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BERMUDA RUN, NORTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, February 19, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Opioid addcition is now in the news and referred to as a crisis. Millions of physicians world-wide have prescribed medications, often opioids, to patients that suffer from chronic pain. Facing today’s crisis, patients and doctors are looking for other options to treat chronic pain, which interests Dr. Caryl Guth.

Dr. Guth is a highly esteemed anesthesiologist who practiced thirty plus years in the San Francisco Bay Area. Soon after retiring she began the process to develop what became known in 2009 as the Center for Integrative Medicine Center in Winston-Salem, NC. This was a big step to introduce non-traditional medical concepts into a leading medical institution.

“In 2017, we opened our Integrative Medicine Clinic to treat referred patients who seek options that their primary care physician can’t offer,” says Dr. Guth. “ For example, we can treat and manage pain holistically incorporating acupuncture and other techniques that will enhance the body’s own energy and healing process.”

“Energy has a powerful role in the healing process and is beneficial for the whole body,” says Dr. Guth. “Energy therapy provides another option to treat chronic pain that Western medicine cannot always accomplish.”

Having sustained a serious neck injury from a high-speed water skiing accident soon after she began practice, Dr. Guth inadvertently learned 25 years later about the healing power of energy therapy. When she desperately sought help from her colleagues she was told she would have to learn to live with chronic pain. Since nothing in traditional medicine helped alleviate her condition, she spent the next two decades suffering till by chance her brother suggested she try non-traditional therapy, which provided immense relief at long last.

“It hasn’t cured the problem completely but helped me heal tremendously by keeping my pain under control.” explains Dr. Guth. “It’s highly critical we help patients deal with chronic problems that will never be solved with just drugs. Unfortunately, most doctors have very little, if any, knowledge about integrative medicine as it yet has not been taught routinely in medical schools.”

“Likewise most patients still haven’t heard of Integrative medicine, yet more and more patients today are wanting to control their health without drugs. They are beginning to realize that there may be other factors that should be recruited into their healing process.”

An example would be a person who discovered their moderately high blood pressure could be controlled without drugs by modifying their lifestyle (exercise, nutrition, sleep, stress) and adding a magnesium mineral supplement. Patients must be willing and want to learn how to modify their health habits and habitats. They also should know the answers to the following questions: What is the best form of therapy that you can give yourself? How important are your genetics in the determination of your health?

“My ultimate goal is for people enduring chronic pain and other chronic conditions to discover how to address them successfully as I did without drugs,” says Dr. Guth

CUTV news will feature Dr. Caryl Guth in an interview with Jim Masters on February 20th at 1 pm.

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