:

Always Be My Maybe, Netflix
The Act, Hulu
Fleabag Season 2, Amazon
Russian Doll, Netflix
When They See Us, Netflix

Most Anticipated Film For the 2nd Half of 2019:

It: Chapter 2
Little Women
Once Upon a Time In Hollywood
Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker


The Los Angeles Online Film Critics Society was founded in November 2016. The goal of the Los Angeles Online Film Critics Society is to highlight varied voices in film criticism while maintaining a year-round presence with daily critic picks, a movie pick of the week, and a weekly podcast called LAOFCS Weekly that airs live at 11am PST every Friday on the Popcorn Talk Network.

Where to find us:

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,

Contact Us:

Los Angeles Online Film Critics Society

Los Angeles Online Film Critics Society
+1 310-694-1999
email us here
Visit us on social media:

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Dr. Reef Karim, Prominent Brain Scientist, Chosen One of L.A.’s 100 Most Fascinating People for 2019

Dr. Reef Karim, Prominent Brain Scientist & Life Strategist

“We're honored to include Dr. Reef Karim into our BoLAA family.” ~Aurora DeRose

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, June 28, 2019 / — Dr. Reef Karim, Prominent Brain Scientist & Life Strategist, has been chosen by the “Best of Los Angeles Award” community as one of L.A.’s 100 most fascinating people, according to Aurora DeRose, award coordinator for the “Best of Los Angeles Award” community.

“With all of Reef Karim’s incredible achievements in the field of medicine and wellness, it’s easy to see why he has earned a place on L.A.’s 100 Most Fascinating People list” said DeRose.

The “Best of Los Angeles Award” community was formed four years ago and consists of over 5,300 professional members living and working in Southern California. It celebrates the best people, places and things in Los Angeles with a slogan “No Ads. No B.S. Only the Best.”

“The mission of the community is to celebrate the best of Los Angeles, and allow its community members to connect with other members who share the highest standards of quality and integrity,” expresses DeRose. "We're honored to include Dr. Reef Karim into our L.A.’s 100 most Fascinating List."

Dr. Reef Karim, a leading expert in human behavior, has dedicated his life to educating, entertaining and helping people understand themselves better. He is a double board-certified psychiatrist, addiction medicine physician and relationship expert as well as a writer, host and media personality. He served as an Assistant Clinical Professor at the UCLA Semel Institute for Neuroscience and founded a personal transformation and recovery outpatient treatment center in Beverly Hills for mental health, personal growth, toxic relationships and addiction recovery. (

The good doctor is a highly sought-after speaker and is well known in the media with recurring appearances on: Oprah, Dr. Oz, CNN, Larry King Live, Dr Phil, Anderson Cooper 360, Nightline, The Today Show, Chelsea Lately and many others. He hosted the television shows Broken Minds on the Discovery Network, House of Clues on Court TV and Outrageous Acts of Psych on the Science Channel. Dr Reef also writes, produces, and hosts the new online late-night talk show Reef Madness where he breaks down the best and most controversial topics in human behavior.

Reef is the co-author of the dating psychology book “Why Does He Do That? Why Does She Do That?”, his literary work is frequently published in Forbes and Huffington Post and his research on human behavior has been published in many prestigious academic journals including, The International Journal of Neuroscience and The Journal of Addiction Medicine. He has a special interest in American Pain, Fame Addiction and The Neuroscience of the Self (

Also known as The Sex, Drugs & Relationships Doctor, Dr. Reef is all about self-expression. He believes “Laughter really is the best medicine,” and as such, has studied improvisation for years and performs stand-up at comedy clubs all over Los Angeles. With improv and performance training, he’s had the opportunity to act and consult in both Hollywood and Bollywood movies playing lead and supporting characters and he’s worked as the technical medical advisor on big feature films and television shows including: Private Practice, Alias, Bourne Identity and many others.

Dr. Reef recently founded a production company focused on developing content for new media, broadcast television, and independent film called Little Boy Big Suit Entertainment. Finally, for his work in medicine, advocacy, research and entertainment, he was voted one of People Magazine’s Sexiest Men Alive.

Aurora DeRose
Michael Levine Media
+1 310-396-6090
email us here

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Holabird's five-day, 4,000-lot Americana Auction, July 11th-15th in Reno, is packed with collectibles in many categories

Archive of material pertaining to Sally Gear, an original member of the Mormon Church, with Emigrant Trail and Gold Rush correspondence, plus more, 1829-1880s (est. $3,000-$7,000).

Rare, possibly unique stock certificate for the Picacho Silver Mining Company of Arizona, dated March 12, 1866 for 120 shares, issued to Wm. W. Shepard, with signatures (est. $2,000-$3,000).

Mobiloil Gargoyle porcelain double-sided lollipop petroliana sign with original heavy lead base, a genuine early 1900s piece in all original condition, overall 54 inches tall (est. $1,700-$2,700).

Chinese government bond no. 829213, 5 percent reorganization gold loan for £100 Sterling. Hongkong and Shanghai Corp. in London, dated May 21, 1913, with COA (est. $1,500-$2,500).

Native American jewelry consisting of a sterling silver squash blossom necklace, 18 inches long, a pair of earrings and a pendant to match. Made in New Mexico in the 1980s (est. $300-$500).

Offdered will be mining artifacts, all elements of Western history, manuscript archives, antique bottles and marbles, rare stocks and bonds, gold, numismatics.

Don’t forget the search box for the ‘Virtual Catalog’ on our website. There’s nothing like surfing through the catalog to find all sorts of neat items folks hadn’t thought about.”

— Fred Holabird

RENO, NV, UNITED STATES, June 28, 2019 / — Everything good about summer collectibles – mining artifacts, all elements of Western history, manuscript archives, antique bottles and marbles, rare stocks and bonds, gold, numismatics and much more – will be packed into Holabird Western Americana Collections’ five-day, 4,000-lot Americana Auction, planned for Thursday thru Monday, July 11th to 15th.

The auction will be held online and in Holabird’s gallery located at 3555 Airway Drive (Suite #308) in Reno. Start times each day are 8 am Pacific time. Previews will be held Tuesday and Wednesday, July 9th-10th, from 10 am-5 pm. To schedule a private preview call 775-851-1859.

For those unable to attend the sale in person, online bidding will be facilitated by,,, and Telephone and absentee bids will also be accepted. For details on how to bid, please visit

“With 4,000 lots in a wide array of categories, bidders will have plenty of material to look over,” said Fred Holabird of Holabird Western Americana Collections. “Don’t forget the search box for the ‘Virtual Catalog’ on our website. It helps folks find things they want in a hurry. But there’s nothing like surfing through the catalog to find all sorts of neat items they hadn’t thought about.”

The manuscript archives include that of a Mormon family and their trials and tribulations over several decades, from Nauvoo to Salt Lake and back to the East Coast; an archive from Nevada engineer John Heizer; a scrapbook from promoter Tex Rickard; early Arizona military letters; a pair of 1860s maps showing the exact locations of original abodes in Los Angeles; and more.

Mining collectibles, to be spread out over Days 3 and 4, will feature more than a dozen ore cars. And an ornately engraved presentation silver chalice from Grass Valley – a “must-have” for any mining or California collector. Antique and vintage bottles will include many examples from California and Nevada, as well as a rare ceramic series of cat house decanters split up by region.

A marble collection will be offered along with the bottles on Day 2. The Western Art section, on Day 1, is huge, with art in every category. Old stocks and bonds will feature a Chinese bond collection; Arizona material (including 1850s Sopori and 1860s Gold MC, Picacho); and from California the Bear River piece that preceded the Tuolumne stock, with a nice mining vignette.

Numismatics, on Day 2, will have a little of everything related to coins and currency, with lots of scrip, tokens, medals and two fabulous gold fakes (one was unknown, the other well published). There’s also a great strong box to put it all in. The gold will feature high-grade ore specimens from two major collections (Heizer, mostly Nevada-Calif.; and Pollock, mostly Alaska, Utah).

Day 1, Thursday, July 11th (lots 1000-1776) will contain Part I of General Americana, plus apparel, jewelry, art, furnishings and décor, Native Americana, general foreign collectibles, sports, entertainment industry collectibles, music-related lots, political and military collectibles.

The General Americana on Day 1 can be broken down into the following categories: advertising, badges, belt buckles, breweriana and tobacciana, circus collectibles, fire-related, Gold Rush, license plates, locks and keys, microscopes, scales, tools, toys, dolls and miscellaneous items.

Day 2, Friday, July 12th (lots 2000-2670) will comprise Part II of General Americana (sorted by geography). Categories will include bottles, brothel, cowboy, gaming, saloon, tokens, weaponry, numismatics and marbles.

Day 3, Saturday, July 13th (lots 3000-3855) will be dedicated to minerals and Part I of mining collectibles (California-Nevada). Mining Part II (New Jersey to the end) will be offered on Day 4, Sunday, July 14th (lots 4000-4808), along with transportation, railroadiana, postal history and Wells Fargo & Express.

Finally, Day 5, Monday, July 15th (lots 5000-6487) will be loaded with bargains and dealer specials, in categories that will include art, bottles, Civil War, general Americana, mining, Native Americana, numismatics, railroadiana and transportation.

“With thousands of lots in a vast array of categories, we highly recommend browsing the entire catalog for hidden gems in each section,” Mr. Holabird said.

This auction is one of two events planned for July by Holabird Western Americana Collections. The other is a major single-owner antique firearms sale slated for July 26-28, in Claremont, Oklahoma. Also featured will be Americana, to include medals, badges, ribbons, buttons (old sports included) and a huge Native Americana collection, with points, stone tools and pottery.

Color catalogs are available by calling 1-844-492-2766, or 775-851-1859. Also, anyone owning a collection that might fit into an upcoming Holabird Western Americana Collections auction is encouraged to get in touch. The firm travels extensively throughout the U.S., to see and pick up collections. Last year it visited Boston, Florida, Seattle and New York, among other destinations.

Holabird Western Americana is always seeking quality Americana and coin consignments, bottles, advertising and other fine collections for future auctions. To consign a single piece or an entire collection, you may call Fred Holabird at 775-851-1859 or 844-492-2766; or, you can send him an e-mail at To learn more about Holabird Western Americana Collections’ July 11th-15th Americana Auction, visit Updates are posted often.

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Source: EIN Presswire