Get Naked Together on Vacation Strengthens Marriages

More and more couples are turning to Nudism as a way to spice up their lives while on vacation, and in turn are strengthening their marriage.

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, May 24, 2019 / — If you’ve ever gone skinny dipping at some point in your life, you may remember the glorious feeling of freedom as your clothing fell away. Or maybe it was the sensual feeling of the water gliding past bare flesh, or the thrill of the possibility of being caught that was so appealing. Perhaps it was the titillation of getting naked outdoors, something that is inherently taboo in the real world.

Many a free spirit has experienced this and more, and are seeking a place where they can explore nudism more freely. There are a few locations in Ontario that allow nudism, or at least may look the other way, but these are almost always ‘family friendly’, meaning nothing more than sunbathing and swimming in the nude.

If you wish for a little more freedom where you can get naked and still kiss the wife without recrimination, then check out Sandy Bottoms Resort. Designed for couples and being “Adult Only”, the owners of Sandy Bottoms understand this niche market has no where to go.

Located in central Ontario on a private lake, guests at Sandy Bottoms Resort have no worry of spectators across the lake, as is the norm at so many other nudist destinations.

If you’ve never taken a “Nakation”, the rules are simple. Carry a towel to sit on, and never sit down without it. Show respect for your fellow vacationers, nudists or not. Don’t stare or gawk at others. Don’t touch anyone or anything that is not your own without consent. No cameras or video equipment allowed, including cell phone cameras. These are standard rules at any nudist spot.

Sandy Bottoms Resort is “Clothing Optional”, which means guests do not have to be fully naked like at some other nudist destinations. This means for those who aren’t comfortable, go ahead and wear what you like. It’s very likely that after some time to acclimate, the desire to explore nudism will increase and inhibitions will slip away.

“We see this all the time” says Sandy Bottoms Resort owner. “One of the couple are anxious to be naked, and the other isn’t, but after a day or two, they both are strolling hand in hand, naked or partially undressed. We’re thrilled to offer an Ontario destination where they can explore together in comfort.”

What does one pack for a naked vacation in Ontario? You can skip the bathing suit, shorts and T shirts, but do pack something warm for those cold evenings. Pack a towel or sarong to sit on, and don’t forget a hat, bug repellent and plenty of sun screen.

About Sandy Bottoms: Sandy Bottoms Resort is a 10+ acre private retreat where the majestic outdoors is the backdrop for a secluded adult only paradise. Located in beautiful central Ontario on it’s own private lake, Sandy Bottoms is only a few hours from both Toronto and Ottawa. Couples are encouraged to relax and get to know each other, and is a place to let loose in a safe and private setting. Several accommodations options are available, and the resort is self-catering. For more information about Sandy Bottoms Resort, it’s themed week long vacation options, rates and schedule, please visit

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Source: EIN Presswire