Guangzhou Hosts Spring Festival Flower Fair Carnival at Columbia University

Local industry leaders present at the Chinese New Year celebration

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, February 10, 2019 / — Guangzhou, one of China's leading metropolitan cities, hosted Spring Festival Flower Fair Carnival and Guangzhou Story Forum on the campus of Columbia University in New York on Feb 2nd.

Since ancient times, it has always been the unique way for people to enjoy the festive atmosphere of Guangzhou Spring Festival in the lively flower Fair and the fragrant flower sea. Guangzhou opened its first Overseas Flower Fair, the first stop of the Global Roadshow, and moved it into the Grand Palace in Paris in the Spring Festival in 2018, a year of the Guangzhou International Communication Year as well as the Urban International Brands Promotion Year. This year marks the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the United States. On February 2nd, 2019, US East Coast Time, Guangzhou Spring Festival Overseas Flower Fair with the theme of "Encounter Columbia University – Guangzhou Spring Festival Overseas Flower Fair Carnival and Guangzhou Story Forum" flew over the Pacific Ocean, entering the Columbia University campus in New York, making an appearance in front of elite students from all over the world and New Yorkers, and presenting the original Cantonese-style New Year culture and the urban culture of Guangzhou, a thousand-year-old city.

Guangzhou Spring Festival Overseas Flower Fair is an important part of the “Celebrating Chinese New Year in Guangzhou, enjoying fair flowers in Flower City” series sponsored by the Propaganda Department of Guangzhou Municipal Committee and organized by the Guangzhou Flower Fair Office annually. It is also one of the global roadshow activities in the Year of Guangzhou International Communication and the Year of Urban International Brands Promotion 2019.

When the tradition met with youth, this year's overseas flower Fair was full of youthful elements. Chinese and foreign elite students shared their "Twin City Story" of Guangzhou and New York on the spot. They danced to “Flower Dance” and flipped through Tik Tok in the field, learning the Chinese translation of "Appreciating flowers in Guangzhou" and “Eating in Guangzhou”, recognizing various dim sum and playing interactive games such as winning a lucky draw. This is a “New Year Dialogue” between two world first-tier cities, and a “cultural dialogue” between Chinese and foreign elite students, which allowed more international friends to have a deeper understanding of Guangzhou and China.

Guangzhou and New York are two cosmopolitan coastal cities in China and the US . In the 2018 world-class city roster published by GaWC, one of the world's most authoritative world city research institution. Guangzhou and New York are among the world's first-tier cities. From the 1880s, Guangzhou and New York are inextricably connected in trade transactions, talent exchanges, educational cooperation and urban development. Since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the United States, especially in recent years, there has been closer cultural and economic exchanges between Guangzhou and New York. In 2016, Guangzhou Port established a friendly port cooperation relationship with New York and New Jersey Port. In 2017, Guangzhou “Fortune” Global Forum Promotion Conference was held in New York, USA. In the same year, Guangzhou City Image Promotion film under the name of “Flowers of Guangzhou, blossom in the world” appeared in Times Square, New York, USA, to showcase the city's charm as an international center of communication at the "World Crossroads". In 2018, New York won the fourth Guangzhou International City Innovation Award. The University of Columbia, the venue of Guangzhou Overseas Spring Festival Flower Fair, has cultivated a large number of celebrities who are active in various social stages. From the thinker Hu Shi, the politician Gu Weijun, the philosopher Feng Youlan, and the poet Xu Zhimo from a hundred years ago to today’s well-known host Yang Lan and so on, they have all studied here.

The Overseas Flower Fair event invited local New Yorkers and elite students studying in New York from all over the world. The "Ode to Flower City" promotional film recorded by the Guangzhou Daily Group also joined the annual Spring Festival Gala program hosted by the China Federation of Students and Scholars (CSSA), allowing friends around the globe to enjoy the rich taste of Guangzhou Spring Festival. It was another link between Guangzhou and New York as well as a “New Year Dialogue” between the two world first-tier cities.

Spring Festival Flower Fair is a traditional folk custom in Guangzhou. It is also an annual folk festival that rings out the Old Year and rings in the New Year. The “Celebrating Chinese New Year in Guangzhou, enjoying fair flowers in Flower City” series have been held annuaully since 2013. After years of cultivation and development, it has now become an important festival event for Guangzhou citizens and even tourists from other places during the Spring Festival. It is a significant city cultural business card of Guangzhou, the Flower City.

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