Ken Sutiak Explains Why Global Warming Continues To Get Worse

Global Warming has been a hot topic for years, but we have yet to find a solution.

SARASOTA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, June 22, 2018 / — Seasons are shifting or disappearing altogether. The heat index is rising higher with every Summer Solstice and glaciers are melting into the ocean. There is a severe problem affecting the global balance, but only a select few seem to be worried about its repercussions.

Ken Sutiak is one of those few, however. Sutiak has devised this article to reveal why Global Warming continues to get worse. He cites the rising heat index, due to greenhouse gases as the premier reason. Sutiak explains the ramifications of this hiking heat index, and what humans can do to combat it.

Rising Heat Index

Humans are usually the cause of all issues when it comes to the Earth. Unfortunately, the need to become better, the push toward production, leads to destruction. Of course, humans don’t mean to destroy the planet and rob it of its resources. However, even when humans realize what they’re doing they have no desire to rectify their actions.

Ken Sutiak is certain, along with the global scientific community, that greenhouse gasses are the principal reason for Global Warming. The more people advance, the more greenhouse gasses are released into the atmosphere. Factories, cars, and other emissions have raised the heat index to the highest record and it’s only reaching higher. Over the next century, The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) estimates a 2.5 to 10 degrees Fahrenheit increase.


There are many people who like it hot. Hot weather usually equates to more of the activities that people enjoy. However, having a hotter planet doesn’t mean it’s going to be summer vacation forever. It has much more sinister ramifications:

Rising Water-Due to the melting glaciers, scientists believe water will rise. This will cause an increase in flooding. Eventually, it could even overtake portions of land permanently.

Increase in Droughts- Droughts are already a problem throughout the world. However, with Global Warming getting worse, it will only cause more droughts. This means that people who already have water restrictions will be placed in even more danger.

Increase in Hurricane Frequency and Intensity- Throughout the past ten years, there’s been an increase in hurricanes all over the world. Unfortunately, without rectifying Global Warming, these hurricanes will continue. Only, they will become more frequent and more intense.

How to Help

While this is largely a government and industrial issues, every little bit helps. There are plenty of ways that people can lessen the effects of greenhouse gases on the environment. Here are a few easy ways:

Carpool or Use Mass Transit

Installing Solar Panels

Use Energy Efficient Methods

In summation, Global Warming is a problem that’s culminated for decades and Earth is noticing the changes. Ken Sutiak knows that Global Warming is getting worse and he wants to make people aware of the threat. After all, if Global Warming is taken seriously, it can be slowed. Yet, to do that, humanity must work together.

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Source: EIN Presswire