Titan – The New and More Advanced Underwater Drone

Titan – Underwater Drone

MIAMI, FLORIDA, USA, June 19, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — In general, the majority of the drones are actually designed for the sky. But nowadays, the number of the drones are rapidly increasing even in underwater. Sky has always been a place that represents freedom and liberty. But underwater, deep inside the oceans is an undiscovered mystery. No one knows about that, This is why these underwater drones are very important and significant.

Geneinno was inside an underwater drone for almost 4 years’ time. They used this technology to benefit human lives, to discover many undiscovered facts. This first generation of the underwater drone was enthusiastically welcomed by many underwater photographers, researches, underwater scientists, marine life lovers and so on.

Very recently, the scientists have released a new underwater drone called Titan on the Kickstarter. It is widely believed that Titan will help in many underwater explorations. It will help users to find out many things which will benefit their underwater experience. This underwater drone is believed to bring a revolutionary change in the underwater world. It will capture certain pictures of places where a man will never be able to go, otherwise. It can even record live incidents, that are occurring in the underwater world. Titan will be able to dive as deep as 150 meters. This depth is much more than the rest of the drones, that are created so far.

This drone is designed very minutely, and detailed attention was given during its manufacture. The Titan has a port that can be extended, various innovative and technologically advanced devices and accessories can be installed later

This new generation drone has excellent high-quality features. Certain features of Titan are given below. These are:

It can go as deep as 150 meters.

It can document any fact of the undersea world.

With the help of a very advanced camera, it is possible to capture and record pictures and videos, underwater, without any problems.

Titan is very stable and flexible. It can move around at quite a rapid speed.

Thus it captures facts or incidents very fast.

It also has a LED spotlight feature system. This helps to create illumination, in dark ocean areas, where there is almost no light.

It is designed by experts with absolute details.

Titan is much more steady and much more developed than any other types of underwater drones. For a camera to be able to capture excellent pictures, it has to be stable. Also due to the rising pressure, underwater, the camera has to stable. Everything that you need is offered in the one kit with contains the drone. Customers are requested to keep faith in this drone, as it is soon going to bring a revolutionary impact in your life. Titan is going to be a phenomenal drone. It will reveal things that have never been discovered. Already it has collected more than $90,000. And very soon, it will become the new trendsetter. It will directly lead to all types of underwater expeditions.

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Titan – Underwater Drone

Source: EIN Presswire