Unblock Your Creativity After a Long Winter Indoors

Do you find it difficult to meditate successfully, find your centre, or practice mindfulness? Getting out into nature can help put you back on a healthy path.

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, May 24, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Do you find it difficult to meditate successfully, to find your centre, or to practice mindfulness? Getting out into nature can help alleviate these symptoms and put you back onto a healthy path.

Breathing fresh air, grounding yourself by planting bare feet in the grass, and swimming in a natural body of water can have quite the rejuvenating effect. Stretch out on the ground and watch the clouds roll past to help unblock creativity. Stretching, mindful breathing and doing yoga can also help.

If you can get away from the city to do so, even better. Many artists have found that creating in nature gives them a creative boost. Yoga enthusiasts often speak of the heightened euphoria they can experience while practicing yoga outdoors.

Footprints Resort, a private, natural retreat in central Ontario, sees many artists flocking to their grounds to create beautiful art. “We often see guests sitting on the hill overlooking the lake, with an easel set up or a sketch pad in their lap.” says Footprints owner. “The lake is quite beautiful and inspires a lot of artists to capture it.” The resort sees many photographers as well, hiking through the forest looking for that perfect picture. Sunsets over the lake are particularly breath taking.

Likewise, yoga practitioners are often seen on the beach or on the dock, surrounded by the natural beauty that is Footprints Resort. “It’s so quiet here,” the owner says, “and with no traffic noise, and no children on our Adults-Only resort, our guests can really meditate and practice yoga with none of the usual interruptions.”

Yoga instructors have flocked to Footprints in years past with their clientele to enjoy the view and the natural healing benefits of time spent in nature. Artist groups have booked the entire resort to offer their followers a creative retreat where they could paint, draw or otherwise create with abandon.

So, if you are having trouble tapping into your creativity or meditating successfully, perhaps a trip into nature is what you need.

About Footprints Resort: Located in central Ontario in a pristine, natural setting where time stands still, Footprints Resort is an Adults Only retreat where guests can relax and reconnect. Enjoy our natural, child free vacation destination just a few short hours drive from both Toronto and Ottawa and feel the stress of life melt away. Enjoy time on our private lake and beach, hike or bike the trails, soak up the sun and reconnect with nature. For more information about Footprints Resort, accommodations, rates and more, please visit www.footprintsresort.com

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Source: EIN Presswire