Chaitanya Cherukuri Gives Advice on the Best Practices to Promote a Photography Business

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Renowned photographer offers advice on what’s worked for him when promoting his photography business.

SARASOTA, FL, UNITED STATES, July 16, 2018 / — Photographers can find a need wherever they can point their camera. Wedding photography is a large market, but professional photography doesn’t even require the person to leave their home. With the right tools and promotion, anything is possible for a photographer. The world is theirs to capture, both on film and through the entrepreneurial endeavor.

Yet, for Chaitanya Cherukuri, one of the largest hurdles to overcome while building his photography business was the promotion. Cherukuri has the passion and the talent, but his promotion skills needed work. However, after years of trial and error, Cherukuri has found a promotion plan that works for him. This plan enables him to enjoy his passion while sharing it with potential customers. Here is Cherukuri’s best advice on practices to promote a photography business.

Give Referral Bonuses

Referral Bonuses don’t (shouldn’t) cost the photographer much, but it will mean a lot to clients. If a business has an enticing referral business, this helps the business get repeat customers and new customers. It’s maximizing the potential for advertising while minimizing the workload.

After all, many of the clients a photographer has will have friends who are also looking for a photographer for the same reasons. Weddings, family photo shoots, birthdays, graduations, prom…regardless of the occasion, clients have friends that are looking for referrals. If a client is happy with the work a photographer provides, they’re likely to give a referral anyway. (Word of mouth is still a powerful promotion tool.) Yet, by offering them a referral bonus, they’ll be even happier to give the photographer’s name and number to a friend.

Create a Unique Website

To have a meaningful business, it’s important that an entrepreneur has a website. Especially for a photographer, who might not have a brick and mortar storefront, a website legitimizes them. This is also a centralized location for all a photographer’s works, ideas, personality, and social network platforms. This is the photographer’s space and should be treated as such, helping to showcase their creativity and talent.

Start (and Maintain) a Blog

A photographer might not think a blog is important, but it’s essential in connecting with an audience. Even if the posts are primarily pictures, that’s okay. Although, Chaitanya Cherukuri encourages photographers to get creative with their blogs. Post blogs with the interest and intrigue of the client in mind. After all, catering to the client is the best way to grow a business.

Throw in Something Special

Again, this shouldn’t cost the photographer a lot of money, but throwing a special thank-you gift into orders is appreciated. This something special can be an extra print, a framed photo, or even a digital version of the album the client bought in physical form. This gift should be simply that, a gift, thanking the client for patronizing the business.

In summation, Chaitanya Cherukuri knows that it can be difficult. Pursuing the art of a craft like photography, while also figuring out how to promote a photography business. However, by following Cherukuri’s advice, photographers will be able to combine these practices into one. After all, photography is both a business and a calling. So, by showing people the depth of a photographer’s passion is to promote their business and their calling.

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