Luis Alberto Peluso explains how he brought a taste of Las Vegas to Buenos Aires

As a lottery and casino industry expert, Luis Alberto Peluso is no stranger to the bright lights and high stakes of resort cities such as Las Vegas.

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, UNITED STATES, July 16, 2018 / — Indeed, it was precisely this sort of atmosphere which Luis Alberto Peluso was tasked with bringing to the Argentine city of Mar del Plata, part of Buenos Aires Province and its second-largest metropolitan area.

Already a major fishing port and popular with tourists, Mar del Plata was, however, yet to see its first officially organized poker tournament. "Mar del Plata is Argentina's most prominent seaside beach resort and the country's seventh largest city," explains Peluso. "I was tasked with delivering a taste of Las Vegas to the resort as it prepared for the much-anticipated arrival of the Latin American Poker Tour."

With Las Vegas the inspiration, Peluso sent his team directly to the Nevada city to prepare for upcoming events. A stark contrast to Mar del Plata's idyllic coastal setting, the industry expert's team, however, returned from the Mojave Desert well prepared for the task ahead.

Welcoming the Latin American Poker Tour, Peluso and his team was to preside over a tournament boasting a top prize of over $380,000.

As Peluso had hoped, the event went without a hitch, widely hailed as a great success, and with the six-figure winnings going to British-based German poker player Dominik Nitsche who flew into Argentina for the occasion.

"There was much fanfare surrounding the PokerStars sponsored event," reveals Peluso. "It was the first time Mar del Plata had seen anything quite like it, despite having hosted many high profile sporting events in the past, and I'm confident that we delivered on bringing a slice of Las Vegas to the Argentine coast."

Explaining the city's aim in more detail, Peluso recalls, "Las Vegas, where my team went to prepare, is a city whose economy is primarily driven by gambling, tourism, and conventions. This was a key goal for Buenos Aires, and in particular Mar del Plata, at the time."

"The resort," he continues, "sought to grow its economy through the entertainment and gaming sectors, which in turn would bolster its already healthy restaurant and retail industries."

Highly knowledgeable and himself a fan of games such as poker, blackjack, and roulette, Peluso goes on to suggest that it's poker which generally provides the biggest draw. "I believe that much of the success of poker comes from its status as a game of skill and ability, rather than just a game of chance."

He continues, "It's a mathematical game, like a variation of chess. That's what I most like and enjoy about it."

As of 2018, estimates suggest that there are upwards of 65 million regular poker players in the United States alone, with more people now enjoying the game than either golf or tennis. "It's growing in popularity elsewhere, too," Peluso remarks, "from South America to Europe and right across Asia."

"Mar del Plata has hosted FIFA World Cup games, the Pan American Games, and the Rugby World Cup Sevens in the not too distant past," adds Peluso, wrapping up, "however this was to be its first officially recognized poker tournament, and I'm incredibly proud to have been involved in making it such a success."

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Source: EIN Presswire