Las Vegas, Nevada Doctor Selected to the "America's Best Physicians" 2018 Directory

Dr. Saleha Baig, MD, Listed as Top Doctor in Psychiatry

Dr. Saleha Baig Selected as Top Doctor in Psychiatry”


LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, UNITED STATES, April 16, 2018 / — Las Vegas, Nevada psychiatrist Dr. Saleha Baig has been selected to the "America's Best Physicians" registry for 2018. Selections were made by the National Consumer Advisory Board, an organization that identifies top professionals in their fields.

Dr. Saleha Baig practices Psychiatry at the Nevada Psychiatric Clinic, 4560 S Eastern Ave, B17 in Las Vegas, serving patients throughout Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada.

Services include: Treatment for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Autism, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Panic Disorder, Opioid Withdrawal, Major Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Generalized Anxiety, Learning Disorders, Cognitive Delays, Traumatic Brain Injury and Eating Disorders.

Dr. Baig received her Medical degree (MD) from Sind Medical College and completed Psychiatry residencies at the University of Omaha and Austin State Hospital in Texas. She performed her Advanced Fellowship Training in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Baylor College of Medicine.

Dr. Baig is highly regarded by her patients and has numerous top reviews online. She has been selected to “The Leading Physicians of the World” and received the "Trademark Woman of Distinction" honor in 2017. She has been in practice for over 20 years.

For more information, please go to or contact Dr. Saleha Baig, MD directly at 702-365-9006 or

The "National Consumer Advisory Board" accepts no fees, sponsorships, donations or advertising in their selection process. Doctors were chosen following an application based on training, experience, continuing education, and dedication to excellence. Only Doctors that satisfy all of the board's criteria can qualify for inclusion in the "Americas Best Physicians" directory.
Americas Best Physicians
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Call For Radical Reform Of A Troubled Catholic Church

This observation leads to Moran’s most general, but perhaps also his most important point: the institutional Church must rethink what it means by “teaching.”

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, September 29, 2018 / — A book, Missed Opportunities:Rethinking Catholic Tradition by prolific author Gabriel Moran offers detailed criticism of the Roman Catholic Church and proposes radical reforms of that church. Moran has been writing on the strengths and weaknesses of the church since before the Second Vatican Council. The present book challenges the language and structure of the church as well as the basis of its moral teaching. Each of the chapters on topics that include contraception, abortion, homosexuality, euthanasia, the environment, and human rights is argued from a knowledge of the church’s own tradition in light of contemporary experience.

The Roman Catholic Church has been in free fall in the United States and Europe. Tens of millions of people have drifted away, not usually because they were attracted to something better, but because church officials speak a language that seems irrelevant. Pope Francis was able to awaken the interest of a surprisingly large number of people. He has changed the face of the official church mainly by gestures, symbols and provocative comments. He is unwilling or unable to pursue the kind of doctrinal change that is needed, especially on sexual issues. He does not seem to grasp the extent and the seriousness of a women’s movement worldwide.

The clergy abuse scandal, the author claims, was predictable fifty years ago when the aborted reforms of the Second Vatican Council left all power with the clergy while the support and protections of individual clergymen disappeared. Today the only way to end clericalism is to eliminate a clerical class. Priesthood is not tied to a clergy/lay division which runs counter to the church’s original vision of itself as a community of communities. Pope Francis has called a meeting of the leading bishops in the world to discuss the clergy scandal. Bishops talking only to other bishops are not likely to grasp the extent of the problem or know what to do about it.

The chapter on abortion offers a different argument beyond the useless opposition of pro-life vs. pro-choice. The author claims to be the traditionalist in following Augustine, Thomas Aquinas and the long history of the church’s teaching that early abortions are not homicide. The bishops in the 1970s, after nearly all church members rejected the official teaching on contraception, decided to take an absolute stand on abortion. They ceased talking about when a person comes into existence and started talking about “life.” Their stand is in opposition to most of the church’s tradition. The refusal to enter into any dialogue has been a self-defeating strategy. If the aim is to reduce the number of abortions the one policy that has proven to be effective is an easy access to contraceptives.

Author Gabriel Moran says that his aim in this book, as in previous books, is to open a better conversation on disputed topics. How a question is formulated determines the possible answers to the question. The Roman Catholic Church is sharply divided which makes fruitful discussions and debates nearly impossible. Missed Opportunities is an earnest attempt to find a new path that is both consistent with the long tradition of the church while genuinely confronting today’s questions.

Book Vine Press
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On Mahatma Gandhi's Birthday, The World Gets a Gift is an app available in itunes free to download

WanderSafe app pairs with the Personal Safety Device via Bluetooth

Stephenie Rodriguez is the CEO and Founder of WanderSafe

Stephenie Rodriguez, Founder / Wandersafe Inventor is an app available in itunes free to download and comes in two colors - ivory and onyx.

WanderSafe comes in two colors Ivory and Onyx

On United Nations International Day of Non-Violence WanderSafe will launch a non-violent anti-trafficking device and free safety app for travelers

Non-violence is the greatest force at the disposal of mankind. It is mightier than the mightiest weapon of destruction devised by the ingenuity of man.”

— Mahatma Gandhi

CANNES, FRANCE, September 29, 2018 / — In observance of the United Nations International Day of Non-Violence and celebration of Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday, WanderSafe is making the WanderSafe safety advisory smartphone application free to download on the iTunes app store. In an advent that Gandhi would have supported, JOZU’s founders believe that everyone should be able to live without fear or need to resort to violent means of protection such as guns or pepper spray.

WanderSafe™ hardware and software solution was designed by a former travel consultant and frequent solo female business traveler with more than 53 countries stamped in her passport. CEO and Founder Stephenie Rodriguez, in collaboration with a retired 25-year US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Safety Expert, Thomas Pecora designed the WanderSafe platform to solve the problem of lack of information about safe areas, to empower in a non-violent fashion, and to alert loved ones or employers if the WanderSafe user is in danger.

The hardware – a device has anti-rape/assault deterrent features built into its sleek, discreet design including high lumen quick-click flashlight, the second click disorienting strobe light, and a patent pending twist top 140db personal siren for attracting the attention or frightening a potential assailant. The smartphone application delivers real-time safety information that is geo-location based and time-centric. Verified users can annotate their journey and provide safety advice and warnings for other users. The application personalizes safety information and recommendations through a virtual Safety Concierge, JENI.

The WanderSafe™ Activate button on the device, when paired with the application, notifies pre-set contacts including friends, loved ones, employers or law enforcement of the user’s immediate longitude and latitude with a distress signal.

Frequent travelers such as Canadian Tracey Regimbal, a victim of a violent act when traveling to Italy for work, believes that WanderSafe is a comprehensive solution for fellow travelers and commuters. “Violence comes in many formats and it is an unfortunate reality we are often unprepared for. We have become desensitized to these micro assaults in our everyday life. When confronted by an aggressor you realize your helplessness and WanderSafe give me and others like me a sense of greater comfort, information and security when I am away from my home.”

“Most travelers don't know how to call the local police. I didn't. They may not be able to speak the language of a foreign country, have a network for support or know a way of escaping a potential assailant. WanderSafe will help empower women and those who feel vulnerable through information, environmental awareness, prevention, and mitigation in a non-violent way that Gandhi would approve of,” commented Ms Regimbal.

In uncertain times and with solo female travel on the rise, Founder and CEO Stephenie Rodriguez believes WanderSafe™ is a travel essential, whether for an international trip or a local commute. “The future of travel is most definitely female with more than 850 million women traveling this year. More than 68% of all study abroad students are female and in the US, more than 11 million woman over age thirty takes solo international trips more than five times per annum. WanderSafe™ isn’t just for women. We are empowering more people to travel further with greater peace of mind and unlike pepper spray, guns or tasers, the solution is completely non-violent and poses no threat to its users.”

Retired CIA Security expert and Advisor to WanderSafe, Thomas Pecora believes there are three important principles of personal safety that have been engineers into WanderSafe’s product: Information, Environmental Awareness, and Equipment. WanderSafe™ delivers on these with an integrated hybrid of hardware and software and in partnership with the world’s leading anti-trafficking organizations including Airline Ambassadors, CrimeStoppers International, and

The WanderSafe device will be available on Indigogo and USD $79.95 RRP. WanderSafe will be available for FREE to download from October 2, 2018, in iTunes and available for Android users via Google Play November 1, 2018.

For more information about WanderSafe, to interview Thomas Pecora, Tracey Regimbal or Stephenie Rodriguez or to make an appointment for a product demonstration please contact Stephenie Rodriguez on +61416089000 or email

About WanderSafe

WanderSafe is a product created and developed by JOZU for WOMEN, INC. a Delaware C-corp. Founded in 2016, the company has spent two years researching and developing safety solutions for solo travelers and commuters. The company is a travel technology startup that is female-founded and minority-led. JOZU is a Japanese word for “Well done” or better than, and we deliver products that empower those who are most vulnerable to travel better & safer. JOZU for WOMEN is part of the Women’s Startup Lab Batch 12 Cohort, and proudly a participant in the Microsoft Biz Spark Plus program that empowers startups to think big and scale fast.

Join the Conversation with WanderSafe on Social Media:
@GOWanderSafe on Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

Stephenie Rodriguez
Jozu for WOMEN Inc
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WanderSafe is crowdfunding on Indiegogo

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The Healthy Canadian Cook-Off – New TV Series launches this November 2018

The Healthy Canadian Cook-Off

Amateur Cooks from Across Canada compete for the title of top Healthy Canadian Chef

Photo credit - Studio Roch - Z. Durrani

The link between Paris and Montreal from a food perspective….

The Healthy Canadian Cook-Off is a 2 part competition featuring amateur Canadian cooks who compete to create uniquely Canadian dishes.

Canada continues to lead the way in health and wellness. This new TV show is just a platform to showcase Canadian talent when it comes to making amazing healthy meals by amateur Canadian cooks.”

— Tammy-Lynn McNabb, creator of The Healthy Canadian Cook-Off

VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA, September 29, 2018 / — Get ready Canada, healthy cooking is taking a whole new twist. The producers of Health Wellness & Lifestyle TV are calling on amateur cooks who love to eat healthily and believe that they can create two dishes that not only taste fantastic but are healthy too.

The Healthy Canadian Cook-Off features Canadian cooks who use several Canadian specific ingredients to create an entrée and dessert or cocktail that will knock the socks off of a celebrity panel of judges. Created and led by TV host and Producer, Tammy-Lynn McNabb, this new series will show Canadian viewers that healthy eating, inspired by Canadian ingredients, only requires a little imagination and the love of cooking in the kitchen.

"We are excited to showcase Canadian ingredients that we either take for granted or didn't even realize that they are in fact a Canadian element in cooking.", says Tammy-Lynn McNabb. "Eating healthy has become a way of life for many Canadians and we are leading the way in being a positive example of what to do and not to do", says McNabb. The response for not only contestant applications has been positive but companies wanting to showcase their product as an ingredient for the contestants to use. She adds, "We could have gone the route of typically Canadian ingredients, but are looking at showcasing companies that aren't as typical as their counterpart. One example is Birch Syrup. We love that The Canadian Birch Company wants to share the gem of Manitoba with our Canadian and overseas viewers."

The series is brought to you by Alligga Flaxseed Cooking Oil with roots in the Saskatchewan Farming industry and will take place over November and December. Subsequent seasons will run in 2019.

Are you an amateur chef, nutritionist or health professional with a love of cooking healthy food? Then why not compete in THE HEALTHY CANADIAN COOK OFF? Go online to and click on the CONTEST link for more details.

Distribution & Marketing
Health Wellness Productions
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Healthy Canadian Cook-Off Commercial

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PEMS® Safeguarding Solution for Corporates Launches

Corporate Safeguarding has launched PEMS® its new portfolio of safeguarding services to help better protect businesses and society at large

We are here to help organisations build stronger, safer communities and our experience tells us that businesses benefit if they are safeguarding aware and proactive.”

— Mark Bramah, Managing Director, Corporate Safeguarding

BASINGSTOKE, HAMPSHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM, September 29, 2018 / — Corporate Safeguarding ('CoS') announces the launch of PEMS®, the first complete safeguarding service for organisations, that helps to encourage and embed a robust safeguarding culture to benefit and better protect them and society at large.

PEMS® which represents Protection-Education-Management-Support, has been designed by a highly-experienced team of leading safeguarding experts including former senior police officers, investigators, social workers, educators and criminologists, alongside business, legal, forensics, human resources and public relations strategists. It comprises a range of services, systems, tools and support, that are designed to help business mitigate risk, ensure conformity, lead, drive growth and enhance their reputation, by responsibly and proactively improving the practise of safeguarding to help protect young and vulnerable adults in the workplace and the wider community.

Commenting on the launch of PEMS® Mark Bramah, Managing Director of Corporate Safeguarding, said: "We are delighted to be offering this unique complete safeguarding service to corporates. The goal of PEMS® is to help organisations build stronger, safer communities but also help them to defend value and create value for their own business and society. Our experience tells us that businesses benefit if they are safeguarding aware and proactive. Our PEMS® framework offers policies, procedures, education as well as ongoing support assistance delivered by safeguarding experts who can help every step of the way."

What is Corporate Safeguarding?

Safeguarding is the process of protecting vulnerable people whether from crime or other forms of abuse. Abuse can take many forms including physical, sexual, psychological, discriminatory, financial or organisational.

Corporate Safeguarding means the prevention of maltreatment and abuse of (or by) young or vulnerable workers and other stakeholders including partners, interns, apprentices, volunteers, visitors to a company premises and third parties in its supply chain, or those working on company business or in the community who may have direct or indirect interaction with children or vulnerable adults.

Pauline Christie
Corporate Safeguarding
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London Backpackers Hostel Adds Cheap Beds And An Additional 10% Discount on Direct Website Bookings

London Backpackers Hostel

London Backpackers hostel provides accommodation that's affordable and packed with all the amenities a modern travellers demand. Get 10% off with AUT18 code.

CENTRAL LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, September 28, 2018 / — Young people and student travellers come from all over the world to explore the exciting city of London. One thing they all soon discover is that it's hard to truly make the most of London when travelling on a budget. London Backpackers hostel help to solve that problem by providing accommodation that's affordable but high quality and packed with all the amenities modern travellers demand.

Everything You’ll Need

Recently renovated for 2018, London Backpackers offers travellers comfort and safety with a bit of fun thrown in for good measure for over 30 years. They offer much more than just a comfortable bed in a warm and welcoming environment. Hostel services which come as part of the price include free internet, free linen and blankets, free TV access, free sightseeing literature and a free food storage space. Guests can come and go as they please, making use of fully equipped laundry and kitchen facilities and a TV lounge where they can relax and get to know fellow travellers.

If you are travelling in Autumn 2018, this budget hostel has a discount of 10% to offer. Use code AUT18 to avail the discount.

Anyone arranging a trip from Australia can get in touch and have their staff organize details such as train, plane or coach tickets, as well as arranging day trips across the UK. Once they arrive, travellers will find a location that’s convenient for everything London has to offer. UK Hostels is situated within easy travelling distance of the major London airports, and guests are just a quick trip away from all of the London attractions they've probably arrived wanting to explore.

London Backpackers are moments away from Hendon Central Underground station, and the tube trains and buses which run almost right from their door can take guests to Westminster, the London Eye, Covent Garden or whatever part of London they've travelled all the way from Australia to experience.

This youth hostel provides safe, clean, convenient and affordable accommodation that leaves the guests with more money in their pocket to spend on enjoying everything London has to offer.

To find out more about the fantastic UK hostel, please contact using the following details:

Email address –
Contact number – +44 (0)20 8203 1319
Website –
Hostel Address
8-10 Queens Parade, Queens Road, Hendon
London NW4 3NS
United Kingdom

Ajay Patel
London Backpackers
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United States Supreme Court to Decide Whether to Hear Corvain Cooper's Appeal, sentenced to life for marijuana offenses

Change dot org page for Corvain Cooper (Attorney Patrick Megaro)

Change dot org page for Corvain Cooper (Attorney Patrick Megaro)

OC Register Article about Corvain Cooper (attorney Patrick Megaro)

OC Register Article about Corvain Cooper (attorney Patrick Megaro)

Website of Patrick Megaro, Defense Lawyer

Website of Patrick Megaro, Defense Lawyer, Corvain Cooper Clemency Petition

Attorney Patrick Megaro on Fox News

Attorney Patrick Megaro on Fox News

The Megaro Criminal Law Library Website

The Megaro Criminal Law Library Website

His Attorney Patrick Megaro, working pro bono, has filed several different petitions, and more than 18,000 people have signed with their names on

Halscott Megaro PA (N/A:N/A)

This is a heartbreaking case and I could not help but get involved even though Corvain does not have any money to pay. He has two little daughters who will never go to the movies with their dad …”

— Patrick Megaro, Defense Lawyer

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, September 28, 2018 / — The highest court of the United States is right now considering whether to hear the appeal of Corvain Cooper (“grant a writ of certiorari”), who has been sentenced to life in prison for non-violent marijuana offenses under the so-called “Three Strikes Law.” The petition by his attorney Patrick Megaro, who has been representing him pro bono (without pay, as a community service) is being distributed and reviewed among the Supreme Court Justices. During this process, each of the Justices of the Supreme Court receive a copy of the petition, the Justices' law clerks read and review the petition, and create memoranda outlining the case. The Justices will then meet to decide whether to grant the petition and agree to hear the appeal, or not.

Attorney Megaro has filed several petitions in support of Cooper, and more than 18,000 people have signed with their names the petition to release Corvain Cooper. See

Through his attorney Megaro, Corvain Cooper has simultaneously petitioned President Donald Trump for executive clemency and commutation of his sentence of life imprisonment without parole.

In response to the appeal filed by attorney Megaro, the United States Government has submitted a response, opposing the appeal and urging the Supreme Court to deny Corvain Cooper relief from his sentence.

Corvain Cooper and his family, particularly his young daughter, remain hopeful that the Supreme Court will grant the petition.

Explains attorney Patrick Megaro: “This is a heartbreaking case and I could not help but get involved even though Corvain does not have any money to pay. He has two little daughters who will never go to the movies with their dad or be led to the altar by him unless the Supreme Court intervenes or President Trump grants clemency. This is a very important cause – it is estimated that there are about 2,000 people … men and women, fathers and mothers, in prison for life for non-violent drug offenses, oftentimes involving very small amounts of such substances. The punishment does not fit the crime, and in fact it is so disproportionate that it makes a human being sick in the stomach. The reality of the situation is that drug law reform, especially marijuana reform, is at the forefront in many state legislature’s agendas. Marijuana is now legalized, decriminalized, or approved for medicinal use in one form or another in the majority of States. Due Process and fundamental fairness are at the heart of this case.”

Corvain Cooper was charged in the United States District Court for the Western District of North Carolina with conspiracy to distribute and possession with intent to distribute 1,000 kilograms or more of marijuana, and conspiracy to commit money laundering and structuring transactions. A special information was also filed against Cooper, alleging two prior felony convictions for possession of drugs (one for marijuana, one for codeine cough syrup) in the California state courts. The filing triggered a mandatory life sentence without parole. The reason for the unusually harsh sentence is the so-called “Three Strikes” law. These laws require a person guilty of committing a drug felony and two other previous drug felony convictions to serve a mandatory life sentence in prison. The “Three Strikes” law significantly increases the prison sentences of persons convicted of a felony who have been previously convicted of two or more violent crimes or drug felonies, and limits the ability of these offenders to receive a punishment other than a life sentence.

Mr. Cooper tried appealing his conviction and sentence, stating that the sentence of life for non-violent crimes was against his Eighth Amendment (Amendment VIII) of the United States Constitution which prohibits the federal government from imposing excessive bail, excessive fines, or cruel and unusual punishments. However, the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit upheld the case, and the Supreme Court declined to even hear the case.

The State of California enacted Proposition 47 in 2014, which re-categorized several non-violent offenses as misdemeanors. Prior to enacting Proposition 47, possession of marijuana was considered a felony. This also allowed people who had prior felony convictions under the old statute to vacate them.

Proposition 64 (the Adult Use of Marijuana Act) was enacted on November 9, 2016, by the State of California which legalized the use of recreational marijuana. This Act permitted certain people who had been convicted of marijuana felony offenses to apply to vacate those convictions and reclassify them as misdemeanors.

Says Patrick Megaro, “I have been representing Mr. Cooper and I have said from day one, that I am in this fight to represent Corvain Cooper no matter how long it takes. Today, is yet another example of my strong commitment.”

About the Corvain Cooper Case

The underlying court cases are United States v. Cooper, 624 Fed.Appx. 819 (4th Cir. 2015), and United States v. Cooper, 714 Fed.Appx. 259 (4th Cir. 2018). According to a press release of the U.S. Attorney’s Office, “from in or about 2004 through January 2013, Cooper was involved in a drug conspiracy that trafficked marijuana from California to the Charlotte area. Court records show that Cooper was charged with conspiracy to distribute and to possess with intent to distribute at least one thousand kilograms of marijuana as well as money laundering conspiracy and structuring financial transactions through banking institutions to avoid IRS reporting requirements. Cooper, along with two co-defendants, Evelyn LaChapelle and Natalia Wade, were convicted of all charges on October 18, 2013, following a three-day trial.” He was sentenced to life in prison on June 18, 2014. See

The case is Corvain T. Cooper v. United States, Docket # 18-5222.

A link to the online Supreme Court docket can be found at

The petition is at
Join the other 18,000 supporters of Corvain Cooper who have signed the petition at:

More information:

“It’s not just Alice Marie Johnson: Over 2,000 federal prisoners are serving life sentences for nonviolent drug crimes,”

Patrick Megaro
Halscott Megaro, P.A.
(407) 255-2164
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Three strikes law, Patrick Megaro Criminal Defense Attorney

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Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festival Wraps An Outstanding Season & Looks Ahead To 2019

Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festival is located in Vanier Park in Vancouver, British Columbia

We are thrilled with both our artistic achievements and our attendance this year.”

— Christopher Gaze, Bard on the Beach Artistic Director

VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA , September 28, 2018 / —
The 2018 Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festival has ended on a record-breaking high note, with a total season attendance of over 108,000 – up 8% from the previous year – and a lineup of successful plays and special events that repeatedly sold out houses throughout the Festival.

The 29th Bard season ran from June 6 to September 28. On the BMO Mainstage, a powerful classical production of Macbeth ran in repertory with As You Like It, set in ‘60s Vancouver and featuring 25 classic Beatles songs performed live by the cast. The intimate Howard Family Stage offered the rarely-produced drama, Timon of Athens with a female-dominated cast, alternating with a Bard-commissioned new adaptation of the classic Greek comedy Lysistrata.

As You Like It emerged as the superstar of the season, smashing every benchmark the Festival has ever set. Seven additional performances were added to meet ticket demand, extending the Festival season by one week to September 28. Macbeth performances also sold out throughout its run, and it drew enthusiastic critical praise for both its acting and classic staging. Highlights from the season include visitors from around the world and every field including politicians, academics, sports stars and notable actors including Amanda Seyfried (Mamma Mia!) and Elizabeth McGovern (Downton Abbey).

“We are thrilled with both our artistic achievements and our attendance this year,” said Christopher Gaze, Bard on the Beach’s Artistic Director. “We were especially heartened by the response to the range of programming in the Mainstage tent – from As You Like It, a modern, Beatles music-filled comedy, to Macbeth, a Shakespearean tragedy told in true classical style. This season proves that the appetite for Shakespeare remains strong and passionate across the many forms and styles we present.”

Many of Bard’s special events returned in 2018, from the extremely popular Bard-B-Q & Fireworks nights to Opera & Arias concerts, pre-show Wine Wednesday tastings, and themed Family Nights that encouraged a new generation of young theatre-goers to embrace Shakespeare and the Bard experience.

Adds Gaze, “Our success this season allowed us to serve our community better, from strengthening our unique professional and youth education programs, to helping more people to come to Bard who would otherwise face barriers to seeing live theatre.” To that end, Bard advanced its mission to share Shakespeare with young people. Almost 7,000 patrons aged 6 to 22 took advantage of the $32 GLOBAL BC Youth Price, and 6,600 students attended student matinees in June and September, at a deeply discounted student price. Bard also offered its Young Shakespeareans workshops in July and August (ages 8-18); 226 participants gained experience performing and playing Shakespeare in a total of 17 sessions, led by current and past Bard acting Company members. The Riotous Youth program continued for its fifth year, giving a gifted group of young adults the chance to continue training in Shakespearean performance while working in various administrative roles.

More than 290 volunteers gave their time to provide governance, administrative, site and Front of House assistance, contributing a total of 17,000 hours of service during the Festival season. Bard audience members generously contributed more than $41,000 to Theatre Cares, the Actors Fund and Bard’s own youth-education Bursary Fund, and the Festival gave 450 complimentary tickets to various local charities and under-served communities throughout the season.

The Festival’s 2019 Lineup: Celebrating The 30th Season

The 2019 Festival season will run from June 5 to September 21 and will include the return of a record-setting Bard hit, an internationally-popular romantic comedy, a cross-cultural romance and a powerful political drama.

The BMO Mainstage hosts a revival of a huge Bard crowd-pleaser, 2007’s Wild West-set The Taming of the Shrew, which will play in repertory with the playful romantic comedy, Shakespeare in Love. The Howard Family Stage offers two innovative new productions: Shakespeare’s All’s Well That Ends Well, set in India and sparked with south-Asian music and dance, and Coriolanus, a no-holds-barred political drama filled with resonance for our time.

Advance-priced 2019 Season Packs are currently on sale and offer a substantial discount on tickets for all four 2019 productions. Flex Packs go on sale starting November 1. Single tickets go on sale in April, 2019 on the Bard website or from Bard’s Box Office at 604-739-0559.


A selection of photographs for media use is available on the Bard website.
Please contact Cynnamon Schreinert for password access or for post-season interviews.
Tel: 604-802-2733; email:

Cynnamon Schreinert
email us here

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Hamilton York Estate Buyers Partners With National Family Law Trial Institute

Dealing directly with Hamilton York means a larger payout to you for your diamonds, jewelry, watches, coins art, exotic autos and other high value items.

Hamilton York Estate Buyers Partners With National Family Law Trial Institute to provide services with high value asset division.

We are honored to partner with Hamilton York Estate Buyers who deliver a secure, confidential, and immediate valuation and purchase of special, hard-to-value assets”

— Sherry Evans, Family Law Attorney

HOUSTON, TX, UNITED STATES, September 28, 2018 / — National Family Law Trial Institute Partners with Hamilton York Estate Buyers

Houston, TX – September 28, 2018 – As family law attorneys know, dividing significant assets during divorce can be quite difficult even in the most amenable situations. Specializing in such cases, Hamilton York Estate Buyers provide concrete solutions for estate and family law attorneys, trust officers, bankers and other professional fiduciaries. “We are honored to partner with Hamilton York Estate Buyers who deliver a secure, confidential, and immediate valuation and purchase of special, hard-to-value assets” says Sherry Evans, faculty member at National Family Law Trial Institute.

The Institute curriculum incorporates leading edge technology, analytical simulation, and extensive faculty expertise to develop litigation and advocacy skills for Family Law attorneys. The faculty of top family law litigators, jurists, and forensic experts from across the country, hold leadership positions in the American Bar Association, the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, the American College of Family Trial Lawyers, the International Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers as well as state and local bar associations.

Hamilton York Estate Buyers is a recognized worldwide buyer of large diamonds, estate jewelry, luxury watches, coin collections, exotic automobiles, fine art and other high-value estate items. Hamilton York attends and sponsors professional conferences including the AAML, NAEPC, ACTEC, WealthCounsel, ABA Bankers and ABA Lawyers.

About Hamilton York Estate Buyers:

Hamilton York Estate Buyers has offices in the diamond districts in Los Angeles, and New York along with a Midwest office in Southern Indiana. They have affiliate offices across the world including Tel Aviv, Antwerp and Hong Kong and are members of the International Watch and Jewelry Guild. Working with Hamilton York Estate Diamond Buyers ensures satisfaction. They provide clients with the accurate, quality information needed when considering to sell diamonds, estate jewelry, luxury watches, exotic automobiles, coin collections and fine art.

About the National Family Law Trial Institute:

The National Family Law Trial Institute in Houston, Texas combines sophisticated fact patterns and state of the art technology with its time-tested learn by repetition teaching format to instill in the attendees the litigation skills and techniques that will sharpen their advocacy skills and enhance their family law litigation practice.

Students of the National Family Law Trial Institute in Houston benefit from the extensive trial experience, scholarship and teaching excellence of the faculty in a unique setting that adapts the successful techniques developed by the National Institute of Trial Advocacy to the unique characteristics of family law litigation. Registration for 2019 classes are open.

For more information contact:

Brett Krauskopf
Hamilton York Estate Buyers

Richard Harmer
Harmer Wunstel, LLC.

Richard Harmer
Harmer Wunstel, LLC.
email us here
Visit us on social media:


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The Development of the Framing Industry in New York City

NEW YORK, NY, USA, September 28, 2018 / — 567 Framing is one of the leading providers of premium quality art framing, printing and design services and has continued to grow over the years to become one of the most sought-after local framing boutiques in New York City. The story of the framing industry in New York City and how the industry has developed in recent times will be incomplete without mentioning 567 Framing as it has grown from a relatively humble beginning to owning several offices in different locations in NYC including West Village and Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

The company‘s excellent service delivery that includes a same-day-delivery offer, quality craftsmanship to provide the best possible custom framing, and detailed have helped 567 Framing grow in popularity over the years. The reviews and accolades from clients from all walks of life have attracted top brands and celebrities to the company with the likes of Nike, NBC, NYC Mayor’s Office, Lady Gaga, and Beyoncé associating with 567 Framing at one point or the other. Other brands that have been lucky to have 567 Framing serve them over the years are UNICEF, CBS, Time Warner Cable, Allen & Company amongst others.

567 Framing has contributed immensely to the development of the industry in NYC and surrounding areas, offering innovative and effective solutions to several NYC challenges in the framing industry, faced by businesses and individuals.

With a wide range of services and products including quality frames on offer, 567 Framing ensures that clients get the best size for a photo to a frame without requiring them to break the bank. This unique combination of affordability and quality service delivery has helped to increase the brand’s popularity and acceptance in and around New York City.

“I have a great experience with the service of 567 framing. I googled all the framing stores in NYC and got this place. I went to their Manhattan store and the owner was very patient to ask all the details of my picture and my requirements. I got a wood frame at last at a very reasonable price. It matches my apartment style very much. Highly recommend this place,” says Jessica J from Jersey City, NJ.

In addition to having a plethora of different materials that range from the most traditional wood to the more modern and renovated styles of metal and plastic and the best framing hammer, 567 Framing also offers a wide variety of services such as custom framing, art printing, canvas, and mounting.
More information about 567 Framing and the services offered can be found on their website. 567 Framing is also available across several social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram.

About 567 Framing
567 Framing is an art framing boutique founded in 2007 in the East Village. The company majorly offers custom framing, large format Giclee printing, face mounting, and canvas printing & stretching services with a professional designing team that includes highly educated artists and designers, with extensive knowledge of fine art, crafts, and materials.

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New York, NY 10011

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