The Metropolitan Museum of Art Rejoices in the Timeless Magic and Everlasting Elegance of Erté the father of Art Deco

Erté, The Nile, 1982, hand-signed serigraph

Erté, Flapper, serigraph

Classic Images, including many from the collection of Martin Lawrence Galleries, inspire jeweled collectibles as the Met celebrates its 150th Anniversary


— Erté

NEW YORK CITY, NY, 10162, January 20, 2020 / — The worlds of jewelry and fine art often overlap and complement each other. And that is exactly the case with Erté (birth name Romaine di Tirtoff), the father of Art Deco, whose long and celebrated career included accoladed turns as both a set and fashion designer.

Today, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, perhaps the most prestigious fine art museum in the world, announced that it will be offering a collection of Erté inspired jewelry for sale in its gift shop.

The Met first embraced Erté back in 1967, when it acquired an extraordinary total of 170 works, which it has proudly held ever since as an important part of its permanent collection. This newest group of Erté inspired collectibles will be available at The Met Store and online starting January 21, 2020, comprised of jewelry, scarves, home goods, stationery, handbags, and accessories.

This is not the first time the Met has recognized Erté. The Museum hosted an exhibition of his works in 1968 upon acquisition, and again a couple of years ago. In addition, Erté was honored at the Hermitage, in the artist’s hometown of St Petersburg, Russia, with a grand exhibition two years ago. Martin Lawrence lent and donated extensively to that glorious event.

Among the pieces included in the Met’s jewelry collection are a statement necklace and drop earrings inspired by an Erté original openwork fan design for Zizi Jeanmaire, a French ballet dancer who was also the artist’s great friend. Also, of note, in the jewelry suite is an 18k gold-plated pin inspired by the artist's costume design created for the opening curtain of the 1927 New York show Manhattan Mary.

The iconic flapper's dress is a cobweb of black beads and revealing red silk, accented with a spider motif. The limited-edition serigraph (650) is available from Martin Lawrence Galleries is stamped with the Erté estate's approved signature and framed in archival materials.

Other key highlights, in the collection, are a fully beaded clutch and 100% silk scarf, both inspired by the artist's Egyptian Art Deco work, "The Nile.", inspired by a hand-signed serigraph from the collection of Martin Lawrence Galleries.

Chalk & Vermilion Fine Arts, MLG’s parent company, began publishing Erté’s limited edition graphics in 1982. The printing methods utilized a bar set and remain an industry standard for superior serigraph printmaking. The combination of industrial foil stamping, to produce metallic effects, and artist-embossed heavy metal plates achieved an artistic level that has never been matched or surpassed.

In addition to the Met's collections, Erté’s works can be found in the collections of several well-known museums, including the Louvre, Museum of Art, the Victoria and Albert Museum, and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA).

About Martin Lawrence Galleries:
Martin Lawrence Galleries has proudly presented over 1600 exhibitions and private auctions in the past decades and enjoys the distinction of having loaned 250 artworks by 16 different artists to 32 world-renowned museums and public institutions all over the globe. Most recently this includes Erté's L'Arc En Ciel to the Hermitage Museum for their celebratory retrospective-Erté: Master of Art Deco; Magritte's Les Grands Rendezvous to Centre Pompidou's René Magritte La Trahison Des Images: Muniz's Guernica to the High Museum of Art's major Muniz retrospective; Warhol's Little Electric Chairs, 1964 to Musee d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris's Warhol Unlimited exhibition and David Hockney's Outpost Drive to the Tate Britain/Centre Pompidou/Metropolitan Museum of Art's most extensive retrospective of Hockney's work to date.

Katia Graytok
Martin Lawrence Galleries
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Prominent artists at the vernissage of the exhibition of MAMAG Modern Art Museum

Artists Tanja Playner and Monica Jimeno

Tanja Playner near artwork “Worldcommunication”

Curator Heinz Playner presents art of Jeannette Canale

AUSTRIA, January 20, 2020 / — Visitors of the vernissage of the exhibition "Art trip from Picasso to the present day", organized by MAMAG Modern Art Museum and MOCAMAG Museum in castle Hubertendorf, showed great interest.

In addition to the works of Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Mel Ramos, the works of art by contemporary artists can also be seen.

Well-known artists were present in person on January 18. Artist Monica Jimeno, who was born in Spain like Picasso, showed her expressive works of art from the series "my trip from impressionism to modernism". Jackson Pollock, Andy Warhol but also Henri Matisse influenced Monica Jimeno in her art. In Spain, some celebrities like footballer Alvaro Negredo, Roberto Soldado or actor Sebastian Rulli have portraits painted by Monica Jimeno. Now her works can also be seen in Austria in the exhibition of the MAMAG Modern Art Museum.

The well-known pop artist Tanja Playner also spoke about her works and the topics that are currently on her mind.
"I am shaken by the circumstances in Australia. It has moved me to say a few words as an artist in the form of a work of art. It is important to keep a balance between human activities and nature. We are all children of this planet, whether Animals or people. That's why I painted two mothers: a pregnant woman and a koala with her baby. The title of the artwork is "Mothers and children of this planet". Tanja Playner is also very intensely concerned with social media. "The Theme Hate in the Network affects a lot today. With my new work of art "World Communication" I am trying to point out to people that it is important to convert the negative into the positive on the net and to spread love instead of hate. "- says Tanja Playner. Consumer products also came into play again in the new works by Tanja Playner. The native Russian serves caviar as a delicacy of life in an artwork: "For me, every egg in the caviar is an experience, an feeling, a moment of life. This also influences the taste, in this sense also the attitude towards life. If we store a lot of positive moments in ourselves, it will taste like caviar and if we only see the negative, it will just be disgusting. It is the same in life "- says the pop art artist.

In addition to Banksy, Tanja Playner is one of the few living artists who have shown their art at the Musee du Louvre Paris and who were present with their performance during the La Biennale in Venezia 2019. Her works of art have been shown alongside numerous exhibitions in Miami, New York, Los Angeles, Oxford, Dubai and Tokyo at the Biennale in Cannes and Basel. Ernst Piech also owns art by Tanja Playner and dedicated a large solo exhibition in his museum in 2016.

For the first time in Austria are works of art by Colombian-born and Australia lived artist Sergio Arcos, such as Armen Sarvazyan from the USA, Jeannette Canale from Chile, Sinikka Elfving from Norway, Yitzhak Weissman from Israel. The exhibition also features sculptures by the artist Pari Ravan, who was born in Iran and lives in southern France.

more info:

Heinz Playner
MAMAG Modern Art Museum and Gallery GmbH
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Dr Sean Clark Joins Nuzuna Zone Fitness® Chiropractic Practice

Nuzuna Fitness logo

Nuzuna Fitness

Dr. Sean Clark, Joins Nuzuna Zone Fitness

Dr. Sean Clark, Joins Nuzuna Zone Fitness

Nuzuna Zone Fitness Added Renowned Chiropractor Dr. Sean Clark From Newport Beach

I am very excited to join Nuzuna to be a part of not only the revolutionary technology that will change overall fitness, but also the medical applications of electrical stimulation”

— Dr. Clark

NEWPORT BEACH, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, January 20, 2020 / — Nuzuna Zone Fitness® chief operating officer Aileen Pham announced this week that Dr. Sean Clark is joining to help expand Nuzuna’s chiropractic practice. Dr. Clark’s practice and Newport Beach fitness facility will add the Nuzuna System to its offerings.

This comes less than a week after Nuzuna announced that it was acquiring physical therapy practice, Integrated Care and that its founder, Sam Strayer, was joining the Nuzuna Zone Fitness team as Vice President of Physical Therapy.

Strayer says that he expects that Dr. Clark will be just the first of many top professionals to join Nuzuna Zone Fitness. “The applications for electro muscular stimulation in chiropractic care and physical therapy are really game changing.”

This is another milestone in Nuzuna Zone Fitness’s rapid expansion plan. Since being founded by Charles Laverty in 2018, the company has acquired or begun development on 22 locations in Southern California, Florida, New York and Iowa, added a world class leadership team and board of directors, launched a beauty and wellness products line, added physical therapy and world-class personal trainers and launched a growing government and corporate wellness practice.

Dr. Clark began his career by first completing 350 hours in soft tissue and myofascial release and reflexology. He then completed pre-grad work at Orange Coast College to begin chiropractic college. He earned his Doctorate in Chiropractic degree at Southern California University of Health Sciences.

Immediately after graduation he acquired the firm that he renamed Premier Fitness and began private practice in Newport Beach. Dr. Clark is the co-owner of Newport Crest Surgical/ Medical and the Owner of Premier Health Chiropractic. With over 15 years’ experience as the owner of both a fitness center and medical facility, and with successful practices as a doctor, personal trainer and life coach, Dr. Clark brings to Nuzuna a perfect blend of skills to help fuel Nuzuna’s expansion.

Laverty’s vision is for Nuzuna Zone Fitness has made the firm a comprehensive fitness and wellness provider where its EMS technology can offer enhanced fitness, personal training, chiropractic services, physical therapy and beauty and wellness products and treatments.

According to Laverty “Fitness, wellness and beauty products, personal training and physical therapy are each multi-billion-dollar markets and nobody combines all of them with the benefits of EMS technology.” Laverty adds that “Our company moto is Nuzuna-where technology meets fitness & wellness with positive outcomes. Dr. Clark is a perfect fit for us.”

Dr. Clark celebrated the move to Nuzuna noting that “I am very excited to join Nuzuna to be a part of not only the revolutionary technology that will change overall fitness, but also the medical applications of electrical stimulation when applied to pre and post rehabilitation patients utilizing the suit.”

The Nuzuna System include the optional use of the Nuzuna Zone Fitness electro muscular stimulation (EMS) suit. The suits increase muscular stimulation in the wearer, and this offers a range of benefits. The EMS suits are wireless, waterproof and offer full range of motion. EMS suits increase muscular stimulation in the wearer and provide the same muscular stimulation in 20 minutes as occurs over a two to three-hour workout without the suit.

Nuzuna Zone Fitness EMS suits are already used in physical therapy and in diverse exercise programs including resistance training, yoga, running, calisthenics and spin classes, among others. Nuzuna’s EMS suits have even been used in outdoor activities including beach yoga.

Gwen Nguyen
Nuzuna Zone Fitness
+1 949-432-4824
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Nuzuna Fitness featured on KTLA 5

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Global Home Theatre Systems Market BY Segmentation Types HTIB, Sound Bar And Component System offers a latest report "Home Theatre Systems Global Market Report 2020" from its research database.

The global home theatre systems market was worth $ 15.04 billion in 2019. It is expected to grow at a rate of about 19% and reach $29.74 billion by 2023.”

— Abdul Wasay

LONDON, GREATER LONDON, UK, January 20, 2020 / — The global home theatre systems market is expected to grow at a rate of about 19% and reach $29.74 billion by 2023. Increased earnings greatly increased disposable incomes in emerging markets, increasing the demand for home theatre systems market. However, with increasing smartphone and internet penetration, and advances in social media and digital technologies, consumers shifted from traditional television to new forms of entertainment such as online audio and video streaming services on mobile phones.

The home theatre systems market consists of sales of home theatre systems. A home theater system consists of a large television with video components and a digital surrounding audio system that set up at home. It gives a similar experience as watching a movie at small multiplex cinema screens.

Request For A Free Sample For The Global Home Theatre Systems Market Report:

The global home theatre systems market is further segmented based on type and geography.

By Type – The home theatre systems market is segmented into home theatre in a box system (HTIB), sound bar, component system.

By Geography – The global home theatre systems is segmented into North America, South America, Asia-Pacific, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Middle East and Africa. Among these regions, the Asia-Pacific home theatre systems market accounts for the largest share in the global home theatre systems market, with 60% of the market.

Trends In The Home Theatre Systems Market
Increasing adaption of cloud services is becoming popular in the home theater systems market. Cloud technology legally allows customers to watch videos and music online. Video streaming platforms are adapting cloud technologies to provide better viewing experiences.

Potential Opportunities In The Home Theatre Systems Industry
With increasing urban population, strong economic growth, and rising disposable income in emerging markets, the scope and potential for the global home theatre systems market is expected to significantly rise in the forecast period.
Major players in the market are Bose Corporation, LG Electronics Inc, Panasonic Corporation, Sony Corporation, Samsung Group, Bowers & Wilkins, Atlantic Technology, Definitive Technology, GoldenEar Technology, and Yamaha Corporation.
Home Theatre Systems Global Market Report 2020 is one of a series of new reports from The Business Research Company that provides home theatre systems market overviews, analyzes and forecasts home theatre systems market size and growth for the global home theatre systems market, home theatre systems market share, home theatre systems market players, home theatre systems market size, home theatre systems market segments and geographies, home theatre systems market trends, home theatre systems market drivers and home theatre systems market restraints, home theatre systems market’s leading competitors’ revenues, profiles and market shares. The home theatre systems market report identifies top countries and segments for opportunities and strategies based on market trends and leading competitors’ approaches.

Where To Learn More
Read Home Theatre Systems Global Market Report 2020 from The Business Research Company for information on the following:

Markets Covered: global home theater systems market

Data Segmentations: home theater systems market size, global and by country; historic and forecast size, and growth rates for the world, 7 regions and 12 countries

Home Theatre Systems Market Organizations Covered: Bose Corporation, LG Electronics Inc, Panasonic Corporation, Sony Corporation, Samsung Group, Bowers & Wilkins, Atlantic Technology, Definitive Technology, GoldenEar Technology, and Yamaha Corporation

Regions: Asia-Pacific, China, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, North America, USA, South America, Middle East and Africa.

Time Series: Five years historic (2015-19) and forecast (2019-23).

Other Information And Analyses: PESTEL analysis, home theatre systems market customer information, home theatre systems market product/service analysis – product examples, home theatre systems market trends and opportunities, drivers and restraints, key mergers and acquisitions, key metrics covered: number of enterprises, number of employees, global home theatre systems market in 2020 – countries offering most new opportunities

Sourcing and Referencing: Data and analysis throughout the report are sourced using end notes.

Strategies For Participants In The Home Theatre Systems Industry: The report explains a number of strategies for companies in the home theatre systems market, based on industry trends and company analysis.

Opportunities For Companies In The Home Theatre Systems Sector: The report reveals where the global home theatre systems industry will put on most $ sales up to 2023.

Place a PURCHASE Order of Complete Report @

Interested to know more about The Business Research Company?

The Business Research Company has published over 1000 industry reports, covering over 2500 market segments and 60 geographies. The reports draw on 150,000 datasets, extensive secondary research, and exclusive insights from interviews with industry leaders. Here is a list of reports from The Business Research Company similar to Home Theatre Systems Global Market Report 2020:

Audio And Video Equipment Market By Type Of Product (Video Equipment And Audio Equipment), Opportunities And Strategies– Global Forecast To 2022

Communication And Energy Wire And Cable Global Market Report 2020 @

Electrical Equipment Manufacturing Global Market Report 2020 @

Oliver Guirdham
The Business Research Company
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Modern Day Slavery: You can celebrate Martin Luther King day by helping to end modern day slavery

Prevent Modern Day Slavery with our Fight Like a Girl Free Class

Register for Fight Like a Girl to protect your Girls in Orlando & Miami

Modern Day Slavery can be stopped

Rescue , Rehabilitate and Reintegrate survivors of Human Trafficking

Free our Modern Day slaves

Free our Modern Day Slaves

40% of human trafficking victims are African-American

Last year the coalition team saved 194 women and children. This year we are running three free preventative initiatives called Fight like a girl Fight in the local communities in Orlando and Miami.”

— Sharmila (Sam) Wijeyakumar

BARRINGTON, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, January 20, 2020 / — Each year about 55% of the children arrested on prostitution charges are African-American. Human Trafficking is an issue that affects everyone, but primarily minorities. Rahab's Daughters, a non-profit, is focused on rescuing, rehabilitating, and reintegrating human trafficking victims back into society. Currently, about 40% of Rahab's Daughter's rescues in the rehabilitation program are African-American.

Martin Luther King, Jr. is quoted for saying, "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere" There is an injustice happening in every area throughout the United States. Part of Rahab's Daughter's mission is to bring awareness to the issue of human trafficking. Human Trafficking is a global issue. However, according to Polaris (who operates the National Human Trafficking Hotline number), over 10,000 cases were called in. Those calls involved over 23,000 potential human trafficking victims.

This month is National Human Trafficking Awareness Month. At the end of the month, Rahab's Daughters will be taking a team of 17 volunteers to Orlando, FL. and Miami, FL. to rescue over 150 victims of human trafficking. They will also have over 200 volunteers from partner organizations like the Convergence Resource Center and the Village of Bartlett Church running call centers to support the work in the field. On this MLK day, Rahab's Daughters is asking for individuals to provide support to the fight against modern slavery. Individuals can make donations to Rahab's Daughters that will go directly to the survivors and volunteers of the programming offered by Rahab's Daughters.

Sharmila (Sam) Wijeyakumar chairwoman of the board of Rahab’s Daughters says “I can’t wait to meet up with the interfaith coalition team in Miami so we can really make a dent over the coming weeks. Last year the coalition team saved 194 women and children and we hope to make an impact this year too. We are running three free preventative initiatives called Fight like a girl Fight for a girl in the local communities in Orlando and Miami.”

About Rahab's Daughters: Rahab's Daughters was founded in 2013 by Sharmila (Sam) Wijeyakumar, a survivor of human trafficking. Rahab's Daughters became a 501(c)3 in 2015 and has been working to rescue human trafficking victims throughout the U.S. Rahab's Daughters also provides prevention and awareness programs throughout the Chicagoland area as well as in Indiana, Florida, New York, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Georgia, Texas, and California.

To register as a volunteer attend a preventative session or make a donation, please email or visit For more information on what human trafficking looks like please visit

To report any suspicion of human trafficking, report it to the National Hotline Number: 1 (888) 373-7888 or text "Be Free" to 233733. If you know of anyone who needs help, please call Rahab's Daughters at 1-833-463-9329 ( 1-833-4NEW-DAY)

Jordan Rogan
Rahab's Daughters
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The types of things we do at superbowl.

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New Indie Documentary Serves The Real Scoop On Texas Mexican Food.

Film crew taping visual artist, Celeste De Luna, with author Adán Medrano in a scene from new indie documentary, "Texas Mexican Food Stories."

Film crew taping visual artist, Celeste De Luna, in Harlingen, Texas, with author Adán Medrano in a scene from new indie documentary, “Texas Mexican Food Stories.”

Rosalia Vargas demonstrates using a metate, ancient mortar. She is a member of the Tap Pilam, Native American community.

“Texas Mexican Food Stories” shoot in San Antonio, Texas. Rosalia Vargas demonstrates how to use the metate, a traditional mortar. She is a member of the Tap Pilam, Native American community.

Texas Mexican food is not from across the border. New Latinx-produced documentary showcases indigenous Mexican American women cooking Native food.

What you eat tells who you are”

— Adán Medrano

HOUSTON, TEXAS , USA, January 20, 2020 / — "Texas Mexican Food Stories" is a 75-minute documentary feature film that was shot totally in Texas and is in the final editing stage. "It's not a cooking show," says Adán Medrano, executive producer and author of two books about the history and the recipes of indigenous Texas Mexican cooking. "It's a road movie of discovery," Medrano continues, saying that the major voices in the film are of Mexican American women home cooks and restaurateurs. He says that they've been the leaders in developing and sustaining culinary traditions.

The producer of the documentary feature is Virginia Díaz, a Houston-based filmmaker who is originally from San Antonio and who grew up with this food. With location manager credits in feature films like "Selena" and "Rushmore," Díaz brings a strong vision to the production. She explains that the role of women has been erased from textbooks, newspapers, magazines and media in general. However, history tells us that "comida casera," home cooking of Mexican American women, holds the culinary tradition that begins 15,000 years ago when indigenous people first stepped on Texas soil, she says.

Although the film is under wraps during this final editing phase, Medrano will screen a five-minute sneak preview at the Texas Historical Commission's annual conference in Austin on January 29. Medrano is the opening night keynote speaker at the conference. "Our story is a universal story," says Medrano, explaining that it's all about the idea that "what you eat tells who you are."

The director of the film is Anibal Capoano from Uruguay whose most recent documentary, "Caballitos De Lata/Tin Horses," premiered in Houston four years ago. The production team is a Texas-Latin America collaboration. Capoano says that the Texas Mexican food story is one that resonates with indigenous communities across the Latin American continent. The director of photography is award-winning cinematographer, Gabriel Bendahan, also from Uruguay.

The production team shot 22 hours of footage in Texas cities including Houston, San Antonio, Corpus Christi, Harlingen, McAllen and aboard a small boat on the waters of the Rio Grande.

Díaz says that the film engages cooks, scholars, artists and activists as each tells how food shapes who they are. Foregrounding the leadership of Mexican American women, the scenes of cooking, baking, singing, feasting and barbecuing, all show that food is key in the formation of identity and the strengthening of community.

The film has received production funds from The Idea Fund, a program of The Andy Warhol Foundation for Visual Arts, and from the National Association of Latino Arts and Cultures (NALAC).

A film "Go Fund Me" campaign has been created to bring in wide grassroots support for the final edit and for distribution directly to universities, colleges and community centers.


Adan Medrano
JM Communications
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SUAOKI, one of the best portable power supply brand, releases the Japanese official website

SUAOKI, one of the best portable power supply brand

SUAOKI, one of the best portable power supply brand

SUAOKI Japanese official website

SUAOKI Japanese official website

SUAOKI G1000 Power Station

SUAOKI G1000 Power Station

SUAOKI, a brand of Portable and Safe Energy Storage Power Sources. Now the SUAOKI Japan official website is released.

TOKYO, JAPAN, January 20, 2020 / — SUAOKI, a famous brand of Portable and Safe Energy Storage Power Sources. Now the SUAOKI Japan official website is released.

The SUAOKI Japan official website is launch on January 19, 2020.

Website Link:

SUAOKI provides corresponding products for charging in various situations: outdoor camping/van life/tailgating, household appliance, business office, all of which support multiple ways of charging including home power charging, solar charging, car charging as well as a variety of output interfaces such as AC, DC, car charger, USB, USB QC3.0, Type-C PD, UPS. They are also available in different capacities to meet the needs and preferences of different groups.

Founded in 2015, SUAOKI has had astonishing growth in the Japanese, European and American markets. Up to now, SUAOKI has deeply cultivated the Amazon Japan, Rakuten, and Yahoo online shopping site. We have a deeper understanding of Japanese consumer needs. With the release of the Japanese official website, the brand image of "SUAOKI" has been further deepened. Combining multiple third-party shopping platforms and official social platforms will provide SUAOKI customers with more convenience, both before and after purchase.

The official website displays detailed information about all products, making it easier for consumers to understand and choose.
It also has a shopping function to buy products directly. You can find your favorite products and buy them directly.
In the future, we plan to enhance our knowledge of outdoor/camping/disaster prevention on the official website and organize more brand events and feedback activities. The official website will be the main promotion site for the SUAOKI brand.


The SUAOKI brand was launched in 2015. In addition to large-capacity portable power supplies, we are also engaged in the planning, production, and sales of solar power equipment (solar panel chargers), auto parts and outdoor products. Large-capacity portable power supplies S270, G500, and the latest product G1000 is widely welcomed in Japan, Europe, and the United States.

We always strictly control the manufacturing process and make every effort to ensure product quality. SUAOKI's goal is to provide more cost-effective products and to help everyone with outdoor activities and disaster prevention.

Official Website:
Official Facebook:
Official Twitter:

[Inquiry about this news]
Email Address:

Bruce Li
+86 135 6030 2295
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Jay Bansal Partners with Ashford Communities to Bring Affordable Multi-Family Properties to Phoenix

Jay Ankur Bansal

PHOENIX, AZ, UNITED STATES, January 20, 2020 / — Local Phoenix Businessman, Jay Ankur Bansal, has made a name for himself over the past few years. This former attorney has an impressive business portfolio that includes a medical-legal funding business, owning gas station convenience stores, medical software companies, and hotel and apartment projects.

Since he already had an extensive real estate portfolio, Jay Ankur Bansal decided to take it to the next level. Jay Ankur Bansal partnered with Ashford Communities. Ashford Communities has been a leader in multi-family properties for many years. With this partnership, both parties will work together to work on locating apartment properties in the Phoenix area. The goal is to bring quality property management to affordable multi-family properties in Phoenix.

Aside from bringing affordable multi-family properties to Phoenix, Jay A. Bansal and Ashford Communities have plans to make it a multi-city project. Ashford Communities just announced their plans to expand to Austin. “They just closed on the purchase of two complexes in Austin, Texas and I am proud to be an investor in both locations,” Jay said.

Longbranch, one of the complexes they acquired, is located in North Austin in the North Lamar area. The Longbranch property offers 104 units that expand over seven apartment buildings. Each unit has an average square footage of 673. The amenities include a large deck with furniture and grills, swimming pool, sports court, spa, fitness room, playground, picnic area, dog park, and dog washing station.

Creekwood Village is the other property purchased by Ashford Communities, and it’s located in Northeast Austin in the Coronado Hills neighborhood. The Creekwood Village complex offers 96 units in 6 apartment buildings, with the average unit size of 703 square feet. Some of the amenities include swimming pool, spa, fitness center, large deck with furniture and electric smokers, dog area, and gated access.

It’s safe to assume this partnership will bring a lot of benefits for the Phoenix and Austin communities. Ashford communities stand for pride, connection, care, and belonging, which resonated with Jay’s philosophy.

Jay Ankur Bansal grew up in the Phoenix area and is an active member of the community, donating and sitting on the board of worthy organizations. He admits he couldn’t do it all without his wife of 25 years, Rajani Bansal.

Caroline Hunter
Web Presence, LLC
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Darcy Bergen Explains A Few Things People Don’t Know About Social Security

PEORIA, AZ, UNITED STATES, January 20, 2020 / — As the owner of Bergen Financial Group, Darcy Bergen has been a financial advisor for over twenty years. Darcy Bergen advises his clients on retirement and other financial concerns. Although many of his clients are those approaching retirement age, he likes to offer advice for Americans in all stages of life. For starters, there are a lot of misconceptions regarding Social Security benefits Darcy Bergen wants Americans to be aware of.

People Can Use Social Security for More Than Retirement Benefits
Darcy Bergen explains a lot of people don’t know that they can take advantage of social security benefits for more than just retirement benefits. Social Security beneficiaries can use them as disability benefits, surviving spouses, Medicare, and benefits to the family of deceased workers.

Learn About the Payout Rules
Before people decide to take out their Social Security benefits, they should know about the payout schedule. For example, if they request their February payment, they will receive it in March. Darcy Bergen advises his clients to keep this in mind if they’re relying on the payments.

The Social Security Administration Reviews Benefits
The SSA administration performs a yearly review of all the benefits and calculates the amount beneficiaries receive as needed. The longer the beneficiary works, the more money they will receive.

Social Security Beneficiaries Can Work While Receiving Benefits
According to Darcy Bergen, many people are not aware they can receive social security benefits and keep working. Many people choose to continue working while they receive their Social Security benefits until they reach full retirement age. While they continue to receive the benefits and work, the SSA will reduce their benefits if their earnings reach the limit. For example, they could be reduced $1 for every $2 they earn. Darcy Bergen mentions once the person reaches full retirement age, they will receive the total amount even if they keep working and go over the limit.

The Benefits are Based on 35 Years of Earned Income
To calculate the Social Security benefits, the SSA uses 35 years of income as a base. Before qualifying for the benefit, people should work for a minimum of forty quarters, or ten years. If a person goes through a period when they don’t earn any income, it could throw off their average. When someone hasn’t yet hit thirty-five years of work, Darcy Bergen recommends they work for a few more years to increase their potential benefits.

Beneficiaries Will Have to Pay Taxes
Darcy Bergen mentions a lot of people are not aware they have to pay taxes on their Social Security benefits. Those who will rely on their Social Security benefits as their sole form of income should be aware of this fact.

For more of Darcy Bergen’s tips on Social Security and retirement benefits, check out

Caroline Hunter
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Harbortouch Named Top Performer in the Winter 2020 Point of Sale Software (POS) Customer Success Report

ALLENTOWN, PA, UNITED STATES, January 20, 2020 / — Harbortouch has been named a Top Performer in the Point of Sale Software (POS) category for the Winter 2020 Customer Success Report published by FeaturedCustomers. FeaturedCustomers is the leading customer success content marketing platform for B2B business software & services helping potential B2B buyers make informed purchasing decisions through vendor validated customer success content such as customer testimonials, success stories, case studies, and customer videos.

FeaturedCustomers evaluated all the potential Point of Sale Software (POS) companies on its platform for possible inclusion in the report. Only 25 companies met the criteria needed for being included in the Winter 2020 Point of Sale Software (POS) Customer Success Report. Harbortouch earned a Top Performer award in the category.

The Customer Success Report is based on the curation of authenticated case studies, testimonials, and videos from across the web, telling a complete story of vendors in the Point of Sale Software (POS) space through real customer experiences. Rankings are determined by multiple factors including the total number of customer success content, social media and market presence, vendor momentum based on web traffic and search trends, and additional data aggregated from online sources and media properties.

Top Performer – The Top Performer designation is awarded to vendors with significant market presence and enough customer success content to validate their vision. Top Performers’ products are highly rated by their customers but have not achieved the customer base and scale of a Market Leader. Highly rated by customers, Harbortouch consistently publishes high quality, vendor produced customer success content and curates quality customer references from multiple third-party sites.

The full report, along with Harbortouch’s profile, is available for you to download here:

About Harbortouch:
Harbortouch* is a leading national supplier of point of sale (POS) systems, serving thousands of businesses across the nation. The company offers an unprecedented free point of sale program that supplies a full-featured POS system to restaurants and retail businesses with no up-front costs. Professional installation and onsite training are included with every order and award-winning customer service and technical support are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition to offering state-of-the-art POS systems, Harbortouch also delivers a full range of merchant services.

About FeaturedCustomers:
FeaturedCustomers, the world’s only customer reference platform for B2B business software & services, helps potential B2B buyers research and discover business software & services through vendor validated customer reference content such as customer testimonials, success stories, case studies, and customer videos. Every day their platform helps influence the purchasing decisions of thousands of B2B buyers in the final stages of their buying cycle from Fortune 500 companies to SMB’s. For more information, visit their website*.

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