Arizona Mesothelioma Victims Center Now Urges A US Navy Veteran with Mesothelioma in Arizona To Call Them About for Instant Access to The Nation's Top Lawyers for Compensation

"Call us first at 800-714-0303 so you are talking directly to some of the nation's very best mesothelioma attorneys”

— Arizona Mesothelioma Victims Center

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, February 21, 2017 / — The Arizona Mesothelioma Victims Center says, "If we had one incredibly vital tip for a US Navy Veteran in Arizona who has recently been diagnosed with mesothelioma or their family it would be call us first at 800-714-0303 so you are talking directly to some of the nation's very best mesothelioma attorneys-who consistently get the best compensation results for their clients. At the same time if possible we would also be honored to identify the best possible treatment options for the Veteran.

"We are also inviting nuclear power plant workers in Arizona who have been diagnosed with mesothelioma to call us anytime at 800-714-0303 so we can explain how incredibly vital it is to have the very best mesothelioma attorneys in the nation working on their financial compensation claim. Many of these types of nuclear power workers learned their trade in the nuclear navy. The Nuclear Navy includes carriers, fast attack submarines and Ohio Class or earlier US Navy ballistic missile nuclear submarines that were nuclear powered." http://Arizona.MesotheliomaVictimsCenter.Com

Vital Financial Compensation Tip for a US Navy Veteran with Mesothelioma in Arizona from the Arizona Mesothelioma Victims Center: "Many US Navy Veterans with mesothelioma become confused about mesothelioma compensation that may involve suing the United States Navy. Please call us at 800-714-0303. Mesothelioma compensation claims/litigation is focused on the companies that supplied equipment, pumps, insulation or other material that contained asbestos. Call us anytime about this and we will try to explain. Don't put off starting your mesothelioma compensation claim." http://Arizona.MesotheliomaVictimsCenter.Com

For the best possible mesothelioma treatment options in Arizona the Arizona Mesothelioma Victims Center strongly recommends the following heath care facilities with the offer to help a diagnosed victim, or their family get to the right physicians at each hospital.

* The Mayo Clinic Phoenix/Scottsdale, Arizona:
* The University of Arizona Medical Center Tucson, Arizona:

The Arizona Mesothelioma Victims Center would like to emphasize theirs is a statewide initiative available to a diagnosed victim anywhere in Arizona including communities such as Phoenix, Tucson, Mesa, Chandler, Glendale, Gilbert, Tempe. Peoria, or Prescott. http://Arizona.MesotheliomaVictimsCenter.Com

High risk work groups for exposure to asbestos in Arizona include US Navy Veterans, power plant workers, manufacturing workers, plumbers, nuclear power plant workers, electricians, auto mechanics, machinists, or construction workers. Typically, these high-risk workers were exposed to asbestos in the 1950’s, 1960’s, 1970’s, or 1980’s.

The states indicated with the highest incidence of mesothelioma include Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, Michigan, Illinois, Minnesota, Louisiana, Washington, and Oregon. Mesothelioma also happens in Arizona.

For more information about mesothelioma please refer to the National Institutes of Health’s web site related to this rare form of cancer:

Michael Thomas
Arizona Mesothelioma Victims Center
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The Journey Fashion Festival by Malena Belafonte puts a new spin on Fashion Week

International designers showed collections in an impeccably timed, theatrical production. Malena Belafonte put on a show that impressed the hard to impress.

NEW YORK, NY, USA , February 21, 2017 / — Designers from around the world showed their collections in an impeccably timed, theatrical production. Creatively curated with the right amount of glamour, glitz and theatrics, Malena Belafonte put on a show that impressed the usually hard to impress fashion crowd. The Journey Fashion Festival showcased designers from the U.S. alongside brands from Hungary, Italy, Denmark, Russia and Costa Rica during New York Fashion Week. The Journey Fashion Festival put on multiple events during Fashion Week, culminating in a show that went well beyond a fashion show at the Hungarian Consulate in New York City.

The show began with the premiere of Harry Belafonte’s tribute single, a re-make of “Island in the Sun,” performed by children highlighting the importance of racial diversity in the modern world. The song is featured on the forthcoming SONY's Legacy Recordings album "When Colors Come Together…The Legacy of Harry Belafonte" out Feb.24 and is produced by his son David Belafonte in observance of Harry Belafonte’s 90th birthday.

The first designer Sentiments Couture from Hungary laid out hard with a beautiful handmade couture collection followed by colorful women's dresses by Maison Marquise, then Zema who showed that porcelain jewelry belonged on the runway. Amazing performances by pro Latin dancers Aleksandar Vukosavljevic and Joanna Meller were creatively intertwined into the show. Fashion family Laoni and Wyhoys showcased sustainable fashions and accessories with a twist: bags made from stone and organic women’s and men’s collections. Singer and tapper Brinae Ali did a high energy tap performance around the venue while singing a capella.

Singer and Leonard Bernstein protege Tres Hanley walked the runway while singing “I Could Have Dance All Night,” looking like Scarlet O’Hara in a stunning red gown by international fashion designer, Henry Picado while models from his Este and Chlo collection followed. PopImpressKA showed a gorgeous colorful collection for women, men, and children. Hungarian designer Makány Márta finished the show with a beautiful surprise performance by Golden Globe winning actress Lori Singer who walked the runway to a live performance by composer Moshe Knoll and violinist Laura Jean Goldberg, only to surprise everyone by joining the stage and playing a beautiful composition “Poem” by Moshe Knoll.

Water sponsor Essentia kept the large cast which included Miss Ethiopia, Miss Honduras, Lori Singer, press corp and packed audience well hydrated.
Project Runway make up artist to the stars Kim Baker did the make-up using her line “Glamazon Beauty and Cosmetics” and famed hair Guru Marcello Costa did the hair with looks from braids to dreads.

Other brands and sponsors that were featured during The Journey Fashion Festival were KVO Jewelry (who’s collection of Diamonds galore were quite a hit), ready to wear Winnersport, Rekavago Shoes, Floedeboller, Alex Salem of Douglas Elliman, Hungarian Trade House, Skincare line Omorovicza, and The Hungarian Consulate.
After the show that was directed and produced by Malena Belafonte, guests, the press corp, models and cast mingled at a large VIP dinner hosted by the main sponsor Trade House and the Hungarian Consul General Ferenc Kumin.

About Harry Belafonte's new release:

About Malena Belafonte, creator of The Journey Fashion Festival:
Singer, producer, songwriter, TV star, writer, creative director as well as an internationally acclaimed model. She is the founder of several companies, amongst them Pink Pirate Agency and Pink Pirate Productions. Malena Belafonte is also co-founder of The Speyer Legacy School, the only private school in Manhattan for gifted children. Having performed and produced all over the world, including for the Queen of Denmark, competed in the Finals in Dancing with the Stars/Europe, and worked as a Creative Director during Fashion Week, Malena brings it all to this timely and cutting edge concept that is THE JOURNEY FASHION FESTIVAL.

Michelle Zemi
Pink Pirate Agency
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Immigrant Incorporation Touches the Body

How Inequality Runs Much Deeper than Often Thought

HOUSTON, TX, USA, February 20, 2017 / — Recent research published in Social Problems, a flagship academic journal of sociology, sheds new insight in thinking about immigrants and their everyday hardships in the United States.

Drawing on three years of participant observations with a West African community in California, Dr. Hana Brown (Wake Forest University) examines how the socialization of immigrant bodies influences their incorporation into U.S. society. Members of the community Dr. Brown focuses on, Liberian immigrants, come from agricultural societies and undergo bodily incorporation – a term used by Dr. Brown to capture the social struggle these Liberian immigrants go through to retrain their bodies to perform everyday physical activities that are taken for granted in the U.S. Bodily incorporation acts as a central concern for how Liberian immigrants carry out their daily lives.

The results of this study demonstrate the importance of the body and the everyday actions which allow individuals to take part and contribute toward American life. For Liberian immigrants, resocializing their body took place while participating in institutions, such as places where they worked. Adherence to U.S. standards of dress and performance reduced the view of immigrants as outsiders, while also adding pressures for immigrants to engage with those standards. Given the agricultural background to which Liberian immigrants were accustomed, they faced obstacles in manually using technologies such as telephones, ATMs, and computers. Incorporating their physical activities to these technology-based standards often led to late fees or being unable to access social services. As a result, Liberian immigrants ended up experiencing economic stresses and burdens which undermined their incorporation to U.S. society.

For further information, please contact Jason Smith at The article appears in the February 2017 issue of Social Problems and is entitled, “Immigrant Bodily Incorporation: How the Physical Body Affects Identity, Mobility, and Transnationalism.”

Social Problems is the official publication of The Society for the Study of Social Problems and one of the most widely respected and read professional journals in the social sciences. This quarterly journal presents accessible, relevant, and innovative articles that uphold critical perspectives on contemporary social issues. For additional commentary, you can follow the journal on Twitter at @socprobsjournal.


Kasey Henricks
Social Problems
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Mom author releases Teach Your Child to Read™, a phonics-based, online program for children ages 3-6

Online phonics reading program

Online phonics reading program

Mary Follin develops online reading program for parents to use at home. Teach Your Child to Read™ takes 5 minutes a day and operates on a laptop or tablet.

Phonics isn't hard, but a step-by-step program is critical.”

— Mary Follin

AMISSVILLE, VA, UNITED STATES, February 20, 2017 / — Mary Follin, author and mother of two, has developed a simple, online reading program for parents to use at home. A straight-forward, six-step approach, Teach Your Child to Read takes only 5 minutes a day and operates on a desktop, laptop, or tablet.

“I started my career as a systems engineer,” says Mary Follin, “and in that capacity, I had the opportunity to write software manuals. I know how to guide a user from one step to the next. Phonics isn’t hard, but a step-by-step program is critical.”

Mary created the program for parents who are having a hard time finding an easy—and affordable—program for teaching reading with phonics. “When my kids were little, I had to make my own flashcards and storybooks in order to teach my children to read before they started school,” she says. “By putting Teach Your Child to Read online, I intend to make these tools available to other parents as well.”

Teach Your Child to Read was designed for ease-of-use. The program is self-explanatory and guides Mom, Dad, Grandma or Grandpa through each lesson sequentially. No guesswork, no confusion. In six comprehensive steps, a parent can teach his or her child to read.

The program was also meant to address the hectic schedules of today’s family. Each lesson takes 5 minutes or less and can be used on-the-go. A critical component of the program is that parents work with their children, rather than planting them in front of a screen. Working together creates a timeless experience, treasured by parents and children alike.

Teach Your Child to Read is for parents who want to make sure their children grow into strong readers and confident students, and is being released at an introductory price of $35. Families may try it free during a 7-day trial period.

Parents and teachers who want more information about Teach Your Child to Read can contact:



Mary Follin is an author based in the Washington, DC area. Her middle-grade novel, ETHYR, made the shortlist for the 2016 Gertrude Warner Book Award and is scheduled to release this spring.

Mary Follin
Teach Your Child to Read
email us here

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New Book Presents Substantial Evidence of Life After Death

University of Virginia professor says the brain influences but does not recreate consciousness, which can continue when the brain no longer functions.

RICHMOND, VIRGINIA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, February 20, 2017 / — An expanded, second edition of "Life After Death, Powerful Evidence You Will Never Die" has just been released by The Oaklea Press and to get the word out, Amazon is offering the Kindle edition free from February 20 through 24, 2017 (click here to go to the Amazon page).

Bruce Greyson, M.D., The Chester Carlson Professor of Psychiatry and Director of the Division of Perceptual Studies at the University of Virginia is quoted by the author as having said, “The nineteenth century, materialist view that the brain in some miraculous way we do not understand produces consciousness discounts or ignores that consciousness in extreme circumstances can function very well without a brain.”

Findings from Dr. Greyson’s studies are presented that clearly indicate consciousness can continue, and memories can be formed, while the brain is clinically dead or incapacitated. A number of examples are given, which include the recovery of lost consciousness in the moments or days prior to death among people who have been unconscious for prolonged periods of time; complex consciousness ability in some indiviuals who have minimal brain tissue; complex consciousness in near-death experiences when the brain is not functioning or is functioning at a greatly diminished level; and memories, particularly among young children, accurately recalling details of past lives.

Additional evidence presented suggests the brain functions more like a cell phone or radio receiver and connects our consciousness to and intergrates it with our bodies. Stephen Hawley Martin, the book’s author said, “There can be no doubt the brain influences and affects our consciousness—consider what happens when someone drinks too much or is hit on the head—but it is clearly not the actual source of it. This is why our consciousness can and apparently does continue after death of the body.”

The Kindle edition, free this week, normally retails for $3.49, and the trade paperback edition for $11.95. The Oaklea Press was established in 1995 and publishes business managment titles, self-help, and other nonfiction books.

Steve Martin
The Oaklea Press Inc.
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Free Staged Reading Event

February 20, 2017

Susan Shafer


February 20, 2017 — For the third year, the group known as 365 Women a Year NYC (Encore) will present a festival of eight plays by women, about real women, for everyone. The free evening of staged readings will take place at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, March 15, 2017 at The Theater for the New City, in New York City. (155 1st Avenue at 10th Street. By subway: L to 1st Avenue; 6 to Astor Place)

The playwrights, the play titles, the subject, and the subject’s contribution are listed below in the order of the show.

Kat Mustatea
Carlett's Just Carlett
Carlett Brown Angianlee (1927 – unknown) a U. S. naval officer during the 1950s who, if she made it to Europe, was the first African American to undergo gender affirmation surgery.

Susan Shafer
Maria Montessori (1870-1952). A physician and crackerjack teacher, Dr. Montessori started innovative preschools in Italy.

Barbara Kahn
The Three-Mile Limit (Excerpt)
Florence Mills (1895-1927) was an African-American singer and dancer, a successful Broadway and European star. In the play, she encounters renowned Italian tenor Beniamino Gigli on the voyage home to the U.S.

Sophia Romma, Ph.D.
The Past Is Still Ahead
Marina Ivanovna Tsvetaeva (1892-1941). Marina Tsvetaeva was one of Russia's most influential, controversial and uninhibited poets of the 20th century, who was persecuted by the Stalinist Regime as her tormented poetic soul searched for spiritual, sexual and artistic liberty in the face of turmoil, relentless oppression and exile. 

Robin Rice
Lust & Lies (Scene 1)
Lucretia Winthrop Chapman (1788-1841). Chapman is one of the first educators of women in America.

Kendra Augustin
The De Clérambault Painting
Bissan Rafe (1986- ). Rafe is an American artist of political cartoons, paintings, and illustrations. Her art connects the concept of world culture and folklore with a Palestinian theme.

Karin Williams
Portrait of Mabel
Mabel Dodge Luhan (1879-1962). She helped organize the 1913 Armory Show in NYC, and founded an art colony in Taos, NM. Inspired Gertrude Stein's "Portrait of Mabel Dodge at the Villa Curonia," a stream-of-consciousness portrait in words. 

Michael angel Johnson
Pigment & Stones
Lois Mailou Jones (1905-1998). Jones was a painter who influenced other artists, beginning with the Harlem Renaissance.

The reading is free, but reservations are necessary. Please make a reservation at:

The 365 Women a Year international Playwriting Coalition, founded by Jesslynn Eisenberg Chamblee, involves playwrights around the world who have written one or more pieces about extraordinary women in past or present history. The project’s goal is to increase awareness of women’s contributions, empower and promote female playwrights, and plant seeds of her story around the world.

For more information about 365 Women a Year, please visit: and follow them on Twitter @365WomenaYear

Susan Shafer
Shafer Associates
917 710-7633
email us here

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Sambatribe: Brazil-Inspired Apparel, Art, and Gifts

Sambatribe Model With Women's T-Shirt

Model With Sambatribe Samba T-Shirt

Sambatribe Logo

US-based online store offers the essence of Brazil on t-shirts, hoodies, iPhone cases, wall art, tote bags, and an increasing number of top-quality products.

While Brazil is one of the most beloved countries in the world, people who want to express their passion for the country with style and authenticity did not have good options until Sambatribe.”

— Andre Winkler (Founder at Sambatribe)

WASHINGTON, DC, USA, February 20, 2017 / — Sambatribe is live. The US-based online store offers the essence of Brazil on t-shirts, hoodies, iPhone cases, wall art, tote bags, and an increasing number of top-quality products. The streetwear brand builds on the fact that Brazil is one of the most beloved counties in the world and many people are fascinated by its beauty, culture and lifestyle. The website is already generating global buzz among Brazilians and non-Brazilians alike, leading to positive customer reviews and referrals.

Founded by entrepreneur Andre Winkler, a Rio de Janeiro native who moved to the US about a decade ago, Sambatribe counts on the talent of renowned Brazilian artist Rafael Doria to create products that are faithful to the Brazilian spirit. Sambatribe's unique and artsy graphics cover different aspects of Brazilian life, from samba music to the flirty and bohemian lifestyle of Rio, Brazil's gorgeous beaches, the Carnaval, jogo bonito soccer, and much more.

"While Brazil is one of the most cherished countries in the world", says Andre, "I realized that people who want to express their passion for the country with style and authenticity did not have good options". According to Andre, a search for Brazilian apparel or accessories would always take you to common places, such as soccer-themed shirts and other merchandise with the colors of the Brazilian flag. "We wanted to offer something unique, artsy, and that captured the soul of Brazilian culture and lifestyle".

Sambatribe offers free shipping in the US and ships globally at affordable rates. While most of Sambatribe's sales are online, Andre says that they also develop offline partnerships, for example with events and other companies, when special orders can be arranged.

Visit for more information and to place orders.

Andre Winkler
email us here

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Trump Asked to Stop U.S. MCC’s Fund $900 Million to Sri Lankan War Criminals: Tamils for Trump

Mr. President is compassionate and good-hearted person. This billion dollar can be put in use for valuable cause in the US .”

— Tamils for Trump

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, February 20, 2017 / — Before the end of the Obama administration, with the advice of then US Secretary of State Kerry, President Obama approved US MCC (Millennium Challenge Corporation) funding to Sri Lanka on December 17, 2016. US Tamils are asking our new President Trump to stop this MCC funding to Sri Lankan war criminals.

Sri Lankan President Sirisena played a role in the killing of large numbers of Tamil civilians during the last weeks of the ethnic war that ended in May 2009. President Sirisena was the acting defense minister during the last two weeks of the war when a large number of Tamils were killed and Tamil women were gang-raped by Sri Lankan Security forces. According to the Economist, January 3rd, 2015 edition: "Sirisena is hardly a beacon of hope for the Tamils: he was acting as defense minister in the nightmarish final fortnight of the war." 

$900 million funding by the Obama administration to a government headed by a war criminal is makes no sense to any civilized people. The current Sri Lankan government is a recycling of the former Rajapaksa’s government. Most of the ministers from Rajapaksa’s government are still part of the current government.

Tamils are still suffering from the Sri Lankan army occupation; Tamil youths and women are still sexually assaulted. The Tamils are still living in interim camps. Many white van abductions are taking place. There is no information on thousands of missing Tamils.

There is no political settlement, nor any accountability. A solution looks impossible when one considers the last seven decades. Sri Lanka is talking of an extension to implement the UNHRC resolution of Sri Lankan war crimes that were committed in May 2009 by the Sri Lankan Sinhalese army in the “No Fire Zone” that resulted in the death of over 145,000 innocent Tamils, the rape of Tamil women; created 80, 000 widows and 50,000 orphans of Tamil children and left thousands of Tamils missing.

The purpose of this extension is to deceive Tamils and the UN. As of now no single recommendation has been executed by the Sri Lankan government. In general, the purpose of an extension is to complete a job that has been continuing for a long time. In Sri Lankan cases no job has been started in order to fulfill the UNHRC resolution, but only a few cosmetic arrangements have been made.

Illegal Sinhalese settlements continue to exist in the Tamil Homeland and the Sinhalese have taken control of everything in the Tamil homeland. This is causing chaos, misery, and economic suppression of the Tamil population, and is jeopardizing the Tamil culture.

A Tamil spokesman stated that “We hope that President Trump will halt this US MCC’s funding of almost a billion dollars to stop the Sri Lankan oppression and genocidal killings of Tamils. This money should be withdrawn until Sri Lanka agrees to a credible and speedy international war crime investigation and a permanent two-state political solution that will allow the Tamils to live in peace in a secure Tamil Homeland.”

The Tamil spokesman continued, saying, “Mr. President is compassionate and good-hearted person. This billion dollar can be put in use in the US for valuable cause.”

Useful Links:
US MCC officials meet with Sri Lankan ministersUS MCC officials meet with Sri Lankan ministers

Sri Lanka’s Mangala Samaraweera is a Scammer. The UNHRC and High Commissioner Hussein Should Not Trust Him.

Tamils Welcome New US President Donald Trump and Ask Him to Reverse the Illegal Sinhalese Settlement in Tamil Homeland

Congratulations to President-Elect Donald Trump: Tamils for Trump

About Tamils for Trump

Tamils for Trump is a political activist group comprised of Americans; the majority are Tamil Americans. They believe that over 145,000 Tamil civilians living in Sri Lanka were massacred during the last weeks of the Sri Lankan ethnic war. They have also observed post war behaviors of the Sri Lankan Sinhalese victors, and concluded that Tamils in Sri Lanka will only be safe when this war torn island is divided into two individual self-governing nations. 

It is of interest to note that , according to UN Internal Review Report on Sri Lanka, around 70,000 Tamil civilians may have been massacred in the last six months of the ethnic war. Also, Rt. Rev. Dr. Rayappu Joseph, the Catholic Bishop of Mannar in Sri Lanka , gave a presentation to the Sri Lankan Lessons Learnt & Reconciliation

Communication Director
Tamils for Trump
914 721 0505
email us here

Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields

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Musgrove Music Distribution Releases Hot New Single ‘No Turnin Back’ By Christian Hip Hop Artist 'G2S'

Musgrove Music Distribution is the solution for the independent Gospel Music Artist and/or up-and-coming record label seeking a platform to be heard in the Gospel Music Industry.

‘No Turnin Back’ is the hot new single from Christian Hip Hop artist G2S, available on iTunes and virtually all other internet download/streaming sites.

G2S is a name that comes from a place of deliverance…”from a goon to a saint.” The artist’s testimony is sure to touch the hearts of countless people around the world.

Christian Hip Hop artist G2S explodes on the scene with his new single and his jaw-dropping testimony of triumph from a life destined for destruction!

I want to save and touch as many souls as I can, and hopefully my music can cross over to reach everybody. This is not even for myself—people need to know Jesus the way I’m getting to know Him.”

— G2S, Artist, Musgrove Music Distribution

MIAMI, FLORIDA, USA, February 17, 2017 / — Musgrove Music Distribution, in conjunction with Concore Entertainment/Universal Music Group proudly announces the release of the amazing new single ‘No Turnin Back’ by Christian Hip Hop artist G2S. ‘No Turnin Back’ is a declaration of commitment reminiscent of the traditional hymn “I Have Decided to Follow Jesus,” coupled with a 70’s song quote…mixed in with a solid dance track…that will have you dancing and praising God at the same time! G2S has created a song of inspiration and encouragement with an edgy, hardcore voice that well-represents those in the Kingdom of God who have experienced the harshest of trials but have still overcome (Click here to download your copy right now).

“We’re extremely excited about this single,” says Daniel Musgrove, founder and CEO of Musgrove Music Distribution. “Knowing where this artist came from, as well as how far he’s come, a person can’t help but be inspired by the message in the lyrics.” Musgrove has surmised that there’s an overabundance of great gospel/Christian music being created that would never achieve its fullest potential nor substantial public impact without sufficient support. With his efforts combined with distribution conglomerate Concore/Universal Music Distribution, Musgrove provides music publishing services; multi-media development; marketing campaigns; promotions; booking and management; video production; and other services that prove invaluable to individual artists and/or up-and-coming record labels.

“I see great things in store for G2S in the near future,” says Musgrove.

G2S was born Tyrone Richardson in Harlem NY in the early 1980’s, an era in music where pop music and new innovations in sound were exploding on the scene. Music from all genres was being heard like never before through venues like MTV, and Hip Hop was gaining new audiences in droves. This was the music scene that Richardson grew up in, and as a teen in the 90’s his future artistry would be shaped by the music of that time.

But Richardson’s story would soon turn tragic as he, like many of our African-American male youth, fell into self-destructive behavior. He and his parents left New York to reside in Richmond VA when he was ten years old. In time, he got into trouble and was sent back to the Bronx to live with his grandmother. His grandmother did her best to teach him the right way. According to Richardson, “she was ‘gangsta’…she was strict, and did not play.” Even with two parents and a grandmother who worked hard to keep him straight, he still chose to be rebellious which resulted in him living back and forth between his parents’ and his grandmother’s home.

By age thirteen, Richardson had joined a gang and was selling drugs. His laundry list of offenses included disorderly conduct, illegal firearm possession, and assault. Throughout much of his early life he amassed multiple convictions, and he spent time in and out of jail as if it had a revolving door.

Richardson stated, “I could remember all the scriptures and warnings that my grandma told me when I was inside [jail]. When you’re doing that kind of time, all you can do is think and pray, and I could remember every word she told me.”

One particular time that he remembered was when he around the age of eighteen, when his grandmother gave him the telephone and a pastor was on the line. The pastor tried to counsel Richardson about changing his life, then suddenly the preacher turned silent. After a moment, he asked Richardson if he was involved with music, to which he replied “No.” The pastor then prophesied that he would be doing music for the Lord one day, to which Richardson scoffed.

“I was out there deep in the street life,” says Richardson grimly, “and I thought that preacher had totally…lost his entire mind!”

As fate would have it, God used incarceration to finally get Richardson’s attention. Within those walls of steel and concrete he was re-introduced to the Word of God, and he was moved to study the Bible and attend church services. While in jail, Richardson gave his life to the Lord at age twenty-five. Upon his release he was led to attend, and eventually join, New Deliverance Tabernacle under the leadership of Pastor Vincent L. Mendenhall. Soon after, he began creating music for God’s Kingdom. He also met and married his wife of seven years, Jameelah Pride. Richardson is still active and faithful at his church today.

The name G2S came from his response to people who had known the ‘old’ Tyrone Richardson. “I know a lot of people in the city,” says Richardson, “so I had no choice but to run into people. After I first got saved from the drug dealing and the gangs, people who ran into me always asked ‘how you gonna go from the streets to church life?’ I heard that a lot, but I’m changed. That’s where G2S comes from—from a goon to a saint…G2S.”

“And it’s a lot easier to walk on the street now,” jokes G2S.

When asked about his future plans, G2S proclaims “I want to save and touch as many souls as I can, and hopefully my music can cross over to reach everybody. Fame and money may come, but this is not even for myself—people need to know Jesus the way I’m getting to know Him.” G2S has a recurring role in the stage play ‘Man at a Crossroads,’ and hopes to someday acquire some movie roles as well.

Daniel Musgrove and the entire Musgrove Music, Inc. family would like to extend a word of sincere gratitude to Charve The Don, CEO of Concore Entertainment, for recognizing and embracing the vision of Musgrove Music Distribution, and for his hand in providing a solid platform for gospel/Christian artists to be heard, both now and in the future.

For information on how to become a client of Musgrove Music Distribution, or to have one of the featured artists make an appearance at your next event, call 954.257.9955, email at , or visit the website at

Daniel Musgrove
Musgrove Music Distribution
email us here

G2S Promotional Video For New Single ‘No Turnin Back’

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Do You Have the Talent to Make it in Hollywood?

Allegories of Me is a faith-based organization in Compton, California

AOM Industry Showcase Calls All Talent to Compete on Feb. 18, 2017

AOM Industry Showcase Host Actor Patrick Faucette (Haves and Have Nots)

AOM Industry Showcase Celebrity Judge Producer/Actor Trae Ireland

AOM Industry Showcase Celebrity Judge Hip-Hop Artist/Producer/Actor Shawn McDonald

Allegories of Me, Inc. Invites the Best Comedians, Musicians, and Spoken Word Artists for the Ultimate Talent Competition in Hollywood

Allegories of Me, Inc. was established on the principles of hard work, dedication and the desire to help others pursue their dreams and succeed without belittling or degrading their core values.”

— Tamela Robinson, AOM Founder/CEO

HOLLYWOOD, CA, UNITED STATES, February 18, 2017 / — Hollywood hopefuls arrive in Southern California everyday. The chances of being discovered is one in a million. Enter faith-based entertainment company Allegories of Me, Inc. which intends to change the game.

AOM launches a monthly series of the AOM Industry Talent Showcase beginning on Saturday, February 18, 2017 from 5 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at the Universal Bar and Grill, 4093 Lankershim Boulevard, North Hollywood, California 91602. Parking is available on site. The AOM talent showcase provides a monthly live platform for new and aspiring talent from around the world to get the positive exposure and demonstrate their talent in front of industry professionals.

Hosting the event is Actor Patrick Faucette (Fox’s “Lethal Weapon” and Tyler Perry’s Haves and Have Nots”). The celebrity judges are: Century Records executive and branding guru Marlen Adams; Film Producer/Actor Trae Ireland; Hip/Hop Artist/Music Producer/Actor Shawn McDonald; and Music Producer Cole Murrell. The winner from each monthly show will be featured in a commercial for Fuga energy drinks and receive a quality photo shoot.

“Allegories of Me, Inc. was established on the principles of hard work, dedication and the desire to help others pursue their dreams and succeed without belittling or degrading their core values,” said Tamela Robinson, AOM Founder/CEO. “Give God the glory and let the blessing rush in.”

The focus of the entertainment is upbeat, positive, non-offensive, and quality performances.

The winners from each month’s performance will automatically qualify for the competition finale which will be held in December 2017. The finale winner will receive a cash prize, a contract with Century Records, a booking opportunity with Holloway Entertainment Group, and a speaking role in a TV or film project.

For talent submissions, tickets, vendor inquiries, sponsorship, and more details, contact

This is a media-friendly event. For press credentials or to interview the founder or any of the celebrity judges, contact Marie Y. Lemelle at Platinum Star Public Relations at

About Allegories of Me – Founded by Tamela Robinson, Allegories of Me is a faith-based organization in Compton, California. The mission of AOM is to create avenues for advancement in various industries through networking events, seminars, workshops, training, and provide access to real-time career opportunities. AOM is on the path to create a legacy as modern day story tellers through multi-media production. Find AOM on Twitter @aomproduction

About Holloway Entertainment Group – The booking and management agency, formed in 2016 by radio host/booking agent Ronald Holloway and photographer/branding executive Marlen Adams, specializes in finding new talent. Holloway books tours, venues, festivals and club nights around the world, while working closely with labels, licensors, distributors and promo agencies – building up and accelerating artist careers.

About Fuga Energy Drinks – Created by Miguel Camarena, a former professional baseball player and co-founder of Aquarena Beverage Company, utilizing vitamins, herbs, and a natural source of caffeine from Yerba Mate. It is an all natural beverage derived from energy resources taken from the earth, rather than in the lab.

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