Rubina Ratnakar launches her new Fitness Program

Fitness expert Rubina Ratnakar has come up with options through her fitness website to Spread fitness awareness for increased wellness.

What hurts today makes you stronger in the future”

— Rubina Ratnakar

NEW DELHI, NEW DELHI, INDIA, January 19, 2021 / — Fitness happens to be one of the most valued requisites worldwide and so, the fitness training options are valued as even more important. The importance of these personal fitness training is priceless, and that is why Rubina Ratnakar has come up with the very best personal training courses that fitness lovers would love to be part of!
For keeping the body and mind fit and healthy, the role of this training is immense and in the coming days, especially with a pandemic at large, It is of utmost relevance for everyone to find the right training program that is useful to acquire proper physical strength.

Different fitness programs are now available in and all fitness enthusiasts can choose their required program according to their requirements. On one hand, there are the options for dieting programs, while on the other, there are the options for nutrition programs and weight loss programs. Then there are the workout options under professional guidance. All these plethoras of services are waiting for those looking for fitness and a healthy lifestyle. There is a lot to gain from this program and that is the reason why personal training programs are gaining so much popularity.

All the programs are present here with all the options for individual selections. The applicants will have to present their fitness details as well as their requirements. Accordingly, the training is customized. No doubt that these programs are very helpful in every respect. In the coming days, this effort by Miss Ratnakar is expected to attract a lot of attention!!!

About Rubina Ratnakar:
Rubina is a fitness expert who has come up with her initiatives for fitness for the general public. Her 25 kg weight transformation is important to be mentioned here as she has made it possible through her own workouts, and now her plans are available for the general public!

Rubina Ratnakar

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La Scuola d’Italia International Italian School and IB World School Announces Academic Scholarships

La Scuola d’Italia “Guglielmo Marconi”

La Scuola d’Italia in Manhattan NY, today announced a new academic scholarship fund which will provide full to partial tuition for the first year of attendance.

We believe our International Baccalaureate program combined with the
Classical and Scientific Italian studies better prepares our students to be successful.”

— Maria Palandra, Responsabile della Scuola

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, January 19, 2021 / — La Scuola d’Italia, located in Manhattan’s Upper East Side, today announced a new academic scholarship fund
which will provide full to partial tuition for the first year of attendance.

“The La Scuola d’Italia Italian-American Scholarship Program, identifies and supports young
students interested in the Italian culture with exceptional promise, application, deportment, and
character who have financial need and demonstrated excellence in academic endeavors and
extracurricular activities,” said Head of School, Maria Palandra, PhD.

Chairman of the La Scuola d’Italia board of trustees, and partner at Akerman, Massimo D’Angelo
said, “Thanks to very generous donations from many Italian-American families here in New York
as well as Italian corporations here and abroad, we are happy to announce this scholarship for
new students interested in our world-renowned education.”

Students who are interested can apply for the scholarships by sending a letter of interest including
a biography, verifiable academic and extra-curricular performance and activities to Stefano
Lanfredini, . Applicants must have an interest in Italian culture,
prove the need for financial support, and most importantly demonstrate academic excellence and
achievements in extracurricular pursuits. Because classes at La Scuola are taught in both English
and Italian, there is no entry requirement to have existing skills in the Italian language. Award
recipients are chosen at the complete and sole discretion of La Scuola d’Italia.

“One of the utmost important goals of La Scuola d’Italia is to prepare our students for a
prosperous future. We believe our International Baccalaureate program combined with the
Classical and Scientific Italian studies better prepares our students to be successful. Our focus on
community, language, culture, and history also affords our students and families with bonds that
last a lifetime,” said Palandra.

Alumnus and Senior at Loughborough University Luigi Uva said, “La Scuola d’Italia created a
strong foundation for me academically and also socially. It also was a privilege to study, learn and
communicate in at least 2 different languages and work from two diverse educational systems:
American and Italian. The teachers are extremely professional and dedicated. They eased the
learning process and helped me transition smoothly into University, where I sometimes even
found my high school content in my lectures! I still speak to my La Scuola friends everyday— the
relationships I created across all grades have been so important to me. This also taught me to
respect other people’s views and most importantly cherish everyone’s relationships. It is easy to
say that going to La Scuola has been one of the best decisions of my life and I will be eternally
grateful to this school and its community.”

About La Scuola d’Italia

La Scuola d’Italia “Guglielmo Marconi” was founded in 1977 and is located in Manhattan’s Upper
East Side in a beautiful 17,000 square foot mansion built in 1916 at 12 East 96th Street, just steps
from Central Park. It is New York City’s first and only international Italian and American school and
includes all grades pre-K through high school. La Scuola d’Italia is also the only school in the
world that offers the combination of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme and the
Esame di Stato (the Italian Ministry of Education State Exam, which is recognized by universities
in the United States and European Union). This multi-faceted, international approach provides a
strong foundation in Classical and Scientific studies while offering tangible real-world applications.
By the time La Scuola d’Italia students leave for university level education, either in the U.S. or
abroad, they are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to succeed in all their future

Stefano Lanfredini
La Scuola d'Italia “Guglielmo Marconi”
+1 212-369-3290
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Delve Health Announces Participation in ON TARGET Phase III Study

Clinical StudyPal, a decentralized trial solution for clinical trials

Delve Health’s Clinical StudyPal enables study Sponsor and CRO to randomize patients, manage study drugs and collect patient outcomes

With Clinical StudyPal, sponsors and CROs can view site and patient activities and identify and eliminate bottlenecks quickly keeping their trials on schedule and budget”

— Wessam Sonbol

PLYMOUTH, MN, USA, January 19, 2021 / — Delve Health is proud to announce participation in the ON TARGET Phase III Study which seeks to address therapy-related diarrhea, one of the most common and unpleasant side effects of Targeted Cancer Therapies. Currently enrolling, ON TARGET is sponsored by NAPO Pharmaceuticals and managed by Integrium Clinical Research. For more information regarding the ON TARGET Study please contact Lauren Garufis at

Clinical StudyPal is a cloud application which follows the clinical patient from recruitment through pre-screening, consent and randomization and then once in the study, the system utilizes a patient communication portal with secure messaging to provide patients with up to date study information and allows patients to communicate with their doctors. Using the patients’ own smartphones, SMS, chatbots and web portals, the system gather diaries and eCOA/ePRO and other information including data from wearables and sensors related to patient activity, physical parameters, treatments and medications.

Clinical StudyPal also has TeleVisit technology to allow live video interaction with investigators and other site personnel to discuss their consent or conduct a virtual visit. Through a partnering arrangement with regional service providers, professionals can be scheduled to visit patients, gather samples, perform treatments and observe patient condition at home, all using Clinical StudyPal to document the visit information in an electronic capture portal.

“We are excited to be working with NAPO and Integrium on this important study,” said Wessam Sonbol, president and CEO of Delve Health. “For this double-blinded ON TARGET Study, Clinical StudyPal provides stratified randomization and also manages study drug kit supply tracking and automated logistics for 50 sites. Task automation and complete visibility of patient progress speeds data collection and provides full transparency of study status across all partners. With Clinical StudyPal, sponsors and CROs can view site and patient activities and identify and eliminate bottlenecks quickly keeping their trials on schedule and budget”.

Clinical StudyPal was developed to enable decentralized clinical trials thus reducing patient burden by allowing patients to conduct some or all of their visits from the comfort of their home. It was designed to supplement existing clinical applications specifically in the areas of patient recruitment and enrollment, remote capture of patient data, facilitating digital patient engagement, improving patient compliance while reducing dropout rates and most importantly, improving patient experiences.

Clinical StudyPal integrates with various EDC and CTMS solutions to enable sponsors and CROs to streamline and automate their virtual patient engagement processes within their existing trial management activities and workflow to ensure patient visits continue on time. Real-time reports also give sponsors, CROs and sites a complete view of all patient captured data.

Delve Health enables companies to eliminate system silos, streamline end-to-end trial processes, and improve collaboration across sponsors, CROs, and clinical research sites. For more information, visit

Wessam Sonbol
Delve Health
+1 952-200-6228

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3rd Eye High Launches Female-Focused Subscription Service

Female-Owned Company Introduces CBD, Beauty and Wellness Box Service

NASHVILLE, TN, UNITED STATES, January 19, 2021 / — 3rd Eye High, a women-owned CBD, beauty and wellness subscription box company, is proud to launch subscription services. Each box, valued at over $175, is individually curated with seven cutting-edge products – both CBD and non-CBD – and designed to align with the seven chakras in the body. Subscribers will receive three subscription boxes per year and can choose between a $375 annual plan or a $35 monthly plan.

The 3rd Eye High concept was developed by four women who share a passion for the beauty, wellness and CBD industries, Tara Joseph, Mahja Sulemanjee, Gabby Mooney and Sydni Joseph. Every box features a unique, handpicked selection of brands and products in the CBD, wellness, beauty and lifestyle spaces. The 3rd Eye High team also plans to launch its own white label products within the next year.

“We are thrilled to provide this innovative, intuitive subscription service for women,” said Tara Joseph, CEO for 3rd Eye High. “Our thoughtfully created boxes will allow women to discover new products to improve their health and wellness, so that they look and feel their best.”

3rd Eye High works to blend the physical, mental and emotional well-being of women of all ages. The seven chakras in the human body are the main energy centers, and by unblocking each chakra, the mind and body become more closely aligned. Each 3rd Eye High subscription box will contain seven items that bring each of the chakras to life.

In addition to the subscription box service, 3rd Eye High will also offer subscribers unique virtual community events, starting in Nashville. Future engagements include informative health and wellness sessions, CBD cooking demonstrations and female-focused events. To subscribe to 3rd Eye High, visit


About 3rd Eye High:
Based in Nashville, 3rd Eye High is a women-owned subscription box company focusing on women’s health, wellness, beauty and lifestyle. 3rd Eye High works to better the physical, mental and emotional well-being of women of all ages. Each 3rd Eye High box is uniquely curated and includes seven unique and niche products. For more information, visit

Anna Proctor
BRND House
+1 615-722-3052
Visit us on social media:

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New Year Equals new Opportunities to Stay on top of Your Health

Men’s Health Network

Please consider publishing the following Men's Health Network press release entitled "New Year Equals New Opportunities To Stay On Top Of Your Health."

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, UNITED STATES, January 19, 2021 / — New Year Equals New Opportunities To Stay on Top Of Your Health

You know what they say: New Year equals a new me, right?

Well, despite the overwhelming feeling of relief by many that our calendars have flipped from 2020 to 2021, it is absolutely vital to both men and women to make a plan to stay on top of their health.

Some could read that last line and say to themselves: well, how can I go about doing that?

Glad you asked. First and foremost, it's good to keep a checklist to know what exactly you should get screened for. Thankfully, if you don't where to start, the Men's Health Network has got you covered.

Dr. Salvatore Giorgianni, Jr., a senior science advisor for Men’s Health Network, says it's very hard to make a one general recommendation on which ones to prioritize because the screenings need to be done based on the underlying physical condition of that particular person.

"For most guys – regardless of age or condition – they should have a yearly examination by a qualified healthcare provider. Then, based on what is found during the general physical recommendations for periodic self-monitoring and medical office monitoring will be made," Dr. Giorgianni said. "If any generalized condition is found, for example, high blood pressure or irregular heart beat, a combination of self-monitoring and periodic check-ups every 3-6 months may be warranted. Sometimes these check ups may need to be more frequent when starting a new treatment to see how the response is."

Of course, the 'typical' screenings such a blood pressure and physical examinations for both women and men are on there, this online resource is broken down for both women and men, ranging from PAP tests to prostate exams and everything in between.

MHN's checklist is broken down by gender and age group, starting from ages 20-39, 40-49, and 50-plus. According to Dr. Giorgianni, things change once you get older.

"For older guys, for example those over 60 or 65 years of age, even in general good health, a check-up every 6 months or so is a good idea as things tend to change more rapidly as we get older.," Dr. Giorgianni said.

After you download this handy checklist, talk to your health care provider and stay on top of your health for 2021 and beyond.

Get it checked.

Men's Health Network

Men's Health Network (MHN) is an international non-profit organization whose mission is to reach men, boys, and their families where they live, work, play, and pray with health awareness messages and tools, screening programs, educational materials, advocacy opportunities, and patient navigation. Learn more about MHN at and follow them on Twitter @MensHlthNetwork and Facebook at Consider donating to MHN at

Brandon Ross
Men's Health Network
+1 202-543-6461 ext. 101
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Hotelier Charlton Claxton Discusses Six Social Distancing Activities to Do with Friends

SAVANNAH, GA, UNITED STATES, January 19, 2021 / — If you’re anything like Georgia-based developer and hotelier, Charlton Claxton, you’ve been missing your friends during the coronavirus pandemic. In a time where staying at home is advised or even mandatory, everyone has been forced to look for more creative ways to bond with their friends. And thanks to technology, spending quality time with loved ones is only a few clicks away. So Claxton has come up with his list of six social distancing activities to help you beat FOMO while staying safe from COVID-19.

1. Create a virtual cooking challenge
Put on an apron, pick out a recipe, and get cooking! Challenge your closest friends to a virtual cooking competition and see who is the master chef of them all. While you won’t be able to actually taste test everyone’s dish, you can still judge the final result based on presentation, creativity, ingredients used, etc. Be sure to include a fun and desirable prize for the winner as incentive! Claxton suggests a gift card to a favorite restaurant, which could come in handy for his next activity…

2. Indulge in a luxury restaurant delivery service
Miss dining out with your foodie friends? Just because you’re not physically in the same room doesn’t mean you can’t share an experience together. The best restaurants all over the country are clamoring to join every food delivery service they can including DoorDash, Grubhub, Postmates, and Uber Eats. You’ve never seen so much thought and creativity put in takeaway meals before, and trying these special meals is an experience on its own. The only problem Claxton has is finding a restaurant that he and all of his friends agree on!

3. Organize a Netflix viewing party
Catch up on the best movies and latest series releases with your friends by adding the Netflix Party extension onto your browser. The extension allows you to stream shows with your friends simultaneously with the added chat feature on the browser that’ll help you stay connected throughout the show. Claxton enjoyed Tiger King and The Queen’s Gambit in 2020, so he’s looking forward to the next hottest Netflix show in 2021.

4. Learn a new skill or hobby with virtual classes
With all the extra time in our hands, now’s the perfect time to sign up for the online class you’ve been wanting to take. As an extra motivator, invite a few friends to join you in this new educational journey. With hundreds of thousands of online courses available online, you can choose more interest-based ones on topics such as art and wellness, or take this opportunity to add more career-related skills onto your resume by enrolling in educational courses that offer certification. For free activity classes, Claxton uses websites such as Brit + Co, and for more serious subjects, he goes to Lynda or edX for courses from world-renowned universities.

5. Get competitive playing online games
Your next happy hour Zoom call is about to get competitive. Invite your loved ones to play a few friendly matches of online bingo, uno, or trivia to jazz things up. Check out Jackbox Games for a variety of crazy-fun and unique party games like Quiplash (Claxton’s favorite), or sign up for for traditional games like checkers, chess, go fish, and more.

6. Break a sweat during online workout classes
Friends who workout together, stay together, right? If you’ve been feeling the impact of social isolation due to quarantine, exercise has been shown to help with feelings of anxiety and depression, making it one of the best de-stressing activities you can do. While many gyms are still closed, there are plenty of free workout videos available online. Claxton turns to the FREE work out platform, Fitness Blender, because of its solid, no-frills, gimmick-free workouts. The channel has roughly 600 to choose from, including a lower-body set done with resistance bands and a no-equipment-required, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) cardio workout.

Kathrine Cupp
+1 888-316-1479
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Hands and Feet PickaPath Hopscotch is the Best Party Game for Kids and Adults Since Hasbro's Twister

Woman playing hands and feet hopscotch

Woman playing hands and feet hopscotch

Woman playing hands and feet hopscotch

Pickapath game package

Pickapath game package

PickaPath Hopscotch is the new, fun, and deceivingly simple twist to the game of hopscotch. Get moving and challenge your family and friends.

SO MANY LAUGHS! Teenager approved! Oh my goodness, we played this on New Year's Eve with our two teenage boys, and we were ALL laughing and having a great time together.”

— Kayt H.

CAMP HILL, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, January 19, 2021 / — PickaPath has launched the new Hands and feet hopscotch game for kids and adults that crosses borders in ways the world needs right now. Players hop from one row of tiles to the next, matching your hands and feet to the correct patterns. Miss a step or fall and lose your turn. Rearrange the board, crisscross tiles, or even change their direction, making the game even more difficult. PickaPath has created a simple and fun game for parties, holidays, and family game nights.

Each row has three sets of tiles. You can set up any number of rows. Make it simple and easy for anyone to try by making the patterns simple and straightforward. Crisscross tiles making it increasingly difficult, giving anyone a challenge. Make it pure insanity and change tile direction!

Game Details
PickaPath Hopscotch comes with 24 soft foam tiles that include printed hands and feet. PickaPath Hopscotch is available at with an introductory price of $25.97. Players can join the club by signing up and receive a printable hopscotch kit for free.

Play is vital for child development and learning — especially for children with disabilities. As we grow older, we think play is less critical, but many argue the opposite. At PickaPath, we aspire to bridge the gap between parents and children and redefine how families spend time together through play. We encourage everyone to put down their phones and spend time face-to-face time together.

Lonnie and Leslie created PickaPath Hopscotch during COVID quarantine with the hope of paying off their significant amount of student loan debt. Their looming burden and desire to be good parents inspired them to create kids' games that encourage less screen time. They hope it will encourage families to increase and improve quality time together. With a pending patent, they're excited to bring PickaPath Hopscotch and more to the world!

Lonnie Petersheim
+1 8482430932
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My Future Purpose Presents Naomi Boak an Unemployed Emmy Award Filmmaker Gets New Purpose as Alaskan Media Park Ranger

Our purpose is to inspire yours

Brown Bears Katmai National Park

Naomi Boak Emmy Award Filmmaker Becomes a Media Park Ranger in Katmai National Park Alaska

Katmai National Park Social Media Campaign Vote for the Fattest Bear — Fat Bear Week

Moving from New York City to Katmai National Park in Alaska after losing my husband and my job as a filmmaker helped me heal among the brown bears and nature

How in the world does a prime-time Emmy award winning film producer living in New York City end up in Alaska as a Media Park Ranger? Unemployed and over 50 Naomi Boak Discovers a New Purpose”

— Vicki Thomas, Chief Purpose Officer My Future Purpose

WESTON, CONNECTICUT, US, January 19, 2021 / — Have you experienced losses in life that cause you to become depressed? Loss of job when you are over 50 and less desirable to employers? Loss of a loved one? How do you pick yourself up and find a new purpose that brings you peace and joy?

My Future Purpose ( weekly featured guest on Wednesday, January 20th at 4:00 PM (EST) is Naomi Boak. She is a primetime Emmy Award winning filmmaker from New York City who experienced two major losses within the same year.

Boak lost her husband of twenty years. She was over 50 and also lost her job as a filmmaker. She, like many, applied for positions where she was well qualified and also applied for jobs below her skill sets. She was runner up many times, but never offered the position. As a result, she became ill and depressed.

Boak started watching live cam videos about brown bears on whose livestreams include wild brown bears in Katmai National Park from her apartment in New York City. “I loved watching them catch salmon by the falls. I learned about their lives and antics. The bears made me laugh and they made me cry with their losses,” said Boak. “I became inspired by their resilience.”

Boak found a new passion for brown bears that provided her with a new purpose in life as a media Park Ranger in Brooks Camp at Katmai National Park Alaska. It has the world’s largest protected brown bear population. There are no roads, no stores and the mode of transportation are your two feet. Getting there requires a float plane or a boat.

Vicki Thomas, Chief Purpose Officer for My Future Purpose asks “How in the world does a prime-time Emmy award winning film producer living in New York City end up in Alaska as a Media Park Ranger?”

Boak saw a job posting on Facebook looking for media park rangers. She filled out the federal paperwork and got the job. In that capacity she hosted live educational broadcasts for the 9 million people who watch the bear cams from around the world. She worked on the very successful Fat Bear Week social media campaign that reached 3 million viewers in one week with posts for votes on Facebook. The Fat Bear Week social media campaign captured the attention of media outlets throughout the world.

Does the job of a media park ranger pay well? For Boak it was a big financial step down. It is also seasonal work for four to six months. Boak says, “working in Brooks Park at the Katmai National Park fed my soul. It helped me heal from my personal losses. I loved being with the bears and with the peace of the wilderness.”

If you are over 50 and lost your job or a loved one sometimes you must pivot to find a new purpose and follow your passion.

Join My Future Purpose on Wednesday, January 20th at 4:00 PM (EST) to learn more from Naomi Boak about finding work and finding purpose. Register:

My Future Purpose is a multi-faceted membership organization founded by Joyce Cohen and Vicki Thomas who are committed to the growing Purpose Movement. My Future Purpose helps individuals, professionals and organizations harness the power of purpose by providing weekly speakers, quarterly workshops, virtual retreats and collaborative initiatives to guide participants to discover their purpose. Vicki Thomas and Joyce Cohen host a weekly Wednesday afternoon 4:00 PM (EST) virtual online discussion featuring special guests who share inspiring stories of fulfilling personal purpose. To join and to learn more see Our purpose is to inspire yours

Vicki Thomas
My Future Purpose
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Author James LaVeck to Host Virtual Release Party for “Life After Losses: A Memoir of Love, Loss and Life”

 Life After Losses: A Memoir of Love, Loss and Life

Life After Losses: A Memoir of Love, Loss and Life

Author James LaVeck

Author James LaVeck

The launch party will be hosted on Zoom on January 24th, 2021 at 8pm EST.

I am looking forward to sharing my experience and strategies with others who are suffering from losses to live a happier and more fulfilling life. ”

— James LaVeck

LUNENBURG, MA, USA, January 19, 2021 / — Author James LaVeck is announcing an upcoming virtual release party for his soon-to-be-released book, Life After Losses: A Memoir of Love, Loss and Life on January 24th, 2021 at 8pm EST.

James LaVeck is an author from New England whose mission is to inspire others through his beautiful and inspirational writing. As an author, LaVeck’s goal is to share his story of grief and recovery with those who are experiencing the devastating impact and effects of loss.

In his most recent news, LaVeck announced the upcoming release of his brand-new and heart-wrenching book, Life After Losses: A Memoir of Love, Loss and Life, which is to become available on January 26th, 2021. The book is an emotional account of LaVeck’s personal journey after the loss of not only his first husband, but also his second husband, both named Bob. LaVeck wrote Life After Losses once he was ready to share his pain and experience with the world and hopes it will inspire others to find the courage, strength, and inspiration to move forward.

To celebrate the release of Life After Losses, LaVeck is inviting interested parties to pre-register for his official virtual release party. The launch party is to be held over Zoom on Sunday, January 24th, 2021 at 8pm EST and will include an hour of Q&A getting to know LaVeck and the rest of the group. LaVeck will also be giving away a few signed copies of the book along with a special announcement.

“I couldn’t be more excited about the virtual release party for Life After Losses,” says author James LaVeck. “It has taken me 20 years to get to this point and I am looking forward to sharing my experience and strategies with others who are suffering from losses to live a happier and more fulfilling life. I encourage anyone who has experienced loss to pre-register for this potentially life-changing event through my website. Spaces are limited.”

For more information about author James LaVeck, to pre-register for his virtual launch party, please visit

About Author James LaVeck

James LaVeck is an author and father from Lunenburg, MA who lives with his two teenagers and dogs. Prior to becoming an author, LaVeck spent a significant amount of time paying it forward through fostering children, working with the local PTO, participating on the board for the Boys and Girls Club of Lunenburg, acting as vice-chair of the Lunenburg School Committee, and more. LaVeck found that through giving to others, this helped him to fill what was missing in his life and find a higher purpose.
LaVeck is also a huge supporter of the Arts, performing in the role of Board Member and Founder for the Del Shores Foundation, Inc, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization which aims to find and facilitate the development of new southern queer artistic voices.

James LaVeck
+1 978-502-8618
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ACS Athens Virtual School

ACS Athens

The American Community Schools of Athens (ACS Athens) was at the forefront of educational methodology when the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

Empowering Individuals to Transform the World as Architects of their Own Learning”

— American Community Schools of Athens, Greece

CHALANDRI, ATHENS, GREECE, January 19, 2021 / — The American Community Schools of Athens (ACS Athens) was at the forefront of educational methodology when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. A school comprised of faculty, students and administrators, well prepared to deliver curriculum on line, due in part to the schools foresight in the past six years. ACS Athens, trained faculty and students in on-line teaching methodology through the I2Flex model ( I2flex; independent, inquirers who are flexible in learning). Under the leadership of the President, Dr. Peggy Pelonis, the well-designed synchronous and asynchronous sessions, via the Moodle educational platform, allowed faculty to pivot their teaching overnight, in order to be prepared and predict the new normal during the pandemic. Student’s learning continued without missing any portion of the curriculum, because students were already armed with 21st century skills; technology, communication and independent project and problem solving skills.

Dr.Pelonis is a firm believer that transformative educational institutions are catalysts for change in the educational trajectory in the community they serve, as well as the nation, region, and the world. This type of transformation goes beyond the changes often required with the implementation of new programs or new curriculum, teaching methodology, or with the coming of new administrators: it underscores change in the nucleus of the institution, where every unit (individual) adopts and integrates the change, transforming the very core of the institution.

Via a Middle States Association for Colleges and Schools accreditation process, using the highest protocol called “Sustaining Excellence”, ACS Athens has implemented and institutionalized a process whereby professional development involves the engagement of faculty across the school in Action Research. Faculty identify an area of inquiry related to their practice, and then are guided through the process of conducting Action Research by first researching ‘best practices’ in their area of inquiry. Conclusions of such inquiry are followed by the implementation of a new way of instruction; implementing new methodology or revising an old way of doing things. Data is collected, feedback is provided by peers and administrators and conclusions are made about the efficacy of the revised and researched practices. This process ensures reflective practitioners who continuously update, revise and perfect their craft. During the onset of COVID0-19 pandemic, ACS Athens faculty became even more inquisitive about online learning, thus leading as pioneers in the education world new normal.

Press Release Desk
Success Plan Media
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