Anti-obesity baby bottle developed by successful UK inventor Mandy Haberman

Mandy Haberman

Haberman has a history of inventing innovative products. Her latest patented anti-obesity infant feeding technology available for licensing, is another first.

This is a significant advance in infant feeding technology to help combat infant obesity in bottle-fed babies. It encourages and prolongs breastfeeding and prevents colic.”

— Mandy Haberman

LONDON, UK, July 23, 2018 / — Globally-acclaimed infant feeding products inventor, Mandy Haberman, is set to launch her anti-obesity baby bottle in new markets to help combat the $1.2 trillion global obesity epidemic. Her patented, award-winning technology delivers natural baby-led paced feeding without requiring intervention from the care-giver. It supports breastfeeding and the latest advice from healthcare professionals and lactation experts and has been successfully launched and proven in the UK.

Haberman’s bottle has a long malleable teat and a valve instead of a hole. A filter component, situated between bottle and teat removes micro bubbles, keeps the teat filled at any angle and enables the system to work using breastfeeding action, putting the baby back in control and helping to prevent guzzling, overfeeding and colic. This new infant feeding technology has been invented in response to a real need and comes at a time when Public Health England is now looking to tackle over-eating from birth to make sure children get the best start in life; UK Government advisors have published new guidance on feeding babies, the first in more than 20 years. As Professor Atul Singhal, Pediatric Nutrition University College Hospital (London) Institute of Child Health explains: "The majority of babies are bottle-fed and bottle-fed babies need to grow like breastfed babies.” Babies have a developmental window during which time their appetite is established. Conventional vented bottles cause babies to guzzle and overfeed. This sets into motion biological and behavioural changes that predispose them to a lifelong battle against obesity and many associated health risks.

Professionals recommend baby-led paced feeding. However, achieving this method of feeding with conventional bottles increases the risk of air ingestion because it relies on the mother's willingness and ability to disturb a baby's 'latch'. “Paced feeding prevents a baby from guzzling and is helpful in the effort to reduce childhood obesity,” explains Lynn Apple RN BSN, Lactation Consultant. “It is the most desirable bottle-feeding method. Haberman’s design is superior, as air is completely eliminated from the teat.”

Commenting, inventor Mandy Haberman said:

“My latest invention is a significant advance in infant feeding technology and will help combat infant obesity in bottle-fed babies. It encourages and prolongs breastfeeding and there are many other associated benefits such as reducing gas, colic and reflux and encouraging an active peristaltic suckling action, to stimulate the respiratory system, increase oxygen supply and help develop the oral cavity for better speech development. My bottle makes feeding in an upright position possible and enables nutritive and non-nutritive suckling. No other bottle on the market works like this. I’m thrilled it has been so well received by professionals and parents alike.”


For over 30 years, Mandy Haberman has been shaping the future of infant feeding with her inventions, and working with parents, pediatricians and healthcare professionals, to support child welfare and a person-centred approach to feeding care. Mandy has a track record of licensing infant products globally and this is her latest product available for licence. It is patented in all relevant territories

Haberman’s latest baby-led paced feeding bottle is designed to combat obesity and colic and complement breastfeeding; another first. Her successful inventions include a special needs feeder for infants with feeding difficulties which is used in hospitals worldwide, and the world’s first totally spill-proof sippy cup, the iconic Anywayup cup. Over 42 million products featuring Haberman technology are sold every year.

Mandy Haberman is the Director and Founder of Haberman Products Limited. She is non-executive Director of the UK Intellectual Property Office Steering Board, founder member and Freeman of the Guild of Entrepreneurs and holds the position of Vice-Chair of the Intellectual Property Awareness Network. Mandy has been recognised by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II as a Pioneer to the Life of the Nation and was named British Female Inventor of the Year in 2000.

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How to Cover the Costs of a Live-in Caregiver for you or your Loved One

Comfort Keepers Philadelphia, PA..

Philadelphia Caregivers

Choosing a qualified caregiver is only half the battle; the other half is finding a way to pay for it when you can’t pay out of pocket.

Often, one of the first thoughts that comes to mind when considering in-home care for your loved one is about covering the cost. We want you to know there are options to consider.”

— Michele Berman, Owner

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, July 22, 2018 / — When it comes to the point where a loved one needs round-the-clock care, and you cannot provide it or do not live near the loved one, you need to use a live-in caregiver. This is certainly a stressful situation for the loved one and the family member. However, choosing the right caregiver can provide peace of mind because the loved one will be safe and cared for in his or her own home.

There are caregivers who do not live with their clients and caregivers who do live with their clients. Choosing a qualified caregiver is only half the battle; the other half is finding a way to pay for it when you can’t pay out of pocket. The cost of live-in caregiver can range from $1000 – $5,000 a month and depends on the needs of the loved one, the region where the loved one lives in (northeast vs. mid-west) if the caregiver will need room and board and transportation for the caregiver.

Ways to Pay for a Live-in Caregiver

The first thought many think of when it comes to home care assistance for seniors is Medicare. Unfortunately, Medicare does not pay for live-in care because it is considered a “covered benefit.” And Medicare Supplemental Insurance programs do not pay for this type care as well. So now what? There are still viable options for paying for home health care.

Medicaid (depending on the state) does have programs that provide financial aid through “Consumer-Directed HCBS Waivers.” They are programs that provide nursing-home level care in seniors’ homes. They allow the senior to choose a care provider and the care he or she needs, which, in turn, allows Medicaid beneficiaries to use the allotted care budget to hire a live-in caregiver. Please contact Medicaid for a list of waivers. Other ways to pay for in-home caregivers are:

Long-term Insurance
Veteran Benefits
Reverse Mortgages

Another way to pay for a live-in caregiver is through long-term insurance. It seems today there are numerous policies that cover everything from flood damage to cancer care. So, it is not surprising that there is long-term insurance for senior care. These insurance companies reimburse policyholders for the amount spent on services used to help them with daily living activities, such as personal care and meal preparation (what a live-in caregiver does). You may not qualify for long-term insurance if you have health issues or are already receiving long-term care. Please note that many have limits on the term of the care and the cost.

If your loved one is a veteran, here are two great programs that would be used for financial assistance. The first program is the Veteran-Directed Home and Community-Based Services. Veterans can receive nursing-home care in their home, their caregiver’s home or in a senior living community. Veterans receive a budget and can choose their care providers instead of receiving services from the VA health system.

The other program is the Veterans Aid & Attendance Benefit (also known as the Special Pension Benefit) by the Department of Veterans Affairs. It’s tax-free and provides veterans and their spouses, over the age of 65, financial aid for a caregiver who regularly helps them with at least two daily living activities, such as shopping, eating, grooming, and dressing.

For seniors who own their own homes, they can do a reverse mortgage. This is when a homeowner receives a portion of his or her home equity in cash or as a monthly payment, which can be used for in-home care. The loan doesn’t have to be paid back until the last borrower passes away or moves away (for one full year). The home must be sold, and the lender is paid back in full (plus interest). A reverse mortgage will not affect Medicare or social security benefits but may affect Medicaid. The loan can even be refinanced! The only stipulation is that senior must live in the home.

If you are interested in finding a live-in caregiver, please contact Comfort Keepers at (877) 698-9394 to find the right plan of care that meets you or your loved one’s needs.

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Your London Legacy Logo

Founder & Host

Steve Lazarus

View from rooftop over Picadilly

London skyline

Your London Legacy – Telling the Timeless Stories of London's hidden personalities

I've been interviewed by a number of podcasts but none has been as enjoyable as my interview with Steve, I have no doubt the podcast will be a great success, due to Steve being a great professional”

— Michele Attias

LONDON, UK, UNITED KINGDOM, July 22, 2018 / — Your London Legacy is the first and only podcast ‘’telling the timeless stories of London’s personalities’’.
Your London Legacy is the brainchild of Steve Lazarus who was born and brought up in North West London where he has lived and worked all his life, with his wife and two grown up children. He has a love for London and Londoners who he knows each have a unique and fascinating story to tell.
Your London Legacy is the voice of Londoners, from artists, poets and authors, to musicians, charity workers, mud larkers and tattooists. All ages and all cultures from every walk of life, are represented on Your London Legacy, recognizing that everyone has contributed to the melting pot that comprises over 8 million residents today.
In each episode Steve interviews, a London personality on their own patch, in an informal, conversational, yet probing style. Having worked as an Insurance Loss Adjuster for nearly 30 years, Steve is adept at seeking the truth, which is sometimes uncomfortable, occasionally disturbing or painful, but always fascinating and insightful.
Each interview lasts around an hour or so and there will be two episodes released each month, though this is likely to increase to one each week very soon.
No other podcast exists that provides a platform for Londoners to tell their own personal story and what they have achieved in their sphere of activity, be it personal, or business achievement. Its all about their story, and their legacy in their own words.
One of Steve’s first interviewees, author and publisher Rose Sandy said , being interviewed for Your London Legacy was ‘’a huge pleasure Steve. I was very honoured and flattered you took an interest in my books, my work and story. Writing can be a lonely business. I really enjoyed the interview. I love the idea and branding of your podcast’’

Notes to Editor
Your London Legacy was launched 2 July 2018.
twitter @yourlondonlegacy
Instagram @yourlondonlegacy
For more information contact Steve Lazarus 07782 195 455 or email

Steven Lazarus
The Claims Desk
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Pam Levin's Hilarious Comedy TALES OF MODERN MOTHERHOOD THIS SH*T JUST GOT REAL Back for ONE NIGHT at White Fire Theatre

Philadelphia Native, Pam Levin

Tour de Force, Pam Levin brings her hilarious comedy Tales of Modern Motherhood This Sh*t Just Got Real to White Fire Theatre Tuesday, July 24th

This one woman show is witty, entertaining, poignant, real, raw, all in one; in short, it’s everything fine theatre should be.”

— Bonnie Priever – Curtain Up

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, July 22, 2018 / — To birth or not to birth, that is the question, but what if, “to NOT” is a deal breaker? Pam Levin had managed to convince her husband Brett to postpone parenting for 5 years, but now time’s up and her husband’s biological clock is ticking. However, Pam has a different strategy…SPERM ASSASINATION! “Tales of Modern Motherhood…this sh*t just got real” is Pam Levin’s brutally funny comedy about the fear of becoming a parent, and why she seriously considered just settling for a dog.

Tales Of Modern Motherhood has played to sold-out houses from coast to coast since it opened last year. On the heels of another sold out show last month in Philadelphia, Levin is bringing it back to LA one more night at the Whitefire Theatre after headlining the Whitefire's Solo Fest 2018 in January and February. The East Coast Premiere, Off-Broadway, sold out at the United Solo Festival in New York City and was awarded with two encore performances. Audience members return over and over again connecting with Levin in wonderful ways whether they have children or not.

One Night Only: Tuesday, July 24, 2018 at 8 PM – White Fire Theatre (13500 Ventura Boulevard, Sherman Oaks 91423) Tickets are $20 (Student & Senior Discounts available) at Brown Paper Tickets.

Pam Levin is a veteran of the stage and the solo show genre. She toured all over the world, off and on for six years with the AWARD-WINNING show, The Quiet Room. She also had the pleasure of performing, In My Own X-Rated Words, written by Fredrica Duke for the last 2 1/2 years in Los Angeles. This is Pam’s first time writing her own solo piece, which she crafted in Terrie Silverman’s Solo Master Class in LA.


Follow the show on INSTAGRAM

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TOMM Trailer

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Karen Lucchesi & Former DEA Special Agent Phil Jordan Connect for an Exclusive Book Tour

Karen Lucchesi & Phil Jordan

Innocence Texas

Lucchesi & Jordan will speak out against past and current instances of government corruption.

DALLAS, TX, UNITED STATES, July 21, 2018 / — Karen Lucchesi & Former DEA Special Agent Phil Jordan join forces on August 4, 2018 (1-3pm CDT) at Southlake, Texas’ Barnes & Noble, for an exclusive tour of her best-selling book, "Innocent Woman, The Karen Lucchesi Story.”

In addition to both leaders speaking out against past and current instances of government corruption, Lucchesi plans to read book excerpts that detail her harrowing real-life story of how she was framed for laundering money and facing a 10-year prison sentence for a crime she did not commit.

To this day, Lucchesi believes she was set up – framed – by a conniving federal investigator and an unethical lawyer. Confident of possessing ironclad proof of her innocence, Lucchesi sought a trial rather than taking a plea deal. During her trial, Lucchesi noted that key pieces of evidence that could have swayed the jury in her case were not allowed to be entered— including polygraph tests, undercover videotapes, and reported fraud before her case even started.

Instead, a jury convicted her after a one-day trial, and a judge sentenced her to six years. Her term began on Jan. 30, 2004.

“Hearing the door shut. Knowing my family was gone. Lying in the top bunk. Staring at the ceiling. The emptiness. Shackles and handcuffs. Not knowing where you’re going. Roach infested room. Feeling hungry. The mental abuse. Walking down a long tunnel. Am I ever going to get home?” Lucchesi chillingly reminisces when describing her unlawful incarceration.

While she was in prison, former DEA Special Agent in Charge of the Dallas office Phil Jordan reviewed her case. He found no evidence of money laundering. “In simple words, I can just say that this is a clear case of entrapment,” Jordan said. “An innocent woman went to prison wrongfully.”

Now embarking on a media tour to spotlight awareness on innocent citizens that are traumatized by unfair prosecution, Lucchesi has appeared on CBS, WFAA Ch. 8, graced the Fort Worth Weekly cover, has spoken at countless national events, while “INNOCENT WOMAN” remains one of the top-selling biographies by a woman on Amazon.

"I hope to inspire others with my memoir," Lucchesi concludes. "No matter what challenges in life you come across, you can overcome them with faith, passion, and determination.”

Karen Lucchesi, a passionate advocate against wrongful convictions, has launched a charitable fundraiser for Innocence Texas, an organization that provides free, first-class investigative and legal services to indigent prisoners serving time for crimes they did not commit.

Aurora DeRose
Aurora DeRose
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China’s Largest Cashmere Exporter CONSINEE GROUP Hosts Debut Runway Fashion Show in New York

Consinee "Into the Lines" fashion show

All knitwear in “Into the Lines” runway show, totaling 99 looks, is made from Consinee cashmere and fancy yarn. Photo: provided by Consinee

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, July 20, 2018 / — Taking place at the iconic Greek Revival venue Cipriani’s at 55 Wall Street on the evening of July 18, CONSINEE GROUP, China’s largest spinner and exporter of cashmere yarn, debuted a runway show meant to demonstrate the full range of their yarn technology and capabilities for international client brands.

“Out of every seven cashmere items sold in the world, one is made from Consinee yarn.” Boris Xue, company chairman proudly announced.

The show, first of its kind and scale offered by a Chinese textile company in the U.S., was aptly titled “Into the Lines”, alluding to the conceptual interpretation of cashmere yarn. The show’s 100-feet runway built under Cipriani’s 70-feet dome saw 99 looks presented, spanning casual and occasion wear, all knitted from Consinee’s proprietary cashmere yarn series creations.

Timed to coincide with the annual Spin Expo, a large industry presence of nearly 400 fashion insiders were present at the show, including representatives from leading fashion brands and Consinee’s long-time US clients.
This debut show was under the creative direction of Chinese-German designer Yujia Zhai-Petrow, a consultant with Valentino Haute Couture in Paris.

“Rather than presenting a conventional knitwear collection,” she said, “ the ’Into the Lines’ show contemplates and explores the luxury of cashmere and its sundry potentials activated through a synthesis with new disciplines.” Other members of the design team for this collection also include Jane Sked and Steven Oo.

Consinee chairman Boris Xue believes the show will not only demonstrate Consinee’s dedication to excellence, but also inspire their clients with new possibilities.

Consinee Group was founded in 1999 by Xue, located in the beautiful coastal city of Ningbo, China. Through nearly 20 years of continuous growth and innovation, Consinee Group has become the biggest exporter of cashmere yarn in China and completed an advanced green manufacturing industry chain base, integrating dyeing, spinning of woolen, worsted, semi-worsted and fancy yarns, as well as high quality fabrics, import-export trade, digital logistics, intelligent manufacturing and information platform.

Throughout the years, three lines CONSINEE, TOPLINE and ICCI were born to challenge the limits of the textile yarn industry through shattering and re-imagining established techniques and concepts. The company has paved its way for an international blueprint and its clientele include the world’s leading fashion brands such as Burberry, Calvin Klein, Coach, DKNY, HUGO Boss, Rag&Bone, Theory, Max Mara, Tommy Hilfiger, Marc Jacobs, Michael Kos, Diane Von Furstenberg, etc., even the most luxurious fashion brands Hermès and Chanel use some of its yarn.

Consinee has maintained a 5 year tradition of hosting an annual yacht party that sets sail on the Hudson River around Manhattan in celebration of old and new relationships with its international clients. This year, they decided to dock the party and invite guests on land for a Bellini and caviar reception, dinner, and full blown runway show, so that clients can really go home with a deeper understanding of Consinee philosophy and possibility.

“Consinee’s fashion show debut is an in-depth examination of self-strength and potential, an articulation of freedom, an attempt to illustrate the full-range of luxury cashmere yarn capabilities in a context that embraces the future”, said Boris, who has been leading the company since its inception and who is honored as the “Cashmere Prince” in the industry.

“We have a traditional Chinese saying that goes—A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, I still remember in those very early days when I made the first effort to knock on the doors of US brands with entry-level English and a suitcase of my cashmere – I ended up left out in the cold. But I have always believed that as long as we continue to improve product quality and stay positive, doors will open for win-win partnerships.”

The fashion show debut was directed by fashion veteran Christina Neault, who used to serve as the executive producer of IMG’s NYFW and is currently the fashion programming consultant at Pier 59 Studios—one of the major venues for New York Fashion Week and a premiere multimedia studio. Ms. Neault was brought on board the project by long-time partner China Fashion Collective, a New York-based luxury events production firm that executed the production for Consinee’s fashion show debut.

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PA State Representatives Confirmed to Attend Comfort Keepers of Montgomery County and the Main Line's Veteran Event

Comfort Keepers of Montgomery County & the Main Line will host an Honor our Veterans event July 29th

Comfort Keepers of Montgomery County and the Main Line will be hosting an Honor our Veterans event on July 29th from 12-3 pm in Haverford, PA.

Veterans are so important to our American history. It’s only right to honor and celebrate their bravery and dedication.”

— Ian Bongaardt, Owner of CK of Montgomery County & the Main Line


Comfort Keepers sincerely appreciates the services America’s veterans have performed to honor and serve our country. In honor of their services, Comfort Keepers will be hosting an Honor our Veterans celebratory event on July 29th, 2018. It has been confirmed that PA State Representatives, Alex Charlton and Greg Vitali, will be attending the event.

The Honor our Veterans event will be held at the Haverford Township Parks and Recreation Department in Haverford, PA. It begins at 12:00 pm and will go until 3:00 pm. During the celebration, friends and family will be able to hear stories from veterans, listen and sing along to patriotic music, and take home commemorative photos. Light refreshments will also be available for your enjoyment.

Comfort Keepers is honored to host two PA State Representatives, Charlton and Vitali, who have confirmed their attendance to the event. The extended support from the community and State Representatives will make this event an unforgettable day to honor our veterans.

“Veterans are so important to our American history,” said Ian Bongaardt, owner of Comfort Keepers Springfield. “We at Comfort Keepers work with many on a day to day basis.”

“It’s only right to honor and celebrate their bravery and dedication,” Bongaardt said, “I am really looking forward to this event.”

Comfort Keepers Springfield works closely with veterans on a day to day basis. Many veterans could potentially qualify for veteran benefits, which would cover the cost of in-home care. If you are in need of in-home care and are a veteran or even a spouse of a veteran, you may be offered pension benefits from the Veterans Administration.

The Veterans Improved Pension Benefit Program could be the answer to covering in-home senior care service costs. If you are questioning if you or your loved one is eligible for such benefits, Comfort Keepers is ready to help assist in the process of accessing information and evaluating eligibility for the benefits program.

Some basic requirements to qualify are as follows:
-Veteran or spouse of a veteran
-If a widow, you cannot be re-married
-65 years old or older
-Veteran that has served a minimum of 90 days of active military service
-Discharged under any condition, except dishonorably
-Must be in need of personal care services such as feeding, showering, etc.
-Falls below the annual income threshold

If you or your loved one meets any of these basic qualifications, you or they may qualify for pension benefits from the Veterans Administration. For further information and assistance, contact Comfort Keepers Springfield today to learn more.

“Many veterans and their family members are not fully informed about the benefits they can receive,” Bongaardt said, “which could potentially help cover the costs of in-home senior care and take a financial burden off of families.”

Bongaardt continued, “We hope this event will show our veteran clients, their families, and any veterans considering in-home care that we are appreciative of their services and ready to now honorably serve them.”

Comfort Keepers looks forward to celebrating America’s veterans at the Honor our Veterans event and also every day they’re taken care of through in-home care services. This event will be a time to reflect on our country’s history while embracing a healthy and happy future for our veterans.

If you would like to attend the Honor our Veterans event, please RSVP to Sharon Miller at (610) 783-7878, or visit Comfort Keepers Springfield’s website for more information.

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Robert Teweleit’s Love of Animals Turns into a Lifelong Dedication to Volunteerism

Robert Teweleit is an altruistic Houston Police Officer who loves to give his time to help animals.

HOUSTON, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, July 20, 2018 / — Robert Teweleit is a man who loves helping people. Throughout every aspect of his life, Robert Teweleit has made it a priority to serve and protect. Teweleit is a ten-year veteran of the Houston Police Department, where he risks his life every day to protect people. Yet, even when he’s off duty, Teweleit is giving to those in need.

One of Teweleit’s favorite forms of volunteerism and donation is to benefit the ASCPA. Teweleit loves animals and he makes it his priority to ensure they are being taken care of.

About ASCPA of Houston

The ASPCA of Houston was the first of its kind in the country. Now, after a century of growth, support, and development, the organization is the largest organization on the Gulf Coast. The Houston ASCPA is proud to save and rehabilitate all different species of animals. Therefore, the animals that Teweleit is working with aren’t just cats and dogs. There’s a host of different animals.

“People seem to forget that other animals need our help too,” Teweleit said. “There’s plenty of havens for dogs and cats, but other animals, that were exotic pets, or have lost their home” says Robert Teweleit.

Fortunately, the community has answered this organization’s call for help for over a century. As a result, the organization investigated seven-thousand cases of animal abuse last year. Plus, the activists help around fifty-thousand animals each year.

Robert Teweleit Helps Animals

Robert Teweleit is one of the volunteers who helps to rehabilitate these animals. Teweleit is amazed by the progress the animals make and he is encouraged by their improvements. Teweleit believes that this is his calling.

Other Forms of Altruism

In addition to helping save and support animals, Robert Teweleit fills the rest of his free time helping others. Teweleit is a religious man, who is involved in his church. Plus, he dedicates time to help women and children in abusive or dangerous situations.

Robert Teweleit does his best to help all who are in need. Teweleit has always had a passion to make a difference. Yet, he never imagined he would have so many opportunities or find such fulfillment. Teweleit says he is happiest when he’s volunteering.

To close, Robert Teweleit finds sanctity and the preservation of innocence through helping animals. Teweleit’s efforts have made a difference in the lives of many animals, throughout his time volunteering. Whether he’s giving money or physically taking care of the animals, it’s a passion that brings Teweleit joy.

To donate to the adopt an animal, donate, or volunteer, contact the Houston ASPCA today.

Eric Ash
Web Presence, LLC
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Brutal Bigfoot Release Date Confirmed Complaint Filed Against New To The Street

First of Five


Eye witness testimonies of the suit designer and person who wore the suit.

Details how the film was taken

Distributor has confirmed release date for "Brutal Bigfoot". BGFT has filed a complaint against FMW Media Works for breach of contract.

Bigfoot Project Investments Inc. (OTCMKTS:BGFT)

REDWOOD CITY, CA, US, July 20, 2018 / — Bigfoot Project Investments Inc. traded on the OTC markets under the ticker symbol BGFT has received confirmation of the release date for the first of five films in the series know as "Brutal Bigfoot" from their distributor. The distributor is now in the process of a media campaign for the film and has asked BGFT not to disclose the actual release date. We are glad to announce that it will be released soon and look forward to a positive fan reaction to this found footage film production.

Bigfoot Project Investments Inc. has filed a complaint against FMW Media Works (New To The Street) for breach of contract. The defendant was personally served with the complaint June 29th. Details on the case can not be released while it is in litigation.

The Searching for Bigfoot expedition team is gearing up for the fall expedition, we are in the process of collecting eye witness accounts as well has pictorial, and physical evidence to plan our next exploration route across the United States. Go to the website for instructions on reporting your encounters. You could be one of the lucky ones that the team meets, investigates with and shares information with. Be rewarded with your very own Searching for Bigfoot merchandise for your contribution to the research of the mysterious creature known as Bigfoot.

You can also be featured on out blog talk radio show, listen every Wednesday night at 7 pm Pacific. Real people reporting real encounters every week.

Merger candidate has been identified as a good fit for our business model. Initial due diligence has been completed by Veyo Parthers. They have initiated negotiations with a company that will enhance our financials and provide new revenue and investigation opportunities for BGFT.

Negotiations are underway with current convertible notes holders. The company plans to extinguish the debt without any additional shares being issued. August 28, 2017 note with Power Up Lending fully converted June 26th. Reserve shares were subsequently released and note was closed out.

Contact the Searching for Bigfoot expedition team to report your encounters and be included in the next expedition!

Sara Reynolds
Bigfoot Project Investments Inc.
email us here

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Todd Stockton Explains Why Finding the Right Lawyer is Essential to a Case

Finding the right lawyer to argue a legal case is essential to success in court.

SARASOTA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, July 20, 2018 / — Todd Stockton is a lawyer from Colorado that has a passion for educating clients on the best practices when dealing with courts. Stockton understands that most civilians don’t know how to navigate the legal process. So, he tries to help point people in the right direction. Now, Stockton discusses the best way to find the right lawyer to argue a case.

Find the Right Type of Lawyer

There are many types of lawyers in this world. There are family practice lawyers, criminal lawyers, bankruptcy lawyers, and defense lawyers. Many lawyers have experience in different disciplines. Yet, the first step in finding the right lawyer is figuring out which lawyers have experience in the client’s case.

Todd Stockton says that the best way to figure this out is to call the local Bar Association. The Bar Association should have a list of practicing lawyers in the area and their specialties. This one phone call will save the client a lot of research.

Find a Trustworthy Lawyer

Finding a trustworthy lawyer is one of the biggest difficulties that plague clients. Todd Stockton explains that this isn’t because lawyers are untrustworthy. It’s more that people have a hard time finding a lawyer they feel comfortable with. There must be a trust built almost immediately, or the lawyer isn’t right for that client.

Since the client is sharing what’s possibly some of their darkest secrets, it’s imperative that the lawyer is trustworthy. If the client feels uncomfortable in any way with the lawyer, they might hold back. Leaving out any detail of the case, regardless of how invasive it might be, could decide the verdict.

Maintaining Ethics

Springboarding off finding a trustworthy lawyer, it’s also important to find a lawyer who maintains ethical practices. While this isn’t usually an issue, it is something to watch out for when deciding on the right lawyer. If the client doesn’t agree with the moral of their lawyer, they might be dissatisfied, even if they win. Todd Stockton explains that having a clear conscience is paramount. If the lawyer does something the client doesn’t approve of, it’s the client that’s got to burden that guilt.


Fees are a necessary evil when it comes to dealing with lawyers. However, the negotiation of fees is essential to finding the right lawyer. After all, a legal battle might drag on far longer than anticipated. If that happens, the last thing a client wants is to hit a snag in the finances before the trial is concluded.

Todd Stockton assures potential clients that lawyers are usually willing to work with people. However, it’s important to not allow the lawyer to do any work until a contract is signed. Also, ensure that a fee is agreed upon and written in the contract. This protects both parties from future issues.

To learn more about Todd Stockton, you can read more about the Zero Tolerance policy on immigration.

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